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Avatar n tn When he lies down, gerd starts and needs to sleep in our reclining chair. He has had colonoscopy and endoscopy and found nothing. What could be causing this. He is taking protonix and has taken prevacid previously. He also gets a sharp pain under his left rib cage.
Avatar m tn But the protonix caused the stomach pains, bloating and back pain. I didn't even think about it being the protonix until about the 4th day and it struck me that was the only change in meds. I stopped taking it yesterday and already 80% better. Today just a tad of nausea but much more bearable than the week before. I also take synthroid (hypothyroidism), estradiol (hot flashes) & benecar for high blood pressure. I'm 56 years old and never has a medication made me hurt like that.
Avatar f tn As you can imagine, it's not only uncomfortable but embarrassing to be bloated and gassy almost every day. How long should I be on the Protonix, and should I be taking anything else to help ease the constipation? Before starting the Protonix I was fairly regular and my diet hasn't changed much, if at all, so I can't imagine any other reason for this. My doctor never indicated a length of time for taking it, he only listed refills on the bottle.
1479013 tn?1330703362 That didn't help but had to try that first before insurance would pay for Protonix. I have been on Protonix for over a year now and am having problems again. Right after I eat, I get bloated; I liken it to when you are full and you bend over to tie your shoe and you feel so much pressure on your stomach and diaphragm area and your head feels full of pressure. That's what I feel like after I eat and I am NOT bending over.
Avatar n tn I get sweaty, every inch of my small and large bowel feels like ground glass is passing through it, I have tons of gas and then multiple watery diarrhea. Back to the Immodium and I'm good for 24 hours and the whole cycle starts over. I live in fear that a bathroom won't be available when I need it. HELP!
Avatar n tn The UGI revealed that I have gastritis, and the doc prescribed for me a proton pump inhibitor (Protonix) to cut down on the acid. He seemed fairly sure that the gastritis was causing my bloating. I have my doubts that the bloating has been caused by gastritis alone. I dont see the obvious connection between irritated stomach lining and'd think that heartburn and nausea would be more likely symptoms. I dont suffer from these symptoms.
Avatar m tn I have had 3 endoscopies (in which the doctor 'stretched' narrowings in my esophagus) and my gall bladder removed. My concern is that in the last 2 months I have experienced bloating - especially in the upper abdomen (to the point of shortness of breath) when eating. Many times I will still feel hungry and yet not be able to eat due to the 'fullness' in my abdomen. I also experiance a frequent cough. Not the type you have with a cold but what you feel when you need to clear your throat.
Avatar f tn He had vertigo a month and a half back and is still on stugeron, vertin and stemetil. he is a BP patient and diabetic but both are well under normal limits under medication and walking. since he could not go walking for the past one month because of vertigo, initially we thought the stomach bloating is tummy. Now even after many laxatives and antacids he is suffering. He has severe pain in the margin line between the stomach and the cheat. Kindly help me.
Avatar m tn I visited a gastroenterologist approx 2 years ago for heartburn/reflux as well as constant bloating (one or two episodes of nausea/vomiting assoicated with the bloating). After an upper endoscopy and a stomach emptying study, the doctor founding nothing he considered too abnormal. He did prescribe protonix for my reflux which has seemed to help.
Avatar n tn I had every test imaginable including scans and and upper GI. I was diagnosed with IBS and sent home with pain pills and protonix. I was told I would be on protonix for good. Being a medical administrator, I have a friendly relationship with my PCP and they just refill my protonix RX as needed. I take it only when I'm really stressed or starting to feel things getting really painful. (I can nnot swallow pills.
Avatar f tn I am on Protonix for GERD and have had bloating after a cup of cereal and a banana in the morning.. I have a diet high in fiber in fact very high...I am wondering if the bloating occurs due to IBS? I can actually grab the fat on my abd. The bloating does not cause a "tightness" just a feeling of heaviness...I go between constipation and loose stools... I have NO pain at all... Is this the result of Protonix, weight gain or too much fiber? would appreciate input... Thanks!
Avatar n tn Been on basicaly every med on the market and recently I am on 2x daily protonix which has completley gotten rid of the nausea. My bloating (indigestion?) and belching throughout the day has gotten worse. It gets worse by the end of the day and after I eat dinner sometimes lasts for an hour. I also just started a new weight lifting routine to try and counter this weight loss I had in the past 3 years (dropped from 150 to like 135). I started this the same time as my 2x daily protonix.
Avatar m tn After a complete workup by a GI specialist, I was told that I have GERD and IBS. Take Protonix in the a.m. and Reglan in the p.m. Following this regimen for more than a year now. Take a daily fiber supplement and multivitamin. Diet is restricted - no/low fat foods, nothing fried, no carbonated beverages, no alcohol. Quit smoking June 15th. The increasing intensity of the pain is causing concern and would like to know potential causes.
Avatar m tn The past few weeks, everytime I eat a meal even a small meal, a can of soup with a sandwich, my stomach bloats real bad, causing me shortness of breath, chest tightness, chest pressure, It's especially worse when I sit down or stand up, but laying down relieves the symptom. I went to my doctor, he said it was hiatel hernia, gave me Protonix, I took it for awhile, but the med did not help, so went to see a Gastro doc, had an upper GI done, results returned no acid reflux, no hiatel hernia.
Avatar f tn And some times it's in the upper abdomen and sometimes just lower or both. A tight pressure will also come and go and feel like a brick is sitting on my abdomen. Is it possible the PPI's lowered my stomach acid too much? I still also have the crazy burping after eating and drinking. They tested for h. pylori at the ER and it came back normal. Also right after the first round of PPI - my hair got really brittle and dry and started coming out more. I don't know what to do.
Avatar n tn Boron and Tom: Hi guys! I'm new to this board and have read many posts and your replies--I'm impressed with your level of knowledge regarding the GI system and I'm looking for some help. About 1& 1/2 months ago I started becoming nauseous, about 3-4 x wkly. It would really flare when I was trying to do cardio workouts, so I'd have to go way slower than normal and sometimes even quit. Then I started noticing it sometimes in between meals and after meals.
1176471 tn?1263736905 put me on protonix for a month and said to stop it and see how I do...I still have days that our worse than others..I'm trying to figure out if maybe I have a food allergy which is causing it..I also am trying to read on food combing and diet to see if that would help me...I cut out alot of foods that I think might be causing my symtoms like, onions, caffeine, spicey, fatty, fried foods, tomato based foods...I have not had a test done to check my gallbladder yet...
Avatar m tn If sufficient quantities of acid are present in the stomach, bicarbonate of soda is converted into gas, producing significant bloating and belching within 5 or 10 minutes of drinking the mix. Little or no belching is suspicious for low stomach acid.
Avatar f tn Does she ever take any NSAID's (like Advil)?
Avatar n tn Now it's not a mild stomach upset, its more along the lines of severe pain and bloating. I usually have several outbreaks of pain per day, and it goes from feeling 95% normal to excruciating pain. It almost feels as though my stomach is full to overflowing with stomach acid - if I lay on my left side, the left side of my stomach hurts, and vice versa. If I lay on my back, the back of my stomach hurts, and vice versa.
Avatar m tn I have had it before 2 years ago but it went away. Im back on the PPI protonix as it flared up again. this time it is different as i am finding blood in stool, my stomach is really bloated and i also have a hard spot in the middle of my stomach above my belly button. The protonix is not working as well as it did 2 years ago. I am slightly anemic but doctor said i was born with it and it is not significant. I also have been having bouts of fatigue.
Avatar n tn I had tons of gurgling in my stomach and colon area and a general feeling of having trapped gas/air/bloating all over. My bowel movements started changing. One day they would be shaped fine, the next day they would be kind of skinny, then one day they would be weird puzzle shapes and kind of like diarrhea, then the next day diarrhea, then back to normal. No particular order. This went on for two months. I saw my doctor. He pushed around on me and said he didn't feel any lumps.
Avatar f tn Since August of 2010 I've had chest pain, difficulty breathing, incredible stomach bloating/distention (even after just drinking a glass of water), burping, reflux, and heartburn. My main concern is the bloating and difficulty breathing. I can barely function on a day to day basis. I eat little bites all day long because I can't eat a full meal or I start hyperventilating. I have had an EGD which showed a polyp (was removed) and some mild esophagitis. I don't have H.
Avatar f tn I have had bloating after I eat breakfast. I eat a cup of cereal and a Banana, plus coffee...I suddenly feel like I have my "flabby lower abdomen" carrying my heavy flab... I have had four abd. surgeries many years ago and had a GB removal 2007...I have GERD treated with Protonix... My surgeries have caused a loss of muscle control (lower abd) ..I have also gained about 20 lbs..due to overeating ..
Avatar n tn However, after months of not feeling well, dropping weight and not eating my anxiety got really bad. Also, they thought I had a slowed stomach emptying after I was on Protonix and levbid in the hospital. I was in the hospital twice in September of 2007. The second test done a few weeks after my discharge and on nexium and klonopin showed normal. This test was performed a little differently than the first.
Avatar f tn I have acid reflux and take protonix occassionally when needed...recently I had a bad scare where I suddenly starting gasping for air...I have had similar attacks in the past, but this one was major as I felt like I would stop gasping....There was no warning before the attack....It did subside...Is this common with acid reflux and what do I do when this happens? I did over indulge with food over the holidays...I am not over weight and I do exercise..
Avatar n tn She was hospitalized for what the called eschemic colitis but has had no problems since then. I do have a sliding hiatal hernia and I take protonix 40 mg twice daily. I started with nausea after eating about a year ago and they did a colonoscopy (one benign colon polyp) and an EGD showed thicken wall of stomach but biopsy was negative. I am scared because the GI symptoms are still hanging on and my knees have been very swollen and stiff.
Avatar n tn You may also want to investigate a problem called "dumping syndrome" - it includes many of the symptoms you have including the sweating. There's lot's of info on the internet about it, a Google search will give you more links than you'll ever be able to read. I haven't looked yet, but I'm sure there's probably an article or two on this site as well. Following are a couple paragraphs about dumping syndrome:
Avatar n tn I also had an endoscope done of my throat and have a throat ulcer (acute and chronic inflammation) so I am taking Protonix for this and will go back for a repeat endoscope in Dec.
Avatar n tn Gas and bloating and trapped gas - is common if your certin medications , as they can cause this to happen/ as well with acid reflux , you should be taking somekind of med for it (to stop it from happening) gas can cause palps to happen in some cases. yes it depends what your eatting too! try and eat as blan as you can - dont drink soda pop's fizzy drinks - eat slow and try to keep the mouth closed when eatting, dont talk while eatting. as air gets down inside you - thus gas builds up.