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336415 tn?1212363142 I was put on propranolol for my PTSD and WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! I am not afraid to sleep now and do not panic!! Also these help my headaches and chest pain.I would not drink with them,cause I got dizzy and threw up all over!!But it DOES help the anxiety and the sever PTSD symptoms such as the flashbacks,anxiety and nightmares.It also calmed my anger down!!
Avatar f tn OK, PLEASE i am asking you to NOT STOP taking the Paxil cold turkey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will go into withdrawal and may suffer greatly. If you think that your having a hard time now then just wait until your brain starts to crave the Paxil and then you'll know what is is like to suffer. Many people on this web-site have done the same thing that you are posing to do and have screamed out to anyone to hear and help them.
Avatar f tn My doctor prescribed both propranolol (beta-blocker) and xanax andI have to agree with barfer except on one thing: propranolol does not help with the anxiety itself (the anxious thinking and negative thoughts) - it will only help with the physical symptoms of anxiety. To confirm this, you can google propranolol and find for yourself.
Avatar f tn also was given 10 pills of ativan 0.5 since i finished with xanax and am kinda scared that xanax is a little more addicting than ativan. and, want me to take propranolol along with this. my question is, has anyone taken this propranolol (20mg once a day) for anxiety problems? and does anyone think increasing the paxil will help at all for me?
Avatar n tn at this point (and I also am in psychotherapy to help deal with it), but, given how miserable I used to be pre-propranalol days and how much more restricted my life was, I don't want to take the risk that it won't work. I know some drugs like Xanax lose their effectiveness with time and you need to take more and more.
Avatar f tn Next, I am on medications and I am pregnant. I was on xanax and klonopin before my pregnancy, but since both are Class D I got off of them. I am now on 30mg of Buspar which is a Class B medication and it has helped tremendously. Also, most anti depressants are OK during the first trimesters of pregnancy and even in the third, but there is a risk of withdrawal symptoms to the baby in the third trimester. I am on cymbalta which also helps for anxiety, but I use it for pain.
Avatar f tn ok that is difficult for u ---inderal/propranolol is used in anxiety situitions as well -like public speaking -things like that --i dropped to 10 once a day for 2 mths than a half of 10 for about 3 weeks and then just stopped ,,i was on it for a good lenth of time cause i had problems with the anit-arrhythmias drugs ,,i too am very sestivite to meds ,,and it is difficult to find a balance ,,,my hr goes up all the time now most morning it 110-120 but dips down after a while ,i have an another are
Avatar n tn A few of my friends doind coke all the time and drinking of course would take 5 or 6 2mg xanax bars at a time and 6 or 7 somas to go to sleep each night and one of them had a heat attack at 25 yrs. old because he stopped taking the xanax for over a week. You'd think it was the coke and alcohol right? Not this time. Benzodiazepine w/d is dangerous no matter how young and healthy you are.
929371 tn?1244269113 i am currently on 3 300mg lithium, 1 7.5mg zopiclone, 1mg risperidone and 1 tablet twice daily of propranolol 20mg ( for shakes and tension ) this brings me to my question...i have been looking at medication for anxiety and so forth and came across the drug Xanax. And upon reading all i could on it it has giving me a little hope. while in person i beat down the fear and anxiety and panic on the outside. out in public or with people even my friends iam a mess inside.
Avatar m tn but unfortunately if i didn't know what they were in the first place, i would have taken more xanax and made the problem worse. that was 2 years ago. i currently take xanax 1-2 doses per week at the most. sometimes i go a whole month with nothing. i have no problems now. yes, these drugs typically are safe when used for 2-4 weeks and in the lowest effective dose. daily dosing or close to daily dosing after that tends to lead to a physical and eventually psychological dependence.
Avatar n tn I took it this morning and about 15 mintues later feel wierd. Really lightheaded and dizzy and feel like falling asleep. Also having a harder time breathing. Then when I was driving I started to get this flushes run through my body down to my toes, almost like a tingle or hot flash. Wierd. I dont think I want to take this. My BP is low as it is, its always 120/75. Any help from your experience would be appreciated. I think maybe becuase its my first time taking it??
Avatar n tn If you are not taking the propranolol daily you could always try the xanax alone prior to the presentation and see how it affects you, but if you are taking the propranolol daily I think it would be best to space the medication and take them separately. As with any meds you could always contact your physicians office and speak with the nurse and determine what would be the best option for you. Good luck on your presentation and try to remain as a calm as possible!
Avatar m tn I refuse to take ssri or anti depresents i have taken the all my life. are you saying im likly to get a seziure off 1 mg? even with propanorol? i take the green round xanax i do think they are extended relese because i was taking blue ones that act faster and are 2 mgs but i stoped those a week ago. more info please and thankyou!
Avatar m tn I have been clean for over 3 years, but had a panic attack on October 6th and got scared. I took a Xanax from a family member and that began a 3 to 4 week binge taking a daily dose of .5 to 1. mg at night with 2 to 5 beers. The feeling I got from the Xanax triggered my active addiction all over again. I want to stop but want to make sure I do what's best. My last Xanax was Wednesday around 7:00pm. I didn't sleep well at all last night and can deal with that if that's all.
Avatar n tn Alll I know is i feel such a roller coaster throughout the day with the xanax coming in and out of me- including at 2 am in the morning when I need to get up and take another .5 xanax because the akathisia is still bad. I was wondering your thoughts on this. By the way- I am only 107 pounds- so to me I think I am taking a lot of xanax.
Avatar n tn My doctor reassured me that I'm in good hands and when the times comes he will wean me off the xanax. He believes that the prozac will enable me to have the right mental outlook in life, which will make getting off xanax easier. Lasty, My psychitrist said he is simply there to help people medically. That is he diagnosis people with disorders, and them sends them to get psycho behavioral therapy. I find it odd that he would perscribe me these pills, and then send me to a psychologist.
Avatar n tn ok i take xanax to 2mg a day and i i have tryed to stop the best thing to do if your worried is to not just stop it all at once lower your dosage every day untill u dont feel u need it any more that worked for me so insted of taking 2 peaches take one and split it and take one when u wake up and one befor u go to sleep i take twice as much as u and ive been on it for about the same amount of time and when i wanted off i split a peach and took one in the morning and at night seems to wor
Avatar m tn Theres a huge difference between Xanax and Klonopin "and all the rest of the benzos" Klonopin is more of a maintenance of anxiety, taken usually twice a day "sometimes 3 times" and it become really beneficial after about 2 weeks at preventing all the anxiety. Sometimes theres breakthrough anxiety, but not nearly as bad. It has a extremely long half life, which is more bang for your buck, and will make it easier for taper when you feel you are ready to come off.
Avatar n tn There are several in the same class that are used for this. But in addition, work with your psychiatrist about the imagery of blood and death, and try to sort out the difference between the images in your mind and the probablility of being hurt. Keep that polarity going in a mindful way so you can fight the symptoms and get some insight into your normal, but exaggerated, fears.
Avatar n tn Currently I am not on any treatment for my Graves (it has been about two weeks) and my heart rate is beginning to increase (90's) and my anxiety is coming back. I was told propranolol is not an option for me because when I occasionally get bronchitis, I have mild reactive airway disease with it. My doctor is recommending radioablation, but I would like to use that as an absolute last resort. Is there any other medication that would be safe to try such as PTU or anything else?
Avatar f tn I also take Propranolol 60 mg 's of Inderial ER 1 time daily and that's in the Morning , And 20 Meq's of Klor-Con time's two daily ... Im 39 year's of age , And this seem's to be to to Much Medication for a person of my Age ? I suppose everyone take's just a few med's , and those that take somewhat medication's as Im Taking ... To the POINT I scared to take all this Meication together ( Even When My Own Doctor Wrote it Out ) ... I was also taking Ambien at night , along with Phenergan ...
Avatar m tn So, the doctor has prescribed Xanax (PRN) and Celexa. From reading around, MT and Celexa aren't a good combinaton, so I haven't taken it yet. I have been taking the Xanax though to curb the anxiety. They've ALL made me very sleepy and I have been doing pretty much nothing but eating and laying in bed. I hope things get better once my body adjusts to the meds.
712802 tn?1274649085 My pdoc added propranolol, a beta blocker that lowers blood pressure, decreases anxiety AND takes care of akathisia. The combination of propranolol with the Abilify allows me to continue with the Abilify. We have to remember that every medication has possible side effects and everyone reacts differently regarding side effects. What you experience may be quite different from what everyone has posted.
Avatar n tn Based on the information you have provided, I do not think your PVC's are long-standing and benign, although they do cause you significant distress and anxiety. They are unlikely to represent coronary blockages. My recommendations are: 1. Find a better way to treat your anxiety and panic attacks. Alpraozolam (Xanax) is a short acting benzo with potential for dependence and withdrawal, leaving the patient worse off when not taking xanax.
2010625 tn?1329375656 i went back on remeron and got me some extra xanax. i'm going to try to get my dosages upped and see how that goes. my appt. is tomorrow, we'll see how it goes........
686332 tn?1301258619 I now take seroquel, xanax, geodon, lamictal, klonopin, propranolol)as needed), synthroid, and very low doses of prozac and wellbutrin when Im really really depressed. I am rarely in remission from my bipolar. Im 45 now and still a total mess. When I sought help for depression after getting a dui-I went to a totally unethical and crazy shrink who put me on a ton of psychiatric meds. Prior to seeing that shrink-i never took pills of any kind.
Avatar f tn I'm now taking generic Inderol (propranolol?) for the tremors and it works. But I still feel electric. This has gone on non-stop. When this all started my GP gave me Xanax for anxiety and told me to take a good vacation. Right. Anyway, being on the Xanax I realized helped the buzzing. I've also noticed my ears ringing which gets worse when the buzzing is worse. I have now seen a neuro who changed the Xanax to Clonazepam.
Avatar n tn The doctor game me Propranolol and Xanax. Yes, the first time it happened was when I smoked it, but since then it's happened even though I haven't been smoking. I even tried a different strain, before I quit, that was meant to help with anxiety and relaxation.
Avatar m tn I can usually slow my hr down with breathing exercises and an extra dose of Atenolol and/or Xanax if it gets really bad and I think an Afib episode is a possibility. Once the adrenaline gets going, it fuels the episode and takes on a life of its own. Distraction helps. Hope some of my experience is helpful. Good luck to you.