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Avatar f tn I have a presentation coming up next week, so I decided to go and seek medical help today. I went to my doctor and he diagnosed me with social anxiety. He said that the best treatment is cognitive behavioral therapy, but he prescribed me some medication to get me through this semester. He prescribed 10 mg propranolol (inderal) 3 times a day and an extra 10 mg inderal 1 hour before the presentation + 0.25 mg Xanax 1 hour before the presentation.
Avatar f tn You are absolutely right about the propranolol helping with the physical symptoms and if you only have the physical symptoms, then sometimes a doctor will prescribe it alone. Reason being that if the physical symptoms go away, then the anxiety does too. (Propranolol is prescribed for people who have essential tremor. Some times these people who have the tremor become anxious because of it. Once the tremor is gone, generally by taking the beta blocker, then the anxiety goes too.
Avatar n tn //></a>. Inderal will continue to help your stage flight as before even if you were on Inderal prophylaxis for migraine, because the additional dose will give you the desirable effects. Inderal will not eliminate all the anxiety in public speaking... Inderal may sometimes create problems, e.g.
929371 tn?1244269113 i am currently on 3 300mg lithium, 1 7.5mg zopiclone, 1mg risperidone and 1 tablet twice daily of propranolol 20mg ( for shakes and tension ) this brings me to my question...i have been looking at medication for anxiety and so forth and came across the drug Xanax. And upon reading all i could on it it has giving me a little hope. while in person i beat down the fear and anxiety and panic on the outside. out in public or with people even my friends iam a mess inside.
Avatar n tn I have gone the Propranolol, xanax, and Klonopin routes and I currently have all 3 of those in my medicine cabinet. Here is my summary on their effectiveness for anxiety: Propranolol: Does nothing at all to alleviate anxiety. The only thing it does is lessen the side-effects of anxiety. It does help a bit with confidence because you "think you have an edge", and you do, but it doesn't get rid of it at all.
709686 tn?1277435759 I couldn't understand this and when I was on xanax for the heart problems and was coming off he also mentioned it would help me while I was coming off. I personal didn't notice it helping my anxiety but I am on an extremly low does. I'm not sure how it works but I know it lowers your heart rate and blood pressure so I assume that when you have anxiety that goes up so being on the beta blocker would help with that. I didn't have much side effects with the beta blocker.
Avatar n tn I have suffered from OCD and later on more general anxiety and depression and am currently recovering from a tough bout with intense anxiety and depression, during which I lost the will to live and was hospitalized for the first time. This bout came about in immediate succession to me weaning off (during 5 months time) the 30 mg a day of paroxetine (a SSRI, like Prozac) I had been taking for almost four years.
Avatar n tn However I didnt get to see my doctor for over 2 weeks and I went nuts with anxiety, i actually thought I was hypoglycimic and follow the diet strictly. When I finally saw the doctor they did tons of blood tests and said I wasnt hypoglcimic, Sure enough the symtoms weny away. But I still get the head pressure and I still worry about it. It gets worse if Im stressed or even excited, like if Im laughing hard. But never a serious pain but just always prevelent. I also feel slightly dizzy.
Avatar m tn It had gotten to the point that I did not leave my house (at 25, I am now 28). I was diagnosed with social anxiety, generalized anxiety and panic disorder. I had been taking clonazepam daily to help me get out of the house and back to work and lorazepam as needed (usually once a day, sometimes not at all) and trazodone as needed to sleep. I moved provinces and my new doctor has taken me off of all of my meds.
Avatar n tn Hi, I was recently prescribed apo propranolol for anxiety. I also suffer from depression which has never been addressed. I am worried about going on anti-depressants but other treatments such as diet and exercise haven't worked. My doctor wants to take it one step at a time, but I don't want to have to go on different medications.
Avatar n tn I think I am Social Anxiety, however. I've scheduled an appt for 10/2 and have the fear the shrink - first time visit - won't issue me any meds. I really don't like meds and have tried paxil, prozac, wellbutrin, effexor, lexepro and a doctor even put me on an antipsychotic called risperdol. I don't really care for the SSRI's and the effexor gave me tinnitus which I have to this day. Last time I took meds was 2005 until I had to get myself off.
Avatar f tn glad the doctors told me otherwise,but yet i have to deal with this anxiety,not to mention depression,i take buspar and ativan for my anxiety,and zoloft for my depression,they seem to work well together but it seems like i can't live without them..i'm very afraid to drive as i sometimes feel i'm going to pass out when i get my tremors/attacks..i think this has been the cause of years of alcohol abuse/stress in my life..good luck everyone.
3060903 tn?1398568723 Understanding anxiety medication Anti-anxiety drugs (benzodiazepines) Other types of medications for anxiety Safety concerns and risk factors Deciding if anxiety medication is right for you Medication alone is not enough Guidelines for taking anxiety medication Drug dependence and withdrawal Understanding anxiety medication This information is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice.
Avatar f tn After about 2 years of high stress I started getting heartburn and suddenly I could not breathe. For that whole week I assumed anxiety and tried meditation and anxiety exercised to calm down. Well it didnt work and the heartburn got worse I got acid in my throat all the time. I saw my dr after inhalers didnt work, who then gave me steroids. when that didnt work, i started taking meds for the heartburn thinking it was the acid reaching my lungs.
542733 tn?1217719151 if u feel under pressure or anxious eat something that is easy at that time for your tummy like soup etc.i know i have anxiety and it lead me to ibs and have all those crampy feeling that u get ,that is just from spasms in the gut kinda like trapped wind and can be quite uncomfortable.
Avatar m tn I have tried counciling and also medication in relation too drinking.depression/anxiety and the only thing that I can honestly say works for me is the GYM, and a healthier lifestyle.
Avatar f tn I've posted a few questions lately, but i'm just having a bad few weeks of Anxiety =/ I'm nearly 19 and to put it short i have Social Anxiety and a fear of dying. I get aload of symptoms with my Anxiety, different ones all the time. But theres some in particular that worry me, i get these weird popping type sensations in my head mainly near my ears and on the back of my head, they only last a few seconds.
Avatar m tn I think the anxiety is our body screaming for pills. It will get better. I too have battled anxiety and panic attacks for years off and on. Also coming off opiates is a similar feeling to grief. I heard that from Dr. Drew on Celebrity Rehab. We have lost our best friend. Someone who we thought about every day and most of the day. Someone we reached for first thing every morning.
Avatar f tn cause with your symptoms, I would have suspected hypo. That social anxiety thing was a big hypo one for well as some awful neck pain. But it is true that hyper and hypo symptoms can be quite similar. Your T3 Uptake is low. Hmm...that's an outdated test in ways..but Dr.Mark can tell you if that indicates T3 is low. I'm not sure what that test indicates. A better test is the newer Free T3 test that tells you what your actual active thyroid hormone is.
503727 tn?1210442710 Hey dizzy that's %100 anxiety for sure. The thing with xanax is it only last for a little while, if you have to take 2. But the main thing is to stay calm if being alone scares you just go where there's a lot of people and some friends, like the beach or something. And just always remember that anxiety CAN NOT kill you!
401095 tn?1351395370 A combination of an SSRI and haloperidol (Haldol) can help such tics and the OCD symptoms. C. General Anxiety For general anxiety, medications help reduce some of the symptoms of anxiety. (Escitalopram oxalate) Lexapro has been approved for treatment of GAD. There are current studies indicating that the tricyclic antidepressant imipramine and other SSRI's may also be effective for general anxiety.
Avatar m tn So nardil is a great medication for social anxiety disorder, however I'm too afraid to take it in pill form because of the dietary restrictions it imposes. I was wondering if I can get a pharmacist to convert my pill prescription into an injectable dosage so that the medication bypasses my gut.
Avatar n tn My name is Lianne and I am 18 years old. I have suffered from migranes for years, and couln't find the source. I was put on depakote, but it made me sleep all the time (literally) so my doctor put me on topamax. I haven't had any migranes, I'm not dreadfully tired and as an added bonus, it is already helping me to lose weight. I have struggled with weight all of my life, so knowing that this can help is wonderful. I eat smart and exercise, but before, I slept all the time.
Avatar m tn More social anxiety and the old fear of vomiting too. It was suggested I start on 80mg dosage of them. Just wasn't sure if they had any sort of kick in effects at all. Normal fears someone like me would have about tablets. Want to get off those xanax I seem to have been on for lord knows how long. So if starting the inderal I will be cutting down on the xanax big time. Thanks for your replies.
Avatar f tn I've been taking Xanax as needed for awhile which helps the anxiety and also just recently stopped Propranolol and started Metroprolol. I also have obsessive negative thoughts about health problems that probably don't exist. My GP prescribed me 10mg Lexapro to take daily. But I'm scared to take it because I've heard so many horror stories about ssri's. The beta blocker helps my physical anxiety symptoms but the avoidance, lack of motivation, & anxiety are still there.
Avatar f tn or blowing things out of proportion. I will try Xanax next week with Propranolol for my appeal I am fighting for at the university for a group of students. Thank you greatly. Have a good holiday season.
1448936 tn?1363209946 My anxiety has gotten pretty bad the past few days and I've had to take xanax for the past 3 days. I don't want to get addicted again but unfortunately its all I have to control my anxiety until nov 17th when I see my dr again to try and find a non benzo for controlling my anxiety. How can I get out of this mindset that I need a xanax everytime I get anxious?
Avatar n tn He put me on Celebrex (anti-inflammatory for my neck and gave me Zoloft and Xanax for the anxiety. I've been sick much more often in the last six months, probably due to a horrible work environment (new boss). My doctor didn't know how or why my neck has suddenly swollen. But it worries me a lot and my husband is really concerned. I feel like my healthy is spinning out of control. I'm still having severe neck pain and my should is still pretty stiff.
Avatar f tn GP put me on citalopram which I went along w/ just to be cooperative, and propranolol to help regulate what he viewed as anxiety-induced tachy. Did not seem to find it significant that symptoms did not occur during periods of actual mental anxiety. Said it might be pheochromocytoma, but that he wouldn't bother testing as that's so rare. Ashamed to say I didn't and still haven't actually demanded said testing.
Avatar n tn Four separate Neurologist have called it an anxiety induced tremor. Psychiatrist have been treating this for 4 years with no success. Now a Iowa City Neurologist has finally called it Parkinsons. Started on Sinemet one weeks ago and was told we would have immediate results. Not only have we not seen results it seems to her to have gotten worse. Any ideas?