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Avatar n tn After the initial 6 weeks there were some changes, the pressure decreased on average, the pressure attacks were not as severe, and at times the pressure disappeared for hours. I have noticed that it is often triggered by loud environments, or a busy/stressful workday, but not exclusively, sometimes it could happen right when I woke up in the morning.
Avatar n tn That and/or blood vessels rupturing because of high blood pressure during an erection. This would explain why the bleeding stops after the ejaculation: IMO, the blood in the urine is only residual blood (mixed with semen) that got pushed into the bladder during ejaculation. The erection goes down, the skin goes loose and blood pressure goes down. The cut or blood vessel sort of semi-heals itself until the next erection/ejaculation which opens the cut again.
Avatar n tn I'm 35, fit and healthy,eat a good diet, don't smoke, don't add salt to my meals, but by blood pressure is usually 130/80 which i understand is a bit high. I've been taking the Cialis because i started taking Propecia for mild hairloss and noticed that it reduced my libido - apparently a known, though the manufacturer claims rare, side effect.
Avatar m tn So here's the deal, I started having high blood pressure at 20 and now im 23 with ED. I asked my doctor and he said it was too early for the HBP to be responsible for any sort of vascular damage. Do you think this is true? He thinks the ED is psychological but I simply can't accept this. I don't even get morning erections, AT ALL. I got an echo stress test because I read about how ED can signal a coming heart attack or coronary artery disease, I passed so hoping that isn't an issue.
Avatar m tn Very high blood pressure (150/100), high heart rate (80-90 at rest, 100-120 while just walking around the house), extreme anxiety, and dropped about 5 pounds in the last week without trying. I took progesterone cream for 2 months (June and July). All of these issues seemed to have popped up after I quit the cream. I took this to see if it could help with low libido caused by Propecia. Here's my Thyroid results: T3 Uptake 38 (norm 22-35) T4 total 6.4 ( 4.5-12) Free T4 2.4 (1.4-.8) TSH .
Avatar m tn I do not smoke or do drugs. I very rarely drink alcohol (maybe one beer a month). My doctors tell me that my blood pressure is fine. He also says that my cholestoral is also a little on the high side, though he says it's not too high to be concerned with yet. Over the past few years, my doctor has noticed a steadily increasing case of "fatty liver," that is, elevated ALT levels.
Avatar n tn I have an appointment to see my Dermatologist in 8 days, but that doesn't seem nearly soon enough. Currently I take Propecia, I take Benzapryll for high blood pressure, and I am always scared of what I am eating. I hate my skin. Can someone please help?
Avatar n tn I have had all of your symptoms and more. I had an mri which was fine and had blood tests for just about everything including lyme and all was normal. My family doctor decided a few appts ago I was suffering from stress and anxiety and prescribed paxil which I haven't yet taken. I was a healthy happy 30 year old mother until this all started months ago and I have a hard time believing this is anxiety out of nowhere. I have made an appt with a lyme specialist in B.C.
Avatar n tn I have never had high blood presure and I dont smoke,I drink very little alcohol and Im not real over weight. I followed the advice of the DR. and had EKG'S and ECO-CARDIAGRAMS and no problems were found, So I was told that the PVC'S would go away after following the advice of the DR. Well here Iam 5 years later and they come on for several weeks and then leave just as fast as the came for months. I don't understand this and I don't think Doctors do either.
Avatar f tn I do feel tired and have appetite and sleep problems and high blood pressure now. My doctor believes that this is all stress induced and that don't require any testing. I also stopped taking a medication (Propecia) about a week ago and believe that it may have put my system out of whack. Please help.
Avatar f tn (It is important to note that hemoglobin is the standard measure for iron in the blood, and while hemoglobin levels can diagnose anemia, they do not always correspond with low serum ferritin hair loss. A woman can have plenty of hemoglobin, yet still suffer from low serum ferritin levels.) When it comes to ferritin levels and female hair, ferritin levels are simply more important to the body.
Avatar m tn allowing more blood to flow. Be carefull though as too high a dose can give you low blood pressure. Start with just 1mg at night for a few nights, then slowly wean up to 4 doses of 3-5mg daily. Keep this thead updated with your results. Many have already noticed great improvement. Also go a head and read "A Headache in the Pelvis" and "How to Heal Pelvic Pain". Same issues.
8642736 tn?1399127223 Afterimages, visual snow 7. Constant ringing in ears, tinnitus 8. High blood pressure 9. Gas, bloating 10. Hair loss 11. Weight loss 12. Feeling my heart beat in my head 13. Cracking joints 14. Panic attacks 15. Lots of dreams at night, restless sleep 16. Stuffy nose During first year symptoms were terrible, I had something like derealization and it was hard for me to go out, I was in a dream like state. I had many bloodwork done and made different tests.
Avatar n tn I just read on the internet that too much blood flow to the head can cause high intra cranial pressure and lead to death. This worries me now more than about the heart. During the day I can take 5 minute break for every 15 minutes.
Avatar f tn has he maybe had his blood pressure checked? really strange I know. and does he have thick blood? and for a guy they don't like to admit they might need help with a problem like this. its okay. just show him that you love him.
Avatar n tn 30 something year old white male. Normal height and weight. Borderline high blood pressure 130/90, controlled to 120/75 with 25 mg Atenolol once daily. I had this problem before I developed HBP. Otherwise good health per physical results (cholesterol and blood sugar in normal limits). Experiencing periodic horizontal binocular diplopia with exertion (always), coffee (sometimes), alcohol (always), stress (sometimes).
Avatar n tn I have weird needs - my diet is high salt, high calcium as I have no adrenals and I am borderline hypoparathyroid. I can't see my diet working for anyone else :) ! I was lucky in that I don't smoke and drink only on holidays (where my hubby's family loves to get me tipsy on one half a glass of wine and make fun of me...). I do take vitamins too.
Avatar m tn That neverous system is responsible for sexual function as well as urinary, digestive and blood pressure function. It be from a lower back injury of just may be neurological. My advice is just take care of your body and mind if you feel depressed.
Avatar m tn going back to my note on January, I finally vist the specialized urologists and concluded that I have a slow leak blood flow to the penis. What's the cause I don't know and the doctor don't know. How he tested it, he injected a little bit medicine into my penis that makes you get erection without the use of your mind and then he had some machine that was testing the blood flow for speed. He told me doing this way will give him a better reading vs.
Avatar f tn [23] Other side effects can include nausea, diarrhea, headaches, epistaxis,[24] high blood pressure, low blood pressure, and mastalgia.[25] Ginseng may also lead to induction of mania in depressed patients who mix it with antidepressants.[26] If he has hormonal problems most probably suplements won't work. Something that I 've heard rave reviews about is yohimbine made from yohimbe tree which is an FDA-approved supplement. However, you need to have a script to buy that.
264121 tn?1313033056 I stopped treatment in about my seventh month due to the fact that I'm an acute and I've had a bazillion dozen blood transfusions, and two different hepatologists told me I'd had enough treatment. But my liver enzymes are high, and my liver and abdomen are hurting. My hair is now falling out everywhere in increasing amounts. I think I may have liver toxicity from the transfusions. I mean, I have had something like ten or twelve transfusions in the past seven months.
440193 tn?1293814117 I stopped being a veg, this was about 5 years ago - when I was 12, I experienced isolated bald spots on the left side crown of my head, which grew back - I have extremely low blood pressure Over the last few years I have dealt with fatigue and lack of concentration but have gotten my blood checked which only revealed a slight abnormal reading on my thyroid but not enough to treat.
Avatar n tn I would however get another set of blood test's run while on TRT to re-evaluate your blood levels and again repost them here and i will help you figure out a better protocol. HCG is crucial if your testicles are still functional and very potent. In some cases of primary testicular failure it can induce a cell reversal/regeneration process and in most cases return your testicles back to normal (this is my own intention).
Avatar n tn I had my father conduct a blood test to confirm that my blood PH level was high, and it was not, it was normal! My father's own DRE was perfectly normal as well, but I noticed a very strange sensation of relief after having the DRE which lasted throught the day (I will explain later) It was during my third visit that my doctor told me to live with my symptoms.
Avatar m tn Noradenalin activates these receptors causing the blood vessels to constrict and reducing blood flow. This can be caused by anxiety. Cold and exercise also cause it, presumably by a similar mechanism ?? Like others here I thought ok lets try some alpha blockers (like Tamsulosin). Guess what , it works ! About 5 hours after taking one, I usually get a much better hang which last about 36 hours. Sometimes however it doesn't works so well, why ? I have no clue.
192055 tn?1263559137 Not only does our body have the ability to move blood to and from the penis when needed , our bodies can also move blood to and from all different areas of the body: Example 1: After a really big meal, our bodies move a lot of blood from our muscles and other areas to our stomach and intestines. This is partially why we get so tired after a big meal. Example 2: During exercise, the body takes blood away from the stomach and digestive tract and moves it to our muscles and other areas.
Avatar n tn I wasn't cold and my heart was pounding. I have an auto blood pressure and pulse monitor cuff so I put it on to check everything out. I couldn't remain still long enough for it to get a reading. I finally did and my blood pressure was only slightly high with a high pulse rate of 85 (high for just waking up) I considered calling 911 because I was scared. As I sat shivering I started to get dizzy and got heart burn (of the acid reflux sort) Within minutes I had to go to the bathroom...
Avatar n tn Looking back at my symptoms a blood circulation problem makes total sense. Since blood is the only way the penis can react and retract. Hopefully my problem and yours could be easy as a simple operation....
Avatar m tn when i sit down especially lying down i sometimes feel ok. i had all kinds of blood test done. i had all hormone tests done including testosterone and thyroid i also had urine tests and ultrasound the results all came normal. i think my hernia can cause this. after i go to toilet to do my **** (i am sorry i dont how to say it in a kind way),i feel so good down there. it also hurts when i masturbate or after my masturbation finishes.
Avatar n tn The problem with taking Testosterone Ciponate at this level is the water retention and bloating. My blood pressure has always run a little hi and so I am now on blood pressure medicine with a diuretic to loose the water weight. I admit I need to drop some weight and have changed my diet dramatically and can see my new muscle is burning off the fat. I plan on maintaining my current intake of Test and increasing my cardio and reducing my sodium to get my blood pressure down.