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Avatar m tn I went to the doctor for heavy periods, being tired, and right side pain. They said I have a complex ovarian cyst and put me on Prometrium. Is this the recommended treatment?
Avatar n tn We BD'ed around the time I thought I was ovulating (if I ovulated) and I went to an RE October 5th who put me on Prometrium to start my period and prescribed Clomid 50mg to start after my period came. My question is this: I've been taking the Prometrium for 5 days now and no sign of my period.. How long does it usually take?? Also, I've taken an HPT that was negative but if for some reason I were to be pregnant it doesn't hurt the baby right?
Avatar f tn Now as it raises the progesterone it can delay your period if you are not pregnant as during the luteal phase (after ovulation) your progesterone will decrease and estrogen levels will rise talling your body to shed the uterine lining causeing yoru period to occur. When you take suppliments the progesterone stays up and may not fall till stopped. That is why you are always to have a beta hCG blood draw on the 32-33 day of your cycle to see if pregnancy has taken place.
Avatar f tn Have been trying to complete FET but have cancelled twice due to uetrine lining being only 5.4 mm. Now trying a third time and uterine lining is only 4.2 mm. I am on the max dosage of estrogen, drinking red raspberry leaf tea, takin vitex and a baby aspirin every day, vitamin B complex, vitamin C and of course my prenatal vitamins. Started acupuncture last week and going for more treatments this week. Any advice, suggestions etc.. are welcome.
Avatar f tn I took vitamin E after my MC, had one af and got preggo again.
Avatar n tn Your lining might have been building up and about to shed even if you did not get the Prometrium. However, the Prometrium might help the lining to eventually stop bleeding. Without progesterone, the lining won't shed evenly and only some of the lining will bleed and some will stay. That causes bleeding to continue off and on. The Prometrium helps to make the entire lining shed. Your experience is not abnormal but hopefully the bleeding will stop within the next week.
Avatar m tn Promethium (100 mg or even doses as low as 25 mg) for 10 days per month should protect a patient from hyperplasia and uterine cancer. If you or your doctor is concerned, a pelvic ultrasound can be performed (and repeated yearly if either of you feels necessary) to ensure the uterine lining is less than 9 mm thick. Unfortunately, even though Prometrium is bioidentical Progesterome, it only comes in capsules of two sizes, 100 mg or 200 mg.
178590 tn?1294180367 I guess the prometrium is supposed to support(grow) the uterine lining which can help with implantation, and help support the embryo if you do get preggers. I am on it now. I take it am and pm intravaginally. The worst part is the mess it makes, you'll probably need to use a pantyliner every day. It was worse when I first started it on May 3rd. Now it isn't quite as bad. I haven't had many side effects other than that. I did get a BFP though and have had some smallish cramps at 4 weeks.
1110747 tn?1295847643 Right now I am CD45 and just put on Prometrium. I had blood work done and found I have no HCG levels and progesterone levels were below 10. I am really hoping for an AF visit but I was wondering has anyone used Prometrium to get pregnant? I was thinking if it is for increasing your progesterone level during pregnancy and it can also be used to help you ovulate. Can you get pregnant by being on Prometrium?
299260 tn?1304219705 Hi. Dh & I are in our 3rd year ttc. We both checked out okay, but so far, no luck. My only issue is that I have a t-shaped uterus & so my RE won't put me on meds that could increase the chance of multiples. It's too much of a risk. Anyway, this past cycle I had an u/s on cd12. My RE measured my uterine lining & I can't remember how thick it was, but she commented that it was thin, but that I had a few more days for it to thicken.
233053 tn?1321647421 I was just perscribed Prometrium for this cycle as well. Like you, I hope to have a positive result. I was prescribed Prometrium to help thicken/sustain my uterine lining as it was <7. Hope this is your month. Keep us posted.
Avatar m tn After a certain amount of time that differs for each woman, there is also too little estrogen and the Prometrium or other progesterone will no longer bring on a period. It is time to have a discussion with your doctor. If he/she has been checking your uterine lining to be sure there is no abnormal cell buildup, then the discussion is to either stop the Prometrium or add an estrogen to it. That will require a discussion about risk and benefit for you individually.
Avatar f tn The problem is that the progesterone helps the body not produce the estrogen that tells the body to shed the uterine lining. If you stop the progesterone it signals the estrogen and mc can happen. My RE said never to stop the progesterone/prometrium unless I either started AF with a full flow or if I didn't get a blood "quantataive" not qualitive blood hcg tomake sure i was not pregnant.
210951 tn?1203145344 I was told by a nurse today that the prometrium could have built up the uterine lining too much causing AF to be delayed. I didn't have any problems with it the previous cycles and now I'm just wondering if it built up the lining that fast this cycle, maybe I don't really need it?!? Has anyone had this happen before?
Avatar n tn I now cannot get around and am stuck on bed rest until my leg gets better(hopefully in a few weeks) I was given a web site by my sister in law who is a doctor it has other things you should read about medications that are the same type as prometrium - please read and be careful and if you have any symptoms that just dont seem right to you trust your instincts and tell your doctor right away. Good luck to all the other pregnant ladies out there..
Avatar f tn I have no negative side effects and and uterine lining looks normal on the ultrasound. Is promethium needed 10 days per month ??? Or if no problems , no need to add it. Thank you ..
Avatar n tn I'm not pg yet, but I do take progesterone (Crinone, not Prometrium, but I believe they are similar) and I had similar issues that you had. I took it and it did make the LP longer. There isn't any harm done if you take it and really didn't need it. But, it good to take it in case you do actually need it. But, about the ins. thing - I know that my prescription without ins is somewhere around $150!
Avatar f tn well i just went into early labor on sept. 23,2009 and unfortanatley my boys only survived for a week...but to get to the point...if you dont feel right taking them dont and ask your doctor for an alternative. Well my doctor said that other than it being common to go into early labor is common but he said i have a weak cervix so he recommands me getting a cerclage they stich ur cervix on the 3rd month that prevents going into early labor. and he says it always works.
1169053 tn?1278119832 I would love to hear some feedback from anyone who has used esterace for thin uterine lining. And would also like to know your dose and how often you used it. My lining was only 6mm today and I started the esterace right away for IUI Monday Dose is two 2mg tablets inserted twice a day... I think. He told me to do the first dose asap and another tonight, but the directions say use as directed so I dont know if i am supposed to keep doing it twice a day or not.
Avatar n tn If so what other meds could be used to assit with the increase of uterine lining? extra question if you have time: Can high blood pressure cause a m/c? Thank you so much for your time and help.
Avatar n tn I'm 31 and I have been diagnosed with both a polyp and a fibroid (the fibroid) is my uterine lining. I do not have any children. I have been scheduled for surgery (D and C and potential Momectomy depending on how the fibroid looks once they are doing the D and C) but it is not for 40 days. I was diagnosed with Anemia 2 weeks ago as well due to the continued blood loss which has been going on for 5 months.
Avatar n tn I have connected with many women on HRT and Prometrium seems a little trickier to dose to keep the lining thinned out and at the same time prevent spotting. And there can be some trial and error also with going from oral estrogen to transdermal. So it may not be a "seamless" transition from Activella (combined HRT) to your new form of HRT (separate E and P).
Avatar n tn For the past two years, I have been treated with Provera 10mg for 12 days or Prometrium 100 mg for 12 days for Irregular (absent periods) and thickened uterine lining. I stopped having periods in December, even while still on the hormones. My doctor recently did a d and c and Polypectomy which showed 1. focal complex and simple hyperplasia 2. focal epithelial atypia. I had had a uternine biopsy just weeks before which showed nothing abnormal other than polyp fragments.
935576 tn?1246075306 It serves to keep your uterine lining from thinning out and thus miscarrying in the event your little one is perfectly healthy. In 2-3 weeks your doctor should give you a sonogram to confirm the little one is growing and has a heartbeat. In those cases I would breathe a huge sigh of relief and enjoy your pregnancy!
Avatar n tn It is difficult to say what is going on without more information. There is always some estrogen in the body for a while after a depo shot of any hormone. You might need to be on the Prometrium for another round of treatment. It is possible that the amount of Prometrium needed would be a little more than 3 per week when coming off the hormones. If you have more of the Prometrium you can try taking one daily for about 7-10 days. If it stops, you will likely have another period afterwards.
Avatar n tn If you don't get pg this cycle, see if she'll perform diagnostic laparoscopy to get a better picture of the tubes, ovaries, and uterine lining. There might be something else going on that the sonohysterogram missed. I had some cycles where I had great numbers with Clomid or Femara, and others where my prog. was low. Until my RE did lap, I didn't know that adhesions were compromising the quality of my ovulation. Sorry I couldn't be more help.
Avatar f tn I'm now 13 weeks and almost done taking it. There's something in the peanut oil that strengthens the uterine lining and creates more progesterone. The down side is that to take the pill orally it cost me $136 and some change.
Avatar n tn There's Uterine Abalation, which is also a hospital procedure for the most part and more permanent in terms of, I believe, cauterizing the uterine lining and only suitable for those who don't wish to get pregnant again. I have to say though that it will all depend upon the cause of the bleeding. Hormonal upsets/fluctuations can be managed by hormone adjustments in what you're taking. Or, it can simply be watched and see how it goes.
Avatar f tn However progestrone, if pg, will nourish the development of embryo and keep uterine lining avail until corpus luteum takes over. If you have low prog. levels, that's when you might need prometrium, so yes, I think it's a good idea to take it right after O if you think you might be pregnant.