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Avatar n tn Glen, Thanks for the advice (that goes for everyone!) I do notice that when I dont take my prilosec, I really pay for it!! Thanks for the advice.
Avatar n tn I myself was getting nausea while taking Prilosec. The nausea was unbearable for me, too. Naturally, as soon as I stopped taking Prilosec, the GERD really felt terrible. Then, another friend told me that the same thing had happened to her and she had discovered that the GERD was actually caused by food sensitivities. She had noticed a great improvement after taking Benadryl for her other allergies, so she did the necessary research on food sensitivities.
1348086 tn?1370786785 I have been taking Cymbalta now for 8 days. I have had very little side effects.Tonight, about 45 minutes ago, I felt like someone was taking my stomach and intestines and twisting them in a knot and then I became nauseated. I took a Prilosec and some Gas X. I ate the same thing the rest of the family ate for supper and they are fine. I have 2 questions. Could this be related to the Cymbalta? I absolutely have a phobia to throwing up. My mom has Ondansetron that she takes when she is nauseated.
Avatar f tn I am nausea most of the day with a headache too .......sometimes when i eat it goes away but not all the time what can i do about this problem should i take prilosec or something like that?
Avatar m tn I had my Gallbladder remover 8 years ago, and have suffered from GERD for many years and take Prilosec OTC for it. Since my Gallbladder operation I occasionally get a pain that starts in my stomach, moves up my chest and down to my groin area. This pain makes me EXTREMELY nauseous and light headed (to the point where I have to lay down) The only thing that helps is eating something like bread and drinking a glass of water, and that usually does the trick.
Avatar n tn Zofran is good (fewer side effects than other nausea drugs--some knock you for a loop) and my nausea also went away after about week 6. I also found it to be very helpful to eat small amounts of food frequently. One of the best for me was plain old-fashioned Saltine crackers (a favorite for pregnant women with morning sickness). Even when I didn't want to eat anything, if I could eat a couple of those, I'd feel better.
210982 tn?1280987495 Have you tried anything like prilosec? Immodium for loose stools and emetrol for upset stomach? Look at the right hand side of page...find the Health Pages - then find the Thomas Recipe..and the Amino Acid Protocol -- these both are very good for withdrawals. I hear you say that you arent ready to quit and are waiting for pre-op stuff before you make firm decision....Your approach could certainly give you the basic acid reflux number in the stomach --- I would say to try the prilosec first....
Avatar f tn If you were my patient, I would advise you that you could try Prevacid or Prilosec for a week or so to see if it makes any difference. Sometimes reflux disease (which is much more common in pregnancy) can cause nausea/vomiting in the early a.m. If you don't notice an improvement, it could be just related to the pregnancy, and not to reflux. It is possible that you will just have to count down the days til the baby is born.
Avatar n tn I then experienced extreme nausea and vomiting that put me in hosp twice for dehyd.Saw a GI doc and did a scope everything fine.Put me on Prilosec and said it was virus & stress.Saw a psych doc for stress and she said I had some anxiety but didn't need meds.After a couple days of rest everything good for 3 weeks.My son had a fever and runny nose on 1/12.I started feeling sick to my stomach that day.He was fine the next day but now a week later and still sick to my stomach.
772936 tn?1244492706 he or she can prescribe an antiemetic to help with the nausea and vomiting. For the meantime, try ginger; some people find it works better than some of the Rx meds. Try fresh ginger brewed into tea, or sometimes you can find candy ginger, or even ginger ale.
Avatar n tn I have had regular bouts of nausea for the last several months that ranges from mild to feeling like I was going to throw up ( though I never do). My question is what could be causing this, and how can I get rid of it. I have had an upper GI, ultrasound, numerous blood test, stool tests and tests for H.Pylori and everything is normal. I am a very anxious person which I take celexa for so some of my nausea might be stress related. Are there any other tests I should look for?
Avatar f tn This is day 6 for being on the prilosec and I still wake up nauseated-----how long did it take for the antacid drug to work? Did it take some time to regain your appetite? I eat but have not gained any weight back and I eat small meals---feel almost as bad some days as before the surgery---have had a few days with no nausea but only about 4 days out of two weeks---it is worse in morning and gets better by evening-----was this the same for you?
Avatar n tn Hi, Nausea is one of the commonly reported side effects of prilosec. Pulse rate of 85 per minute is normal. 130 per minute is high.
Avatar f tn Thank you for your quick response. I've been taking prilosec off and on for 7 months (the length of my mysterious illness) BUT I've only been taking it 2x a day faithfully for about a little over a week. I've been trying to eat better Examle. No spicy foods, not eating anyting real solid 3 to 4 hours before sleeping except maybe a popcile. Trying to lose weight and exercise and trying to lay off the caffeine and carbonated bevereges(which is extremly hard for me but Im doing it.
Avatar f tn About 2 months ago I had bad acid reflux. I started taking Prilosec which helped a bunch. Shortly after being on it, I started getting gallbladder pain. I have had it since. My Dr. did blood work and I got an ultra sound on my liver/ gallbladder. Everything came back normal. Yesterday, I stopped taking the prilosec to see if it was giving me gallbladder pain. It seems better....not contracting pain. I still have mild pain. Has anyone else experienced this?
268911 tn?1213748381 I took Protonix and Prilosec for a few years. I can't really say that there are any side effects...or any that I experienced. I definitely didn't get dizzy or anything like that. But one thing to remember if you take Prilosec with food..its almost like you didn't even take it. You need to take it on an empty stomach..prefereably as soon as your feet hit the floor in the am getting out of bed. Then eat breakfast about 30 minutes after you take it.
Avatar n tn My 9 yo daughter has been suffering from constant nausea for 3 weeks. It varies from mild to severe but has only vomited 2 of the days during the 3 weeks. She has also had diarrhea 3-4 times. She can eat most foods but I limit it to the more bland and easily digestible, drinks warm flat ginger ale and coke. During the day, whether she plays, rides her bike, etc. or rests she feels the same. The severe nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea happen evening/late night and/or very early am (ie., 5 am).
485259 tn?1519050626 However, no specific interactions with Emetrol Solution are known at this time. So again that you for posting this information. For those of us that fight nausea it may be beneficial. And as you said everyone should consult with their PCP before taking any OTC medication.
Avatar n tn I have been experiencing nausea every morning for the past two years. The nausea is mostly in the morning and clears up in the afternoon. It is very debilitating and caused me to have to resign from my job. I have and HMO. The GI doctor orderd ph study manometry and motility study both negative. He also did a endoscopy all normal. Last year I decided to seek another opinion and was seen by a private GI doctor.
1387175 tn?1326404597 My GI is crazy i don't know why he put me on Prilosec For 11 Years i cold turkey prilosec 5 days i do natural stuff like DGL ALOE VERA JUICE And Digestive Enzymes I Feel No Burning i Feel Better The Reason I Got Off It Heard It Cause Bone Damage And Esophagus Cancer Long Term So i Do All Natural Now 5 Days
Avatar n tn They put me on it mostly for nausea, and I think just for good measure. While on it I burped up gassy acidy stuff; it seemed to cause the very problems it was intended to treat. I had high BP for a while, but it's been OK for a year or so. I was on some med for 6 mos. I used the home arm cuff deal without the stethescope. That worked pretty well, though I would take a couple readings and average them. I'd buy that cuff again if I needed one.
Avatar f tn About 2 months ago I had bad acid reflux. I started taking Prilosec which helped a bunch. Shortly after being on it, I started getting gallbladder pain. I have had it since. My Dr. did blood work and I got an ultra sound on my liver/ gallbladder. Everything came back normal. Yesterday, I stopped taking the prilosec to see if it was giving me gallbladder pain. It seems better....not contracting pain. I still have mild pain. Has anyone else experienced this?
Avatar f tn I was just recently put on Prilosec OTC for the 2nd time...I have taken this about a year ago (30 days) with no adverse reactions. I am on my 16th dose of another 30 day treatment and I am having some pretty uncomfortable stomach pain. My acid reflux seems to be worsening as well. Yesterday the stomach pain was coming and it has been constant and with nausea. Should I just stop taking the Prilosec? Anyone ever heard of symptoms worsening while on Prilosec?
Avatar n tn I've had Reflux disease for about 12-15 years which has been treated successfully with one 20 mg Prilosec daily. Instead of the normal heart burn my primary symptom is nausea. Over the years the nausea has gradually become more frequent and more intense but has been more or less relieved by increasing the dose of Prilosec to two 20 mg tablets. I have nausea usually associated with meals and frequently in the middle of the night.
Avatar n tn I have been on Prilosec OTC for 4 months now. Immediately after starting prilosec I started getting very loose stools...and have not had a normal one since. I cut the dose down to a 1/2 a pill a day. On October 31, I started developing heart palpitations, which sent me to the ER. I then followed up wth a cardiologist and had a 30 day event heart monitor put on as well as a stress/echo. I am awaiting results, but it has been over 3 weeks now.
1630244 tn?1299705772 This has lasted up to today (Wednesday) so I have had an almost constant feeling of nausea and fairly consistent diarrhea for 6 days now. The diarrhea only comes after I've eaten, about 1 to 3 different times. I definitely had it the worst Friday, but my nausea is almost constant, if not constant, and it makes it hard for me to do things. And I do not have a fever. I'm curious what this might be, what I can do to ease it, and how much longer it may last?
Avatar m tn I'm a 20-year-old college student experiencing unexplained nausea for the past two weeks. I've always had an extremely "strong stomach" - I've only vomited 2 or 3 times in my life! (Even with the flu). 3 weeks ago, I had a minor head cold resulting in substantial drainage. There was some mild nausea and after the drainage peaked, I did vomit and felt relieved. For about a week, I was as happy as could be - no more cold, no nausea, nothing!
Avatar m tn Hi. For 7 I have had episodes of unexplained nausea that comes on anytime, anywhere, and no pattern. I have had upper and lower scopes, soft bowel follow through, stomach emptying, gallbladder ultra sound and gallbladder hide a scan, blood tests, stool samples, and so far everything has come back normal. I have been on Prilosec, Tagament, Aciphex, Nexium, and now on Prevacid over many years.