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Avatar n tn s and was told 6 years ago I had irritable bowel otherwise I would be dead if it was cancer. A year ago my new doctor gave my losec(prilosec) and told me my stomach pains were gerd. It took away the severe heartburn but not the mucous or the pain on my left side that at times feels like a knife going through my back and burning. Finally the new doctor decided there must be something more which is why the tests. Which I am waiting for the results.
Avatar f tn About 2 months ago I started taking Prilosec for reflux. I then began to have a huge increase in the number of PVC's. Sometimes lasting all day. I've been on an event monitor for the past 2 weeks. I didn't even think that to relate this increase in PVC's to the Prilosec until about a week ago. I stopped the Prilosec and lo and behold the PVC's are gone or at least back to the minimal occurance that they were before.
Avatar n tn I am wondering if Prilosec OTC could possibly raise a man's PSA Count. My dad has had prostate cancer twice now, and they've gotten rid of it both times. Now over 3 years later, his count jumped from a .01 to a full 1. He's worried sick about it. I was wondering if Prilosec OTC could make your PSA Count higher. He hasn't been taking it long, maybe over the last 2 months or so before his test.
Avatar n tn I have been on Prilosec for 4 years for acid reflux. Out of the clear blue sky I came down with Pancreatitis. I thought I was going to die. I have none of the normal contributers to Pancreas problems, e.g., do not use alcohol, do not have sugar problems, and my galblader appears normal (e.g., no stones or swelling). After being down for a month on the first bout with Pancreatitis, four months later I am back down again and I had modified my diet IAW Dr's directions.
Avatar f tn Hello, I was wondering if there is any difference in Prilosec OTC 20mgs and a perscription for omeprazole 20 mgs? Are these exactly the same?
Avatar n tn Is there any problem with taking a little Mylanta liquid if the Prilosec is not stopping this burning from sternum to throat for my mom?? Prilosec is just not putting out the fire. Her doctor was out,(on vacation) but the partner (another doc) immediately said that he would arrange with our doctor's scheduler to set up an egd and an ultrasound of the abdomen. So, our doc gets back Monday and the tests are set for Wednesday.
Avatar f tn Hello, I am now in a quandry. I was given a prescription for prilosec and also one for beta blockers on Friday I take one prilosec in the morning 40 mg One beta blocker in the evening. The pain in my chest does not start until about 3.00pm every day. Then it is excrutiating. Is there anything else I can take later on in the day to alleviate this pain. Someone suggestion a beer and for some unknown reason this seems to help. I am really in need of some pain relief.
Avatar n tn I have been taking Prilosec for about 1-1/2 years, I'am thinking that it might be responsible for some cramps of the legs,some bursting of vessels in the legs,and bad acid eruptions in the night. Is this possible? Let me know.
Avatar m tn Prilosec, Nexium Side Effects: Acid Reflux Medication Heart Attack Class Action Lawsuit Investigation A recent study found that proton pump inhibitor heartburn treatments such as Nexium, Prilosec and Prevacid may be linked to an increased risk of heart attack, heart failure or sudden cardiac death.
1387175 tn?1326404597 Welcome to the gastroenterology community! Prilosec does not increase your risk of getting esophageal cancer. The thing that is causing you to need prilosec causes the increase in risk of esophageal cancer. So whether or not you take prilosec for your problem, doesn't change you risk of developing esophageal cancer. Have you tried dietary changes to see if that helps your GERD enough so that you don't need prilosec. Have you tried H2 blockers?
1387175 tn?1326404597 11 years on prilosec is enough that purple can cause cancer long term i said forget it i am doing everything natural DGL ALOE VERA JUICE And Digestive Enzymes And Working Out Drinking Lots Of Water To
Avatar n tn My wife has been on Prilosec for close to 15 years. Though a number of doctors are aware of it, their "line" has been that it's better than running the risk of esophageal stay on it.
Avatar f tn I completed my antibiotics and have been taking Prilosec since. The pain is slightly better...less intense gnawing pain and my stomach is less tender to the touch. But I'm still having GERD symptoms - burning abdomen, stomach tender to the touch when poked, acid reflux, lump in throat, burning up back of throat, excessive belching and gas..I've also had diarrhea since the symptoms started almost a year ago. I'm worrying that it's gastric cancer.
Avatar m tn One year ago I had a total thyroidectomy due to papillary cancer. I woke up from surgery with a very bad cough and lot's of mucous. Three days after surgery I still had the cough, mucous and I also was experiencing shortness of breath. One year later I am still experiencing all these symptoms. I have had chest x-rays and even a heart ultrasound and I was told that everything was fine. Has anyone experienced this?
Avatar n tn I do not think the amount of time I was off the Prilosec was sufficient in and of itself to cause the cancer. However, I do think that something was going on even while I was taking the Prilosec and that the Prilosec masked the symptoms (if there would have been any). I suspect I would have gotten cancer eventually whether I stayed on the Prilosec or not, perhaps just not as soon, but, of course, there is no way to ever know.
Avatar n tn I've had all the tests done including an esophageal motility study and the data suggest I would be an ideal candidate for this procedure, but all these comments make me nervous. Yet the surgeon says prolonged use of Prilosec and other acid reducers can eventually cause atrophy of the stomach which can then lead to cancer. I'm also allergic to narcotics, so I was wondering just how intense the post-op pain is and if I could get by on small doses of Tylenol 3 or Ibuprofen?
Avatar n tn On top of that I have had a dull aching in my testicles that comes and goes as well. Do I have cancer, or could this just be IBS as well. I currently only take OTC meds for acid reflux and I take pepto bismol. Any help would be great! Thanks in advance.
Avatar n tn My mom was diagnosed with lung cancer about 1 month ago and it has spread to the brain and adrenal gland. She is having radiation on the brain. Lately she has had nausea and burping... she is having a hard time eating. We do have an appt with the doctor scheduled, but I am just curious if anyone has heard of this?
Avatar n tn Of course, there is a possibility that the spinal tumor as well as the hip cancer are distinct conditions and totally unrelated to the kidney cancer, but this is a less common occurrence. A biopsy of the hip cancer will determine if it's a separate disease or a recurrence of the kidney cancer. You may wish to talk with your dad's doctor to clarify this point.
Avatar n tn Yes - I think so - you still don't feel well. Regardless of cancer surgery or ablation - patients with no thyroid are now altered different and need other things to keep them feeling well. I would certainly talk to your doctor about iodine supplements ( you may get laughed at though) and looking at TSH - Free T3 and Free T4 testing on your thyroid. Your TSH is suppressed good for having cancer - but TSH does not tell the whole story on how to feel normal after thyroid removal.
Avatar m tn I am still worried though because I have read that sometimes, chest x-rays dont detect the cancer. I also have pretty frequent heart burn. I am now taking Prilosec for that. Occasionally I will get a small dizziness but it goes away pretty quickly. I also had some minor lower back pain last night but some Icy-Hot and sleeping on a heating pad cured that fr the most part. Last night a sharp pain shot through my stomach and into my groin.
Avatar n tn Hello, in late August I was diagnosed with Papillary Thyroid Cancer after a CT scan, I had a mass in my right lobe about 5cm big...later on it was discovered via an ultrasound that my Lymph nodes were suspicious of cancer too, after a biopsy it was discovered that they were. Anyway, two weeks ago I went through surgery, they removed the complete thyroid gland, plus lymph nodes in the lower part of my neck and also on my right side of the neck (partial neck dissection).
Avatar n tn small price to pay to kill off the cancer) As for the sugar - I've *never* heard of cancer feeding off of sugar but I know that it uses a lot of energy and that is why a PET scan uses a form of radiated glucose to look for cancers. One thing that *MANY* of us post-TT patients have to watch is for an onset of Type II diabetes. I don't really know why but many of us develop glucose issues after TTs. Have your endo check your A1C levels and you might ask for a glucose tolerance test.
Avatar n tn And, for the last two weeks, I've been having the same symptoms. This time around I'm worried because, two years ago, my father died of Esophageal cancer. We're both anxious types of persons, and both times, my GERD symptoms came after a few days of hyperventilation and "panick attacks" . Like him, I don't sleep much (4 to 6 hours per night).
Avatar n tn hytrin/day for benign enlarged prostate (last year's annual checkup had negative blood test for prostate cancer(would this have shown colon cancer if present?). I have a colonoscopy scheduled for next week (after last week's bloodwork showed nothing), but other than the diarrhea, I am healthy in every respect.
Avatar n tn i was wondering if i can get some advice i read pancreatic cancer is a silent illness, i am 31 year ol from uk, i have had diahrrea most of my life and stomach pains. pale stools,(having a colon scopy done soon for this) i have been a smoker and a drinker too. few months ago, i became very weal dizzy and ill. still am, i am, i keep getting hypoglycemia symptoms, brainfog, i did faint once was taken to emergency hospital.
Avatar n tn It is my understanding that Priosec, Tagamet, and Zantac are all intended to suppress the secretion of stomach acids. Why would one opt for the much more expensive Prilosec? Is it worth it? Dear Steve, Cimetidine (Tagamet) and ranitidine (Zantac) belong to the same class of acid suppressing agents called histamine receptor antagonists and if given in equal doses work equivalently.
Avatar m tn She also has severe allergies this time of year. She is taking Prilosec (as prescribed by her doctor), Claritin and another medication for her high blood pressure. I am afraid that all these chemicals will do her harm. She is going to go in for an endoscopy soon. Is there a certain diet she should follow? Is the mixture of medications harmful? Is this a symptom of stomach cancer?