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Avatar n tn Glen, Thanks for the advice (that goes for everyone!) I do notice that when I dont take my prilosec, I really pay for it!! Thanks for the advice.
Avatar f tn Everything came back normal. Yesterday, I stopped taking the prilosec to see if it was giving me gallbladder pain. It seems better....not contracting pain. I still have mild pain. Has anyone else experienced this? Does the gallbladder pain subside or does this mean I have gallbladder issues not showing up on the ultra sound?
Avatar f tn This is day 6 for being on the prilosec and I still wake up nauseated-----how long did it take for the antacid drug to work? Did it take some time to regain your appetite? I eat but have not gained any weight back and I eat small meals---feel almost as bad some days as before the surgery---have had a few days with no nausea but only about 4 days out of two weeks---it is worse in morning and gets better by evening-----was this the same for you?
Avatar n tn but yes nausea is definitely a symptom of gallbladder issues, do you have pain after meals etc? Nausea is a symptom of many problems, for me my gallbladder pain was under my right ribs and into my back and shoulder, with horrible nausea and vomiting. Could also be other GI issues. Have you been to the doctor for any tests yet?
Avatar n tn I have all the test all negative for gallbladder. I got a second opinion and did a bile asperation. He found crystals in the bile. my question can you have pain from this that radiates to the right side up the back and proceeds to have pain all along the diaphragm area and appears intermittent. I get this pain and it starts on the right and then lingers to the left side a while. my doctor suggest to take out the bladder. what do you think. I have a lot of pain. scale 1-10 it rates a 7 to 8.
Avatar f tn I HAD my gallbladder removed in Jan 07. After the surgery i was up walking fine that day. The next couple of days were a bit more sore. I didnt change my diet at all. (I have no will power and am a junk food junkie) and im doing fine on it. I didnt have any probs with my bowels until a few months ago. I go twice a day before midday and i never went more than once a day ever. But its not a big deal and its not like constant diarreha or anything. But it all depends on the person.
Avatar n tn Hi, I've been reading the postings and now I'm afriad to go for the scan mentioned to see if the gallbladder is working properly. For the last three days I have been getting a painful attack about one half hour after I eat and it lasts for 4 hours. It is under my right rib cage and around to my back and now I'm afraid to eat. In june the same thing happened to me and lasted for one week, then went away till now. I had a stomach virus four days ago which seemed to trigger this.
Avatar f tn Everything came back normal. Yesterday, I stopped taking the prilosec to see if it was giving me gallbladder pain. It seems better....not contracting pain. I still have mild pain. Has anyone else experienced this? Does the gallbladder pain subside or does this mean I have gallbladder issues not showing up on the ultra sound?
Avatar m tn You don't help people who drink alcohol?........
Avatar f tn I went to a quick care and he suggested I get an ultrasound for gallstones. Despite having had an ultrasound at the ER. The day before my ultrasound I had the food poison attack again. I went to the ER, he said that it was not stones and there was no point in getting another ultrasound but ordered a HIDA scan. Sent me home with prilosec, tramadol, and an anti-nausea.
Avatar m tn My doctor recommended a gallbladder ultrasound which came back negative for stones. I was also given prilosec for the nausea, belching, indigestion, heartburn etc. I was fine for essentially the whole year. This past September I began to have all the same problems and would actually be running for the bathroom because I was afraid my food was going to come back up. I ended up in the emergency room with all the same pains and had yet another ultrasound. Once again it came back negative.
Avatar n tn Ive been put on prilosec, librax, and am currently on tramadol and elavil. As for having gallstones, you could still have uncalcified gallstones. That type wouldnt show up on any test. But even if the scan comes back normal, keep on the doctors. My thoughts are with you and your test.
Avatar n tn Can you have gallbladder pain for a week and then have it go away? Do the attacks usually recur after a certain amount of time? I had pain for a little over a week but have felt fine since then. I'm scheduled to have a HIDA scan done on December 31st. Just wondering if it's common for these symptoms to occur, be quite severe, and then just seemingly disappear. Thanks!
Avatar n tn Yeah, I wonder about the long term side effects of prilosec as well. I've been on it for over 3 years for GERD, and I am having really bad stomach pains that don't seem to be the same...I think it's pancreatitis, as I have a genetically high triglyceride count. I am also on lopid, and it makes me feel WORSE! Oh well, a CT scan of the abdomen on Thursday, so wish me luck! :) Kim, NH you know if a CT scan will show up stomach ulcers, blocked bile/pancreatic ducts or stones?
Avatar f tn I had my gallbladder removed last year and ever since then my heartburn has been constant. I have been to a gastro and all he told me to do is to take prilosec twice in the morning and twice at night and it helped for one month and now it doesn't help anymore. I have been taking tons of different over the counter drugs without relief. I don't even have to eat or drink anything and I have heartburn and I am really getting discouraged. I have even tried aloe vera juice with no relief.
Avatar n tn I have been on Prilosec and now Nexium for years. Last April (2001), I had a severe bout of distress related to the gallbladder and came very close to having it removed. I elected not to, and went online to find relief for the severe gas pains that come with the attacks. You know, belching for hours, gas pains that keep you up for hours at night, etc. I discovered activated charcoal. It is great! It can absorb gas and toxins in the digestive tract. I haven't used antacid one in over a year.
Avatar n tn They said it's either reflux or gallbladder issues (both of which my parents had/have). They put me on the generic for Prilosec and I have an ultrasound scheduled for my gallbladder late in September. I have a tender spot on the right side of my stomach where if you press it hurts, so yeah. : / Anyway, I've also noticed I haven't had a period since June (I think it was june anyway, it might've been earlier; I don't keep track of my periods. Too lazy). So...yeah. Back to the question up top.
Avatar f tn I just recently had my gallbladder taken out (9-10-13) everything went well. I have been sore but returned to work. The only symptoms I have at this point is an increase of acid reflux and persistent nausea. Before surgery I was taking one-two prilosec a week, now its once daily even up to two pills a day. There is no rhyme and reason for the nausea as I dont eat at the same time or same thing everyday. Sometimes I go all day without eating because I am so nauseated.
Avatar f tn I also will note that I am still taking the prilosec b/c when I try to wean myself off of it, i get indigesion so that is also a symptom I have if not for the prilosec. Sorry this is so long just really wanting some hope. At this point I am hoping it is my gallbladder. I am scared to have surgery but I want my life back and I want an answer. life is hard enough with type 1 diabetes, but this makes it miserable! Anyone shed some light on this or have similar situation??
Avatar n tn Hello, It is true that the symptoms are most likely due to gastritis due to acid reflux from the stomach but a gall bladder disease also cannot be ruled out. Try raising the head of your bed about four inches with blocks. It also might help to avoid eating or drinking for two hours before you lie down. To help control the stomach acid, one should not drink alcohol or drinks with caffeine in them, or eat chocolate or spicy or greasy foods . Take some OTC antacid like Mylanta.
771496 tn?1290241745 I have been having some pain and other symptoms from my gallbladder for quite some time. I finally saw my doctor and she ordered an ultrasound. Turns out I have several polyps on my gallbladder. I do not know any other information. She has referred me to a surgeon who I am to see shortly. If I am seeing a surgeon does this mean I am definitely going to have surgery on my gallbladder?
Avatar n tn Anyways, I am taking the Zantac in the hope that maybe it isn't my gallbladder and I just don't respond to prilosec for whatever reason. I have promise my little girl a week at Disney and I refuse to miss it. If I have to I'll stay on liquids until I get back and see a specialist and then we will take it from there. Thanks... Everyone!
Avatar f tn The doctor just said to give it more time---I actually never took pain meds----got them filled but took advil---the pain wasn't bad---the only horrible symptom for me is nausea---the doctor told me to take prilosec and gavicon or maalox ---I know the prilosec hasn't had time to work but the maalox must have helped a bit because yesterday was virtually a nausea-free day(day 10 after surgery) and I was most grateful---this whole thing has changed my priorities---our health is so important and we u
1222076 tn?1423031349 I havent took Tylenol 3 for 12 hours now.has anyone ever had any of these symptoms right after gallbladder surgery? Im just so worried this isent normal and Im going to be stuck like this. I still have the gas I have no idea when its ever all going to go away but its making me feel sick. I didnt think it was suppose to last this long.
Avatar f tn I had been suffering from acute heartburn and back pain for several years and taking Prilosec daily with little, no relief. On 12/8/07 I experienced almost constant chest pain, nausea and vomiting - primarily food induced - so I stopped eating and drinking - with little relief. After an ultrasound on 12/11, I was rushed in to surgery and had my gallbladder removed on 12/14/07.
Avatar n tn Hi. I understand. My acid reflux came to visit me suddenly last December and has pretty much been here since. I've tried several prescriptions and OTC med's and finally settled with Prilosec OTC 20mg 1 daily, though I'm not really happy with it. Thing is, when acid reflux first arrived it was a week prior to my scheduled physical. Prior to December I had NEVER had symptoms of acid reflux. During my physical I was diagnosed with Barrett's Esophagus. My wife and I were stunned.
Avatar n tn All I could get out was a request for pain medication, not for the endoscopy recovery but for my nightly pain attacks. He told me to take tylenol, not advil or aleve. He also said to get my gallbladder out ASAP. He thinks that might help lower my pancreatic enzymes. I'm just wondering if he could see the condition of my pancreas through the endoscopy, because he didn't seem very concerned at all. I'm also wondering if I'm overreacting about this pain I'm having.
Avatar n tn I ended up on prilosec before long. To date the reflux has been a great problem. It was like trading stomach pain for indigestion. If you find relief in the antacid you might try a diet geared for GERD patients until your body adjusts. Good luck.