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Avatar n tn Peripheral edema (water retention) and inflated stomach. Friends, it is true that Prilosec is not for everyone. Tomorrow I plan to quit Prilosec and go back to Xantac, or Axid until I visit my GE. We are not alone. Thaks for shearing experiences.
Avatar f tn Edeam from abdomen down. Pitted edema in both legs, so severe at night I have trouble walking, does go down over night but still swelled when I wake up. Has been happening for over 3 months. Echo came back normal, and all the lab work, CT scans, ultrasounds have come back normal. I have been a diabetic for 29 years and do have peripheral neuropathy in both legs from the knees down, but that has not gotten any worse before this all started.
Avatar f tn I am new to this forum and I just wanted to know if anyone could help me with my most recent medical problem. I am a 52 yo woman and I am experiencing severe edema, especially in my ankles and feet (the left much more than the right). I have been to the doctor and the ER and they have run many tests, but they are all normal. My kidneys are fine, my liver is fine, my electrolytes are normal, my EKG is normal, my chest x-ray is clear, I am pre-diabetic with a fasting sugar of 112.6.
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Avatar n tn 50 If heart failure has been ruled out, what could be other possible causes of swelling in the legs, particularly in the ankles (but also progresses up the leg), and swelling which sometimes occurs in the hands, particularly, the fingers (both hands)? Patient is taking Niaspan, Prilosec, and Cardizem.
Avatar m tn Hello, I am a 44yo white male, overweight by 80lbs with a history of GERD and arteriosclerosis. I take an adult aspirin daily along with medications for hypertension, a beta blocker and statins.. I have had two previous EGD's performed over the past six years, where my Dr performed a dilation on my oesophagus due to scarring and food getting stuck when I eat. My GERD has been controlled with Prilosec for years now and i have had no trouble with food impaction for years.
Avatar f tn ECG in 2006 was fine. No angina. Now have edema in ankles. Went into emergency with this chestpain from climbing into van, fast breathing on Aug. 8. No pain when got there., ECG normal sinus rhythm, says test indicates weakness, BP 203/110. BP down with drugs. The most unfavorable results in lab were Neutrophils% 86.1, Lymphocytes% 10.1 Lymphocytes# 0.7. The Dr. there just considered hypertension and edema and given drug prescription for BP and edema. I know it is more than that.
Avatar m tn I am a 44yo white male, overweight by 80lbs with a history of GERD and. I take an adult aspirin along with medications for hypertension, a beta blocker and statins. I have had 2 previous EGD's performed over the past 8 years, the Dr performed a dilation on my oesophagus due to scarring and food getting stuck when I eat. My GERD has been controlled with Prilosec and i have not had trouble with food impaction for some time.
Avatar n tn Sometimes I lose it though and get fearfull I was also diagnosed with a small hiatal hernia and am on prilosec so Im not sure if there are issues there, Ive been seeing a chiropractor since April 20th and that has really helped considering my X-ray shoed major subluxations in the areas concerning breathing. I also dont eat properly and noticed imrpovement since Ive been taking an iron supplement, B12 supplement and liquid multivitamin.
Avatar n tn See your regular md this could be acid reflux they mimic alot like you are having chest pain numbness burning in shoulder etc. This happened to me I was put on Prilosec OTC med now. Your airway becomes constricted from the acid backing up in your throat from stomach. This causes sleep disturbances sleep with your head elevated at night try to eat smaller meals thru the day and nothing to eat 3 hours before bed hope this helps good luck.
Avatar n tn Sleeping on one's back can bring such symptoms on, as the heart is surrounded by lungs, and possible adipose tissue that is saturated with fluids. (Edema) Getting vertical usually brings the beginning of relief from the feeling of asphyxiation, commensurate with how long the heart was in failure. In my case - a course of diuretics (Lasix) brought relief. A Cardiologist will want to determine why the heart is failing.
Avatar f tn I'm on synthroid and just recently (3 days ago) switched from Zantac twice a day to Prilosec once a day. The fluid retention has been off and on but most recently it seems to be getting worse. The only thing that helps is to drink a million glasses of water a day and spend my life in the restroom. What could be causing this? Those are the only meds I take and I don't eat much sodium.
1274693 tn?1270841793 Doctor put me on Verapmil which gave me bad edema, now I am on Pindolol. It has helped my HR from climbing as high as 180 during walking now only goes to 130. He said with Tachycardia I shouldn't have chest pain. So now I am taking acid reducer called Prilosec. I have been on 3 weeks and isn't taking chest pain away. My chest pain is often after walking, light cardio, raking, or vacuuming... ect. I have difficulty breathing all the time. I get winded so easy.
Avatar n tn My husband underwent a non laproscopic chole 19 days ago, had every complication known to man to include gi bleed 3 units of blood, ng tube, jaundice, bilateral pneumonia, pulmonary edema. He is 43 with history of chrones as his only real medical problem. In the unit for 9 days, hospital for 15. We went home last friday, he vomitted twice friday night, and started with temp of 101.5 on Saturday, his wbc yesterday was 11.5.
Avatar f tn One night I began to feel a lump sensation in my throat below my voice box and then a day later I was having hot feelings in my stomach, so my GP prescribed me Prilosec for GERD. Well I was feeling a little off going into the day I had my visit and when my vitals were taken my BP was 156/82 when it is normally 120/78 and my HR was 110 when it's normally in the 70s. Grant it...always get a little anxious going into the office but my vitals have never been that bad.
Avatar n tn with good pulse. He then checked my feet for edema, there was none. I have never noticed any foot swelling in the past either. And he said that my heartbeat sounded normal. The ct scan showed no problems, the shadow was likely caused by body movement. A recent EKG was normal although my pulse rate was in the 80's. My blood pressure was 140/88. My blood work showed a blood sugar level in the lower ranges of normal. I am a 46 year old male 6 feet tall weighing 163 pounds, non smoker.
Avatar n tn Had been on Naprosyn and Prilosec with no relief and changed to Voltaren and Zantac for the last 6 days but seems not to be helping too. I'm pretty much anxious and has been suffering for quite awhile now. What else are they trying to rule out? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/917638'>TFCC tear in wrist due to snowboarding, how do i treat?</a>.
Avatar n tn // An allergy to wine (all sorts) also exists. Allergy symptoms: face flushing or edema, itchy skin, difficult breathing, coughing...few minutes after drinking.
Avatar m tn I am a 44yo white male, overweight by 80lbs with a history of GERD and arteriosclerosis. I take an adult aspirin daily along with medications for hypertension, a beta blocker and statins.. I have had two previous EGD's performed over the past six years, where my Dr performed a dilation on my oesophagus due to scarring and food getting stuck when I eat. My GERD has been controlled with Prilosec for years now and i have had no trouble with food impaction for years.
Avatar f tn I had conflicts the last week of the month. I have to take Prilosec or I vomit horribly. I generallyloose weight on Prednisone. Not sure what will happen on this dosage. I had a rib with a mass on it removed last December and have dropped over thirty pounds since without trying. concerning since I am fifty two and not of a age that looses weight effortlessly generally. Through this whole mess I oddly enough met a wonderful man that is supportive of my illness and has become a part of my life.
Avatar m tn 1xdaily-meloxicam 15, aspirin 325, prilosec OTC, valium10, Claritin 10; 2xdaily-etodolac 400, flexeril 10, soma 350, savella 50, adderall 30, bupropion 400, advair 500/50; 3xdaily-lyrica 75, baclofen 10, insta-flex (a joint support medicine ordered off of TV), tramadol 50, methadone 5; and as needed daily oxycodone 15 (up to 6 per day), black cohosh, pro-air.
Avatar n tn Posted By CCF CARDIO MD - HSB on October 20, 1997 at 09:58:57: In Reply to: congestive heart failure posted by Cyndi on October 15, 1997 at 04:59:00: : Hi, I'm currently taking, prednisone, methotrexate,HCTZ, folic acid, prilosec, reglan, levsin, premarin, duragesic75, & B-12 shots monthly. My neighbor who is an R.N. was over today and noticed my feet and legs which have been quite swollen lately.
Avatar m tn My EKG blood work and chest X-Ray were good and with only moderate high bp and no edema the chances of chf are slim. Also how does one cope with anxieties in relation to this ailment?
Avatar f tn I can't tell you how many thousands of dollars I spent, only for one doc to tell me it was ideopathic edema!!! Ughhhhhh, that essentially says we don't know what's wrong with you. I gave up on the medical community and experimented myself with different things like exercising more, watching my salt intake, elevating my legs and feet, etc. It did help. And to this day if I don't rest enough it swells up. There are a lot of shoes that I can't wear, but I'm alive!!!
Avatar m tn -in turn, increased pulmonary blood pool, pulmonary edema, i start to have little problem breathing and continuous white frothy sputum, sputum is never pink-frothy so i can at least get some relaxation that it hasnt damaged my pulmonary vasculature, YET. continuous production of pulmonary mucous make me sneeze continuously. -pulsating headache. -in this phase, i feel agitated and disoriented/confused.
Avatar f tn FT4 at 1/2 the range, FT3 in the upper quarter....but edema was worsening, I was getting random spasming in my feet and an occasional charleyhorse in my calf, and I started gaining weight and having GERD symptoms and abdominal bloating. So my PCP said she didn't know what to do and said I had to go back to endos, and then she retired and closed her office. I am SO lost. Anyway, so I did the 24 hour urine test again but the doctor's office neglected to tell me to throw the first am sample away..
1094370 tn?1317138425 I'm basially freaking out about this because from most of what I've read, this could be a lifelong condition and I'm very upset about this. I'm taking two prilosec a day and it's still not helping with the throat irritation. Has anyone had this problem. Please help. Thanks.
Avatar n tn H pyloric bacteria causes alot of grief long term use of Nexium zantac prilosec type drugs you grow polyps in your stomach so i had 5 hyperplastic polyps removed im 43 2 yrs ago got sick again removed another polyp have gastritisi hiatle hernia i had abdominal pain bloatin chronic diarrhea it was stomach acid burning my butt yellow liquid so i have to swollow metamucil capsule to absorb that acid and i had my gall bladder removed so what about yours ? hows your liver panel cholestrol ?
Avatar n tn Several months ago I purchased an electric adjustable bed, which has helped in reducing the reflux. However, I still have erratic pain and reflux problems. I am currently on 20mg Prilosec twice a day and still I have some reflux problem. I understand the nature, treatment and complications related to my condition. My wife and I are very concerned. I am asking for the name of a HIGHLY qualified gastroenterologist in the Dallas, Texas area.
3624762 tn?1349398652 75 oz Midday Xifaxim 550 mg tab 2xday Furosemide 40 mg 1xday Amiloride 10 mg 1xday Gabapentin 200 mg 2xday Simethicone 250 mg 2xday 80 mg chewable every 6 hrs as needed Prilosec 41 mg 1xday Zinc Sulfate 50 mg (220 mg zinc sulfate heptahydrate) 2xday Magnesium 400 mg 2xday Multi vitamin 1xday Oscal + D 500 mg 2xday Vitamin D3 200IU Calcium 500mg Tylenol 3 regular strength 1 x day as needed Trama-Dol HCL 50 mg 2 x day as needed