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Avatar n tn I am taking prevacid for GERD. I have elevated liver enzymes. My diet has changed. I have gone off of all my supplements. Liver panel is normal. Liver scan is normal. My question: Can prevacid cause elevated liver enzymes? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/885205'>Hepatitis C and Milk Thistle and Prevacid</a>.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am 44 years old. I have had elevated liver enzymes on and off for over 15 years. The ALT and AST have at the most doubled. I have celiac disease and have avoided gluten for 8 years. My last alt was slightly elevated at 52, but ast and all other livers were normal. My cholesterol was 212.
Avatar n tn I did have some jaundice in my eyes and very dark yellow urine. They treated me with Mucomyst, Prevacid, and antibiotics...but they have no diagnosis other than I must have injured my liver. I have been in no accidents. I have hypothyroidism, but I am on Synthyroid medication. I am overweight by about 45 pounds. I did have some steriod injections in my back in September 2009. And I did eat some oysters about 3 weeks ago in a gumbo, but they should have been cooked.
Avatar n tn Have a previous (20 yr) history of drug (no iv) and alcohol abuse. I have been clean 3 years this month. Last year I had a physical to check my liver enzymes and everything was fine. I have been having pain in my upper right quardant. I have sever belching and pain usually right after I eat so I thougth it was reflux. This has been going on for sometime and I was prescribed prevacid for the acid reflux. I also attributed the pain to gaining weight since getting clean.
Avatar n tn I'm told without treatment this condition is fatal and I know from personal experience that the donation of blood I do only makes me feel better and my liver enzymes, ( which were elevated ), are now normal and my liver looks much better. Also have better kidney function. I also HAD some memory problems that are now gone.
Avatar n tn We have found out through the gastro doc that he has very low thyroid(I think she said his number was 18, have no clue what that means) and very high cholestreol(the bad cholesterol was 197) and a fatty liver, elevated liver enzymes but no hepatitis.We have known he has barretts esophagus for almost 4 years now and has had a scope every year. Has Crohns disease and has gallblader out 3 years ago.
Avatar n tn I had numerous blood tests for hep, liver, and pancreas functions, and a cholesterol check and everything came out good, minus the liver enzymes being slightly elevated. I am 5'10" 170 so I am not overweight and I exercise fairly regularly. I cannot seem to eat many foods anymore without feeling sick to my stomach, and there is really no pattern in the types of food I eat as to what makes me sick.
Avatar n tn So, I decided that I must indeed have acid reflux and need this medication. Months passed and I stayed on the Prevacid 1X per day--I felt fine but sometime this spring, I noticed heartburn occasionally in the evening even after I had the drug in the morning. Keep in mind that heartburn was not a problem for me before I was diagnosed last summer. One week ago, I decided that I wanted to stop taking the Prevacid and I did--the last pill I took was on Tuesday, June, 21.
Avatar n tn I have had a followup ultrasound at 4 months, 8 months, and 10 months with no change in the lesions. My liver enzymes are normal as is all of my other blood work. I have had a mammogram, and visited the eye doctor, dermatologist, and gynecologist with a clean bill of health. My question is, is it still possible that these lesions are cancer? Wouldn't cancer have grown or spread in 10 months? My new doctor has sent me for an MRI tomorrow, and I am still worried. Please advise!
Avatar n tn Picked up the blood results from the hospital a few days later and much to my surprise, my ALT level was 880 (0-31 being normal) and my AST level was 1,778 (0-32 being normal). After a quick panic, I delivered the results to my Gastro who immediately drew more blood, and scheduled an MRI. Levels by that time had returned to almost normal. MRI was negative. She seems to think I have small stones which cannot be seen on the MRI, or she said something about dropping sludge.
Avatar n tn including amiodarone for a few yrs. It was discontinued about 3 yrs. ago due to liver toxicity. So I have had abnormal enzymes several times. Currently, I am taking coumadin, aldactone, zaroxalyn, lasix, paxil, prevacid, potassium, tylenol 4-6 a day. I drink alcohol 1 or 2x a week with dinner. Am I correct that alcohol induced liver problems has a higher AST than ALT. Mine levels are opposite. What are your thoughts? Do I necessarily need to have more testing?
Avatar n tn Now, I come to the question. I recently had presurgical testing and my liver enzymes have once again brought up concerns. My bilirubin is 1.3, ALPhos 172 AST 81 ALT 115 As you can surmise, I have had alot of medical treatments, and surgeries. I seriously don't think I can handle much more. Is there a chance I can just blow this off for awhile? I dont want anymore tests. It isnt the tests that bother me. It is the ambiguous results.
Avatar f tn 1) Fatty liver can be caused by alcohol, or associated with obesity and elevated triglycerides. If the liver enzymes are negative, this is less concerning. 2) An ALT of 21 suggests a mild case. 3) Serial monitoring of the liver enzymes is recommended. 4) It is normally a condition that comes on gradually. 5) If not associated with alcohol, it can be treated with weight loss and diet modification. 6) Yes, if it is not appropriate treated, the condition can worsen.
Avatar f tn 30 year old Female. I have had high liver enzymes off and on for at least 5 years. They go up and down seemingly without reason. Recently I had severe pain in the area of my gallbladder and liver. The pain was unbearable at times, and would subside slightly at other times. It lasted for about 4 days, and then the area was tender for a feew more days. Now it feels normal. I have had an abdominal ultrasound, and a HIDA-scan. Both were normal.
Avatar n tn His last bloodwork showed his liver enzymes to be quite high and the doctor ordered more tests to rule out Hepatitis. These tests came back clear and now with no confirmation of anything wrong, it is like they have simply diagnosed it as a mental problem! My husband is becoming very frustrated considering he has went through this for 8 years with no relief or satisfaction. If anyone has had these problems or can shed some light on this it would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!!!!! P.S.
Avatar f tn A second opinion is out of the question because 1) we went to one hepatologist last year after my husbands liver enzymes were way out of wack and that hepatologist diagnosed my husband with alcoholic liver disease (without biopsy) and told him he had two choices a) he could stop drinking all together and we'd monitor the situation or b) he could keep drinking and not bother with any of it. Husband chose to keep drinking (said if dr.
Avatar n tn i was taken in to hospital after severe colic attack and found on ultrasound to have 3 gallstones but my liver enzymes were on arrival 10 times normal level and they were worried gallstones were red herring. 24hours later levels dropped by half and i was released and referred to clinic in 2 weeks to check levels have returned.
Avatar n tn I have had CT scan on my abdomen and also an ultrasound. Everything was normal on both tests. But my liver enzymes have been elevated since July also. I was just tested recently for H. Pylori and mono and my PCP is stumped about what could be going on. He has put me on Zantac for the burning in my stomach and it has gone away, but the other problems are still there. I am extremely worn out. I have no energy whatsoever.
2082202 tn?1396816902 I have a fatty liver (non-diabetic and non-drinker) and I have been having a lot of problems with digestion. I had bloodwork done twice (about 2 months in between them) and my doctor told me I had high liver enzymes--one of them was a little over twice the amount it should have been.
Avatar n tn I would have abdominal scans and lots of blood tests. My liver enzymes were only slightly elevated and they would tell me it was nothing to worry about. Also 10 - 12 years ago my mother did not have diabetes. Now she does. I can see what having diabtes has done to her and I want to prevent it for myself. I have had glucose tolerence tests done and found out that I have insulin resistance, which is a precurser for diabetes. It is also a factor for the fatty infiltration of the liver.
Avatar n tn i had my gallbladder removed in 97, 21yrs of age. this past Oct. my liver enzymes were high dr checked due to illness and weight loss. Became almost normal, then went back up again, during that time I have had major weight gain.
Avatar n tn Initial workup for these liver enzymes would be blood tests for hepatitis as well as a liver ultrasound. The liver ultrasound would evaluate for major anatomical diseases or liver masses. If negative, you can consider repeating the enzymes to ensure they are not rising. If so, a liver biopsy can be considered for a more definitive evaluation. These options can be discussed with your personal physician. Followup with your personal physician is essential.
Avatar n tn Hi, I won't see my doctor until next week but I'm concerned about my blood work. I'm a female, 47 years old, 5'4" and 250lbs. The meds I'm currently taking are Lexapro 20mg, Prevacid 30mg and occasionally albuterol inhaler. I consider myself a moderate drinker and have a few glasses of white wine a night. AST 32 ALT 52 Total Cholesterol 252 HDL cholesterol 86 Cholesterol/HDL ratio 2.9 LDL, CHOL, Calculated 123 Triglycerides 217 TSH , 3rd generation 3.
Avatar n tn In Jan the joint pain and painfull walking came back with a vengance. I have pain in my spine and my liver is very enlarged as is my spleen. I started to gain weight they say from the Pred and Plaquinil, and have gained eighty pounds in six months. I have developed cataracs from the prednisone and Plaquinil. I have a terrible time standing still in one spot, and I too have to sit down many times when I am out. The doctors have not been able to lower the Prednisone below 18mg.
881463 tn?1245349249 In addition while having chest pain on different days I have also had 3 normal ecg's with heart panels, Stress test Gastrocopy, which showed a small Hiatial hernia, Abdominal Ultrasound and a stress test. These tests, with the exception of the small hernia and liver workup are all normal. I am concerned because of the back /chest pain and the slightly high ALP of 145 (lab says up to 129 u/l(in normal range) and what I have read about bone cancer on a few sites.
Avatar n tn When you have blood work done how are your cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels? Are your liver enzymes slightly elevated?
Avatar n tn cbc, liver blood work, ekg, chest x-ray, even went to see a breast specialist (originally the pain felt as though it was in my breast) tried tums and prevacid, motrin. Pain is on the right side, come and goes. Pain radiates to the back. Had a baby 11 1/2 months ago and have had the pain for about 11 months. Other symptoms are fatigue, weight loss (although this has subsided even though I eat anything and everything) Let m now hpw you make/made out.