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Avatar f tn A body pillow works just as good or even better .. i had a pregnancy pillow and i wasn't too found of it that much ..
Avatar f tn Any suggestions on a pregnancy pillow? I've seen several different styles and am wondering which is best.
Avatar n tn I just use a body pillow, and its amazing, so I imagine a pregnancy pillow would be heaven as well!
Avatar f tn lol! I do not have a pregnancy pillow, although you make it sound very comfortable. I've actually got a down feather body sized pillow, which helps somewhat for comfort to sleep, but I still have trouble getting the job done lol! I've found myself being up tossing and turning clear until 5 a.m.!
Avatar n tn I have a pregnancy wedge and a full length pregnancy pillow both work great I use the wedge more though cause I roll over a lot and its easier to move
Avatar f tn I use a body pillow. You can find them on sale sometimes. I bought mine with a cover for about $20 at target. They also have them at walmart.
Avatar f tn Are any one of you ladies using a pregnancy pillow? If so is it helpful? What type are you using?
Avatar f tn At 17 weeks it's fine to sleep in whatever position you are still comfortable in, once sleeping on your tummy becomes uncomfortable I would definitely recommend a body pillow or pregnancy pillow they both work the same just tuck it under your leg and it'll keep you supported at a more comfortable angle.
Avatar f tn I just came across a pregnancy pillow has anyone ever used it? Do u need one? I read it can help u sleep?
Avatar f tn Did any of you mom's get a pregnancy pillow? And if so which brand? My husband was thinking about just getting me 5 more pillows...
9584608 tn?1413682492 So i got a pregnancy pillow for my birthday but my legs still hurt. It ***** lol. I though the pillow would help them to stop hurting, but nope.
Avatar f tn I'm currently only in my 7th week but im thinking about getting a pregnancy pillow to help me sleep because I find it difficult to lay on my tummy most nights as I'm bloated and sometimes nausea hits in middle of night just wondering if this pillow has helped you guys sleep? And if it helps when your a side sleeper so that u are more comfortable without laying on tummy ?
Avatar f tn No the pregnancy pillow is long and about five and a half or six feet long. I love it. My regular body pillow did not conform enough for what I wanted. Not enough wiggle room.
Avatar f tn I only fear that as I get bigger I'll be more uncomfortable. I've researched tons of pregnancy pillows but haven't seen a pillow that people like. Do you have any suggestions?
Avatar f tn Anyone use a pregnancy pillow? I'm five months and I finally gave in and ordered one online from Walmart because I just can't take it anymore ! My bf was my human pillow but he is starting to get tired of that now!
Avatar f tn Its never too soon to get or too late to give up your pregnancy pillow lol. They are awesome! I dread when I am no longer pregnant as I know my hubby will want me to toss it and start cuddling him again!
Avatar f tn How early is to early for the pregnancy pillow. I am 4w5d pregnant and I already sleep with a pillow under my side for comfort and I am curious if this is to early to get attached to the pillow?
Avatar f tn I am 6 weeks 4 days pregnant and my doctor told me to get a pregnancy pillow ? Does anyone know of any good ones to recommend ?
Avatar f tn I have settled into ordering the pregnancy pillow and it is working wonders! My kids and bf use it so I guess it is no longer jus mines but has anyone else tried it or use one? How do u like it?
Avatar f tn I'm 24 weeks and I don't have one but my back just started hurt what I do is use about 4 pillows at night to sleep.
10165853 tn?1456337437 I had a body pillow and it does nothing compared to the boppy pregnancy pillow. It's literally formed to a pregnant woman's body. Like it has a little pillow for your belly and everything. It's perfect. Totally recommend.
Avatar f tn How expensive are pregnancy pillows normally?