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Avatar f tn When did everyone start wearing maternity clothes? I still have maternity clothes from wheniI had my daughter so I'm now 6 weeks and decided to just start wearing them. They are comfortable and I hear I will get huge fast so why not? Anyone else break out theirs early?
6860866 tn?1396653023 Im 25 weeks pregnant and im still wearing the same size clothes ive not had to wear maternity clothes or anything yet! When did you ladies start wearing maternity clothes or change sizes in clothing?
Avatar f tn Maternity clothes for me is super comfy I started early 19wks. I have found really cute clothes, shirts that say "I ♥ my bump" and "here comes trouble" with little footprints:) also super cute jeans and dresses:) so am all for maternity clothes.
Avatar n tn I hate maternity clothes. They always slide off my butt!! I started wearing them at 4 months with my first, and about the same with this one now. I like tighter clothes. I wear long camis under maternity tanks, or just longer tees. I wear a lot of skirts with elastic waists so I don't have to buy maternity pants. Old navy has great jeans that I like that look like real jeans, they don't have that strip on top.
Avatar f tn I don't have any maternity clothes. My jeans are getting very snug. Thankfully I've lost some weight so it's not unbearable at the moment. I do have a couple that I just can't wear b/c when I do I get cramps and it just hurts. Other than that...I stay in my sweats and pjs unless we go out somewhere....I have a feeling I'll be getting some too. I started the pregnancy at 160 and every says...you don't look it. I'm down to 155. We'll see how it goes I guess.
311905 tn?1212774400 I just posted this within another thread, but I'm wondering when everyone else had to move into their maternity clothes. I'm 13w3d and just started wearing my maternity clothes yesterday -- a month earlier than with my last pregnancy! It seems like I just started to pop out in the past few days. BTW, I hate all my maternity clothes from the last pregnancy!
Avatar n tn I started to show VERY early. At first, I was very uncomfortable with the idea of maternity clothes. I tried various stores and do you know which one I love - Old Navy!! Their maternity clothes are WONDERFUL! I tried on a bunch of things and loved it all. They are very trendy, and are designed very well as far as fitting the pregnant body. Most people say I look smaller in the clothes because they really do fit well. I suggest going to an Old Navy store and trying on some things.
Avatar f tn Nearly 17 weeks and no maternity clothes here, although some things feel a little bit snug.
Avatar f tn But this is also #4 and they show sooner with each pregnancy. I didn't wear maternity clothes with my 1st, and I did with my second at about 25 weeks and with #3 about 20 weeks. The more kids I've had the more Ive opted to be comfortable and maternity clothes are comfy. Old Navy is my favorite :) Its all about your personal preference too, some women never wear maternity clothes, I Didnt with my first.
964234 tn?1331952807 I am going out this weekend to get some. I have summer maternity clothes from my son but nothing for the winter. On my previous pregnancy I found that my second and third trimester clothing were different sizes. Just remember that you will be in the summer when you are at your biggest and will be living in t-shirts shorts etc... I have found old Navy, gap and target to be good for basics and not too pricey. Dressier clothes probably motherhood maternity.It also depends on what your size is.
Avatar f tn Just curious, how soon did you ladies start wearing maternity jeans/ clothes ? I'm only 7 weeks and am so bloated I feel like it could be a could 4months lol. My husband has insisted on me wearing maternity jeans and I'm not complaining cause they're a lot more comfy but at the same time I feel silly for only being 7 weeks 2 days lol.
Avatar f tn i'm confused by maternity clothes. i'm a uk size 6 so i buy uk size 6 maternity clothes or just whatever fits??
Avatar f tn It's mostly from bloating but still so annoying! This is my 2nd pregnancy, I didn't have to wear maternity clothes with my first til I was 3 months along.
Avatar f tn Has anyone bought maternity clothes yet? Or do your regular clothes fit still? Well my clothes dont fit, at least not for a preggo person, im tired of wearing the same 3 joggers and shirts thats fitting snug on me lol. I can not button up any of my pants:( I think i will invest in 2 maternity shirts and pants and buy mayb 2 more joggers.
461781 tn?1285613081 I have not wanted to start buying meternity clothes because I still don't have much of a belly (its there and definitely growing) and my butt is relatively the same size than it was before (maybe a liiitle bit bigger). Should I start shoping for maternity clothes? I'm affraid that if I buy something now that it wont fit me in 6 weeks. If I buy something, what kind of pants do you recomend, the kind that cover your whole belly, the mid belly ones or the ones that are below the belly.
Avatar f tn Is it too early for maternity clothes? Is there something else I can do besides wear sweats all the time?
Avatar n tn Those are good to wear thru out your whole pregnancy. I never bought maternity clothes. Just longer shirts. Which happen to be what's in style right now. So you can find those literally anywhere! If you want maternity clothes, because they really are pretty comfortable, I'd suggest getting them when you start to show. Because you never know how much weight you'll gain yet. I've also been able to continue wearing my regular non-maternity jeans still.
4456827 tn?1363381847 But if you have to buy new clothes I suggest going to a used clothes store, so you're not spending tons of money on clothes you're not gonna wear after pregnancy.
Avatar n tn I started wearing stretchy clothes at about 16 weeks and by 20 weeks I was wearing maternity clothes. You are very early and sleeping on your stomach should be okay. Your baby is very tiny and very well-protected. As your belly grows, you will probably naturally start trying to sleep on your side. I have never slept on my side until I became pregnant and now it is very comfortable. Good luck during your pregnancy!
Avatar f tn I'm lucky I saved all the clothes I bought during my 1st pregnancy, as I'm wearing the same maternity clothes for this pregnancy, plus a few new items. A few suggestions to buy...the wide elastic waist bands, they will let you get extended wear from your regular fitting shirts and tops. You can purchase at Motherhood Maternity and I think Target. Also, get comfortable bras, your breasts will likely grow up to two cup sizes throughout your pregnancy.
1454858 tn?1306787978 with my daughter, my clothes got tight and I started looking for maternity jeans. I found that maternity jeans were huge (i was a really small person at the time). I remember thinking... these pants will NEVER fit me. low & behold... I gew a few sizes past them. (my hips spread a lot too) This time my weight is a bit bigger & I have some belly flab to begin with (dang lil debbies) I started at 125 & I'm about 5' 3". My waistband feels tight at 7 weeks.
8761100 tn?1399729425 This is my 1st pregnancy n I don't mind wearing my maternity clothes. there r cute stuff. I got all my clothes from old navy n I never shopped there b4 my pregnancy but I love them!
2129801 tn?1337704093 I am 14&4 just hit maternity clothes I'm showing a little bit but the clothes ate so comfy! I love it...you won't look dumb just match it right and you should be fine.i just teeth jeans until they started to hurt but it depends on you.
Avatar f tn I'm now 16.5 weeks along, and am thinking I should perhaps get some maternity clothes. I still fit into almost all of my regular pants (this is my first pregnancy, as you can probably figure out from the question), but they are getting tight around the waist in the evenings...(my belly swells up a lot during the day) I just tried on a couple pairs of maternity jeans, though, and there's no way I can wear them yet - they'd never stay up!
Avatar f tn Im 12 weeks and struggling to get into my clothes so will be buying new ones in the next couple of weeks. You can get early maternity clothes or you can get nice trousers and skirts with stretch waistbands. Everyone grows at different rates. It is all about being comfortable so if you need them, go and buy them.
492921 tn?1321293496 It is also good to wear after pregnancy, until you fit into your old jeans.
525485 tn?1314364901 For those of you who arent having their first child, about when did you start wearing maternity clothes??? Any advice would be great. I dont want to start wearing any yet..unless I absolutely have to...Im only creeping into my 10th week..
1900462 tn?1352778902 I am almost 37 weeks and can still fit in my regular clothes, but the maternity clothes are much more comfy. The only thing about the maternity jeans I got, they are size small and they still don't fit.