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Avatar n tn may it be the cause of a very early pregnancy or the soft tissues in her uterus from the operation which tore and bleeded? She was a virgin and i thought it was losing her virginity but it kept bleeding a few days now non stop. the bleeding is heavy sometimes but mostly it bleeds only a few drops. please post back with an accurate answer, both me and my girlfriend are hoping for the right answer to this situation.
Avatar f tn Is it normal to feel cramps and discomfort in your lower abdomen in early pregnancy? I'm about 3 or 4 weeks.
Avatar n tn Hi well I just missed my period! And I waS wondering...IN early pregnancy do you have a lot of headaches, feel really tired and lazy, and crave random food. Because lately I have been like that. I am just craving so many foods at once and I feel like I can eat them all right now. A few days ago I had the brown discharge. well please let me know. I'd appreciate it!
Avatar n tn that my previous ultrasound showed results of 6w2d he said that these results did not look good. I am to go for another u/s at the end of this week. I have had one miscarriage and a chemical pregnancy already so of course we are very nervous. Any thoughts? Does an embryo shrink in size when a m/c is pending? Thank you for your input. This site has been very helpful to me.
895064 tn?1241545024 Hello everyone..... I took a pregnancy test this morning ( A Early Response ) and there was a very faint line in the results window. Has anyone else used this test???? Does the faint line mean that I tested positive???? Any answers would be helpful. Thanks and have a great day!!!!
Avatar f tn symptoms don't mean much tho my pregnancy has been symptom free...
Avatar f tn I found out I was pregnant June 3rd from an at home pregnancy test. On June 6th I went in to the doctors so they could confirm my pregnancy and get me started on vitamins. When I went for my visit she felt inside and said she thought I was 6 weeks along so she scheduled for me to come back in two weeks 6/21/11 (today) to do an ultrasound. When I went into day she did just that... But didn't see anything.
Avatar n tn i do not know how lupron affects your cycle, but i do know that cramping in early pregnancy is very normal. i also understand that if it hurts real bad you should go to the er to rule out an ectopic pregnancy. good luck and i said a prayer for you...God Bless!
374593 tn?1257883550 ) and i've had some mild cramping, on and off.. i hear this can be normal in early pregnancy, how many of you had this? i have it worse when i lay down at night.. like very very mild AF like cramps... just curious if this is more of a sign of a MC or if this is normal.. no bleeding or anything like that! thank you for any advice!
1298207 tn?1331681131 I think you should test again just to make sure if you are pregnant or not. If you are - My doctor told me that spotting during early pregnancy is very normal but it seems that you are having more issues than just the spotting. For your peace of mind, you should go to the doctor and have checked.
Avatar f tn ) Increase in CM is normal in early pregnancy. Totally possible if you had unprotected sex, but all of this can also mean your period's about to start. Never had butterflies that early myself, but definitely had the killer boobs and extra goo with every suspected pregnancy. My breasts were noticeably bigger within a week! Light bleeding/spotting that seems different from your period over the next couple days is a potential tipoff that something might be up.
Avatar f tn More often your negative results are going to be the false or inaccurate tests. I haven't heard of a positive especially 3 positives all be false. Good luck! My son is 2 and we are working on potty training and just found out we are expecting too! Hopefully only 1 in diapers at a time.