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Avatar n tn heath called and said my progesterone from bloodwork yesterday looked good and was in line with that of early pregnancy. will go back weds for beta check. also had some cramping in afternoon.
1581788 tn?1340229715 Positive YAY HCG 42
882810 tn?1255374562 More bloods today and we were thrilled to get the news that the hormone levels are at 4810, which is more than doubled in 48 hrs. Booked in for another scan on 11th May and as long as thats okay then we'll be signed off from the early pregnancy unit. Heres hoping we get a heartbeat then!
Avatar f tn Positive pregnancy test 3 days before missed period
Avatar n tn to check for pregnancy...
Avatar n tn Got a call from Dr. today. Negative pregnancy test, slightly high thyroid number. Dr. said would check again at yearly ( 08/09) Bought ovulation kit today, hopefully will help in the upcoming months.
Avatar n tn negative pregnancy test results. test taken at 10p/et.
389774 tn?1306441672 well the results from my blood test were finally received. my numbers were 6122. whoo hoo. and the doctor thought they would be around 1000-1500. so i wonder... is that high for 6 weeks? or is that about average.
Avatar f tn (((((( Rol woke me up early b4 he went to work.
1434731 tn?1382722384 Headache for the last 4 days....dull but there Boobs sore light to moderate now Crampy here and there...
Avatar n tn may it be the cause of a very early pregnancy or the soft tissues in her uterus from the operation which tore and bleeded? She was a virgin and i thought it was losing her virginity but it kept bleeding a few days now non stop. the bleeding is heavy sometimes but mostly it bleeds only a few drops. please post back with an accurate answer, both me and my girlfriend are hoping for the right answer to this situation.
Avatar n tn Got the results of Progesterone test....41.
1361569 tn?1434830341 Nausea woke me at 5AM this morning and I thought, "yes, finally a pregnancy sign that is familiar to me." I am 9dp3dfet. What a great time to poas! Pulled out the HPT and got a BFN... Keeping my hopes up. When I was pregnant this summer I had a BFN the morning of my Beta so hopefully I will be surprised on Tues when they do the Beta for this pregnancy attempt.
280369 tn?1316702041 The number was 80! yay! Last pregnancy it was 100. Good to know I don't have any issues in that area.
927829 tn?1297268639 My beta level was 10 today with nothing visible on the ultrasound. Definitely a chemical pregnancy. :-( I have another blood test on friday to see if it's all gone so I can start another round of follistim injections. Oh well, if it wasn't meant to be, at least I lost it really early this time. I was really hoping the third time would be it, though!
525485 tn?1314361301 I have to call the office Monday morning and set up a third beta for early next week, and an u/s for late next week to confirm the pregnancy and see if things are professing where they need to be!!!! So happy the levels came back okay!!
1698125 tn?1308427080 starting extra iron pills for the duration of the pregnancy (and probably breastfeeding too).
1703313 tn?1322578595 Doctor's appointment today. Pelvic exam plus blood work for progesterone and tsh. Will find out results next week. Doctor said to wait 1 week after missed period to check for pregnancy as it's too early to tell at this point.
Avatar f tn Is it normal to feel cramps and discomfort in your lower abdomen in early pregnancy? I'm about 3 or 4 weeks.
1422187 tn?1327454478 results tomorrow
1255151 tn?1413891826 I had my nurse appt today and she gave me the results from yesterdays bloodwork showing my HCG level being 1022. Does this seem high for this early in pregnancy?? I was expecting something maybe a little closer to 500... Anyways I am having my blood drawn again tomorrow morning and will get the results back on Friday morning. I asked her if my numbers seemed ok and she said yes they were. She said they definitely indicate early pregnancy.
Avatar n tn that my previous ultrasound showed results of 6w2d he said that these results did not look good. I am to go for another u/s at the end of this week. I have had one miscarriage and a chemical pregnancy already so of course we are very nervous. Any thoughts? Does an embryo shrink in size when a m/c is pending? Thank you for your input. This site has been very helpful to me.
947345 tn?1245808051 Early pregnancy ultrasound indicated foetus of 8 weeks nad 5 days (rather than 8 weeks and 1 day) and a good strong heartbeat.