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Avatar f tn Tell them you aren't sure when your last period was and ask them to tell you the estimated due date of the baby, based on the embryo's measurements and developmental markers. You're still early enough in the pregnancy for an ultrasound to be helpful in dating conception, but this won't be true for long. When they give you an estimated due date, go home and plug it into an online conception calculator or just count back from it on a calendar 266 days.
Avatar n tn I had unprotected sex on July 20th. just 4 days after bleeding stopped. I always have light periods that last about 3 days. By calendar my due date should be April 18th. however, two ultrasounds one at 6 weeks and one at 12 weeks say due date is April 8th. I did have sex at other times in the month with another partner who is suppose to be sterile. What are the chances of me getting pregnant on July 20th. of my cycle compared to the other times with the other man?
Avatar f tn However, if she was just given a due date from the calendar or a little wheel by the doctor instead of getting an ultrasound, or if she got an ultrasound but it was not very early in pregnancy, or if she doesn't know the difference between gestational age and conception age, this can be wrong. When were the dates you had sex with her? What is the problem you are trying to figure out?
655053 tn?1256561404 I feel tired today 10/18/08, but I feel tired all the time. I'm not trying to get pregnant but want to be pregnant. I did a pregnancy test yesterday it was negative but others told me its to early. When should I test again and am I pregnant?
Avatar f tn You count back 38, the first two weeks of pregnancy is before conception...just remember that sperm can live inside us 5-7 days so whatever date you figure out, it's still better if you get that DNA test because you could still be wrong. Hope this website helps a little...I love it, just replace my due date with yours:
916412 tn?1361204986 i was just wondering if anyone has used the Chinese Pregnancy Calendar and had true results cuz mine says a boy and thay say thay are like 96 % right lol just wondering thanks
341551 tn?1266984330 I've found some that tell you 3 5/7 weeks or ones that just say, you're in your 3rd week of Pregnancy but I'm looking for one that will say 3 weeks and 7 days or 7 weeks and 2 days..etc etc. Does anyone know of a site that does that? Thanks!
Avatar f tn mine was right.. it said boy and i found out yeaterday that its a boy..
Avatar m tn count, as people just don't understand those because they start two weeks before the baby is conceived and it confuses the hell out of women), take the estimated due date home and put it into a conception calculator online or just count back 266 days on a calendar, and that will be your estimated conception date. It should show that you conceive after your period in March.
6295353 tn?1395245095 I tried one off google and it went off my due date because i don't know my conception date and it said i was having a girl.. which one did you use?
Avatar f tn I have a question. When I do a pregnancy calculator, it says that my date of conception was Weds July 22, but I didn't have sex that day? How can that be? I had sex on Monday and Tuesday the 20th and 21 and on Thursday the 23 so when is my date of conception? I'm so confused.
Avatar m tn But if you just got the due date from a calendar, or from ultrasounds later in the pregnancy, then there is no way to know which event produced the baby. If it is question of paternity, a DNA test will show what you need to know.
Avatar m tn Is there any possibility this pregnancy can be ex boyfriends, given there were about 9 days before ovulation? And my period had literally JUST ended?? Thanks guys!!!
Avatar f tn I'm really confused on when I got pregnant my due date is May 27th and my dr and ultra sound tech said I got pegnant the first week of September but when I looked on the calander myself it said I got pregnant around August 20th so why am I getting two diff conception dates I would think my dr and ultrasound tech know what they are talking about but it just confused me as to why I got a diff date then them so I was wandering if anyone else is due around the same time as me and when you conceived
Avatar f tn Hello. I wanted to know how off can an ultrasound be to calculate conception. I took a u/s 9/15/2017 & I was 10 weeks and 6 days. Then one on 9/22/2017 that’s dates 11 weeks and 6 days of course. To figure all possible dates of conception how do i count back? I am unsure when my last cycle was but I went to the hospital and the drs did and ultrasound to determine how many weeks I was and when my due date would be.
Avatar m tn At what point in pregnancy did you get your due date, and how was it determined? If it was by an early ultrasound (within your first trimester), the dates given by Dominique will be reliable. If it was just computed on a calendar from the first day of your last period, they might not be as reliable.
Avatar f tn And on April 4, they told you that your due date was September 29? The conception calculator I use gives the possible conception range of January 3 through 10, not anything about January 18. If that early ultrasound said September 29 for the EDD, it just doesn't sound like your ex boyfriend on the 18th could be the dad.
Avatar f tn Hi, Janjan, You do know that pregnancy is dated from the first day of your last period, right? Doctors count from the first day of your last period, or from the presumed first day of your last period if they have an ultrasound in hand that places the baby at a certain date. When a woman tells her neighbor, "I'm 11 weeks pregnant!" she is likely also using that counting system, because she gets that count from her doctor.
Avatar f tn Hello, With any unprotected intercourse there are chances of pregnancy. The chances of conception if you have sex in the week following menses are very less but it does carry a small chance of pregnancy. A sperm can live for up to 5 days in the uterus and that is why a woman can get pregnant if they ovulate within 5 days after intercourse. It is advisable to wait for your periods. If you miss your periods take up pregnancy test. That will help in determining whether you are pregnant or not.
Avatar f tn I had taken two. One said for my "pregnancy age" which is a year older, said I was having a girl. I took another one on another website that guessed for my current age and it was a boy.. I got my baby boy :) so it's hard to believe those.
358455 tn?1277437219 I did it on both possible conception dates since my babies were conceived 2 days appt and according to it I should have been having 2 boys but I'm having a girl and a boy....don't get the intelligender test either it said 2 girls and that was wrong to....
1432741 tn?1300202363 INTRODUCTION This week your baby is undergoing some extraordinary changes and developments. The head, heart, spinal cord, and some of the larger blood vessels begin to form. As these blood vessels form, the heart begins to pump fluid through them, and your baby's first red blood cells are created. Your baby is about 7 - 9 mm or 0.27 - 0.35 inches in length, (approximately the size of a grain of rice), and weighs about 1/30 of an ounce - less than a breath mint.
Avatar f tn How early in the pregnancy were you given the due date? Was it from an ultrasound or a little wheel or a calendar?
Avatar m tn I did a conception calculator and it put me around the same date, I had another nurse do a conception calendar and it put me on dec 30. I then had a second ultrasound and she was said I was under five weeks. Both u/s techs said if I had conceived on Dec 15, they would be seeing much more on these ultrasounds. How reliable is this? Who is the father? This is dire as a detail in my decision.
Avatar f tn Please help!! I am so confused with my conception dates. I had been having irregular periods since November 2009. 1st menstral period occurred Nov 28 and lasted approx 7 days. Next mp was December 14th (7days); Another mp occurred on Jan 2, 2010 (7days) followed by the lmp which occurred on Jan 26. I had sexual intercourse on Jan 31 and Feb 12-15. Dr. says I am approx. 9wks pregnant, but ovulation calculator states ovulation dates were Feb 6-10 with ovulation occuring on Feb 9th.
Avatar f tn I found out I was pregnant on November 22nd, 2013 after my second pregnancy test, my first one I took 2 days prior on the 19th and it was negative. My last period was on October 23rd, 2013 and lasted for about 4-5 days. I had sex on November 1st, 5th, and on the 9th.
Avatar f tn You will be able to plug the estimated due date that was given to you by your doctor from the ultrasound into a conception calculator, or just count back 266 days from it using a calendar, and it will give you an estimate of when you concieved that is much better than a pee test that merely takes your hCG number and matches it to some averages and spits out a number of weeks.
Avatar f tn Was it from an ultrasound, and if so, how early in the pregnancy was it? If the due date came just from the calendar or a little wheel, or if it was given to you later in the pregnancy, there is a margin for error on the calculation of estimated conception date.
Avatar f tn The way doctors count pregnancy, a month pregnant means about two weeks since conception. If the ultrasound tech or doctor said you were x weeks x days "pregnant", that count begins on the first day of the last period you had before getting pregnant. The count is done this way because the period is a big, obvious signal, not because the doctor thinks you are pregnant when you are on day 1 of bleeding. (He knows you weren't pregnant then, you were having a period!
Avatar f tn How did you get your due date? Was it from a calculator or calendar, or did you get an ultrasound? If so, how early in the pregnancy was it?