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341551 tn?1266980730 Does anyone know of a Site where you can plug in your LMP and it tells you exactly how many weeks and days Pregnant you are? I've found some that tell you 3 5/7 weeks or ones that just say, you're in your 3rd week of Pregnancy but I'm looking for one that will say 3 weeks and 7 days or 7 weeks and 2 days..etc etc. Does anyone know of a site that does that? Thanks!
Avatar f tn I have a problem that has been worrying me about my pregnancy. I was single at the time of conception and had intercourse with man A on January 31st. I have written on my period calendar that I had my period feb 6th however I still for some reason question if I had it just because I'm being a worry wart. On February 28th a month later I had sex with man B. About six weeks later I took a pregnancy test and it was positive.
Avatar f tn Ok guys lmao I knew I wasn't crazy! I just counted the calendar dates on my phone & got aug 12th but on this free calendar I have, which is the one I got july 29th on, is wrong.
Avatar f tn I'm 35+4 pregnant. Due August 25. I thought your pregnancy goes by your LMP & cycle. Okay my LMP was November 15, 2012 my cycle is 34 days. I had sex with my ex November 26 & 28. Then had sex December 3rd with my boyfriend. I know this sounds confusing but who would be the father? Both men know about the situation & are happy. But its urking me.
Avatar m tn he did a crown to rump measurement of the fetus that day. Before I even went to get an ultrasound, I went to a health clinic to have a pregnancy test and by my LMP, they told me I should've been almost 11 weeks when I got my ultrasound done. my due date was changed from January 18, 2014 to February 1, 2014. I am pretty I gave them the right LMP, or at least really close to being correct. I do have some long cycles but I never really kept up on them. how do I know who the father is?
12981378 tn?1440334797 That's what I thought that at 22 weeks it the 1st week of the 6 months but some ppl are telling me I'm 5. The calendar on line says I'm 6.
Avatar n tn last week Wednesday, and he told me that I was 8 weeks, but according to every pregnancy calendar I look at including this one its says i'm 11 weeks, so how would I be able to keep track? Question 2: I want to start buying maternity clothes but I'm not sure what size I should buy, I usually wear a size 14-16 so what size would I wear in maternity clothes?
Avatar f tn A pregnancy is counted starting at your LMP date and is about 9.5 calendar months. My lmp was November 17 so Dec 17 was 1 month etc so April 17 will be 5 months and I will be almost 22 weeks at that time. Feel free to count it however you want.
218701 tn?1248226255 I was trying to figure out what the Chinese Lunar Calendar predicted for my child's gender but I can't seem to figure out when I conceived. I will be having an U/S next week but would like to be able to see for myself how accurate these things really are. Help me if you can. My LMP was 8/8/08. Tested 9/25/08 got a faint positive, retested 9/26/08 got a BFP. Had my first dr's appt 10/13 and according to u/s was 6 wks 6 days at that time. This is where I get confused.
Avatar f tn Where can I get the chinese calendar from?
Avatar f tn At my last ultrasound I measured 3 days ahead, my des is feb 9. My lmp was May 4 and the previous one was April 16, I've always had irregular periods. I had two negative pregnancy tests may 13 & may 19 then tested positive may 28. I am so confused now as to when I got pregnant. April or may? The tech said the babies measure w my lmp but I don't understand how they measure ahead. I'm having twins.
Avatar f tn It's always tricky and a best guess, right? First, congrats on the pregnancy! That's really exciting and I hope you update us with how you are doing. I looked at a calendar and to me, it looks like the date you give in Oct. wasn't implantation but your period. That's a guess. What does your doctor say?
Avatar f tn By your dates and that you are 9 weeks, (using a calendar and going by you being 9 weeks today) your LMP was probably around the 21st of January (since you are not quite sure) which would have put conception roughly two weeks after that, around the 4th of February. Pregnancies are not dated by conception; they usually add two weeks to that. Early ultrasounds are accurate within 3 days.
Avatar f tn A full pregnancy is 40 weeks. IF there was 4 weeks in a month then it would be 10 months but because there isn't it is 9 months. But 40 weeks from your first missed period is your due date.
Avatar f tn Ok my lmp was 11/18/12 I have a perfect 28 day cycle. According to an ovulation calendar I was most fertile on days 28~1, ovulating on days 2&3. Had unprotected sex on 28, 1, 2, & 4. Now experiencing sore breast, lower back pain, cramps, hot flashes, and mood swings. Due to start on 12/16/12. I don't know if this is all in my head but could I be pregnant? I know its too early to test. Just concerned.any responses would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn My lmp was March 26th , did any of the sex I had during the month of March get me pregnant or was it the sex in April?
1943295 tn?1388239324 Thanks ladies....the Chinese calendar is a web page...just goggle Chinese baby calendar and put all your info in on it! It will ask you for your birth date and lmp!
5094917 tn?1366986485 I was just going through my room and found my old calendar where I was keeping track of my period and I just noticed that I gave my doctor the wrong LMP,and this calendar is always exact. my baby has always been measuring behind but if I give them the correct date it would mean she is growing far behind. I kept telling my doctor that my conception date does add up because I know the day it happened. What should I do tell her or just let it go?
Avatar f tn Has anyone had their due date changed/modified, early on, based upon ultrasound measurements even when you had exact dates for LMP? Based on the calendar, at my last appt I would have been 9.6 weeks...however, the u/s indicated 10.2. I have not seen the Dr yet but wondered if they would move the due date up a few days...
Avatar m tn my LMP first day was 3rd march...i hav a 28 day cycle...on day 10 an day 14 (wednesday)i had unprotected sex, with my boyfriend..i did not take amy birth control, on the two times.On day 16(friday) i had sex, with my ex but the condom ,broke....this was on friday at around 4 pm but i took birth control, on am pregnant, and i dont know who might be the father...
Avatar n tn We get confuse about thinking its more than 9 month but remember sometimes we give an estimate about when was are LMP in which they go based on that and 40 weeks makes it to be 10months if u go by every 4 weeks is a month it sums up to 10 months and if u look at a calendar the calendar doesn't mark the four weeks in a month it always have about 3 days extra than the 4 weeks so adding does 3 days extra makes it to be a month its a little confusing but I hope u get it ...
Avatar f tn I made a mistake in january while me and my boyfriend were broken up and went to a party got drunk and slept with a good friend of mine I got my period the day after and during my period got back into a relationship with my boyfriend and we started to have sex as soon as my period was over I had sex with the friend in the middleish of January and then got pregnant in febuary at least thats what the ovulation calendar says so is it the friends baby or my boyfriends ovulation calendar is saying w
Avatar f tn Please help me. I took a pregnancy test this morning and it shows positive. My last lmp is 15 february, my cycle is 28-29 days. I had PROTECTED sex with boyfriend no.1 on 25 february. He used a condom and changed it before ejaculation because there were precum. He wiped his penis carefully then put another condom. Before ejaculation, he pulled it out and checked it, and wasnt broken. I then had sex with boyfriend no.