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Avatar n tn I am going through the said thing here If Im not Prego what is rong with me? I try to tell myself im not but cant shake the feelings or nausa I have been bloted for weeks I have taken 7 hpts and a blood test all negitive. Im glad others are going through the same things I keep thinking well if i have all the symtoms i have to be pregnant. But if the hormons are not there how do i have all the symtoms?
162948 tn?1205256292 i had an IUD put in may of 04 and i had it taken out in the begining of october and i still have not had a period? i want to get pregnant but i am afraid that the IUD messed my body up. am i just impatient? can i still get pregnant even with not having a period??
961574 tn?1520651703 I know many of us (me included) are afraid to put ourselves out there this early, afraid that something might go wrong, but I have known so many of you for you long, that I just couldn't wait any longer to start sharing experiences with you. I have never been this far along in a pregnancy, and am so sure I am going to have tons of questions. I am expecting twins, and am still in shock!