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3109932 tn?1347071540 I have my belly button pierced and my sister brought me a pregnancy belly button ring when I put in it be okay but after a few hours it will start to hurt idk if the baby is pushing up on it or idk what should i do?
Avatar f tn and do want to keep it.. I know there's maternity belly button rings available.. does anyone have a preference of where to order from??
8182713 tn?1419268966 I would say it's probably best to remove it. I took mine out because the skin around it was stretching. They do make pregnancy jewelry that is bigger, but I just decided to take mine out all together.
Avatar f tn actually there's pregnancy belly button rings thou can't get.
Avatar f tn I got a pregnancy belly ring with my daughter I took it out before delivery. Im 28 weeks with second and took mine out this time.
9240076 tn?1408495532 I'm currently 33 weeks pregnant and didn't switch over to a pregnancy belly button ring until I really started to show. My belly button also sticks out horribly and i have had no issues. It also depends on how your belly button healed too.
344397 tn?1235580828 my best friend was advised by her doctor to seek out a "pregnancy safe" belly button ring. she got it from the local peircing place. it's a very tiny hoop just to keep the hole. if you ask your local peircer about it, he would probably be able to recommend something to you. how long has yours been peirced? i've had mine in for 12 years and go several months at a time with nothing in it and i can always get the ring back in.
1395422 tn?1308019851 I know that you can buy pregnancy belly button rings or use clean fishing line to keep it open. But I've heard bad things about keeping your piercing as far as the hole stretching out really big or getting a nasty stretch mark there. Can anyone tell me about their experience with this?
Avatar f tn does anyone, have one of those flexible pregnancy belly button rings ? if soo how good do they work .. ? cause im planning on getting one. cause i don't wana take mine out and have to re-do it cause im jus not about that. lol especially when ive had mine for 7 - 8 years. i don't want tha hole closing. anyone give me some information on it ? hehe thank you !
Avatar f tn I also had my belly button pierced when I became pregnant. I wore it all the through my pregnancy. I never took it and had no problems.The while did not stretch all.
Avatar n tn What are your thoughts on belly button rings? When is it time to take it out or can I leave it in full term? I've heard mixed thoughts.
Avatar n tn I think you can buy actual pregnancy belly button rings online so you don't have to take it out if you don't want to.
Avatar f tn You will know when to take it out when your belly starts to grow it will hurt. Then you can switch to to long plastic belly rings until you give birth.
Avatar f tn Ive used, and currently am using, the pregnancy belly button ring and it worked well for me. I got a light tiny stretch mark above the hole but i think thats a given if you take it out or leave it in.
Avatar f tn Im 25 weeks and am about to take mine out tried the pregnancy ones and didn't like it but ive had mine done for 10+ yrs so it didn't close up with my first son
Avatar f tn I got one of the pregnancy rings and put it in and everything but my belly button is red and sore and the bottom has little puss that will come out if squeezed. I think it is a little infected. It doesn't look bad but I'm using antibacterial soap and salt water any other suggestions? Anyone elser have this happen??? Should I worry???
Avatar f tn U had the pregnancy ones. You get them on but my belly button still stretched and I still had to take it out.
6838565 tn?1402385458 Im 18×6 and I havent taken of my belly button piercing .. I know my aunt never did . But iv heard alot of people take them of . Why do people take them of ??
Avatar f tn You may be able to keep it in if your belly button doesnt pop out. Ive had mine for 4 years now but my belly button has started to pop out now and it began to rip so i had to take it out but its still not closed and ive had it out for like a month and a half now. You shouldbe.
Avatar f tn I'm curious to see when you ladies started taking our your belly button rings. I'm 16 weeks currently and keep an eye on it for any changes. I know some people do it early, and some wait towards the end. Any success stories about the piercing staying open? Thank you in advance!
Avatar f tn I'm only 24 weeks but I anticipate i will have it in for quite a while. My belly button isn't going anywhere. I see no harm in it. They even make belly rings special for pregnancy.
Avatar f tn / I've had my piercing for yrs so hopefully the hole won't close but if it does its nothing to just repierce it.
Avatar f tn Yeah take out your belly button ring.... since you belly is coming out the body is rejecting the piercing. ..
Avatar f tn You want to do it before your belly button pops out.