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Avatar f tn Accidently had pneumonia vaccine two years in a row. Will this cause any problems?
Avatar n tn Would carinii pneumonia present itself with just a minor cough and congestion and no fever, no rash or other symptoms. In other words is this type of pneumonia something that is more severe? I have not had an exposure to someone with HIV, but I have allowed myself to receive oral sex on occasion from guys that I did not know their HIV status.
1100598 tn?1413131026 Ever since then, I have had chest pain, shortness of breath, fainting spells, weakness, back pain, a worseneing cough, low grade fever, chills, rash on my belly or chest, and nausea. The swollen lymph nodes have also returned. My doctor says I have bronchitis/walking pneumonia and put me on doxycycline on tuesday, but I am not feeling any better. I only have one day of antibiotics left.
175861 tn?1428186013 After 5 days, developed an allergic reaction to one or both of these antibiotics with rash that spread to all my body, including face. First thing I noticed was rash on my stomach, and itchy hands. I would think you should be very careful if other than just feeling itchy, you also start to see any red dots at all. I really didn't notice the red dots on my hands, they just itched and fingers, whole hand started to swell.
Avatar m tn After a month of different type of antibiotics for pnuemonia, I finally got the right one (Levaquin) which cleared my lungs and got permission to begin exercising (slowly) last Monday. Has anyone experienced recovery from pneumonia and what I can expect during the recovery period? I have an anxiety problem and I can't tell if my current symptoms of fatigue, dizziness, weakness are normal recovery symptoms or are they a product of my anxiety?
Avatar n tn What part of you didn't have a risk is it that you aren't understanding? We're done here.....
Avatar n tn I just wanted to update this...spoke to my docs office this morning, they forgot to call but she had put a note in my chart about it. She said following pneumonia this is normal and can occur for several weeks after. As long as I am not having any worsening symptoms and am showing improvement, even if it is slow, that this is normal. If I have a fever or any change or worsening in symptoms I should go in to see her immediately. So I am relieved.
Avatar m tn Can same please let me know if this may be a common side effect called , Viral irritation after a virus has run its course , We all stated out with the Same symptoms a dry cough , which gradually progressed to either H1N1 , or Possible walking Pneumonia , a few Friends and family had gotten better fairly Quickly after being prescribed azithromycin , I waited over a week before I seen a doctor , and was prescribed 250mg of azithromycin , I started feeling better after day 3 , Day 3 ,I woke up in
Avatar f tn I had been sick with a high fever and coughing for about a week and one night developed a rash that covered my entire body so I went to the ER. There they said that it was hives and they also took a chest xray because I was coughing uncontrollably. The xray came back and I was diagnosed with pneumonia. I was given an antibiotic (7 days) and prednizone (5 days) and benedryl as needed (which I took every night for about 4 nights when the hives started to flare up.
Avatar n tn after about another 3 weeks of seeing a different doctor each week and they all said the same thing she fianlly broke out with blisters on her lips and a rash all over her face and neck. we took her again to the ER comes to find out she has pneumonia. but this time she is NOT hospitalized. too many xrays to count later, we get a call from her daycare saying she's holding her chest, rapid breathing, with a fever of 102.6. We take her to the ER, again they say it's pneumonia.
1100598 tn?1413131026 Until recently my asthma attacks only consisted of coughing and a some S.O.B. Last fall I had Walking Pneumonia after an upper resp. infection. Last month I had a cold that ended up turning into pneumonia, which was treated with Levaquin. I started having Asthma attacks with this, which I thought was from being allergic to the Levaquin, but it has been over two weeks since I have been off the antibiotic and I am still having the Asthma attacks.
Avatar m tn and im not exaggerating these things they scar the living life outta me that im getting them. anyway im really only worried about the rash and pneumonia. are these legit? like i said im not sure if i was ever in her without the condom, but i dont think so... and for oral sex i read everywhere its almost impossible. any help would be much apprecited.
Avatar n tn If this sickness and the rash were ARS related, wouldn't they happen at the same time? The rash started a week after the fever subsided. Can anyone help with helpful information??
Avatar n tn Hi, About a month ago I had pneumonia and with that I had a rash. That would appear in the form of hives at night. I went to the doctor and was given medication for the pneumonia and the hives stopped as well. Now at night while I am sleeping a red rash that also appeared at times with my hives is starting to appear on my knees. When I get up and have been up for about 30-40 minutes the rash disappears, then it will come back again the next night.
Avatar f tn After having a severe case of pneumonia I started experiencing an extreme itching all over my body, throat closing up, eyes filming over, and breathing problems. It comes in "fits" sometimes lasts all day sometimes a few hours. Eight doctors later no relief or diagnosis either. It is internal nose, ears, mouth, as well as all over my skin. There is no rash of any kind except for an occasional small red spot on my chin and a slight flush to my face.
Avatar f tn He was on budecort steriod (100 mg) for a period of 1 year. in march 2006. he develpoed high fever with a red rash on his arm. within 3 days red rash appeared all over and he had to be ventilated for 10 days. It was MYCOPLASMA PNEUMONIA. He came out of this and was home by Aril end 2006. TA repeat X ray in may 2006 showed a patch.After this from August 2006 almost every month he has to take cough expectorant with salbutamol due to dry cough.
Avatar n tn Ignore the topic please. Anyway, this started happening after I got pneumonia a few months back. Now, whenever I get hot, or stressed out, or its hot outside or something I get a red rash on my chest and my back. Its not raised at all, and its not just one giant rash it its different sections and stuff. What is this?
Avatar n tn About 2 days after they were no longer in my system I developed a rash. It looks like a heat rash, although it doesn't itch. It is on my legs, arms, and back and has lasted 5 days. I feel fine and the rash does not bother me, but I wanted to see if it is something I should be concerned about since I was recently on antibiotics and Predinsone. Any Thoughts?
Avatar n tn the rash you described sounds like the lupus rash. Have you been tested for it? good luck.
Avatar n tn Mainly the reason I am worried is because I have this rash that will not go away, i've been on prednisone for 15 days and while it did reduce it alot it came back after i went off the prednisone. Anyways any info would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn Hello, Causes of red,itchy anal rash include moisture(due to sweating or frequent washing), the abrasion caused by clothing,the pressure of sitting,chemical irritants like laundry soaps, colognes and scented toilet paper,certain food irritants,medicines like some antibiotics and laxatives,infections like STD’s and pinworms,anal abrasions and fissures and skin problems such as psoriasis, seborrhea and eczema. Sometimes hemorrhoids will start off as red rash and anal itching.
405370 tn?1332209710 So Amiah has quite the rash on her neck. She's going to the DR. next week, but I'm wondering if other babies have this. It doesn't bother her, but it sure looks like an allergic reaction. We've been putting Aquaphor on it...Any suggestions? Thanks!
250084 tn?1303311035 I notice a LOT 'missing' here' ?? In ER Monday. Attending Dr. did cat scan, found pneumonia, feel's immune system not so good yet (as I figured) , also may have stomach virus (more vomiting than on any of tx) wanted me back today but didn't want to do the ER thing again :( If not better, keeping me there :( :( The compromised immune is why I am more concerned with this, 2nd time I've had in 2 years. May go to Shands tomorrow, than their all off to Italy for study seminar.
Avatar n tn My Doctor prescribed a Zithromax antibiotic pack and instantly I reacted with near anaphalctic shock. I returned to the doctor with a full body rash of spots all over; in my eyes, on my face & in my mouth. They didn't itch & were not painful. My internist told me I had an allergic reaction to the Zithromax. I was diagnosed with bronchial pneumonia and recovered. 2 weeks later I shave my arms, and torso area, and developed a horrible infection on both forearms elbow to hand.
Avatar n tn Is it possible to be diagnosed with shingles without having an external rash? The pain is on my left side only in a band near my waist line. The pain is horrific - even to the touch. All symptoms seem to be consistent with shingles but after 2 weeks of this, there is no rash. Narcotics, vicodin and darvocet have helped some but not completely.
Avatar m tn Hi, Influenza is a viral infection that usually affects mainly the nose, throat, and lungs. The infection usually lasts for about a week, and is characterized by sudden onset of high fever, aching muscles, headache and severe malaise, non-productive cough, sore throat and rhinitis. Some virus present with skin rash such as exanthems. Recovery is within one to two weeks without requiring medical treatment.
Avatar m tn I do not have any yellowing or jaundice symptoms. The rash comes and goes, sometimes with red hives and sometimes just a red rash. I use topical steroids when the itching becomes bad (Elocom, Dermovate or Neriderm). I have also taken Gilex and Ahiston which seem to lessen the symptoms. I drink alcohol, but in moderation. i did an HIAA 5 test and it was negative; just took a blood test for Chromogranin A...awaiting the results. Why do you suggest seeing a GI? What do you think it could be?