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Avatar f tn Some days before I get really ill I will often wake up at night with a cold sweat that is only over my chest and throat area. My night clothes are sometimes soaking and I have to get up ,wash off and put dry clothes on. This can also happen when I am recovering also. I do noy know anyone else with bonchiectasis and my doctor does not know why I doe this. Any answers out there.
Avatar n tn If you are coughing up yellow phlegm you have developed a drug resistant infection and need to go back to your physician immediately.
Avatar n tn How about people with HIV later on, when they experience night sweats is it also due to fever breaking during the night or the sweats occur just by themselves? Is night sweats due to viral infection (HIV) always due to fever breaking during the night at all the stages of infection? Eventhough you previously told that I had no risk due to my oral exposure (cunilingus+receiving fellation from a female friend), I still experience a dampening of my t-shirt from time to time at night.
Avatar n tn 3) If not, how would you describe these symptoms, particularly the night sweats; 4) Do you believe these symptoms (including the night sweats) can be attributable to anxiety over fact that my current girlfriend has recently asked me to get an HIV test before having sex and I have always avoided taking one out of fear over the results. 5) What should I do?!?
Avatar f tn I am 23 year old guy from India, from the past few weeks i have been down with fever + severe headache + body pain + stomach pain + chillls + night sweats I have been experiencing bad chills during night time and the fever also shoots up during the night time, in the day time its less or no fever at all sometimes I had vomiting sensation and i did vomit once badly I went to my family doctor for 3 days and hes not sure what wrong with me, i took medicines for 4 days and a injection too and sti
Avatar n tn I also have a persistent cough ranging from phlegmy to dry. Last year, 2006 in January, my doctor said I had mycoplasma pneumonia and prescribed Biaxcin for a month. The flushing and sweats continued. In September 2007, after blood testing, he said I had mycoplasma pneumonia and this time prescribed Doxycycline Hyclat for a month, 2 x's a day. I am in the 3rd week of taking antibiotics. While the cough has lessened, I still have the low grade fever.
884528 tn?1240762205 Breathlessness, dizziness, night sweats, the need for high concentration oxygen and a productive cough with blood in the mucus are all consistent with the diagnosis of infectious pneumonia. But, this is also consistent with his having had blood clots to his lungs, especially if infected clots. Having an enlarged heart with a rate of 175 beats per minute is also of much concern and heart failure may also be contributing to his lung congestion.
Avatar m tn The intermittent fevers with horrible sweats, I would drench my night clothes and bedding to the point of having to change them. My chest did hurt, especially in the area where the pneumonia was. It was a dull, intermittent ache that got worse with coughing. My appetite plunged and yes, I had nausea as well and at times vomiting, I just wanted to sleep too, didn't want to do a damned thing.
Avatar f tn He is experiencing severe night sweats and daytime sweating through clothing, low grade fever, etc. This has been going on for several weeks. He has had three different kinds of antibiotics (the last to treat possible fungal infection in sinuses) but the problem is getting worse. I wonder about an autoimmune problem. He catches everything. Has had pneumonia and bronchitis several times.
Avatar n tn My son is 5 years old. He has horrible night sweats where sometimes we have to change his pajamas so he isn't sleeping in wet ones. He does this right after he falls asleep. When we go to bed his room smells from the sweat because the door has been closed (we open it when we go to bed). This has happened for at least a year. Also, he has been having frequent fevers, but only lasting a day. He'll start at night with 103ish and stay that way for most of the next day and then he's fine.
Avatar f tn I have been on antibiotics for pneumonia for 5 days and while most my symptoms are gone my right lung still feels heavy. But what is bothering me the most is the onset of night sweats and muscle jerks. Right before I am able to fall asleep I usually have some muscle jerks but for the last two days I haven't been able to sleep because my diaphragm has jerked as soon as I drift off. It will even continue jerking till I wake up according to my husband.
Avatar n tn I havent had any fever with this illness, no weightloss, no night sweats or rashes. I dont even think my lymph nodes are swollen. I have received oral sex from a male of unknown status and attempted protected anal sex on two occasions. I have had bleeding in my rectal area on occasion as well but I don't think I was ever exposed to another man's bodily fluids. Why would someone say I should get tested for NEUOMONIA JIROVECII?
Avatar n tn Yes, Fluid around the heart is NOT good. Also, night sweats are never a good sign. The fact that she's seeing an oncologist is a plus, however. Perhaps he can make headway where you cannot. If she won't go to the doctor/hospital, make sure you have her get her affairs in order, just in case. This means durable power-of-attorney, health care power-of-attorney, and living will. If she doesn't want to go through treatment, that's her choice.
Avatar n tn I dismissed them as heat pimples. Five weeks after the kisses I caught pneumonia with a fever, and night sweats.I took antibiotics for 9 days. It went away. One week after finishing the meds I started feeling really nauseas. i started feeling hot all over my body but not a fever after checking temp. In that same week my node started acting up groin, armpits and neck.Then i started having aches all over my body. They were bad. I don't ever remember having such bad aches before.
Avatar f tn I was feeling better but its still really cold and i was walking outside for a long time, and now i feel like im getting worse again. Its weird because i dont cough anymore but i had night sweats and my lungs feel feverish and warm. They also hurt especially when i touch my back and chest (even around my neck - and a lot). What could this be? I have already scheduled an appointment but i dont wanna be nervous until then. I dont have a cough anymore at all, and i dont have a fever either.
Avatar f tn My father, 87, had pneumonia over a year and a half ago (one of the most common kinds according to blood tests afterwards) and he was declared to be ok within two months (clear x-rays, no congestion, cough or sign in blood tests) Yet he has had trouble recovering his full strength in these last 18 months, and has had a condition that has plagued him, on and off, since then. The condition involves a sensitivity to cold - if he gets in a draft, he starts to overheat from the inside.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with Pneumonia by my Dr after a clinical examination (listening to my chest, tapping on my chest etc) and history (shortness of breath, heavy lung feeling, infection taste when breathing, night sweats, fatigue, lack of appetite, low grade fever (37-38C), headaches, sore throat at beginning etc I didn't have a cough although I felt I needed to cough and this was put down to a side effect of medication (MsContin in HIGH dose) I take to help combat my Chronic pain condition (RSD)
Avatar f tn I was rushed to hospital again and spent six days with chronic chest pain caused by pleural effusion and infection of left lung, in other words pneumonia. I had very heavy night sweats. I had some chest xrays and a CT scan revealing a few litres perhaps of fluid adjcecent to infected lung. I had 500ml drained off for analysis and hopefully the rest is diffusing into the body a now month on.
Avatar f tn Tested positive for TB. Also had night sweats, fever,lethargy and diffuculty breathing prior to testing positive. Doctor prescribed INH medication for 9 months. Does this mean more than mere exposure to TB on 09/07/03. Was hospitalized for antibiotic resistant pneumonia during Dec.,2006. Could this antibiotic resistant pneumonia be an off-shoot of the TB exposure? Can exposure to TB weaken the immune system and cause bacterial pneumonia?
Avatar m tn Could he have a cronic mycoplasma infection and does it have a relatoin with his night sweats and which could be the treatment if the last swap of his nose is positive with mycoplama, becuse he got 125 mg of erythromicyn 4 times a day, just during the days per 10 days. Many thanks.
Avatar n tn It has been 21/2 weeks now and at night I am still having night sweats horribly. I continue to use Advair disk for breathing treatment. The Dr. said last week when I was in for a follow-up that this was my body fighting off the flu. Could this be the fact or is there some other underlying problem? This happens 2 or three times a night.
Avatar f tn When you said that the Dr. just found out 'now' what was the cause, did you mean the cause for the night sweats, drug interaction, or being sick? is a good site to check out medication interactions. Hope you are feeling better.
Avatar f tn She came in with shortness of breath, heaviness in the chest back rib pain, night sweats and forever fatigue and weakness... I brought her home last night on oxygen, with a walker and shower bench. All in a matter of a month, she is relying on others. She is scheduled to see the oncologist (cancer doctor) this week with follow up of the biopsy but they more of less at the hospital said treatment would be useless because there is too much and to far gone and spreading to other side...
Avatar f tn Lump in throat, dry skin and hair, increased anxiety and depression, muscle weakness and jerks, difficulty gripping, yeast infections, ringing in ears, cold intolerance, night sweats. I'm sure I'm missing some, but it's insane how quickly they just flooded on me! I did NOT have these symptoms consistently until I had the pneumonia. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow, but have been so underwhelmed with the amount of dismissive attitudes I have faced while expressing my concerns.
Avatar n tn Body Aches, Weakness, some coughing which I can feel discomfort in my upper chest when I cough, some upper chest discomfort even when I'm not coughing, chills at times, night sweats at other times. This week, I went to a local walk-in urgent care centre. I was assigned a "Doctor's Assistant". They drew my Blood and ran several tests such as Liver-Function(because of the Alcohol) they also checked my temperature, blood pressure, etc. The "Dr.
172826 tn?1423426556 Mine just was treated for pneumonia and had RSV and Influenza B within a week of each other back about 2 months ago. I am guessing he has a reactive airway like mine, do you neb him when he gets bad? I neb almost constantly and everything goes straight to his chest. It is scary, but if he is able to cry, that's a good sign, he is getting some air.
Avatar m tn Recently recurring pneumonia, every 7 months and chills, sensitivity in my feet, night sweats. Have been to infectious disease last year could not find anything. Have done most std tests.recent sickness gets me worried. Can anyone help! Symptoms similar to hiv but tests are negative Could this be a similar strain?
Avatar m tn Heart size normal. Pulmonary vessels are normal. I had chills, fever, night sweats. I have a cold, coughing fits and horse voice. This came on suddenly but my son had pneumonia three weeks ago. I am 38 years old female non smoker. I live with a smoker though. Hospital told me either lung cancer or pneumonia. Treating me for pneumonia. Next xray is scheduled for next friday. I am on the five day antibotic treatment, I have one more pill to take.