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Avatar n tn After much hesitation and thought I am going to provide you with specific advice. Of course you should consult your physicians, who will undoubtedly disagree with me. You are entirely correct in viewing the mucus as the problem. The organism causing the trouble (Let's call it"Harvey") is living the good life in what is called a "biofilm". Harvey can exist in a Lugols solution (which kills every known bacteria)in one of these films.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with pneumonia about a month ago. The pneumonia was located in my left lung. About two weeks ago I started having pain in my right side. I thought the pneumonia might have moved to the right side so I went back to the doctor. He said that he wasn't concerned with the right side but the left side showed no change after the first round of antibiotics. So he put me on a different medicine. The right side kills me when I cough or sneeze or lay down on that side or on my stomach.
Avatar n tn There is a strain of pneumonia that kills people, it's a serious condition. However, most strains are easily treatable with antibiotics. Be sure to take all your meds, go for that follow up XRay and keep getting XRays until it shows your lungs are clear. Do not smoke if you do or go to places that are smokey. It's going to take you time to recover so relax and take it easy on yourself. If you find your getting worse or not improving be sure to call your doc right away.
Avatar f tn We've been feeding him milk through the tube in his nose ever since. I'm worried about his Pneumonia. Yesterday he was admitted to the hospital again - his 3rd time being rushed to the hospital for pneumonia since his stroke last May. Is this normal? I'm really worried. It seems to come and goe like flu. I know it is an infection of the lungs, and even his own salive could cause this. Perhaps anything we're doing wrong at home? His pillow is too low or something like that?
Avatar f tn This past flu season there were cases of MRSA Pneumonia that kills quickly. Do you have to have a MRSA infection first in order to contract this? Has it been around long and what steps can we take not to contract this. There seems to be no cure, because it hits so fast. Any information, would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn I read that Prilosec also kills the good bacteria that you need to fight off pneumonia, so I stopped it and started an OTC called zantac. will this medicine also kill the good bacteria? I have pretty bad gerd so I need to be treated but also want to be safe?
135456 tn?1301441224 I also caugh pneumonia at the end --- and right after I ended treatment. (THIS WITH THE PNEUMONIA SHOT) And I ended up with strep. Allergies from heck... But no just plain colds...
Avatar f tn (name, dose, frequency) I've never had the use of antibiotics affect my period but I've never been on anything stronger than amoxicillin (except once when I was pregnant and had pneumonia...but menstruation wasn't an issue at the time).
9062499 tn?1426961562 Usually you will get it at 28 weeks or so to pass some immunity to your little one. Whooping cough kills infants. An adult can usually fight it off but a simple cold can cause pneumonia in babies. You should also have your spouse or anyone who will be in prime contact also get vaccinated.
Avatar n tn You are overreacting in a big way. The odds you caught HIV from the exposures you describe are almost zero. Occurence of pneumonia in an otherwise healthy person is almost never a sign of HIV. (Most HIV infected people who get pneumonia have been seriously ill for several months before pneumonia appears. Pneumonia out of the blue does not suggest HIV.
Avatar m tn You inhale Legionella, pneumonia-inducing bacteria that thrive in water and are found in industrial air-conditioning units and water pipes. The result is Legionnaires' disease, named after a 1976 American Legion convention where the bacteria killed 29 people. The fix: Every 3 months, crank your hot-water heater above 140°F and run all the faucets on hot for 10 minutes, Maloy says. The heat kills off the bacteria.
1439353 tn?1309291964 The Ovidrel really kills me. It makes me absolutely sick to my stomach and moody and tired. I hate it. It’s all the pregnancy symptoms in a shot. However, I would much rather be feeling that way due to being pregnant. I sure hope that this time is the charm….or at least let it happen naturally during December….that would be wonderful! Best Christmas gift ever!
Avatar n tn He quit smoking about two weeks ago, and got past a touch of pneumonia. Recently though he has fallen down on the floor and passed out in a chair.He has passed out b4 this however. I'm 14 and I WANT MY STEPDAD TO BE ALIVE FOR A LONG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar m tn Those vaccine-pushing hucksters have made the wild claim year after year that flu kills 36,000 Americans annually -- and they've even attacked anyone who's dared to question their numbers. But now, they've come clean. Not fully clean, mind you, but sort of cleanish. The agency now says flu kills as few as 3,500 Americans in some years, with an average of 23,000 per year overall.
Avatar m tn Finally, there is no cure to eradicate herpes (both types), and HIV completely from the body. If you ever wonder what HIV does, it Kills the B cells in your body. In a way HIV kills off your immune system. Herpes just stays in your system increasing your likelyhood of getting lesions in turn increasing your likelyhood of catching HIV from sexuall exposures.
Avatar n tn Since December I have had numerous pneumonia's consistent with Acid Reflux. Had Nissan Fundoplication on May 13 for severe GERD then another bout of pneumonia. On June 11 hospitalized for left side exudative pleural effusion of unknown cause perhaps trauma of surgery. PE ruled out. CT Scan shows additional infiltrates in right lung which may be consistent with autoimmune disorder. Pleural fluid was indeterminate. I continue to have shortness of breath and chest discomfort with breathing.
1465434 tn?1286241501 Since then I have been to the statcare center and the E.R. with pleurisy and pneumonia. Do I need to be concerned every time I have chest discomfort?.
Avatar n tn i am going crazy, my wife was hospitalized yesterday for having Pneumonia. i am in living hell, i tried to post in the DR forum but it always says that the forum has reached its daily limits. please helppppppppppp i do not know what to do, i do not care about myself any more the thing that kills me every sec that i might passed this ( HIV ) to my wife OMG.
Avatar f tn I know the feeling. I had pneumonia and I was as sick as a dog. I couldn't keep the meds down until I got something for the nausea that they were causing. Hope you feel better soon.
Avatar f tn OK, I was on meds for pneumonia and they cleared me right up even tho no pneumonia on x ray. So I gets my x ray, a copy of the report and contact a pulmonologist for an apptment. I goes to the pulmo, gives him my x ray and the report. He gets mad cause the x ray tech read the x ray and gave a diagnosis. Said tech was not allowed to do that. Anyway, he sets me up for a pft, which I take and his tech tells me I have mild emphasema.
1170277 tn?1412278353 I went back to urgent care and the same doctor told me that I now had acute bronchitis. He said there was some fluid in my lungs and that I had pre-pneumonia symptoms. He then put me on albuterol (inhaler), levofloxacin, prednisone, and promethazine-codine (cough syrup). The symptoms seemed to die down and I was feeling a lot better. Went back to work (last Friday) and I was fine.. Just tired.
Avatar f tn Do you think 8-10 days of Azithromycin is adequate if it actually is only his throat, and not pneumonia? (Or even if it is pneumonia and the doctors just won't give him anything else).
Avatar n tn That is what I read too PlateletGal! They just didn't know what they were dealing with.
Avatar m tn I was recently released from the hospital after being treated for Pneumonia and I know that treatment kills all bacteria, even good bacteria. After a month, could this still be a factor? I am reluctant to continue ECT, the nausea is unbearable!
Avatar f tn Each time before the Pancreaitis episode started he was on Omnicef due to Pneumonia. His enzymes are both high and the high numbers are even higher with each Pancreatitis. Resolving the Pancreatitis is taking longer as well. He has no gall stones, he is on gtube feedings (so no alcohol), his MRCP was normal. He did get Pancreatitis in 2009, but he was on Augmentin and Prednisone that time. I don't give him Augmentin after that time since it kills his stomach. My son is nonverbal.
Avatar n tn insert the dropper into the SIDE of the mouth back by the back molars and just squeeze a very tiny amount in at time giving kitty lots of time to swallow otherwise he will easily aspirate the food into his lungs and choke.....or get pneumonia. it just takes awhile to get used to this just remember do it very slowly takes alot of patience but your kitty needs to eat and drink. good luck hon and post again if we can be of any help...
Avatar m tn They had me take a six week course of UVBI - ultraviolet blood irradiation, in which a portion of the blood is removed and irradiated under ultraviolet light, then returned to the body. It kills any virus that is present and activates immune activity. By the third treatment the headache was almost gone, and by the sixth treatment it was completely gone. I felt well and experienced slow but continuous improvement over the next nine months, gradually regaining strength and energy.
Avatar m tn I was told NOT to put anything w/petrolium jelly or the like on it because it can cause pneumonia. (droplets of it can get ingested and REALLY cause a mess for you) google that and you'll be shocked at what can happen from petrolium jelly in the nose/getting in the lungs. Gee. This nose thing is soooo painful sometimes, and if it's not painfull, and having one of the "better days" where it looks like its gonna go away, its just irritating as all get out. GOOD LUCK W/IT!
Avatar m tn Fast forward six months and I became ill....very ill. I contracted klebsiella bacterium and resulted in severe pneumonia. Also at the same time I gained 50lbs but still ate a healthy diet. I developed an enlarged liver. Once all this was treated I started back on humira. Within six months I contracted systemic candida fungal infection which 4 years later is still treatment resistent. I obviously stopped the humira at that time but I continue to suffer from this infection.