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Avatar f tn Warfarin is a powerful anticoagulant and I think your stents should be fine with withdrawal of the plavix. The main concern here is obviously an internal bleed which can be life threatening. My opinion is that the balance for your safety has to be right, and the cardiologist has done that. I very much doubt if your stents will suffer.
161427 tn?1229914882 17PM Tags: Plavix, dementia, elderly Can Plavix contribute to confusion and forgetfulness in the elderly? Synopsis: Every time Plavix is removed from my mother-in-law in order to perform a surgical-type procedure, her cognition improves dramatically (at least from my point of view from halfway across the country, "popping in" from time to time by telephone.
Avatar n tn Frankly, he has been more concerned that I have not d/c'd my plavix, aspirin etc I am getting more level heading and my blurry vision is much improved. I am trilled! Be go to you selves.
Avatar f tn my mother was asked to stop taking plavix by her cardiologist and since then has had severe headaches and increased blood pressure. She is already taking 2 blood pressure medications to control blood pressure, micardis and nifedipine xl. Do you think her increased bp is due to her coming off of plavix? She does have a pace maker and stints.
564698 tn?1245990290 of 06 I lost my job, my insurance and my pain medication. Withdrawal symptoms were terrible! I went through hell and survived only to find myself on the streets of Houston, (went there to beg my family for help, a place to stay and was turned down), jobless, homeless and absolutely no support from anyone or anything. I have been without any pain relief since Oct. 2006. I am tired of drinking 18 to twenty beers in the time that I'm awake just so I can sleep!
Avatar n tn Number #2 I have recently been diagnosed with CVI (chronic vein insufficiency) by my doctor after I went in for thrombophlebitis and superficial blood clots (several varicosities) 6 months ago, he didn't want to do surgery because the % are low, so he has put me into a management program to treat the problem, I was put on plavix 75 mg X 2 day, amoxicillin ( for infection) Motrin 1200 mg a day (edema), carafate (protect stomach/intestines) and triazolam .
Avatar n tn Do not stop using tramadol suddenly, or you could have unpleasant withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, sweating, nausea, diarrhea, tremors, chills, hallucinations, trouble sleeping, or breathing problems. Talk to your doctor about how to avoid withdrawal symptoms when stopping the medication. Do not crush the tramadol tablet. This medicine is for oral (by mouth) use only. Powder from a crushed tablet should not be inhaled or diluted with liquid and injected into the body.
Avatar n tn p will spike high ( dont know the reason) but it happens! and you will have withdrawal symptoms - slight but there ! they always happen depending how long you were on the medication? and the doseage you took ! I had this happen to me ! the big problem is, most doctors in hmos or ppo plans -refuse to take people off this medication!
Avatar m tn Stress echo next day showed heart was fine. Here is the problem. They gave me 50 mg Lopressor (metaprolol), as well as plavix and something I think called luvenox, as thought may be cardiac event, around 2 am early Tuesday. The next night I took 1/2 of my usual atenolol, due to fact they told me not to take atenolol as was given BB lopressor. I slept fine Tuesday night and took usual 25 mg dose last night, Wedneday.
Avatar n tn 3,Lisinopril 10mg 1 per day 4,chlorthalidone50mg 1per day ,5Norvasc 10 mg 1 per day,6 Carvadolol 100mg 2 per day, 7,Plavix 75mg 1 per day 8 Alprazalam 2mg 3 times per day,Crestor40mg 1 per day plus suppliments to help with what othe meds are taking away...Now my Doctor called and said he wont give me anymore vicodin cause there wasnt enough in my system,and he knows I just backed off,and its been killing me...I have been in withdraw for two weeks now and its hitting really hard everywhere.
Avatar n tn Boy, your nickname for the forum says it all. I DO believe what he is going through is Methadone withdrawal. The symptoms of Methadone withdrawals are as follows...
Avatar m tn I wish I could take nsaids, but I had a stroke (TIA) two years ago and they put me on Plavix blood thinner. I had to stop all nsaids and asprin products because of the possibility of stomach ulcers that could bleed. So I'm stuck with ES Tylenol and moving about to keep things loose. Isn't getting old fun?
Avatar m tn the 40mg long lasting would help if that was all I took, but it's not and I don't want to go into withdrawal prior to surgery? 2. I had a recent episode in the emergency room and none of the pain shots they were giving me ie morphine and fentnal? Gave any relief. The ER DR said my "receptacles were full" because of taking the oxycodone etc. So if the ER couldnt relieve my pain, what happens if i have surgery?
Avatar n tn At first they put me on dilantin but I couldn't take it without profound side effects. I was put on plavix and lamictal but the seizures keep coming, however, each one is less than the other. With each seizure, I suffer short term memory loss. My memory eventually comes back but a little still remains lost. Also it seems that every time I've had one of these so-called seizures it comes early in the morning and after a night of stressful sleep and I feel a headache pain in my left temple.
1405767 tn?1282638198 Tommorrow will mark my 28th week clean and not just from the oxys, but from my adderal, paxil,doxipan,lipitor,zetia,plavix, and I also quit biting my nails(which was a lifelong habit). I never told anyone about this (spiritual awaking) until the last week of July when my family got together for vacation in Ocean City. My older brother is a drug and alcohol counselor in Pittsburgh and runs a methadone clinc there.
1687072 tn?1307047128 i think in most cases the bp will returen to normal after the acute withdrawal is over. if it is causing problems your doctor may need to add a bp medication to get you through the withdrawals.... That being said, I did NOT like what ,my doctor told me, but every situation is different. My problem isnt really with the bpressure, its with the AVM. I think to be safe you should always talk to your doc. Look at me for example.
733362 tn?1489798536 I was on it for years and I just stopped. I had no withdrawal but that is just me. If you are able to taper it then do that and keep monitoring yourself as you go down. Stick is slow on Sunday so be patient for answers. Take care of yourself and congrats on wanting to get off the medications!!
495284 tn?1333897642 BTW, I like you as well, it's just when you work as hard as I've worked, and suffered getting a Medtronics Electrical Stimulator put in your abdomen with 4 wires running around to your back, and this was a hard task, I did have a few problems with blood clots, but I was on Plavix, and that caused some problems, but it has been worth it. I can walk now. I was on a cane, and sometimes a walker, but no more! I can deal with a low pain level 1-2, without medication. Not a problem.
Avatar f tn Advil, same-e, Plavix (blood thinner) and a Lipofen (chol) . I switched the Advil to Aleve (sp). It's been about two weeks off Ambien and a week off amitriptyline. I know I don't get enough exercise. We went to eat and when I got home I went to sleep in the recliner for 1 1/2 hours. I woke up with a headache but rested. Just hope I can sleep tonight. That's why I don't take naps, so I can sleep at night.
343006 tn?1314450071 My other meds are lisinopril, plavix, vytorin, and 81 mg asprin due to a triple bypass in 2005. I also have an ICD implanted due to low EF after the bypass. (it has since improved to 40% and I'm shopping to get it removed). I still have some problems with fatigue, occasional dizziness and light headedness and some of it has to be attributed to the heart attack(s), bypass, and less than normal EF. I know what you mean about walking zombie.
Avatar n tn I debated whether I was having another heart attack and I was in denial, or if it was withdrawal from the medication. I thought it was too much a coincidence that I had the symptoms after missing the meds, so I took my chances and went to the pharmacy. Shortly after I took the medication, things settled down to normal (normal for me anyway).
Avatar f tn The medical community is somewhat split on the issue of what combining BBs with these other classes of drugs may mean to efficacy, dose and to withdrawal from either benzos, antidepressants or BBs as it seems in some cases taking one in place of the other may actually help the patient get off one or other of the drugs -- this is especially true of patients going through w/d of benzos who find BBs may lessen their symptoms. 4.) Quitting cold turkey or trying to go off too fast.
220917 tn?1309788081 fusion surgery, and now she's having the lumbar surgery, when she's able. She just had a heart stent, so she has to wait to be off Plavix, a blood thinner. My ortho surgeon says I will need lumbar surgery at some point,too, but who knows when? So, I am happy to have "Steaksgiving" for my mom! One year, she forgot to turn on the oven, and the turkey didn't get done, so we had steak instead!
Avatar n tn While Ativan is a short-term fix, it is extremely addictive and the withdrawals are a nightmare even at small doses (they gave me Ativan in the ED and only 1/2 a mg once a day brought a torturous withdrawal because the anxiety symptoms came back full force for about three weeks until my system adapted to normal again). Do see your doctor as soon as possible to discuss a better anxiety remedy for the long term.