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Avatar m tn My dad had a TIA about 5 years ago and was put on Plavix in the ER My question is just recently he had gone to a cardiologist to see about stopping The Plavix. The doctor told him to go ahead and stop but to take a low dose aspirin in place of it.
Avatar f tn Hello and hope you are doing well. It could be TIA. Have you been initiated on Plavix? It improves the blood flow. TIA or transient ischemic attack, which as the name indicates there is a temporary lack of blood flow to a particular part of the brain. This usually recovers, but these people are more prone for strokes. The basis of therapy for TIAs is blood thinners to prevent clotting, controlling high risk factors like diabetes and hypertension and avoiding smoking.
Avatar n tn Thank you for replying, I do have a neurologist, he has told me a few years ago that I had a TIA put me on plavix and aspirin, I went to him for l-sided pain, back, hip down the leg to foot, could barely walk on a daily basis, still having the same problems, after 2 years of cortisone shots, neurontin, lyricia, I stopped taking the plavix aspirin and everything else about 8 months ago, because nothing was working, I had enough.
Avatar n tn May I suggest to anyone experiencing a TIA to request an unltrasound examination of the Carotid arteries. Based on my fathers disabling stroke after many TIA's this test could lead to treatment preventing a major stroke.
Avatar f tn 1 - stop taking Plavix and Lipitor. Aspirin is still ongoing. 2 - re the TIA - first I was told that it was due some clots that formed around the stent that broke away, travelled through my arteries and blocked somewhere and that caused the stroke. But doctors seem to be puzzled as to why this happened when I have the Plavix and Aspirin 3 - I am to see a haematologist (blood doctor) - why? something wrong with my blood (such as a clotting disorder) and this could have caused the clot?
Avatar m tn I have now a stent with pharmacological drug. My Doctor intente combine Plavix, Coumadin and AAS 300 mg togheter. I have doubts and fear if this procedure is common and correct. I apreciate so much your orientation. Thank you very much.
Avatar n tn I recently changed doctors and today the new doctor suggested I stop the warafin and start taking Plavix. I am 52 y/o female. No hyper-tension, no diabetese, no tia/stroke or any of the factors listed for taking warafin instead of aspirin. The doctor said I was a good candidate for aspirin to prevent clotting but I am allergic to aspirin. Has anyone heard of or personally changed from warafin to plavix? Thank you for any input you can provide.
Avatar n tn TIA would be more likely to explain the weakness in the right hand. Plavix (clopidogrel) is a platelet thinner and may help prevent another attack of TIA. However, it is not possible to say with 100% certainty that this was not migraine. Focal neurological deficits are known to occur with migraine. These include "migraine equivalents", "migraine accompaniments", "complicated migraine", "hemiplegic migraine" etc.
Avatar n tn Her doctor (neurologist) wants her taken off Plavix and aspirin and wants to replace it with Aggrenox. She was doing well with Plavix and aspirin, but after her brief hospitalization her neuro wants to switch her. She was negative for a TIA and stroke, but her MRI showed significant periventricular white matter disease that the doctor said is more than just old age. What do you think of the change in meds? Thanks for the info...
Avatar f tn I am on Plavix but was off it for 2 weeks because of a needle biopsy of thyroid for nodules. My question is could going off Plavix possibly cause a TIA and how long does it take to get the level of Plavix back where it should be once you start taking it?
Avatar m tn You are right to be concerned. According to one doctor (see private message), a TIA will not show up on a CT scan. You need to find out if you should be taking Plavix or aspirin, etc. Also, you need to have goals for your cholesterol panel. And, you need to be sure your blood pressure is regularly within normal range. Being a healthy weight and not smoking are also important.
277836 tn?1359669774 Anyway when I sneeze now my right side of my head hurst and even if I cough. Which again just like before same symptoms as in October.. So I guess what I am asking with a TIA do you have more than one symptom or can it be just one symptom? Does it sound like I had another Ocular Migraine? I have had an Ultra sound of Heart almost a year ago and also neck arteries been in drs office every 3 months.
Avatar f tn I had a tia in 2001. Been on Plavix since 2001. Neurologist thinks my spells are seizures and not more tias or strokes. Tried seizure medicine and only could take it 3 days. My spells, are extreme weakness, absolutely no energy, more weakness on the left side. Takes 3 to 4 days before I can function properly. I am 83 and very active and still working as a Realtor. In 2001 my TIA caused very little damage.
Avatar n tn All were negitive and the diagnois was Temporary Iscemic? Attack. I am taking aspirn and Plavix. The problem is the attacks keep reocuring several times a day. They last less than a minute, and the only side affect is mild dizzyness and nausia. My cardiologist cant figure it out either. I am otherwise in excellent health and physical condition.
Avatar n tn My 63 yr. old husband was diagnosed with a tia last week. After receiving therapy in hospital he is home now and on anti hypertensives,anti platelet, and anti cholesterol meds. He was also put on Effexor 75 mg OD to try to help calm him down. He has been on this med for 4 days and still has much anxiety. He is also very lethargic and weak. How long will it take for this drug to make him feel more alive or should he be on a different med. His other meds are.
Avatar n tn my father just got through another stroke recently. he has been on Plavix for two years since the first one in 2008. my question is Plavix would reduce the risk of stroke but could not 100% prevent it, correct? I am not sure what is the cause yet this time. he is still in the process of going through all various types of tests and so far the doctor seems very comfortable with the results available; also he has totally recovered without any sign of stroke symptoms.
Avatar n tn Last week I experienced what a neurologist first called a TIA. I looked up the symptoms and everything fit; the quick onset of numb right arm, vertigo, speech garbled and my right arm would 'float up' without my intension. This all lasted a couple minutes and I was back to normal. My MRI and MRA were normal. I will be having a TEE next week. My neurologist now believes there is a possibility that it was a migrane.
Avatar f tn I had a stroke due to a 100 percent occlusion of the carotid artery. After being on warfarin and plavix separatelyI had a TIA ,I am currently on both,and so far so good.Is this normal that my bleeding and bruising disappeared after combing the two drugs? i am happy but confused. Thanks Terry926 This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Heart-Disease/Plavix-vs-Coumadin/show/254168">Plavix vs Coumadin</a>.
Avatar n tn Two weeks later I was admitted to the hospital with Predinose overload per the doctors. After being in the hospital 2 days I had my first TIA. Was told I would be fine. Could not walk alone and had bad slurred speech. Was sent to a Neurologist in 11/04. After spending all day in his office was told all test were normal. Had MRI done, normal. No idea what was wrong. Since then I have had 17 TIA's. No explanations. Doctors state they have no idea why I am having them.
Avatar n tn I`ve been on Plavix now for over a year . Today 4/21/00 I heard you can get Blood clots from this Medician is this true?Do i have to be concern.
Avatar n tn Is this a warning that I'm going to have another TIA? I'm scared to take more Aspirin or more Plavix - even though the Neurologist told me that he has patients who take up to four Plavix if they think they are having symptoms of a Heart Attack. I'm scared this is excessive and that I'm going to bleed to death from somewhere. Is this really safe? Can I really take additional Aspirin or Plavix when I have these fleeting pains in my Head? even though I have already taken 81 mg.
Avatar m tn I have an appointment with an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist scheduled but it's not for a long time. I was wondering if a TIA can cause these kinds of lingering symptoms? From what I've read, most TIAs come and go quickly and don't leave any lingering symptoms, but it seems far more plausible to me than an ear condition. It definitely seemed to be related to the strenuous exercise beforehand and the numb/tingling feeling seems to be a common thing with TIA/stroke.
Avatar n tn My husband was diagnosed with a TIA 3 years ago. Following the incident, he had severe facial tingling and redness to the right side of the head. He has not had any symptoms following this until 1 week ago. He now has the tingling, tightness and redness on the right side of the head again. He will call his neurologist on Tuesday but does this mean another TIA coming on?
Avatar n tn A week ago I had a Tia. I was unable to speak and could not move my left arm or leg. This went on for about an hour and 15 mins. After a night in the hospital, and an Mri and other scans. I was released. I was told I should have no side effects. But now I have bad head aches on my left temple and I get a stabbing pain on my temple and neck, that last that last just several seconds. Also my speach has been effected slightly.
Avatar n tn Explain the difference between a TIA and a Seizure. What medications are used to treat each. What are the basic side effects.
Avatar f tn My neurologist said that just means we have to dig deeper and ordered a second battery of more detailed tests, including a TEE test (trans-esophageal echocardiogram) which showed I had a PFO (patent foramen ovale) and ASA (arterial septal aneurysm), both of which may increase the likelihood of having a TIA or stroke. I am on Plavix for life unless the cardiologist I see in June recommends putting me on Warfarin or having surgery to close the opening.
Avatar n tn What signs of TIA/stroke should I be on the look out for and when should I act quickly to get her evaluated? In the hospital 6 weeks ago the emerg cardiologist said her brain scan (MRI?) showed some evidence of prior stroke or TIA. I presume they put her on the neuro ward to monitor her, just in case she had had a TIA.
Avatar m tn I had a TIA and lost the memory of an activity. I had all the major scans and they were all negative. Do I need to take Plavix?
Avatar f tn She's also had an Angioplasty done a few months ago and has since been on Plavix and Baby Aspirin (in addition to Coumadin which she's been taking for years since a TIA a few years ago and continued AF for the past 8 years). For the past 2 months she's been having severe Edema (right around the time she was started on Atenelol) that will not improve even with a diuretic (40mg of Lasix). She also has severe abdominal pain, digestion issues (feeling of bloating, discomfort, IBR-like symptoms).