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Avatar m tn * Do not take Plavix and aspirin together. Do not take Plavix with Nexilum, Prevacid or Prilosec. * Plavix has serious side effects, one of which is mental confusion. Another serious side effect is ulcers. Counterintuitive as it may sound, another serious side effect is stroke.
Avatar f tn My sister is was trained in China and is licensed in our state to practice as a natural medicine doctor, but discourages adding 'natural' meds with conventional meds. In my situation, I'm balancing meds that control my potassium and sodium situation. As an example, low potassium levels aren't good, but excess potassium can be fatal. Same with Sodium. When someone is in a situation of heart failure, I'd find a drug/supplement path and not mix it.
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Avatar f tn Nattokinase is a potent fibrinolytic (anti-clotting) enzyme extracted and highly purified from a traditional Japanese food called Natto. Nattokinase enhances our body’s natural ability to fight blood clots, and has an advantage over blood thinners because it has a prolonged effect without side effects.
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Avatar m tn Hi p1954, Endothelialization of a stent is a natural process that occurs by your body over time. The best thing you can do is take your aspirin and plavix (or alternative). You should never miss a dose and never stop it unless approved by your cardiologist. To my knowledge, there is no specific diet that aids in this.
Avatar n tn She has been taking Move Free 3) Since Coumadin has too many side effects, do you know of any alternative? Your help is greatly appreciated! This discussion is related to <a href=''>Plavix vs Coumadin</a>.
Avatar n tn So, any time I do get to see a doc, its usually about my heart attack in 2006 from Hypercoagulation and uncontrolled High Blood Pressure, meds dont lower it (help with heavy palpitations though, but I can do this with Arginine and natural blood thinners along with Plavix, Lisinopril and aspirin.) I have to take a lot of natural blood thinners, plavix and aspirin alone does not help enough to thin my blood. I do watch it via microsope.
Avatar f tn The so-called blood thinner, also called an anti-coagulant are terms used interchangeably and the med in this context is to stop platelet formation...the cells in blood plasma from forming clots. They are most used in those who are at risk for heart attack, stroke, or aneurisms. A "blood thinner" can be composed of several different chemical formations. The most common blood thinner, and most often used is aspirin, taken in doses of 81mg per day, essentially one baby aspirin.
Avatar n tn If they were drug eluting stents, your wife should have been given plavix for a year minimum. If she has never been on this medication, then the question is answered.
Avatar f tn me bypass main artery is working 30% and rest arteries are in gud condition.and i got natural bypass which is gud sign told me doctors butt still they suggest me there any solution by medicines and changing lifestyle?
Avatar f tn I have been doing my best in following everything my cardiologist says to do, I am so dissapointed. Is there anything eles I can do? He changed me from Plavix w/ asprin to Effient 10mg w/ asprin. I am having slight symptoms again(left arm weakness upon exertion.
Avatar f tn Can anyone offer any advice as to what to do in the way of switching medicines or perhaps using a natural form of something? Please help; I don't know what to do and we have no help.
Avatar f tn I am into alternative medicine, and I would have liked to see my father receive EECP, an alternative natural by-pass. It is suppose to work great with angina, stable and unstable. Modern medicine has too many side effects. Although, with robotic surgery, which is talked about where ever I go, even those at high risk like my father at 93 can except to do well with heart surgery. It is really tough in America to be really old like my father! Some doctors treat you like nothing!
Avatar n tn (glucophaz, glipozide, isosobride, atelenol, plavix, asprine). Can anyone help me why I am having this discomfort, and if re-do cabg closed off, then what do I do? PS. I have only Left arm artery left.
Avatar m tn I wish I could take nsaids, but I had a stroke (TIA) two years ago and they put me on Plavix blood thinner. I had to stop all nsaids and asprin products because of the possibility of stomach ulcers that could bleed. So I'm stuck with ES Tylenol and moving about to keep things loose. Isn't getting old fun?
Avatar f tn Causes the adrenals to "sleep"? How about "die"? Prednisone and inhaled steroids wrecked mine and it is only through alternative medicine (and staying off steroids) that I am slowly recovering.
Avatar f tn I have a dull ache in the center of my breastbone, don't sleep well, or at least not enough, and feel generally tired. I'm taking a beta blocker (cardensiel a french version, reduced from 5 mg to 2.5 mg) plavix 75 mg, enteric aspirin, crestor 10mg, as well as for my thyroid levoxyl .75 mg and cytomel .05 mg. I've been taking the thyroid meds for 35 yrs (the cytomel for about ten). I'm 60 yrs old and had cardiac arrest, doctors said it wasn't a heart attack.
1210142 tn?1266080631 I'm assuming you are taking a statin like Vytorin, and the blood thinners 81mg aspirin, and Plavix. If not, you absolutely should because of the restinosis history. Vytorin is a statin that works to reduce ingested cholesterol as well as cholesterol that is manufactured by your liver. I'd also take a good quality fish oil, 1 gram in the morning, 1 gram in the evening. Fish oil reduces the inflammation of the arteries and also reduces the triglicerides, which may also be your problem.
4610518 tn?1361079348 I can't take NSAIDs anymore, just an occasional Advil, because I'm on Plavix blood thinner. I rely on Tylenol at night when my discs swell up. No 2 back cases are alike. Maybe none of the aforementioned will work for you. Only a doctor can tell you whats what with exercise movements. I hope you can find a happy medium so you can continue to retain your freedom from the bondage of opiates. God bless!
Avatar n tn They did all kinds of labs and genectic testing and there was no known cause for the TIA or stoke. they did put me on Plavix a blood thinner that I have to take once a day I'm guessing for life and also taking Folic Acid. Here I am 6 months later and want to get pregnant again. I've been to my OBGYN and Neurologist and don't give me a straight answer on whether it would be save or not. All they tell me is I will be a high risk pregnancy. I read so many articles on the web.
238668 tn?1232735930 old retiree w/ the advice to electronically sever my AV-Node and live on a pacemaker, w/ a permanent A-Fib condition after the procedures are done. Any suggestions, comments, ideas for alternative treatments or concerns would be greatly appreciated. -Jim G. Dear Jim, You certainly have my sympathy for the trials you have been through.
Avatar m tn It's important to take aspirin, Plavix and other medications exactly as prescribed to decrease the chance of clots forming in your stent. My last understanding was the risk up to a year. Bleeding: Patient may have bleeding at the leg or arm site where a catheter was inserted. Usually this simply results in a bruise, but sometimes serious bleeding occurs and may require blood transfusion or surgical procedures. Other rare risks of angioplasty include: "Heart attack.
Avatar f tn caregiver222, I too have been involved in the medical delivery system for the past 35 plus years. I really do not have faith in the system and feel that the medical delivery system let's individuals down all the time. I would even go as far as to say that most psychiatric hospitalizations are not productive. I feel that many times it is just a place to take care of someone until they got through their difficult period.
1262435 tn?1270315459 If there is 100% blockage and no signs of a deficit supply of blood to the area normally served by the LAD, an assumption would be there is a natural bypass (collateral vessels) have developed collateral vessels. It is possible if the 100% LAD is opened, the lower resistance of blood flow through the LAD can take away the blood flow through the collaterals.
Avatar f tn My angina is in control with fish oil and my blood pressure remains low. I believe in natural solutions to healh problems whenever possible and as few pharmacological meds as possible. I'd rather have fewer days but better days than more days in the fog I lived in.
Avatar n tn I have more than 25 years experience in the Alternative Health Industry and Applied Kinesiology. I've learned that most people who have ME/CFS and FM, also have one or more VIRUSES. They usually develop Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS). It is just how our bodies work! The XMRV Virus associated with ME/CFS and FM, causes the reactivation of LATENT Viruses. Our Immune Systems are OVERWORKED!
451975 tn?1372332199 Continue with the medications,physical therapy and counselling as these are beneficial. Also you may be open to other forms of alternative medical therapy like acupuncture and reiki (japanese hand or palm healing) which has been used by several physicians to complement medical therapy.