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1769481 tn?1313879933 I have CHD and 1 stent . I have been on 75 mg Plavix, 40 mg Simvastatin, 10 mg Lisinopril, 25 mg x 2 Lopressor, and 162 mg Aspirin for 30 days. I ran out of meds today and cannot refill my scripts for 3 days. What will happen.
161427 tn?1229911282 My mother took Plavix and I notice the same effect on my mother who is 85 years old. When I brought this to her attention she agreed she felt better and was more cognisent without it. She decided she wanted her clarity more than the effect of the drug and has been off it for two years. She continues to take Asperin daily. She had a double stint placement four years ago.
Avatar m tn Had multiple stents (4) placed four (4) years ago, two in LAD with no side effects and good nuclear and stress test results over this period. Am currently taking Plavix/Aspirin/Coreg/Altace. Need arthroscopic repair on knee but concerned over cessating of Plavix. One cardiologist recommended ending Plavix entirely, second (same practice) would rather wait for a large study about to be completed. Suggestions?
Avatar m tn Plavix will be quite costly for us on a fixed income. Can coumadin (warfarin) be substituted for plavix?
Avatar n tn After that length of time it is generally believed to discontinue plavix but remain on aspirin. Although plavix and aspirin are anti-platelet agents, plavix has a different mechanism of action that seems to be specialized for drug eluding stent to prevent restenosis. Laviquin is an antibiotic medication! and there is a class-action suit against Laviqiin providers that is currently unresolved.
Avatar f tn I was on plavix for 18 months for my first stent and it never formed clots, but I believe there have been cases where it has happened. IF clots are going to form, they are usually very quickly as the plavix wears off. You don't have to ween off plavix, you simply stop it. It isn't a medication that affects your metabolism or mental state. Is it your general Doctor or Cardiologist who has stopped the medication? In the UK we are told we will be on Plavix 2-3 years or even possibly life.
Avatar f tn The problem is the radiologist wants me to go off Plavix and aspirin to do this. I am confused because the surgeon who saw me for the breast infection said he could aspirate the large, infected cyst in his office that day even though, at that time, I was on both Coumadin and Plavix. The cardiologist said I shouldn't have the biopsy until the middle of August.
Avatar f tn all drugs have side effects. did you read the patient information sheet provided with your script? odds are under side-effects, it would have been listed. are you still taking it? i would think it's time to stop if you think it's causing these problems. no drug is without SEVERE side-effects. aspirin can and DOES cause ulcers....tylenol can and DOES cause liver damage....tricyclics can and DO cause tardive isn't candy.
Avatar n tn I take 75mg of Plaxi once a day and one 81mg asprin once a day. I have been on Plaxix for 9 years. Can I safely stop taking Plavix and continue with th 81mg of asprin. I did not have a heart attack, I had an agina attack. I had open heart surgery, one bypass in the LAD in 2000. I am bruising very easy lately and wonder if I'm doing more harm than good with the current medications.
Avatar m tn Since then I have seen where there is a Class Action Lawsuit against the makers of some of these slings. How many of these slings are at risk. What are my risks and/or options? I am having severe pain during intercourse and I am only 45!
Avatar n tn Severe joint and back pain usually is not a side effect of Plavix. Coumadin is more powerful than Plavix. The Plavix is important to take especially if you have coated stents. You may want to be checked for arthritis that may be flaring up. Coumadin is not to be used in persons with high cholesterol.
Avatar n tn My neurosurgeon says I need to go off Plavix for 6 weeks prior to surgery. I am very concerned about going off Plavix since past thrombosis and nearly dying. Can someone tell me the risk percentages for thrombosis if you had it prior. My wife would like for me to hold off of surgery until absolutely necessary or they come up with more info on Plavix. Thank you for your help.
Avatar m tn or are you questioning risks of heart attack from the procedure? or are you asking how to lower risks of heart attack in general? In case the latter is the question, which I'm guessing, then lowering risks of heart attack are.... Medication, such as daily aspirin to reduce clotting. Healthy diet, low in fats. Regular exercise. Low emotional stress levels. Have blood cholesterol levels checked every year to ensure they are lower than average.
6644456 tn?1383330685 In the past number of months I’ve been experiencing occasional bouts of Atrial Fibrillation triggered by belching. Currently I am taking Plavix and Asprin and now my Doctor wants to start me on Warfarin as well. This suggestion makes me very uncomfortable. I feel that a pacemaker would be a healthier alternative.
Avatar m tn I was told with Effient I wouldnt have to stay on it for life like the Plavix. I was looking at the risks and fatal bleed charts and it increases the risk the longer I am on it. My liver enzymes are slightly elevated so I would like to remove anymore stress on my liver if its not needed. Also the surgeon wont touch my hernia surgery until I can stop taking it. Do you know when you can stop taking it or is it something you just have to keep taking?
Avatar f tn Is his doctor aware of the history of a bleeding ulcer that your post mentions? Has the ulcer completely healed? I certainly would make sure the doctor is aware of this. I know in my case, when taking the Plavix I couldn't drink. I love to drink wine and while on the Plavix one glass would go straight to my head. I felt drunk. And, yes,the bruising is terrible. I walk around with purple marks on my arms all the time.
1530342 tn?1405016490 29, 2009, when the flight hit extreme turbulence just minutes after takeoff, according to the lawsuit filed Tuesday in Harris County district court. Weather reports at the time of departure showed a threat of "tornados, wind shear, and dangerously strong winds with rotating and intense thunderstorms.
Avatar f tn I have terrible morning sickness and I was given a prescription for ondansetron 4mg which is the generic version of zofran. I'm scared to take it because of the possible side effects and the warnings I've seen on TV. I don't want to take any risks when it comes to my baby. Any thoughts on this?
Avatar f tn Do you think that medication for cholesterol and triglycerides and even taking plavix/aspirin can help me minimize any risks. Can I still work full time and exercise?
745331 tn?1232830226 She was able to take Plavix, but doctors said not Coumadin. You can have blood work to determine the thickness of your blood. The aspirin may be enough for you.
Avatar f tn BUT, im mad because i know the dr will tell my dad. And, i cant have that. I dont want my family knowing. Do i have any course of a lawsuit? What do i do? I want to talk to my fam dr but im embarrassed becasue i feel like he wont understand and he will look at me as a dope addict. I never dr shopped, ever. Never.
Avatar m tn Four days later she was discharged with Coumadin and Plavix, but unable to stand or walk at discharge because her left foot was red and severely swollen. Mom had extreme pain with only a slight finger touch to her left lower extremity. She did not leave the hospital and was treated the next day for gout. GI consult continued and suggested a colonoscopy. Coumadin and Plavix was d/c for a few days for the test, and ischemic colitis was confirmed.
Avatar n tn There is a small risk of death or permanent disability from the surgery, but the risk of death from severe valve disease is 100%. Good cardiologists don't recommend heart surgery unless and until the risks of doing nothing are clearly greater than the risks of the surgery. I would pick the best surgeon I could find and then let him pick the type of implant. With an animal valve, blood thinners are not required unless the patient needs blood thinners for some other reason.