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Plavix and alcohol

Common Questions and Answers about Plavix and alcohol


Avatar n tn You need the heart medication and Plavix and it would be risking to stop the Plavix. Lipitor is good for studies have shown that it has helped reduce cholesterol buildup in the arteries. The studies showed that 40mg was just as good as 80mg and that 80mg did not help reduce the cholesterol buildup any more than the 40mg. One question I have, is the nitro patch. Are you having chest pains? Nitro is not good for your liver.
255163 tn?1376869746 My heart Dr will not let me go off the plavix and my surgeon will not do the surgery while on plavix. What happens in a situation like this?. I am between a rock and a hard place. If neither Dr gives in what do I do? If I have an attack and end up in the ER wouldn't they have to do emergency sugery?. Does this mean that anyone on plavix can never have surgery unless it's an ermergency. What is your opinion on going off plavix temporarily for surgery. I would welcome anyones advice.
Avatar n tn I have read so often that you should not take Plavix and aspirin, but it seems to also be common to prescribe both plavix and aspirin in certain situations. I am worried and confused. Thanks.
Avatar n tn I had angioplasty in 2001 and had a stent implant. My cardiologist prescribed Plavix and 81 mg aspirin daily among the other medications (beta blocker, ACE inhibitor, statin). I have recently moved to a new city and have not found a new cardiologist yet but family physician suggested that Plavix could be discontinued as the guidelines have changed and no long recommended after 12 months post stent implant. Suggestions please?
Avatar n tn The American Dental Association has agreed with the American Heart Association and the AMA, that there are no dental procedures that require the patient to stop Plavix. I read this yesterday, and the article mentioned that much to their dismay, cardiologist were still hearing from their patients that some nutty dentists were still asking them to stop Plavix for a procedure.
Avatar n tn I have been on Coumadin for 18 years due to Lupus Anticoagulant (Antiphospholipid Syndrome) and several DVTs. In 2005 had MI with occlusion of the LAD artery and had drug stent inserted and I am still on plavix. My doc has debated when to take me off the Plavix safely....what are the recent studies about this dilemma? thanks so much!
Avatar f tn She was given platelet went up then down again Can plavix make it worse and will her platelet revert back to normal
1210142 tn?1266077031 I have read a lot about the interaction between Plavix and PPI’s but he thinks only Omeprazole have more effect on Plavix, not Pantoprazole. Please, let me know what your opinion is and have you heard about any interaction between those two? I don’t need an additional heart attack.
Avatar n tn After that length of time it is generally believed to discontinue plavix but remain on aspirin. Although plavix and aspirin are anti-platelet agents, plavix has a different mechanism of action that seems to be specialized for drug eluding stent to prevent restenosis. Laviquin is an antibiotic medication! and there is a class-action suit against Laviqiin providers that is currently unresolved.
Avatar m tn Please note that the article mention plavix as used as "prevention of stroke" here we are speaking of Plavix to avoid restenosis and clots in the case that you have medical stents implanted. The situation is quite different.
Avatar n tn I have heard that there is some problem mixing vitamin K with a blood thinner. I am taking 75 mg of plavix and cannot find anything about the vitamin K interaction. I need additional calcium, and the brand I am looking at taking would give me 40mcg of vitamin K. Is this safe or a problem? Where can I find how much vitamin K is in a serving of broccoli or spinich?
Avatar m tn The recommended treatment for DES implants is dual therapy of aspirin and plavix up to a year. Combining plavix and aspirin increases the risk of bleeding vs. aspirin alone in patients treated for more than a brief period of time. That is the regimen followed for my DES implant. f you are in this category a prior MI and unstable angina:" In the CAPRIE trial, clopidogrel (plavix) was equivalent to aspirin for patients with a recent (but not acute) MI.
Avatar f tn Sometimes aspirin is used in place of the Plavix, and the patient will be on aspirin and warfarin. That type of combo regimen is used when the doctor doesn't think that one drug alone is enough to do the job, and one drug obviously wasn't enough in your case. It seems that your Plavix and warfarin regimen is working, so I'll join you in giving thanks for that.
Avatar m tn What about plavix. My husband is on it and is experiencing internal bleeding and subsequent drop in hemoglobin count to 10. we are concerned about staying on plavix as the physicians have been unable to determine source of bleeding.
161427 tn?1229911282 ) the smaller strokes, She is on Lipitor and Plavix, and due to a mixup at the pharmacy she was off her Plavix for almost a week and the improvents were dramatic!!
Avatar n tn Plavix is a blood thinner and I didn't know it affected pressure? Anyway, dental cleaning can produce a tiny amount of gum bleeding and will not produce any problems. I have my teeth cleaned every 6 months and it soon stops bleeding. The problems come if you need a tooth removed. Flycaster is correct, your dentists should always have a list of current medication.
Avatar m tn After getting two stents I was put on plavix. I also have gerds and would like to know what medecine I cantake for it tht doesnt conflict with plavix.
Avatar f tn Is his doctor aware of the history of a bleeding ulcer that your post mentions? Has the ulcer completely healed? I certainly would make sure the doctor is aware of this. I know in my case, when taking the Plavix I couldn't drink. I love to drink wine and while on the Plavix one glass would go straight to my head. I felt drunk. And, yes,the bruising is terrible. I walk around with purple marks on my arms all the time.
Avatar n tn My husband has a pacemaker and 8 metal stents. He's been taking Coumadin and Plavix for the past 4-5 years since his last stent was put in. Recently he was rushed to the hospital with blood in his vomit and stools. They said he had last 60% of his blood and immediately preceeded to give him blood, total 9 pints. After much reading up on ulcers and his medicine's side-effects, we discovered that Plavix causes ulcers. He was bleeding from a huge ulcer in his stomach.
Avatar f tn i was taking vytorin and plavix when i was told i have cll .
Avatar f tn I have been given Plavix and aspirin from the onset and I am still on it. I have been experiencing muscle weakness and numbness/tingling to left side of body and I worry that it is another TIA but then consider that it could also be a side-effect of Lipitor. Is there a contraindication for taking all these drugs at the same time given my medical history? thanks for any info you can provide.
Avatar f tn Several weeks ago, the cardiologist took me off of Coumadin and added two 81-mg, aspirin and recommended that I stay on the Plavix for the biopsy. The radiologist's office contacted the cardiologist and they agreed I could go off Plavix for seven days prior to the biopsy. At this point, I am more concerned about a blood clot in my stents than breast cancer. Is it safe for me to discontinue Plavix?
Avatar m tn I have both DES and drug eluting stents and have had heart attacks, and took Plavix for several years. About a year ago I went off Plavix and have not experienced a heart attack or restinosis. I remain on 81mg aspirin. While still taking Plavix, I had the misfortune of developing a bowel obstruction which required emergency surgery. The fact that I was was taking Plavix was a major concern, and the surgery took place expecting bleeding problems.
1274110 tn?1270788561 I am on plavix also and was taking nexium for gerd. My cardiologist told me to go off the nexium because the FDA has found that the nexium or any of the PPI's inhibits the plavix from working properly. I am now on pepcid instead of nexium. I am curious to find out if your cardio's had mentioned this to you. Protonix is in the same group of PPI's as nexium. Google plavix and ppi's or go on the FDA website. You will read a lot about the two meds. Just for your info.