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Avatar f tn 100mg Niacin Before Bed: Metropolol and Lipitor. I ALSO drink two glasses of red wine in the evening. My question is, am I "over doing it" with a bad mix, or is this acceptable and/or beneficial? Thank you!
1200510 tn?1265337942 So my question is I don't know how to take Niacin and what kind to take. And how long to take. My whole idea of this is to not have another stroke.
1200510 tn?1265337942 So my question is I don't know how to take Niacin and what kind to take. And how long to take. My whole idea of this is to not have another stroke.
Avatar f tn my question is, I would love to see him not having to take plavix and from things I have been reading, all signs and data support the idea that Fish Oil can be just as effective to keep his platlets from clogging and sticking to his stent. Obviously this is my fathers life I am talking about here so i do not want to harm him.
482517 tn?1208554978 Are you also on Lipitor, a beta blocker and niacin? And do you bruise easily and bleed a lot from a nick and or have nosebleeds?
Avatar n tn Believe it or not, I am taking 5 Niacin tablets in the morning and 5 at night for high trigylcerides. I can't remember the strength, but this is what is oredered by my doctor. In addition to that of course I have to take a statin and Tricor. Good news is that Tricor will have a generic out in May. I was also told by my pharmicist that Plavix has a generic coming out in July. Ask your pharmicist if there is a generic of Niaspan due out any time soon.
Avatar n tn LPa is a genetic disorder that does increase the risk of heart disease and niacin is the best treatment to lower the level. Whether a reduction in the level will translate into reduced cardiac events is unknown.
Avatar n tn My husband is only 38, he had a stroke last year he had a stent put in, now he is on plavix, atenolol, hydrochlorothiazide 25mg, last week his doc added niacin 500 mg, simvastatin 20, flexeril and tramadol, also his one aspirin each day, these are just so many meds, are they safe?
733362 tn?1489798536 I don't need a hospital recommendation and have a good Cardiologist. He is pretty upset with me because I stopped taking my Simvastatin and went with Niacin. My cholesterol is great on Niacin. Then I griped about Plavix thje whole time I was on it. He begrudgingly let me get off it in 18 months. The Metoprolol makes me feel like I have a big rubber band around my chest, can't breathe on it so I was using the Valium to help keep my HR down.
214864 tn?1229718839 by pass the stented artery. Then one can get off Plavix. This is my goal...Get off Plavix and start breathing again. Again, I do not understand the doctor's comments about having to be on Plavix for a year before by-pass. Can someone explain. Thanks....
Avatar n tn I am trying to see if we can do the plavix every other day and continue with one baby aspirin. He takes the plavix in the AM and the Lipitor at night. The niacin he takes 3 times per day. What is this new drug you are taking? W.....instead of plavix/ Lipitor (cannot go back in and re-read your post to make sure I am naming the right meds. Also, what about the muscle problem? What should he look for? Thanks for helping us out here.
Avatar m tn I am on Crestor 10 mg, Glucophage 1000mg, Atenenol 50mg, Benicar 40mg, Plavix 75mg, Niacin 500mg and Aspirin 325mg. My latest blood test was: Total Cholesterol 94, LDL 47, HDL 21, Trig 121, HA1c 6.5. Blood pressure within normal range. I am being told my HDL is in a dangerously low zone.....but how much higher can it get when my LDL is so low?
Avatar m tn As for the drug eluting stents there is a growing trend for cardiologists to keep their patients on Plavix and aspirin for longer intervals, and in some that have significant risk factors indefinitely. I have a DES and am on Plavix & ASA for life. I have had a stroke that my doctors believe to be due from being off of Plavix and ASA for a procedure--I may have developed a clot during that period. I think a yearly cardiologist visit is sound.
214864 tn?1229718839 I am currently taking 20 mg of Coreg CR (controlled released), an ACEi, Plavix, Zocor (intermittently due to adverse reactions, same as with all statins) and Norvasc. I react differently to many medicines than other people and as I get older the more unpredictable I am, when it comes to side affects of new drugs like antibiotics and heart medications, like ARBs, which I cannot take. I am desperate to wean myself off of Coreg and start another CCB for the tachycardia.
Avatar n tn My lp a blood test came back 174 My doctor started me on 500 mg of niacin I also take aspirin, plavix, and cholestorl med. zestril 5 mg I am so scared what else can I do to lower these levels. Should I take vit C or fish oil. I walk every day and I am trying to lose weight. I weigh 158 and am 5' 4. I'm 54.
Avatar n tn I have 5 stents in my LAD, and the meds I take for CAD include Lipitor, Zetia, and Niacin. I also take Lisinipril, Isosorbide Mononitrate, Plavix, Cilostazol, Ranexa and Fish Oil, but don't have any of the nausea you've experienced. You do have to watch some of the issues w/ Niacin, but by taking an aspirin and waiting 1/2 hour you can usually avoid them.
Avatar m tn He is now on 60mg of Crestor QD, Metoprolol 25mg BID, Plavix 75mg QD, Lisinopril 2.5mg QD, Zetia 10mg QD, Niacin 2,000mg QD, Fish Oil 4,000mg QD, ASA 81mg QD, along with Garlic and CholestOff daily. He has done well and had no further problems since his heart attack 18months ago. My question is would he benefit from Bypass and what is the likleyhood he will need Bypass in the future?
242440 tn?1264523444 (1) Of my 8 heart caths, the last two have been clear and I passed my last nuke stress test about 4 months ago. My cholesterol is down to 120 and HDL/LDL are finally within normal levels. Are there any meds you'd recommend I get off - seems to me like I'm on too many and I'm often dizzy: (2) I still have continuing chest pressure. When do you think it would be reasonable to go in for another test (nuke stress, etc) to ensure I'm doing well?
482517 tn?1208554978 Having difficulty coming to terms with it (to say the least) that and the Plavix, lipitor, metoprolol, aspirin, niacin....... Can anyone say something to me to give me some optimism? I feel like I'm walking around with a time bomb inside me.....
Avatar m tn I am also on a stantin as well as a large dose of Niacin and aspirin. I am also on two psychotropic medications for PTSD and depression. I am 60 years old and work as an RN tech in a major hospital. Aside from forgetting where my car keys are or what I went into a specific room to get, I think I'm doing pretty well. As a surgeon, you must know a great many specialists in all the areas of concern for you. Why do you not discuss these issues with them?
Avatar n tn exercise, alcohol, and large doses of Niacin. Niaspan can raise your HDL significantly and also lower LDL and total cholesterol. Several weeks after I started it my total cholesterol was 158 and my HDL had increased from 37 to 48. I was expecting TC in the same range this year and perhaps a little better HDL. I was surprised that my TC was 110, LDL only 50, and HDL was 37. Although the HDL was lower, the ratio was tremendous.
Avatar f tn Hi, My name is Donna and my question is regarding Plavix. After my first heart attack Christmas Eve of 2004, I was put on Plavix along with other heart medications. After 2 years with no cardic episode, my insurance took me off Plavix, which I thought was ok because I felt good and was doing fine. Ten months after being taken off the Plavix I had my second heart attack and 2 of the 3 stents I had put in were 80% blocked again.
Avatar m tn Can this be dangerous or as long as I stay hydrated, I guess I wasn't doing well enough there, or is the heat itself dangerous regardless of whether I'm hydrated. Do I need to quit altogether? I take aspirin, Benazepril, Carvedilol, Plavix, niacin, CoQ10, and DHA daily and my last nuclear stress test in fall 2010 was clear. I do notice I'm sighing more in the heat which was a precursor to my heart attacks, so I'm wondering what to do.
Avatar n tn In 2003 January, I had two stents put in one of my main valves to my heart, one blockage was 95% and the other 50 %. And was put on two blood pressue medicines and Lipitor,Plavix and aspirin. I have my Cholesterol checked every month to see how I am doing. I eat foods to lower my Cholesterol, that I had never even previously heard of before. LUCKIE KAT.
Avatar n tn I am 35 and like you had a 99% and 70% RCA blockage stented 2 weeks ago. Terrible family history here also. I have been active all of my life with sports military etc. I think I'm still in shock this happened. Went to the doctors after chest tightness when running. Have you had any limitations since April? Did you return to regular excercise and weight lifting?
1210142 tn?1266080631 As a subsitute I take supplements such as Niacin and Artichoke leaf. Today I had an endoscopy and everything was looking good. I suppose we are trying to find if it's cardiac or not cardiac related and at this time just ruling out non-cardiac symptoms. Another cathetarization? What about radiation exposure? Don't you think would have been better just do a bypass/ one artery is involved only/ maybe using the LIMA artery and this way maybe I could have been fine instead of stents?
Avatar n tn The three ways to significantly increase HDL currently are exercise, alcohol, and high dose niacin, although a drug designed to raise HDL is expected to come to market in 2005 or 2006. High doses of Niacin will cause flushing and the no-flush Niacin is not effective. I take 1500mg of perscription Niaspan and walk 3 hilly miles per day, plus do a bit more on the weekends. I've brought my HDL up from 29 to 50-55 and seem to have arrested my coronary artery disease.
733362 tn?1489798536 no, I'm supposed to take lisinopril and metoprolol. I don't take either one. I stayed on Plavix for 18 months and Simvastatin for 3 years until I tore a muscle. I had a reaction to lisinopril, hives. The metoprolol makes your heart go crazy if you miss a dose and might be the cause of this headache. I take as needed. All that stuff has horrible side effects. Are you a nurse or something?
Avatar n tn They do not want him to take it in the PM as this is when he takes his Lipitor and Plavix. He also takes Folic Acid and Vitamin E. This regime has reduced his triglycerides down to 170 from 400 and his cholesterol from 210 to 193. We asked his cardiologist at THI if there was a Niacin med that had less side effects than the plain over the counter Niacin but the doc said that he does not want to change him now. He is also on baby aspirin. Pravochol has done very well for me.
Avatar n tn Meds are Lipitor 80mg, Toprol 25mg, Prilosec 40mg, niacin 1000mg, aspirin low dose, and vitimans. My most recent Echo Cardiogram revealed 45-50% ejection fraction after 10 minutes on treadmill, which confirmed last years Angiogram that 3 of the four grafts have failed. One remaining is the artery that was repositioned from chest wall. Three veins grafts taken from leg have not held up as well.