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Avatar f tn been on 81mg aspirin and 75mg plavix since January21 and feel terrible have one medacade stent
1210142 tn?1266080631 I was also on Omeprazole with Plavix both times. My Doc said the evidence is weak, and if it does reduce the effects of plavix, then it's only slight. Until more conclusive studies are done, who knows.
1274110 tn?1270792161 I came off of Imdur 60 mg twice a day and a nitro patch. It was working but now I get real bad heartburn and my GERD (acid reflux) is back. Has any one had a similar experience? Here is a listing of my meds. Any help appreciated.
Avatar m tn Newly on Plavix after stinting. Have read that antacids and gerd RX meds reduce the effectivenes of Plavix ti the extent there are measurable negative outcomes for heart patients on both. I have been on Prevacid for years and my backup is Gaviscon which apparently is also reactive with Plavix. Is there anything for heartburn that has been confirmed compatable with Plavix? I have a recently received a medicated stent and do not wish to reduce the Plavix effectiveness.
370181 tn?1428180348 But, I have also heard that GERD can and often does cause jaw pain. Now when I have a GERD episode with some jaw pain, I sit on the side of the bed, phone in hand, wondering if this is just GERD or a heart attack. I will be discussing all this with my doctor at my next appointment, but I often have more trust in those who actually deal with an issue rather than someone who has just had to read about it.
Avatar n tn How long must one be on Plavix to keep coated stents open? I need knee surgery badly and need to be off Plavix for 5 days prior to surgery. Cardiologist has vetoed all surgery. I have 3 stents and with 2 of the stents, I have been on Plavix for 15 months and the last stent..on Plavix for 9 months. What is Cleveland Clinics thoughts on this? Question #3. Recent CT scan of chest shows calcification in the Lad and mid RCA.
Avatar n tn If you have symptoms that occur with exercise, the symptoms are unlikely due to GERD and are more likely due to your heart. Go back to the cardiologist and relate these symptoms.
Avatar m tn Cardiac dr doesn't want to be involved though he needs to be with the heart meds I'm on. He did take me off coumadin last week. But still on Plavix, aspirin and Toprol XL. Plavix apparently is rough on the stomach. Can't see a GI or ENT here until end of April at the earliest. Live in a college town. Too many people and not enough drs. Closest big hospital is 100 miles. Insurance may or may not cover depending on a number of requirements. Feeling helpless.
Avatar m tn took the priolosec away because it will not interact with my heart meds Plavix. My irrigular heart beats are still there and are worse when I eat the foods that cause reflux. I am starting to run out of food groups that don't affect me even drinking water will make me burp. Anyone have any ideas what might work?
Avatar n tn I am also on Nexium for severe gerd, Crestor, Avalide 150/12.5 and Lopressor and B12 Injections and 5,000mg of Vitamin D daily and Synthroid for hashimoto's...TSH is in the 5-9 range. I also take .375 Bayer, daily, for chronic siunus headaches and Advil for my bum knee. Have you seen patient's like me in this dilemna. Would coumadin be better? Pradaxa is soooooooooo expensive. The bottle is sittingt here for 4 days now and I am too scard to take it. Still taking Plavix.....
Avatar m tn I felt the sinus drain and would carry kleenex with me to spit it out. I developed horrid gerd/heartburn/ bad breath and nothing in this world is helping with that and now the chronic sinus infection/problems. In the morings I cough and drain till I literally vomit gobs and gobs of mucous up in the sink. Then I can breathe a bit better. I am on Nexium x 2 a day, Maalox 24-7, Titralac and Pepcid.....Everything I eat...even water produces hearburn.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with GERD 10 years ago. I had bad chest pain, and went through heart tests, was diagnosed with GERD. I took Cimetidine twice daily for about 3 years, and it quit working. I then had endoscopy. My doctor said I had "lots of acid". I took Protonix, it made me miserable with stomach pain, diarrhea - constant. I was put on Nexium by another doctor, it also caused bloating, stomach pain, and diarrhea several times a day. I was afraid to go out.
1243333 tn?1296450502 I am 50 and have cardiac problem along with GERD, I have been having a cycle every 16 to 18 days would not worry about it except I am on plavix and been experience extreme anemia to the point the hemoglobin was 7 and the ferrtin non-existence had to have a blood transfusion and IV iron, I am not sure if the plavix or one of the other meds I am on is causing the period to be so frequent I take norvacs, tekturnia, troprol XL, imdur, spironolactone, crestor, kapidex, carafate, and asprin (my cyc
Avatar m tn I was given a prescription for my stomach discomfort, but before I had the prescription filled the findingsI had researched about this particular drug was not favorable or compatible with the Plavix 75mg and was later strongly advised by my pharmacy not to take it with plavix. [I have always been concerned about the effects or combination of prescprition drugs!] Presently, [recent weeks] I have had very little appetite, lost weight and have immflation of the roof of my mouth and tongue.
Avatar f tn So for the next week, while the Plavix gets out of your system, take it easy, rest up and do not do ANYTHING to hurt yourself. Even sneezing or coughing is risky. I too, have faith and trust and believe what Quix says, I think and feel in my "gut" that this surgery will be of great benefit to you. I feel good about this in my heart...I really do. Please have your hubby keep in touch with the group. I will be lurking around, waiting for a reply from you or your hubby.
Avatar n tn I also have my CD's of the Cath's but the Cath doctors do not want to be bothered to view them in my presence. Typical, eh? I would LOVE to see if I am growing collaterals. Al, 60% is a great EFraction. 72% is good but the normal range is between 55-65%, I was told. AND, this fraction can flucuate up and down at times and not mean a darn thing.... Are you still going to Cleveland Clinic. I wish you all the best.
Avatar f tn I am a 52 year old woman, I have Diabetes 1, and Gerd. For 3 months now I have been dealing with extreme high blood pressure. Avg. 220/123, accompanied by chest pain in my upper left size of my chest. This pain does not move. I have been put in the hospital 3 times within these 3 months. I get stress tests, ultrasounds, X-rays and blood work.
Avatar f tn Same as Ed, I've eight stents and always was given a handful of Clopidogrel (Plavix) during the prep time before the surgery, and a couple of aspirins. They want the blood as thin as possible during the procedure to reduce the risk of stroke or arterial obstructions, obviously. I'd not be concerned and take the medication as asked. Best wishes with the procedure, keep us informed.
Avatar n tn If I do any physical activity my hands and feet will turn very red and be very hot and I can feel the heat radiating off my hands and feet. If I am outside and the weather is hot and I am wearing flipflops my feet will get beat red and so will my hands. I dont feel any pain but it is uncomfortable because i can feel something happening in my feet and even my legs. If i take a hot shower my feet and legs become beat red and my legs get blue even and I dont know why.
Avatar f tn (1) Controloc Tablet 40mg (2) Ganaton Tablet 50mg (3) Bio-Quinone Q10 Capsule 30mg (4) Caltrate 600 + D Tablet (5) Plavix Tablet 75mg I would like to know, sometimes i feel that my both hand and chest a bit numbness especially sleeping time. Is it normal? Is the medicine any side effect for me? Should i need to tell the doctor? Any idea/suggestion/advice ? Thank you. Have a nice day!
Avatar m tn Each time they give me a GI cocktail, call it GERD and kick me to curb. I have taken prilosec, protonic, nexium, and a couple of the "common meds." My GI Doc doesn't think GERD can cause these symptoms and seems to dismiss me. After 4 visits to the GI doc, he has yet to do anything but talk to me in his office and give me more meds. Monday I am having a endoscopy with a 24 hr ph study. Any ideas, I am miserable and considering a new doc.
Avatar n tn I am on my second DES in my LAD-first a cypher stent that had a proximal occlusion at the leading edge of the stent after two years,8 months on Plavix and con't on asa-325.
Avatar m tn I woke up last night about 2 am with high HR (low 100's and into teens a little) and BP 158/100. I took 1/2 atenolol and this brought HR and BP down (123/80). So I went 1/2 atenolol higher than usual. I called my cardiologist and they told me just to go back to usual administration of atenolol. My question is, can I still expect to feel withdrawal from lopressor, as I just took for this one event, tonight and perhaps later on.
Avatar n tn The information you provide suggests that you probably have both gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and asthma. GERD can aggravate asthma. For the reflux, you and your doctor should try a strong proton pump inhibitor in the highest recommended dose.
63984 tn?1385441539 I do know that Omaprozole and the drug Plavix doesn't mix well, but that is the only warning I know of. GERD can cause anemia because of blood loss if there is a perforation, that may be your confusion. My question was aimed at determining if violent retching could damage that valve in the Esophagus, but thanks for responding.
Avatar m tn Hi and welcome to the GERD forum. The only thing I ever heard that is non surgical is seeing a Chiropractor that can manipulate the hernia....I am not sure if it needs to be the sliding type of hernia.....and not sure all chiro's can help with this, but could be something to look into. Keep in mind some of these procedures are not right for everyone, so do talk with ur GI dr to see what they feel may be helpful and a referral to a Chiro they feel is good for this procedure.
Avatar n tn However I never miss my dose of Plavix. The manufacturers of your stent recommend taking aspirin and Plavix for one year after your stent placement. In a perfect world, this is great but many cannot tolerate both medicines. Why don't you call your doctor or his nurse and tell them about the stomach pain and bloating? I think that would be a good move. Who knows, if you stop the aspirin, your chest pain, if due to GERD, might go away!
Avatar n tn i somehow feel my pvc and gerd are somehow related. i been having pvc on and off for 20 yrs.when gerd was present. now i been having pvc every day for 6months, some days worse than others. i have no other stress other than pvc. i normally try to ignore them and it works most of the time. on bad days when they are continuous it runs my life. seems they are here to stay this time. before they would come n go but now i only had a handfull of good days the last 6 months.
Avatar f tn Yes I am on all new meds. They took me off Norvasc and added Plavix 75 mg, Coreg 6.25 twice daiy and Lisinopril 2.5. Baby aspirin as well. I will continue to delay any real exercise until I see the doctor on June 7th.Do you think (from your experience that I should call him before that? What is the name for the Plavix generic? thank you for your help. The cardi thought I had MVD and was pretty surprised to find the extent of my blockage.
Avatar f tn It might be necessary to increase the Nexium dose, but from my experience, this is a very minor issue. The need to take Plavix trumps the Nexium issue. Plavix and aspirin are essential to keep your stents from plugging up again. It sounds like your hospital doesn't have a good program in place for education after an MI and cath. I work a day a week at our hospital as a Cardiac Navigator, as I've had MI's, eight stents, a pacer and bypass surgery and still standing.