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Avatar f tn He was admitted to the hospital and was taken off his blood thinner, plavix and received an x-ray and EKG. He is not receving antibiotics or IV therapy. I'm concerned that his symptoms are not being taken seriously. He's told a hemmoroid may be bleeding. He is filling the toliet with blood and diarrhea. Aren't these symptoms a sign of a perforated bowel?
Avatar m tn * Do not take Plavix and aspirin together. Do not take Plavix with Nexilum, Prevacid or Prilosec. * Plavix has serious side effects, one of which is mental confusion. Another serious side effect is ulcers. Counterintuitive as it may sound, another serious side effect is stroke.
Avatar m tn What about plavix. My husband is on it and is experiencing internal bleeding and subsequent drop in hemoglobin count to 10. we are concerned about staying on plavix as the physicians have been unable to determine source of bleeding.
255163 tn?1376873346 My health is not good and I am in so much pain on the plavix, joint pain and headaches and the list goes on and on.Hope this helps you out a little..
Avatar m tn I have both DES and drug eluting stents and have had heart attacks, and took Plavix for several years. About a year ago I went off Plavix and have not experienced a heart attack or restinosis. I remain on 81mg aspirin. While still taking Plavix, I had the misfortune of developing a bowel obstruction which required emergency surgery. The fact that I was was taking Plavix was a major concern, and the surgery took place expecting bleeding problems.
9088869 tn?1401643539 Five years later I had clots again for the same reason due to the doctor that was doing my colonoscopy wanted me to stop the aspirin and Plavix. The same thing happened with the clots. What's wrong with my blood that I need to stay on the aspirin and Plavix or risk blood clots?
Avatar m tn I HAVE 3STENTS AND i can't come off Plavix.. I had a colonoscopy this morning for diagnostic reasons and I am full of polops,but they couldnt take any out while I am on Plavix...Last time I went off plavix for 2 days I had my 2nd heartattack so I CAN NOT GO OFF OF IT..I hac surgery to remove a salivary gland and had to stay overnight for obsevation and everything turned out all right.. Is there anyway to remove these polops while on Plavix ?
Avatar n tn Finally when no one wanted to attend my complication the doctors at CCF did a 2nd CABG in which they replaced the nonfunctional LIMA with the RIMA and probably save my life. Fortunately no longer on Plavix and Asp since I need to have a colonoscopy and GB removal soon. I also have a severe problem with calcification which caused Aortic valve replacement, aortic stenosis and may now be threatening my Mitral valve.
Avatar m tn Apparently, OP experiences other problems believed to be associated with plavix and that should also be a consideration for him. I discontinued plavix after a year or so and my wallet is happy.
Avatar f tn (81mg) One other thing is that we are seeing another cardiologist on Wednesday and I've already spoken to him on the phone and he says that he doesn't agree with stoping plavix...sigh.... I guess what bugs me is that I just don't know how any of the human body works and I'm envisioning a wound near his heart, in his vessel, that will clot just like it would on my arm or head or something and then - bam - total blockage and that's it.
Avatar n tn Im having a colonoscopy done in less than 36 hours and I know there are certain pain meds I can't take because they will effect the results,however I'm having a terrible migraine headache. I usually take Imitrix (100mg) . Is it safe for me to take this medicine ...or...will it interfere with my test?
Avatar m tn My last heart attack was 3 years ago. I take a daily full-strength aspirin and a daily 75mg Plavix. I know aspirin can cause false positive FOBT results and I read that it's good to stop taking it for 7 days prior to a FOBT, and to stop taking Plavix for 3 days prior to the test. Seeing that I haven't had a heart attack in 3 years, is it ok for me to stop these meds for my test? Thanks.
Avatar m tn In June 2007 I had a double by-pass and have recovered nicely. Two weeks ago I went off the coumadin for 4 days to have a colonoscopy and a benight polyp removed. I went back on the coumadin and suffered severe rectal bleeding from the polyp, which was then clamped. Prior to the repair procedure I was IV'd with frozen plama and vitamin K. I was discharged on September 9 and since I am scheduled for an aortic stent for an abdominal aneurism (5.
214864 tn?1229718839 I was wondering if any of you have ever had severe side effects from Plavix, such as gastrointestinal bleeding, and/or severe abdominal pain. I have taken Plavix for over 5 years daily, @75 mg/day. My abdominal pain gets worse each day. Now I cannot eat a lot of solid food. I just had an endoscopic analysis and colonoscopy. I have a precancerous condition of my esophagus known as Barrett's Esophagus, which should not cause abdominal pain. I had 3 rectal polyps removed that were not cancerous.
315318 tn?1353255400 Cheese is low in carbs and you should be able to eat all you want. It isn't causing your bleeding though, I think that's all coincidental. There are no foods that make us bleed, UNLESS there is something along our digestive tract that cheese could irritate, but if cheese irritates it, so would other foods. They normally stop the Plavix in one year after a stent is put in. Good luck, a gastro doc will be able to tell you what exactly is causing the bleeding.
Avatar n tn I recently had a colonoscopy and was told to stop anti-platelet medication 6 days prior to procedure and there is a risk of excessive bleeding if there were polyps...none found....but my point is to discontinue anti-platelet medciation for a few days is not a very large risk...excessive bleeding can be much higher risk. Personally I would discontinue blood thinning medication prior to any intervention. Take care, and I wish you well going forward.
Avatar n tn thought it to be his gallbladder, but in the process of finding that they also found a blocked artery in his heart which a stent was placed. He was put on plavix and asprin. The heart dr. told him he needed to be on the meds for at least 9 months before he could come off of them to have the gallbladder surgery. His Gallbladder was taken out back in Oct. of this year and his initial symptoms have progressivly gotten worse.
Avatar n tn She is also on Plavix, which didn't help. The Plavix was immediately stopped so they could get the bleeding under control. On Tuesday the same internist perfomed a second colonoscopy. She apparenly found another polyp in the sigmoid colon, and then several ulcers (which was where the bleeding was presumably coming from). The doctor told my Dad that the ulcers had developed where she had removed polyps. My question is: is that POSSIBLE?! In less than 24 hours?
Avatar n tn I have NO history of any cardiac problems prior to the fainting spell, which my gastoenterologist says was probably caused by a combination of spastic colon (which was observed during colonoscopy) and comstipation (a life-long problem) and nerve response to the pain. The big part of the problem I have is, that I have heard that the nuclear dye studies are prone to significant error in heavy men, like me.
Avatar n tn I had a stent placed one week ago today, was back in the hospital day before yesterday having an EGD and colonoscopy to tract down the source of some rectal bleeding (so they wouldn't have to take me off Plavix - results are internal hemorrhoids), yesterday I felt okay, today I'm exhausted and shaky. Shouldn't opening a blocked artery make me feel better? How long should it take to recover from 2 episodes of conscious sedation within the week? Or is there something else going on?
745393 tn?1345080796 I like to know has anyone else had this problem, and not sure that's the Plavix, I think its just making the problem worth.
Avatar n tn I think everything is over and I clean up. I walk out of the toilet and in about 2 minutes time the stomach cramp and the fainting sensation comes back (I've fainted only once to date from this and was out for about 15-20 minutes). 6. When I get back to the toilet I have a really violent Diarrhoea episode in pure liquid state.
Avatar m tn GI consult continued and suggested a colonoscopy. Coumadin and Plavix was d/c for a few days for the test, and ischemic colitis was confirmed. Slightly weak from the now 10 day hospital stay, d/c to sub-acute rehab was ordered. Coumadin was not on the transfer order and I raised this fact as a concern to the nurse at rehab admission. Mom stroked the next day.
Avatar m tn He recently had a colonoscopy, his DR. was very pleased with the condition of his colon. He is 64yrs old and a tennis!
Avatar n tn I came off of prednisone for a week then I began to bleed yet again. I was started back on prednisone and given a second colonoscopy and then it was decided no Crohn's was present. I began to bleed again three weeks later. I went back to the doctor and he decides I have and anal fissure. He gave me hydrocortisone (which my previous doctor had prescribed) so without telling him I used more Rowasa which had been used before since the hydrocortisone caused discomfort.
Avatar m tn Regarding a eluded stent implant there is a risk for clots for up to a year or so and aspirin and plavix is prescribed to help prevent clots. If there is going to be an operation, there would need to be a halt to anti-clotting medication with stent implant and a riks of a heart attack or other emergency intervention to prevent excessive bledding. If there is chest pain (angina pectoris) from the implanted stents, then there would be a restenting procedure or something else such as a bypass.
Avatar n tn I also had the scope they put down the throat and a colonoscopy not a problem. Maybe thats why they couldnt indcuce the vt.mmmm. I would love versed all day but your right it would make me sleep all day. cant do that.
Avatar n tn As for the liver lesions, their also soft cysts and are not a concern. The doctor does want a colonoscopy done because of the enlarged lymph nodes. How can they tell that the lesions are not a problem without a biopsy? He does get very tired, but takes 100 mgr of motropolol twice daily, plavix, lipitor & aspirin.
Avatar n tn I realize this is not a place to get diagnosed, but perhaps you can shed some light on my situation. Yesterday I had a Colonscopy done, and the Doc found and removed a large Polyp from the beginning of my colon near or in the Ileum. Of course it was sent to the lab and I dont know much about the polyp yet, however, he stated that my rectal bleeding was more than likely from the large polyp.
Avatar n tn My mother is an 80-year old with severe osteoarthritis and spinal stenosis. Until recently she played golf twice weekly even with the back pain. She suffered a fall approximately six weeks' ago and fractured two vertebrae. She underwent a vertebroplasty on one of the vertebrae. I mention this as background for consideration of a problem that remains undiagnosed. She has always had to get up at night to urinate as often as 6 to 8 times.