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Avatar f tn Did you find out what was wrong because I'm having the same problem, I also took the monistat 3day and had sex and also having a pink discharge but nothing like blood and discharge because I know what it looks like.
Avatar n tn The discharge only lasted a day as well as the cramping. Now all i am having is just a little nasuea and some dizzy spells. I have never had the pink discharge before and it conserns me what it could mean. Any help would be helpful!
Avatar f tn i have been having pink and to dark brown discharge. my periods have been reg but no chance being preg because i had my tubed tied and burnt 18 yrs ago... have recently lost weight from size 22 to 14... i have some itching also but not hurt or pain when i use the bathroom.. just wondering should i be a little worried?
Avatar m tn I began experiencing mild itching around the vaginal area, mostly external, a few days ago. I've also had a pink/brownish discharge, which began a day after the itching did. There isn't much - just enough to require a panty liner. *I've had extremely irregular periods my entire life, and almost always there's at least a two-month gap between periods. I just ended my period three weeks ago. *I've never seen discharge this color before. I doubt it is regular period spotting.
Avatar f tn Hi! I am 26 years old. Married for a year and 3 months. I have had no children & have head an I.U.D. (para guard) for about a year now. My period and discharge have not been predictable, to say the least, since the I.U.D. Last week...maybe week and a half I have had pinkish discharge, and an extremely itchy vagina. The discharge was thought the day, but the itchiness signed to only REALLY bother me in the evening.
Avatar n tn And that was after I wiped myself after urinating. It was not a lot of pink discharge on th T.P. And here and there, I get a little crampy, but not the usual hell cramps I experience every month, just little cramps.Those are not every day either. Then the next day, just clear discharge. The following, a little just that once again. Today, nothing. Just clear and thick. My boobs have NOT been sore at all. I think I better go get a hpt. Could this be an ectopic? Implantation?
Avatar f tn I have a question ive been seeing a discharge latley and i think its bv. I got tested but everything came back negative. When i told my doctor he said that this is normal and that i couldnt do or take anything until after my pregnancy is this true? Im now 33 weeks n im getting nervous...
1837090 tn?1328043721 lately ive been feeling pukey and i cramped for a little bit on the 19th i had pink and mucous one time when i wiped and then November 31st and December 1st had a very very small amount of brown blood just once one day and 2 times on the other and only when i wiped. i have seen nothing else i get weird shooting kinda pain in my breasts and when i bend over they really hurt.. also ive had a crazy amount of like a clear but also kinda milky white discharge no odor or itching or anything though.
Avatar m tn 5th it was unprotected afterwards my vagina has been itching and i started to have this very light pink discharge with some brown in it i think the brown is just leftover blood from my period. Please tell me what this could be i've had my Hpv and hepatitis b shot.
Avatar f tn There may be some irritation or remnants of a period or spotting and that is tinging the discharge the color you are seeing and its thick, because it is yeast and the itching is a classic sign. If you've never been diagnosed with a yeast infection, doctors recommend being seen. So, I wouldn't be concerned that it is something to worry about but because it is uncomfortable, get it taken care of.
Avatar f tn i got that with my ex alot after sex) Anyways, i started having brown dischage for about a week, and now the discharge is light pink, like light blood. I also get heart burn at night and body aches at night. And tonight i feel really sick, like going to throw up...and im shaking, but thats how i get when im dehydrated, im drinking som water so hopefully that will help....But the body aches have been here for about 2 months or so, on and off. I also get alot of headaches.
Avatar f tn My 14 1/2 months old DD has been sick for almost a week now. Her stuffy/runny nose is getting in the way of eating and sleeping. The poor girl is so miserable. Her eyes were watering a great deal for about 4 days but didn't water that much today. However, I noticed that they were a little red (both eyes). I thought right away "pink eye". What do I look out for? It looks like they're itching her but her whole face is itchy right now (nose, ears, etc).
Avatar m tn I read that if I have viral I would not need medicine and that it would go away in a certain amount of time. Doctors are expensive and I do not have insurance. I do not have any discharge during the day but I do have some crusting over night. There is redness in my eyes and they do itch. There is no feeling of grittiness, light sensitivity, swelling, or other symptoms. This started in my right eye and quickly spread to both from me rubbing my eyes.
Avatar n tn I have never been sexually active, and it's not bacterial vaginosis (pH still normal). Also no burning/itching like with some infections. Any ideas as to what might be causing this? Doctor is not interested in helping find the underlying issue.
Avatar f tn , when i was about 19 yrs old, i started getting pain in my right breast with a brownish/white/yellow discharge,with pain in the armpit, sensitive nipple and dry itchy skin along the side of my breast nearer to my arm side and was peeling skin, had screening done and they couldnt find anything, then i had a examination and they said the only thing can think it could be is perductal mastits, probably through smoking, wel im now 23 years old with a 5 year old son, and still get the discharge, pa
Avatar n tn I've been sexually active with a new guy for about 3 weeks now, and these things appeared just last weekend or so, and progressed over time. It got really really bad though, beyond the occasional itch right after the last time we had sex. He was a little sick still, so could that be the cause? Any ways I can keep the itching away? It's getting unbearable. Also, I don't know if this is related, but my clitoris, right at the tip, has been very very sensitive for quite some time now.
Avatar f tn At the end of sex when I go to the bathroom their is light pink blood sometimes their is some brown mixed in. When I pee at the end it is burning and I have white discharge but on my underwear its light brown. I have no itching and no odor.
Avatar n tn And to add to that-I didn't have discharge with my yeast infection! Just the itching. If the itching, redness and tenderness gets worse, try some over the counter medication. Or, go to the doctor, they'll be able to tell what it is, and if it were perhaps a yeast infection (or another irritation) you'd be able to be prescribed a drug that will take care of it in no time.
Avatar f tn As your cervix begins to efface (thin out) and dilate (open up), it may expel this mucus, and you'll notice discharge that looks like egg white or mucus from a runny nose on a cold day. You may even expel the plug in one gelatinous glob. This discharge might be tinged with a bit of blood. When should I call my caregiver? If there's a lot of thin, clear discharge, it can be hard for you to tell if it's just mucus or if you're leaking amniotic fluid.
Avatar f tn We just adopted a little kitten (about 3mo old). Recently, the backside of his right ear became white & light pink and coarse & dry (haven't seen any discharge). He's also missing fur in that spot. He was checked and cleared for ear mites at his vet appt last week. I also noticed he had a similar spot on his front leg with what looks like a dry cut. He seems to be in no pain and never touches these spots (itching or otherwise), but I'd like to figure out what's wrong.
Avatar f tn It even spread to the other eye, she took some drops and it cleared up. Well low and behold its a week later and it is back in one of the eyes again, Could this be chlamydia?? I had a test done for all STDs Thursday and am expecting the results back tomorrow. I read that chlamydia could cause pink eye but was really rare.
Avatar n tn Lack of aeration and irritation because of smegma and discharge surrounding the glans penis causes inflammation and edema.More common in uncircumcised males. It is usually caused by poor hygiene in uncircumcised men. The inflammation can be due to infection, harsh soaps, or failure to properly rinse soap off while bathing. One common organism associated with balanitis is a yeast known as Candida albicans.
Avatar n tn The main point about allergy is less matter and more itching than an infection. Lastly there are people that just seem to have recurrent eye infections with no "good" reason. It's like some people never get colds and other people have 5 or 6 or more colds per year. There are problems with using antibiotic eyedrops for a long time (super resistance of bacteria) so don't take medications except as directed by your ophthalmologist.
Avatar n tn i have the same problem....i could be sitting in class and all of a sudden feel wet! weird so i would go to the restroom and there would be a white mucus type liquid. i honestly dnt know what it could be...i often think it might be a yeast infection but im not too sure. were on the same page tho. i have a doctors app. next wk. to follow up on the test results ill keep you posted!
Avatar f tn I started having itching in my penis then discharge and burning. One week ago I touché the top of my penis where there was discharge and then touched my left eye immediately became irritated and red. It then spread to the right eye. Today about 7 days after the eyes are in bearable. Very red and watery not too much pus. I took 2g azith last week and the penis symptoms are mostly gone. The pink eye has spread to other family members as well.
Avatar f tn My nurse says its something that's normal im not itching or burning, its kind of whitish and then lite lite pink i mean its whitish with a little brown in it i mean i really can't explain, i don't no if it's a yeast infection like my nurse suggested or if this crap is something normal and im just over reacting. I mean im gonna make an appt. on monday so i can get to the bottom of this i mean when i sit down i can smell it threw my clothes.
Avatar n tn Then again, I've had it before so I kind of knew. I get a fishy odor, pink or brown discharge and sometimes a very sensitive vagina. This time I also had slight itching on my labia minora. It's a pain in the butt!
1472764 tn?1287591786 I went from a faint pink to a milky white discharge, I think that's normal. It's not thick at all & its odorless. God bless!
Avatar n tn And now today my strep like symptoms are a bit less though the headache is still pounding away and the discharge has changed from brown to pink and still swapping from clumpy to liquidy I've never heard of anything like this and still can't find anything after several hours of online searching.