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469349 tn?1217610541 there is no discharge from the eye, the left eye, where all the problem is, gets really pink and my vision gets cloudy, especially when my pain starts. Im schedule to have an angiogram this coming Wednesday, and Im hoping I can wait til there. If someone can let me know if this has to do with the fistula and what should I do, please comment.
Avatar m tn Oh and be careful, because you can get pink eye from the dog.
Avatar m tn I think I have pink eye. I am trying to get an idea if I have viral or bacterial. I read that if I have viral I would not need medicine and that it would go away in a certain amount of time. Doctors are expensive and I do not have insurance. I do not have any discharge during the day but I do have some crusting over night. There is redness in my eyes and they do itch. There is no feeling of grittiness, light sensitivity, swelling, or other symptoms.
Avatar f tn I did continue the medicine for 7 days as directed by her doctor. This past Thursday I woke up to swollen, itchy, red watery eyes. I assumed that I got pink eye from her so I started to take her medicine. My eyes are slowly getting better. They are no longer itchy and I do not have anymore discharge. However, they are still red and under my eyes look swollen. I have been on the antibiotic for over 5 days now. Should I expect them to be completely cleared up by now?
Avatar f tn So my question is how long after sexual contract would I contract pink eye of it is from an std? I have no other symptoms either. No discharge or pain when peeing. I also have not been in contct with any children where people would normally contract pink eye. Am I too worried about this or is this thing something I need to be concerned about?
Avatar n tn Can a man have pink eye caused by chlamydia, but no other symptoms, such as discharge from the penus?
223173 tn?1189759426 I just hate seeing blood and I've been scouring for information about bloody eye discharge with pink eye but I could not find any information about it. It definitely doesn't look like a subconjunctival hemorrhage or something.
Avatar m tn Zithromax and Rocepin have gotten rid of the 'pink eye' as you are calling it, for the most part. My urethral discharge goes away for a couple or three days and then returns. I have a lot of shooting pains in my joints, which also is a symptom. Doxy does not help me with this at all. I also read on a proctologist website that chlamydia can be in more than one stage ,and that most doctors just treat the stage that is suggested with Zithromax.
Avatar n tn My daughter (10) was sent home from school Friday because the nurse suspected pink eye in her right eye. We took her to the dr and they confirmed it. Saturday morning, it spread to the left eye so we used the antibiotic in the left eye. From what we were told, it takes about 24 hours for her not to be contagious anymore. This morning, she woke up with what looks like blood in her eye. Almost one half of her eye (white part only) looks like it is filled with blood.
Avatar n tn I'm so very confused now. 17 days ago, received about 2 mins. of unprotected oral from csw. I then did oral to her for about 1 min. Then, protected sex. I am a male. She was very adamant about using a condom when penetration occurred AND, after the brief oral. I was drunk, and think the condom was intact the whole time. The way she was acting, a condom was important to her. Symptoms: I think, mild burning, though on and off. Irritation at tip of penis on and off.
Avatar f tn may have been discharge dont know, Any way 2 days or so later she gets what looks like pink eye. It even spread to the other eye, she took some drops and it cleared up. Well low and behold its a week later and it is back in one of the eyes again, Could this be chlamydia?? I had a test done for all STDs Thursday and am expecting the results back tomorrow. I read that chlamydia could cause pink eye but was really rare.
Avatar n tn I've had pink eye come & go for the past 6 months. My first case, I did nothing but swab my eye with water, assuming that my daughter brought it home from daycare & that it would clear on its own. After it came back the 2nd time, I went to my Dr. who prescribed erthyromycin ointment. After the third time I just used some more of the ointment. But when it came back again I went to my Dr.
Avatar f tn And, pink eye is highly contagious and most parents would probably be thankful that you were careful enough to keep her home (if your daughter was going and you saw another child with pink eye there, even if it was being treated with drops, I think you would wish the parent had erred on the safe side and kept the child home).
Avatar f tn Many things from a pink eye to a stye can cause this. Please see an ophthalmologist.
Avatar f tn Is it normal to have some light brown discharge at 8 weeks ? It was only when I wiped this morning and nothing after no cramps or pain along with it.. I heard the heart beat at 6 weeks 6 days and it was at 136 .
Avatar n tn Im not sure if I have pink eye or a eye problem from welding. Last night I was welding in my garage, I use a auto darkening welding helmet that may have malfunctioned. When i came in to wash my hands I looked up in the mirror and my right eye was bloodshot. I had no vision problems or discomfort. This morning the eye had alot of crusty discharge on it, and the upper eye lid and lower area is puffy. The eye is still red. My other eye seems slightly puffy.
Avatar f tn Plus, I don't have the itching, swelling of the lids and discharge of pink eye. And, no one else in my family has any symptoms. We usually spread pink eye around the whole family during a week or so. I am wondering if this has something to do with my autoimmune disorder instead? I have vasculitis (not sure which kind yet) and possible SLE (lupus). I have had increasing vision problems with my other eye over the last month as well.
Avatar n tn Yesterday, I came down with pink eye. I've heard that STDs can cause pink eye. From other posts I've read, it would seem unlikely that I acquired an STD from the massage parlor based on my exposure and then got Pink Eye, but I would like an expert opinion. Also, if the provider had pink eye from an STD, would it be possible to acquire through such casual contact? Thanks for you assistance.
Avatar f tn 2 weeks ago Bruce started exhibiting symptoms of pink eye - discharge, crusties on the eye, the eye being pink.... It was $45 just to go see the vet so I found some alternate ideas on the internet (what in particular we did was washing the eye with a warm cloth 1 time a day and then with contact solution 1 time a day).
Avatar f tn It's not discharge like you would get from pink eye or a cold in the eye. It's just constant, white, sometimes clear string that I pull out of my eyes. Sometimes I can be pulling and I feel it pull from behind my eyeball. My family thinks that I'm weird cause I'm always messing with my eyes. If I put in visene, the sand-like feeling goes away for a minute but always comes right back.
Avatar m tn 7 month old who had pink eye 3 months ago. was given antibiotic eye drops. redness is gone and discharge crystallized then went away for awhile. The discharge is back. white,yellow or green in color. when it is white in color you will see it go across eye to inner corner. eyes r watery and itchy. There is no redness or swelling. No other health problems. Just the eyes. What is it and how do i get rid of it?
Avatar n tn I had been in north carolina for about a year at this point. I got pink eye in my right eye that spead to my left eye (in october) accompanied by a cold. I used the pink eye drops and my eyes where restored to complete health except for one thing. Occasionally I'd notice that I'd get an eye sleepy that was attached to strings. I could pull the sleepy from my eye and the 2 strings would go all the way around my eye. It was not often enough for me to have any great concern.
Avatar n tn My BF is going through the very same thing, started out as the worst pink eye I had ever seen and finally cleared up after a few weeks but that stringy discharge in the eye is constant and the doctors seem to only think its allergy symptoms but the meds didn't seem to make any difference after weeks of taking it so he stopped! I don't want this to evolve into an even worse problem!
Avatar m tn It reminded me of when you have pink eye and the discharge from your tears stick to your eye lids. I consulted a doctor earlier today and they did a series of tests including a penal swab and blood work. I had sex with an old girlfriend of mine on friday and saturday and started out unprotected and soon put on a condom before we continued further. I had noticed my symptoms about 2 or 3 days before she had come over but assumed at the time that I had a bladder infection.
Avatar f tn Right now, I would just relax, take it easy and keep an eye on things. When is your appointment? Probably 2 weeks from now? As long as it stays just like this, it could be your one of the lucky ones who will bleed bit. Call in if it increases too much and/or there is cramping.
Avatar n tn It i definitely bacterial pink eye due to what the doctor says and the discharge. I use my drops in both eyes and I dont use any eye make up from the last infections. The first two times were alot more severe than the one I woke up with this morning, but they all seem to be switching eyes every time. Any idea if I am getting immune to the antibiotic drops or maybe even a more severe problem? And I am not a contact lense wearer..
Avatar n tn If it gets worse or does not improve in a few days, you should take her to her pediatrician or an eye MD ophthalmologist. If it is viral pink eye, it is very contagious and there should be alot of handwashing and wiping of surfaces, etc going on. Also, towels and linens should only be used by your daughter, not others.