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Avatar n tn Well, I bled clogs of blood and didn't go to the emergency room. i notice I was just bleeding a regular period. After a couple of days I stopped and now I notice its brown. Is that normal?
Avatar f tn hi i had a period two weeks ago and i was bleeding dark brown blood and now started to bleed dark brown and i am not due for my period again
Avatar f tn I'm very crampy, which is unusual since ive been on birth control, and it is a light period with brown blood and kind of slimey/gooey. I'm not sure if this is normal, or if i should be concerned.
Avatar f tn I started spotting and light bleeding two days before my period was even supposed to start. It has been all brown, some days light, some days dark. It hsn"t been heavy at all and no cramps. I usally have terrible cramps.I began this last Sunday and it is now the next Monday. I am sexually without protection. I had sex everyday between my periods also. I have normal periods since i was 10 and i'm 17 now adn they last 3-5 noramlly. Any advice!? Please and thank you.
Avatar n tn During this period I've only had brown blood throughout the whole thing. I've had a little bit of red blood but thats it. i've been having unprotected sex and my period is usually rather heavy and during this period i've only needed to use one tampon a day. What does it mean? Am i pregnant? please get back to me asap because i can't get this off my mind!
Avatar n tn hey, are you on any form of birth control or trying to get pregnant..? erm brown blood means old blood, is it possible it could be implantation spotting.? does it come before or after you have a period?
Avatar f tn I came off my period two weeks ago! Now I'm bleeding BROWN BLOOD! & having CRAMPS ! ! What's going on? Not used to this.
Avatar m tn Does the brown blood that comes out at hte beginning of my period considered day 1 of the period?
Avatar f tn If its brown then its just old blood. Shouldn't be anything to worry about. The blood just got old before it was discharged.
Avatar f tn I'm 32 and have been put on a 28 day combi pill called Qlaira for hormone control, i started the tablets after constantly bleeding or an everlasting period it seems to be the only thing that stopped me bleeding but now i have this brown blood problem there is no red blood
Avatar n tn I have been trying to get pregnant for around a year. I last started my period on March 18, and then on April 24, I started "spotting" with brown blood. It has continued until today. I have taken an HPT but it says "-". What is going on with me???
Avatar n tn I am a 40 year old African American female that have had a tubal for the last 17 years. My periods have been regular but this month my period did not come on I just started to bleed brown blood for the last 3 days. I dont think that I am pregnant but I will take a test if needed. I normally get PMS before my period comes on but this time nothing. Please advise what you think this is.
Avatar f tn I'm 16 weeks, and I've been bleeding dark brown since Wednesday. A moderate amount each day. Called the doctor when it started, she said brown blood is old and call her if it changes. I had 2 previous instances of bleeding bright red, and each time I had an internal ultrasound, baby is fine. They checked my cervix and it's good. Placenta is where it should be. I just used the Doppler a few minutes ago and found baby's heartbeat. I'm not experiencing any cramping or pain.
1650822 tn?1313335687 And I thought I got my period on Tuesday and its still just brown and its way too light to be my period. . . Whats wrong with me? Like could this be from my birth control or could I be pregnant?
Avatar n tn I had a very strange period this past month... it wasn't red blood... only brown blood. I have never in my 31 years experienced this before. Anyone ever had this, is it normal? what could it be from?
Avatar m tn Well usually your period would be fresh blood. You could spot for a few days prior to getting your period though. Which could be brown old blood. BUT if you don't get a normal flow, you could be pregnant. BUT sometimes women just miss a month or have a light weird period too. Change in diet, stress, excersise can change your period. It ***** being a girl sometimes!
Avatar n tn Ok last month when it was time for my period, I was bleeding brown blood wasnt very heavy I could have gone without using pad/tampon well, I thought it was weird but I thought hey maybe it will straighten out, well Now this month same thing just very light flow of brown blood for 4 days now. I dont understand. One time when I was using the restroom and wiped it was red but that is it only brown.
Avatar n tn Often times when women first begin BC they have break through bleeding between periods. The reason it is brown could possibly be because it has been stored in your body for a while (perhaps left over from your last period).
Avatar f tn I had a heavy almost dried brown/blood flow 4 days before my last period last month. Then I had a normal period, but a week later the brown/bloody discharge came back and is still going! What's happening? I'm 27 years old, sexually active, eat well, and excerise regularly. I've been taking orthotricylen lo for 5-6 years on a regular basis. What gives?
Avatar f tn I only had two occasions when I had a "brown period". One time it turned out to be an ectopic pregnancy and another time it was implantation bleeding for a few days at the start of a proper pregnancy. With the ectopic pregnany, the brownish spotting went on and on for weeks by the way. Take a test, just in case.
Avatar f tn But with my last pregnancy I spotted brown blood for only two days then turned into a red heavy bleeding and later that night I miscarried. So its pretty hard to tell :/ but since its still brown then you may be okay. Only way to know is a ultrasound or blood test. Good luck.
Avatar n tn The brown blood is probably just old blood that didn't get out during your last period. Nothing to worry about besides a lot of women have brown or sometimes even black colored periods. If the lightness of the period worries you go get checked out just to be sure. But I wouldn't worry about the coloring. Good luck !
Avatar f tn I had gone to the ER when I first started bleeding but it was because it was red blood and felt like a period so they checked me out and told me I was fine. And I had my first ultrasound that day and saw the heart beat. The doctor told me some girls just bleed but that it should go away in a few days or so. But now its brown blood and still coming. So im scared at what this could be and my next appt isn't til April 1st..
Avatar f tn I know the hospital will say red blood is the major concern and brown blood is old blood. I'm actually feeling ok Not in pain. I feel very alone with no support as the father is not around and I have been really stressed lately I am 14 weeks.
Avatar f tn Also consider that if you have been worried about pregnancy, stress hormone cortisol can compete with progesterone receptors and delay a period. In all likelihood, brown blood after taking the morning after pill is an irregular menstrual cycle. And all though it is possible to get false negatives with EPT's, it is not the norm.
803463 tn?1282678794 Now I am 4 days let for my regular period and am having a semi clear brown discharge after i wipe. Could this just be old blood from my last period ? If this doesn't turn into a full blown period i will be testing on Thursday. Just looking for input. Thanks to everyone, this site is the best !