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Avatar f tn i suffer from lower back 2 herniated discs and 3 discs that are collapsing,i am curently on 200 mgs of ms-contyn 2 times per day,and 150 10/325 percs per month,i find after 4 years of being on them they have no effect on me,i have been know to abbuse them,i know when i was on a high intake of 200 mgs pure morphine per day and 120 mgs oxycodone per day my dose was cut in half i had diareha and vomit from the withdrawals,everyone is different,if you slowly cut back on your meds and hold off on tak
Avatar n tn I have been addicted to percocet for almost a year now. I knew I had a problem but couldn’t stop. I was taking up to 10 a day. Finally, I had enough and started cutting down. I was down to 1 ½ a day. I stopped altogether about three days ago and have felt very fatigued with a lack of energy, grouchy and depressed ever since. I can’t talk to my significant other about my problem and don’t know where to turn.
Avatar n tn 20ish or so, I went and got my morning pill from Claire per usual (just to have it, BUT I ended up taking it too)… The pain diminished immensely of course. Again, whom am I kidding – I also have been taking a 7.5 vicodin in between my allotted percocet pill times since Day 1 of this ‘weaning process’ BUT I haven’t told anyone that, nor will I at this point… IF I can’t even go down to 3 of the strong 10 mg percs a day without issue, how the hell and I going to go down to half strength, etc???
Avatar n tn a package like womens birth control, and have it reduce by 1/100 per pill and do it over 100 days. It has the ceiling blocker in it already, but the amount of opiate it has is too high for extended use. Making people crush into dust and lick is embarrasing and rediculous. No need to answer that question, I know it is becuase of the money...lots of it. My doc agreed. Now...
Avatar n tn I forgot to mention, the amount of percocet, vicodin, and tylox (primarily percocet)I have been using on a daily basis. 6 years ago I was introduced to percocet (maybe it was matter, its all the same in one way or another)by a friend who had had a wisdom tooth pulled. I knew nothing about them before that night, though for some reason, I cant ever remember being happy before them....but I guess I was.
Avatar n tn I am trying to take only 10 percocet a day and survive. WHat does 10 percocet equate to in terms of ES vicodin? I am having some pretty nasty nausea at night and heart palpitations and nausea dizzyness. I have cut down overnight from 14 to 15 pills daily to 10 pills daily and it is causing me some of the nastiest withdrawal I have ever had yet from it. I think I tried to taper off to quick, but in the past I have never had to taper like this.
Avatar n tn I have constant severe pain in the lower right hand side of . I have been taking 1 percocet pretty much everyday in the afternoon (I can't take it during the day because I work) for almost 3 months. I go to a pain clinc where they put me on Neurontin which makes me too tired to work and tried Bio feedback which didn't work for me. The Percocet helps the pain but I feel I am addicted.
Avatar n tn Kinda of scary thinking of life independant from my husband but that was something he said I may need to consider(WOW). Well today there was a major blow up. He says he's down to one pill per day(don't know if he meant oxy or percs) cause he was angry and we were not in a good place to be having this discussion. I know call these suprise attacks cause I never see them coming. You guys keep praying for me and as always I look forward to hearing what you think.
Avatar n tn If you've read Southernbelles posts - she hit it right on the nail - if taking a tiny pill makes me feel better, why shouldn't I have that pill? (or something to that effect--not her exact words). Realistically I know why I shouldn't have that pill - but emotionally I still want it. This will be my greatest battle. Just realized this is kind of a "downer" of a post...sorry. Just the place I'm in right now.
Avatar n tn This method is useful to pain-management patients and pill abusers that use between 1 darvocet (very weak) per day to 2 percocet (very strong) four times a day for long periods of time. This method has the best effect for patients/abusers using hydrocodone 5/500mg three times per day. Many doctors I have spoken with feel that an abuser should feel the pain of withdrawl so they are relunctent to make the same mistake twice.
Avatar n tn I took them as prescribed for a while and then started increasing the dosage until I was taking upwards of 14 a day (I could take 8 per my script). I decided about a week ago to stop. I tapered down to 8 a day, I guess that's not great but I just can't have them around me without taking them. I have been without for 36 hours and of course I feel like hell in a hand basket. The longest I've ever gone is about 30 hours. My question is: How long until I start to feel better?
Avatar n tn Now I'm on vicodin (5 mg per pill). I think I'm making some progress, but still wake up in the night after 6-7 hrs. Any suggestions on making this easier? How long it takes? Anything? I still move better and feel less pain when I'm on Lortab. I don't know what to do!
Avatar n tn and weigh about 150lbs - is there something in my system that doesn't allow the Percocet to do what it is supposed to do? Or is there a secret that perhaps i don't know about......I also was prescribed 600mg of Motrin but unfortunately had a slight allergic reaction to that and was told to stop it. I am extremely allergic to naprosyn and had major hives, facial swelling, and breathing difficulties last time I took that....
Avatar f tn I told him I hated the medication and wanted to get off it but everytime I try I have too much pain and have to take another pill. He told me he would help. He cut the ammount per day from 6-3 max a day! I am not going to lie, it has been very hard to stick to the 3 a day, but after 2 weeks it became much better.
179856 tn?1333550962 Proposed Tylenol restrictions worry patients FDA is considering reduced maximum dose, ban on Vicodin and Percocet WASHINGTON - Proposed limits on Tylenol, a painkiller as common as pain itself, have left many consumers fearful, confused and wondering where to turn for relief. The potential government crackdown on acetaminophen, Tylenol's main ingredient, would affect everyone from occasional pill poppers to chronic pain sufferers who rely on daily doses to make their lives more bearable.
Avatar f tn Then it became a 10-12 pill a day habit. Now I take 10mg hyrdos if I can get them. Recently I was able to get percocet 5mg. I have been taking 5 of those a day and now have only 18 left. What is the best way to taper them. I also have valium for my OCD but I take only one a day (10mg). I have read that you could use it to help taper but I have no idea how many or how to do that. I don't have a Dr. right now that can help me as my Dr. just left his practice and the other Dr.
522415 tn?1242941355 It seems women's brains are more receptive to Kappa opiods than other opiods like the oxy's or hydrocodones. It comes in a patch, nasal spray and a pill. Only the pill is what we would use. Simply ask your Dr. Some drs. do not prescribe certain drugs because they are not certified to do so. They don't tell us this. Morphine is a level 4 drug. A GP does not have a license to prescribe level 4 drugs. Sometimes they use the strong arm method instead of explaining their limitations.
Avatar f tn Most people addicted to oxycodone in my practice were taking around 200-300 mg per day. The cost of oxycodone 'on the street', at least in my part of the country, is around a buck per mg-- so a 'habit' of 350 mg would cost a 'street user' about $300 bucks per day-- although most people taking illicit prescription opioids are either selling them as well, or getting them paid for by their health insurer.
469720 tn?1388149949 Some people think it must cost a lot, since many drugs sell for more than $2.00 per tablet. We did a search of offshore chemical synthesizers that supply the active ingredients found in drugs approved by the FDA. As we have revealed in past issues of Life Extension, a significant percentage of drugs sold in the United States contain active ingredients made in other countries.
Avatar f tn anyone familiar or heard, know, experienced taking subutex while pregnant? i am now on 1mg per day and there is limited studies. please help.
Avatar n tn and when the demand was high and oxycontin was scarce i actualy paid 70.00 per 80mg pill! i did that for a year til finding a friend who got 80mg oxycontins and eventualy was only payn 20.00 per 80mg pill..just l00kn back on that disgusts me..its embarressing. but also crazy how a LITTLE pill can have so much power...
Avatar m tn Without having insurance, it sure was VERY expensive from paying for the doctor visit each month to paying 11$ per pill. But that cost was nothing for getting my life back and getting the chase, the counting, the paranoia, the stealing, the lying, allll of that out of my life. So after I've written a novel, what I'd like to tell you is that it isn't for everyone. But it is a life saver for some of us. I hope you make the decision best for you and I wish you luck.
Avatar n tn I just started suboxone wednesday ( i know alot of people on the forums disagree with using it) but I was taking about 15/20 pills a day ranging from oxycontin,percocet,tramadol,and hydrocodone..The Suboxone has been a LIFE SAVER so far..Im not worried about withdrawal and detoxing right now because I feel that if I can go a year or so without taking my DOC then the withdrawal will be worth it b/c if i can go that long without DOC then i should be pretty well recovered..
Avatar m tn I have broken away from the insane psychiatrist who put me on 8mg daily for 3 years. Fact is I'm proud of this accomplishment and encourage ALL to be be pill free, except where there is a real medical need. Addictive drugs are to be avoided like the plague.
Avatar m tn If you are talking about the short-acting Oxycodone then I think your new Doctor is trying to combine your nsaid's (ibuprofen is an nsaid) in 1 pill to help your pain and not considering the cost to you. I was ASTOUNDED when I checked with my pharmacy to check the price difference. I have Medicare so it doesn't affect me like it does you since you don't have insurance. The difference was Oxycodone 10/325 was $277.75 versus the same amount in plain Oxycodone was only $99. 95.
Avatar f tn I'm taking from 60 to 120mg per day percocet. I want to stop a friends using syboxone is doing well with his recovery I've taken a few of his pills they seem to suppres the cravings. I do not have health insurance and can't afford it.I revive 110dollars a week and I attend college. Are there any programs that I can afford? I live in Easter Nc. I belive soboxone will work for me but it's Incretibly costly. My friend does not get any extra.
Avatar m tn I am now at 6 per day, and tomorrow I (hopefully) go down to 3 per day. I wanted to be clean more than I wanted the high. I wanted to live over dying. I would go to sleep and dream I died vicious horrid deaths. It finally became clear I HAD NO OTHER CHOICE. I could not stop for my kids or my partner. I could only quit when I had had enough. I still am not "quit" but I can guarantee I will do it this time. I do not suffer chronic pain, so I have no advice for you there.
1331804 tn?1336870958 The 40 mg Opana ER includes all of the breakthrough percocet I take per day and the total in morphine sulfate ER I take per day. With this lower dose, I still should not need breakthrough meds. I consulted with two pharmacists about my conversions at Medco (my prescription provider), one pharmacist last night and one in the morning today (I also went to the opana website and used their conversion calculator and got the same results).
Avatar m tn Too much pain. At least I tried. I am back on morphine, which I don't abuse and I take 4 to 7 Norco's per day. If it's regular Vicodin I can take 10 a day. Right now, I believe that I need to take these medications to get through the pain day to day, but I am trying to learn how to take only what I really, really need. Why are you taking these anyway? How long have you been taking that many for? Let's take it day by day, moment by moment, and pray. Looking forward to hearing from you.