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Avatar n tn I had been in north carolina for about a year at this point. I got pink eye in my right eye that spead to my left eye (in october) accompanied by a cold. I used the pink eye drops and my eyes where restored to complete health except for one thing. Occasionally I'd notice that I'd get an eye sleepy that was attached to strings. I could pull the sleepy from my eye and the 2 strings would go all the way around my eye. It was not often enough for me to have any great concern.
Avatar m tn Then he gave me anti inflamitory eye drops which did nothing and then he tried me on allegery eye drops which did nothing. He finally gave me steroid eye drop (Torbradex and then FML) These work to make my eyes 100% back to normal but as soon as i stop them with a few days later they start getting bad again. The doctor said long term use of steroid eye drops is bad and can cause problems so he has reciently taken me off of these drops and my eye are worse then ever.
Avatar n tn But I have red-eye, where my veins are visible and red, similiar to pink eye (my eye is not pink except that the corners seem a bit red and the veins are visible). I did pick up some Genteal Gel, so we'll see how that works -- should my eyes be less red? Is there a way to "get the red out"?
Avatar m tn Last two weeks have been really bad and i have seen like mulitiple Doctor`s who have all said i had pink eye or this and that. I am using patanol and vigamox. Problem is i have like a white discharge on my eye and it does not like to come out. I use a hot compress twice a day then i try to rinse my eye and flush my eye as well. Nothing it just remains in my eye.Most of the time i go to bed and it still there.
Avatar n tn 1% eye drops Patanol sterile ophthalmic solution, 3 times daily since the first day - Carbomer eye gel (vidisic), substitute for lacrimal fluid in dry eye, 3 times daily about 5 months ago - Clarityne loratadine syrup, once every night since 5 months ago - Normal saline solution (sterile isotonic sodium chloride solution), 2 or 3 times daily - Tears Naturale Free - lubricant eye drops, preservative free, used for 10 days, stop now - steroid eye drops with site effect, used when his eyes are ver
Avatar n tn The medicine cleared away the itching of the eyelids as well as the coloring/inflammation. Then, I got pink eye in my right eye. Cleared up. Then I got pink eye in my left eye. Cleared up. Now my eyelids a swelled very much so and my eyeballs itch as if I have cotton or sandpaper in my eyes. My eyes arent red just swollen and itchy. I do not have allergies and the eye doctor said that if my symptoms did not clear up to come back.