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Avatar f tn In the absence of these findings its unlikely that you have chronic pancreatitis. The other causes for the pain could be infections of the bowel and bladder, prolapsed intervertebral disc or inflammatory diseases of the colon. So, if your symptoms persist discuss these options with your doctor. Regards.
Avatar f tn Once you have an attack you are likely to get it again . Did they say chronic pancreatitis or acute? If acute I would think they would keep you in the ER. People with CP often end up taking digestive enzymes to help digest food and they often are advised to eat very low fat and avoid alcohol and smoking. You can have flares of acute pancreatitis so always go to er if you feel it coming on.
Avatar n tn I have had acute pancreatitis and now have chronic pancreatitis, so maybe I can answer some of your questions. Some symptoms of pancreatitis include a swollen and tender abdomen, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, sometimes a fever and rapid pulse. Weight loss is frequent. The nausea, pain and vomiting often follows a meal of some sort, and can be triggered more severely by foods heavy in fats. Often there is pain in the abdomen and between the ribs at the base of the sternum.
Avatar n tn Ive been sick since 2004,at first the doctors were saying it was chronic pancreatitis,then they were saying it wasnt,what do you think it could be...
Avatar n tn Vet called today, said Ozzie's level are over 1'000 on lipase count and that makes it sure it is pancreatitis, che chronic version. Having had a look at internet, none of the symptoms agree with what he does. He does not, vomit, reject food, loose stool.... He is overweight, sleeps well on his side, likes his food, not too bouncy, but he is 11, had 3 leg operations due to "clicking of leg when on walk" sorry forgot the name of it.
Avatar n tn however, patients with alcohol-induced chronic pancreatitis who continue to drink have increased mortality. Treatment for chronic pancreatitis primarily involves pain control - although it is sometimes stated that chronic pancreatitis "burns out" over time, the duration of time over which this may occur is highly variable, if it occurs at all. If medications aren't doing the job, then more specialized treatment may be considered.
Avatar n tn After having it once, some people seem to be more prone to having repeated attacks, and then often they develop chronic pancreatitis as a result. And yes, it can just come out of the blue like that, but it's more likely that SOMETHING triggered this episode, you just haven't been able to identify what it is. The pain does radiate to the back with an attack. I don't suspect an SOD problem, though, usually the SOD attack is fast, severe and totally debilitating during it's brief duration.
Avatar n tn About two years ago I developed chronic pancreatitis. Some people can have an acute pancreatitis attack, recover, and never have any problems again. I wasn't one of those lucky ones. The chronic pancreatitis is here to stay.
Avatar n tn So if anyone knows anything about pancreatitis or that has had it, could you please tell me what your symptoms are.
Avatar n tn Wellness Simple (salmon, not lamb) and Wellness Stews are what I feed my dog with pancreatitis. He has chronic smoldering pancreatitis and is 15 1/2 years old. He is a terrier mix but it's obvious there is schnauzer mixed in his bloodline. His lipase level was >6000 today but renal function is normal except BUN a tiny bit above normal. Creatinine was 1.7 (high end of normal). He is having normal stools and has a great appetite and is not vomiting.
Avatar n tn I can't help you with your questions about SOD, but can answer any questions you may have about enzyme supplements. I have chronic pancreatitis and have been taking enzymes since July to help me digest food, not have pain with eating, and to gain weight. They have been very helpful for me and I am able to eat a lot fat diet with few problems, and have gained some of my weight back. If you wish me to answer any more specific questions, please feel free to post again.
Avatar m tn I'm not a big drinker, and in fact have had no alcohol (or any other vice) for probably 5 months in effort to lose weight. The symptoms are making me think chronic pancreatitis based on what I have read though I have had no symptoms like this prior to the initial event. Over the course of a few months, the symptoms do not seem to be worsening, which is good, but also not getting better.
Avatar n tn That said, from the information I've read, Pancreatic cancer is often hard to diagnosis and small tumors can be missed on CT scans. I'm just looking for advice from anyone familiar with the symptoms of chronic pancreatitis, or PC, who might be able to offer any advice. I've got an appt w/a gastro. in December but that's pretty far away, and in the meantime, I feel kind of helpless as the abdominal/back pain, floating stools, and fatigue aren't going anywhere.
1409228 tn?1282347063 My doctor diagnosed me with chronic pancreatitis but now he is thinking it may be cholestasis. From what I am finding on this is that I would get cholestasis from the pancreatotis....
Avatar n tn My Dr. said I may have mild chronic pancreatitis. Does anyone know exacactly what this is?
1453931 tn?1285188953 Sorry to hear about your pancreatitis. Just a question how did you know you had chronic pancreatitis? I had my GB removed just like you in 2008. I had a bile leak and when they preformed a ERCP I got acute pancreatitis. It is a risk associated with the ERCP. Anyway after my amylase and lipase went down to normal I was checked out of the hospital. However since then I have had horrible nocturnal abdominal pain and it also happens when on an empty stomach longer than 4 hours.
Avatar n tn // - Chronic Pancreatitis Followup with your personal physician is essential. This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case. Thanks, Kevin, M.D.
Avatar n tn This can evaluate for chronic pancreatitis, as well as possible masses or cancer of the organ. If inconclusive, a blood test for celiac disease can be performed, as well as an endoscopic ultrasound or ERCP. If cystic fibrosis is suspected, it likely would have presented earlier on in life. I would consider gene testing if that is a consideration. These options can be discussed with your personal physician.
Avatar f tn I have suffered from acute pancreatitis and now chronic pancreatitis all resulting from a botched ERCP. I would highly recommend you search for the best doctor to perform that procedure even if it means traveling to another city/state. Having your gall bladder removed could help alleviate your symptoms especially if stones are present, however you may have problems with the sphincter of oddi which is best evaluated by doing an ERCP. Good luck, seeking multiple opinions can never hurt.
Avatar n tn My aunt had a mini schnauzer who lived over 18 years, and most of those years included chronic pancreatitis with a few acute attacks requiring hospitalization. Apparently pancreatitis is a big genetic problem with that breed now. Don't despair! Things are looking good for you both right now.
Avatar f tn Where specialist after specialist came through my sons hospital room. None could tell me what was wrong with him. The two main symptoms other than the fever were diffuse and colicky belly pain, and joint pain in legs and arms. They did lab testing to discover his CRP came back @15.3 Sed Rate of 100. Moderate titer AntiNeuclear Antibody 1:160 nucleolar. and 1:320 speckled pattern. but additional testing came back negative.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with divisum and am a carrier of the Deltaf508 with chronic pancreatitis. There were two failed attempts to place a stent at the university of Ann Arbor. Last resort is to go from the inside out. This doesn't seem like a good option. I have been looking into going to Chapel Hill North Carolina to see if a doctor there feels they can place a stent successfully. Anyone familiar with the University of North Carolina. I would love any input.
Avatar n tn My mother is 66 years of age, recently discharged from hospital, present weight is 62 lbs, diagnosis of chronic pancreatitis, pseudocyst and tumor tail of the pancreas detected by C.T scan, my mother is booked forERCP,I'm very worried as she is very frail, is there any risk in doing this test with someone so malnurished.Internist says she is not srong enough for a biopsy,therfore we don't know if the tumor is malignant, is there any other way of finding out,?ultrasound.
Avatar n tn All pain is less when I wake up and is worse after I eat. I have been doing internet research and discovered that chronic relapsing pancreatitis does not show up in lab tests until most of the pancreas is damaged. Do you think, based upon my long history, there is a chance this could be my problem? I have accepted living with pain for the months it occurs, but am more concerned now because of the change in my symptoms which now includes the groin pain.
Avatar n tn from years of worrying), match up quite a bit with chronic pancreatitis. I am not experiencing weight loss or diarrhea. I'm going to call my Gastroenterologist to see if I can get squeezed in. But, naturally, I'm terrified. Can any other illnesses also come across with these symptoms? Also, medscape has those depressing mortality figures. It sounds like I'm dead meat if I have this. One article said there is no treatment yet I hear of people who end up having surgeries.
Avatar n tn Loose stools can be indicative of IBS, but I would consider other causes first. Inflammatory bowel disease, colitis, infection, pancreatitis, and malabsorption can also lead to these symptoms. Workup to consider would include a colonoscopy, CT scan of the abdomen as well as stool studies to exclude malabsorption or infection. A blood test for celiac disease can also be considered. These options can be discussed with your GI physician. Followup with your personal physician is essential.
Avatar f tn I'm very scared of pancreatitis and chronic pancreatitis. I have no symptoms at all. I felt great actually.what can cause this elevated lipase? I keep hearing it can be somthing serious and I'm very afraid.i also hear that an ultrasound cannot dect problems with the pancrease and I recently took an ultrasound because of my abnormal bloodwork. Could this just be how my make up is? Or am I doomed to have pancreatitis?