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Avatar f tn As to the people not being able to raise their HOMA with exercise and diet, first we don't know whether diet or exercise will work until it's tried, that's why it's called a first line attack. And where it was tried and failed, perhaps their compliance was less than reported, and perhaps compliance may be an unrealistic expectation in some cases. Or perhaps, some as you suggest may simply not react to diet and exercise in terms of reducing HOMA.
Avatar n tn So I kept the low fat diet because I learned the GB problem was aggravated by fat in the diet. So I went through a couple of more episodes (once after eating a Jack in the box childs burger/no fries!) Then came the fateful night that at the family reunion the family went out for ribs. I started out with just heartburn, then the pain, and then I began to throw up my toenails. I swear I was throwing up black bile, thats what it looked like!! I took 4 Aleve, 4 Excedrin, 4 Advil, and 2 Bayer.
Avatar n tn My hope is that one identified we can figure how to killl them under my scalp. also my mom watched a spanish show on the spanish channel here in austin texas and they had people like us and a real research center i think in alabama. one person was dying from this stuff.. My mom cant remeber the centers name and i cant speak spanish to call. so her i am. God bless everyone of you and we can beat it together.
Avatar n tn eventually they got better until last week i went out with some friends and had quite a few Vodka and diet coke!! The next day my eyes seem to get worse and worse as the day went on taking all week to get any better. I have noticed a pattern - it seems to flare up every time after a night out drinking alcohol - i went out for a meal last night and had a few drinks and this mornin it is back again!!
Avatar n tn I made a review on Medline about the benefical effects of Q10 and some of them can focus on the same symptoms as what you or my wife have. In a recent paper, a Spanish team observed that Q10 blood distribution was altered in patients with fibromyalgia (Cordero et al, Clin Biochem. 2009 May;42(7-8):732-5). Fibromyalgia is often observed as a consequence of IFN treatment (I read in MedHelp some posts of people suffering from it). But is it a cause or a consequence ? Nobody knows today.
174267 tn?1220408828 My furbaby is doing ok - I had to take him yesterday for a plasma transfusion which is supposed to help the pancreatitis. He seems to be getting more energy back. I go back to the RE tomorrow so hopefully my lining is thinner and I can start the mock cycle. I really don't want to do the D&C. I told the acupuncturist to give me lots of herbs to make my lining thin! Take care all!!