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Avatar n tn 5/12/09 i was rushed to the ER after about 4 an hour of the worse pain imaginable, i had this same attack 3 other times, same symptons vomitting severe pain in my abdomain all the way to my back we have to great hospital here but each time they would say you pulled some thing give a couple shots and perscriptions this last time i went buy ambulance i was so out of it they just took me to the other one i got in the they got the info of what was happening ran a x ray drew blood and then did a cat
Avatar f tn I was on a very strict diet and medication for the next year. Since then I have taken very good care of myself and have seen doctors regularly. In follow up cat scans, radioligusts can't even tell anything was ever wrong. In 1996 I was told to stay away from caffine and alcohol completely. Was the doctor being over protective as I was living in the dorms as an 18 year old college freshman? I am now a 32 year old woman who has barely touched caffine and had zero alcohol.
902019 tn?1249865014 I was diagnosed 2 years ago with AIP, have a 25 year history of autoimmune disorders (eosinophilic vasculitis, mild Sjogren's). Usually have done well with prednisone for the various flare-ups but with AIP, still recurring symptoms and the elevated IgG4 periodically. Next step may be Imuran. Is there anyone out there who has had good results with Imuran for autoimmune pancreatitis?
Avatar f tn My baby Sasha wasn’t acting her normal self since Christmas Eve. I noticed when i came home her bowl was still full like she hadn’t ate anything . She’s been moping around looking sad, not eating , throwing up & barely drinking water so she’s very dehydrated now. So on Tuesday i take her to the vet & she was diagnosed with pancreatitis. I spent $600 where she is hospitalized on 11/29-11/30 today under IV fluids, pain medications, meds to control her vomiting. But she’s still not eating..
Avatar n tn I too have been told by expert liver docs that healing or the healing process ALSO can cause pain similar to inflammation pain because the capsule also causes pain as it shrinks as it heals. The change is what hurts be it from swelling or shrinking in size. Some doctors of lesser experience throw out this idea and claim that pain simply isn't from your liver which in turn just hurts the patient more.
Avatar f tn Hi My name is Shannon and I am 24. I had my first attack of pancreatitis in August with my lipase level in the 2000s and had a CT scan and ultrasound. They said I had a gallstone so they removed my gallbladder and said there were two stones and some sludge. In October I had the same pains again and went into the ER and my lipase level was in the 2000s again. They did another CT scan which was clear.
Avatar m tn My daughter is 18yr old now. She has pancreatitis in the past but for about 7 times in the last 5 months she is been in an out of the hospital with acute pancreatitis. When pancreatitis occurs she always has a strong pain with elevated Amylase and Lipase levels suggesting a pancreatic dysfunction. Yesterday she woke up vomiting with just a litter abdominal discomfort. Blood work shows no significant levels of amylase or lipase.
Avatar f tn She is on IV treatment and no oral diet. I want to know what is the average healing time for this disease? I am concerned about what I read about this disease. She is complaining about soar stomach n acute pain with no real relief. Please suggest!
544292 tn?1268886268 Come on in and get comfy.
Avatar m tn I no longer eat fatty, spicy or acidic foods, and I have cut alcohol and caffeine out of my diet completely. My current diet is now oatmeal for breakfast. Raisins, a turkey on wheat sandwich (no other toppings) and a pudding for lunch. For dinner I generally eat either brown rice or a plain baked potato, grilled chicken and zucchini. I have been on this diet for two weeks straight.
Avatar f tn If your dog was only diagnosed with pancreatitis four days ago she shouldn't be on food yet. The treatment for pancreatitis is to keep the dog on IV fluids ONLY for one week so that the pancreas can have TOTAL rest and not have to produce enzymes to digest anything. If you try to rush this healing procedure you will not have a favorable outcome.
Avatar f tn I am learning about probiotics and making them a part of my daily diet, as well as, macronutrients. As it would turn out, I was, at my original posting, suffering a raging bout of pancreatitis and a slowly rupturing appendix. I have numerous pancreatic cysts that need to be dealt with and a colonoscopy in my future. Yippee! But after getting the pancreatitis under control - for the moment - I'm feeling much better.
3227046 tn?1458317076 You might want to eat a diet high in protein (with doctor's blessing that is) to try to help with healing as well as take some ester-C and get some vit. E in a Mature Multi-vitamin right now. Also, you might consider trying to speed the sores your in mouth healing up with warm water swishes every hour while awake. I had a dentist office recommend that to me (without salt) for a sore upper palate due to wearing a splint in my mouth.
4032497 tn?1363225295 Pain and burning in stomach can be seen in gastritis, reflux disease, irritable bowel syndrome, pancreatitis etc. If you are not having pain relief I will advise you to consult a gastroenterologist and get a complete medical evaluation done. Take a light diet and avoid hot spicy food. Take some over the counter antacid for relief in pain and burning sensation. You may need additional tests like liver function tests, serum amylase and other tests based on your clinical findings.
Avatar n tn If these symptoms continue after a couple weeks after your surgery, I would talk to your gastroenterologist about pancreatitis. It is a little premature at this point to concern yourself with that unless the symptoms continue or worsen. You are probably still just reacting to the healing process caused by your recent surgery.
Avatar n tn In addition, if you are taking PPIs, some of those are also known to reduce an ejection fraction. You might want to consider following a low fat diet to see if it provides any relief from the pain while you're waiting to make a decision.
756668 tn?1287228987 The back ache might be part of the healing process, as I have had that too. I am now 2 weeks post op as you know. Today though, I suffered an bad and I mean bad pain in my chest, and around my sternum area. It kind of felt like the gas from the surgery.....remember how intense and painful it was? It took like 10 mins to pass. I have been kind of sore through there and fatigued all day. Personally I think we will have residual symptoms for 4-6 weeks as our bodies get acclimated and heal.
Avatar m tn When a dog is diagnosed with pancreatitis it is usually blamed on a high-fat diet but a diet that is high in fat will not cause pancreatitis in a dog with a healthy pancreas. A high-fat diet will, however, aggravate an already-diseased pancreas to the point where an attack of pancreatitis is the result. Some dogs are genetically predisposed to pancreatic disease. Dogs with parathyroid conditions are predisposed, as are dogs who get too much calcium in their diets.
544292 tn?1268886268 Welcome Tramadol Warriors! We ... turned .... 40 ... LOL Welcome and I hope you will make yourself at home. Snuggle down, get comfy. There's a lot of information and experience here with getting off Tramadol. It's not impossible, lots of peeps here now living Tram Free Lives! Love & Healing!
Avatar f tn You can order it by calling 1-877-673-0224 cheaper than what the health food stores usually sell it for. (To learn more about this condition, get the book, The Body Ecology Diet, by Donna Gates.
Avatar m tn Hi Denise: I'm really sorry that you are suffering. I'm not a doctor and I know next to nothing about this stuff but I'm learning through my own illness. Your symptoms could be SO many things including sludge/stones in the CBD, Post-Cholecystectomy Syndrome, Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction, Small Bowel Bacterial Overgrowth, pancreatitis, etc. There are some less invasive tests such as the Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS) and MRCP-S (Secretin) which can image the pancreas and ductal system.
Avatar n tn Comment ( not intended as medical advice): For me the book 'Healing with Wholefoods' by Paul ?Pitchford??(not certain of last name) provided excellent practical advice about healing the liver and gallbladder.
Avatar f tn On Aug. 31st my dog was diagnosed with Kidney Failure. Her creatinine was at a 8. As of almost 2 weeks ago it went down to a 2. I have been giving her 6 cc's of fluid subcutaneously. As also Aluminum Hydroxide Gel, USP 5 mL after she eats. Along with PancrePlus as she basically has chronic pancreatitis since 2011 and I can only feed her either boiled chicken & rice or science diet I/D or she starts to tremble in pain.
559187 tn?1330786456 I'm not sure if you had said if you had an acute pancreatitis episode or if you have chronic pancreatitis. I know that your pancreas needs to rest, so, unfortunately, it's probably good that they have you NPO. My mom & her twin sister had/have chronic pancreatitis. My mom took enzymes for her pancreas and she had to watch what she ate - she tried to stay away from fatty foods (ie no chalupas), although, sometimes that was hard.
701334 tn?1262857103 alcohol abuse will damage many parts of the body but they will often recover with proper diet and exercise along with staying sober, if the condition is arrested soon enough.
Avatar m tn We took him back to the vet a few days after surgery. The vet said he was healing well and gave us Prescription diet a/d critical care to try to get him to eat. He ate a little of it the first time that we gave it to him but then would not eat it again. We have made him cut up chicken breast and rice which he used to love on special occasions when we mixed it with his regular dog food. But he would not eat it.
Avatar m tn I've been to see doctors I don't know how many times, I've had I don't know how many blood and urine tests, 2 ultra sounds, a ct scan, nothing shows up out of the ordinary. My diet is actually pretty good especially in the last year and a half, no soda, I have a beer or 2 a week on average. I have gone 100% gluten free a couple of times once for 30 days with no improvement, I have tried a corn free diet for 2 weeks with no improvement.
Avatar m tn With obvious concern, we brought him to the hospital and he was diagnosed with pancreatitis. A common diagnosis. He was put on a bland diet, some meds, and sent on his way. Still no eating. He was brought back to the hospital with a fever and dehydration. He was put on IV fluids which made him feel 90% better so he started eating a little bit. His fever went down so he was sent home again. Once home, he refused to eat or drink.
Avatar f tn The sooner blood sugars can be under tight control the better, as far as preventing / healing damage. Diet is also critical in blood sugar control (low carb / carbohydrate controlled is often best). Normal blood sugars should be in the range of 70 - 120, all the time. 70 - 95 fasting, and 120 or less after eating. Hope this helps anyone who will read this message.
Avatar f tn Yes, my former boss, the owner of one of the health food stores I managed. She had gall bladder problems, and problems in the family. She went on the macrobiotic diet and used acupuncture regularly and never had another problem. Just one case, but it is one. On the other hand, has a doctor diagnosed your gall bladder problem or just the acupuncturist? An acupuncturist's diagnosis is related to energy or qi, not necessarily disease. Only a doctor can diagnose disease.