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1288586 tn?1271907761 i've been having a lot of pain down my left leg (down the middle of my thigh to my knee), and i'm not sure if it's from the lump or if it's something separate.
250155 tn?1485299539 dd is 12 1/2 months and just like 2 days ago dh felt something behind her right knee. i'm not sure how to explain it.... its like a knot kinda... or a lump... fatty tissue maybe? i have no idea! it doesn't seem to cause her any pain. there is also no mark on the skin like a bite or anything. and there is no redness or swelling either. i called the doc today and they told me to call back next week since it doesn't seem to be hurting her.
Avatar f tn It is VERY painful, but not discolored at all. However, the veins behind that knee are all of a sudden getting really dark.The lump is hard to the touch. I also have a small lump in my right buttocks. It has been there for about 2 months, this one is smaller than the one on my thing and not painful, but my doctor has referred me to see a surgeon about the lumps. but it is going to be about another month before I even meet with the surgeon. I am VERY worried...
Avatar n tn 5 days ago, 2 of them started flaring up, getting larger and painful. Yesterday I woke up and have a painful lump under my left armpit. I know I have a raging infection, but have to wait till Monday to get an appointment with the breast surgeon. Because I've had these so frequently, I'm not freaking out, just wanted to add my story. I hope everyone who has been suffering from this miserable condition is getting good medical care and taking care of themselves at home as well.
Avatar n tn For the past few days i've had pain that comes and goes behind my knee area. It will sometimes travel into the back of my thigh or in my calf. I think i've had it in the past, but it would only last a few minutes, but this time, it's been going on 4 days. It almost feels like a vein pain or a tendon pain. I went to the doctor yesterday, and they did an ultrasound to check for blood clots and they didn't find any.
Avatar n tn and so I was going to get on here and ask about my knee problem...and saw this! anyways...I too from time to time get a lump on the left back of my head....about in line with my ear...and it almost feels like a lyph node that gets sore. I have had this for quite some time...and it comes and goes. I have read that it is more then likely a node...and when the nodes get larger/ could mean that its an indicator of something like an infection ( sinus ) or other.
Avatar f tn If that were the case it would be painful to kneel on the knee, and that would be about the only symptom. Now a better question is how to treat it? I don't know :) I'll play around with mine and let you know what I figure out.
Avatar n tn About 3 yrs ago I did have problem with what felt like a painful tightness behind the same knee, which became quite uncomfortable when going down on my haunches. It now seems to have moved to the ouside of the knee as described. The pain is not unbearable yet but is becoming more uncomfortable with time. I played a huge amount of squash when I was younger but not for the past 12 years. May have something to do with the problem. Would be most grateful for your input.
Avatar n tn My knee swells when ever I am on it and there is a little thing behind my knee that hurts. My knee feels like it has a elastic band around it and my toes tingle. When I told the Dr. he said it takes time. Well my job is a standing job for 9hrs. a shift and this is just killing me. Did you get better and what did you take for the pain.
Avatar n tn I also have a not painful golf ball sized lump below my sternum and slightly to the right side. I found it during the middle of a weight loss biggest loser style competition that ended up winning. At the point I found it I think I had lost about 30 lbs in about 4 weeks. 2 more months have passed and I have been to two doctors and one physical therapist. No one seems concerned about it but no one did an xray or anything other than push on it either.
Avatar f tn My sister in law died from breast cancer in 2003 and I know her initial lump was quite big when it first presented..I suppose I've been a little obsessed by every lump and bump in my own breasts since then..I did have a lumpectomy in my right breast 3 years ago, but that was a benign lump, very small too, fortunately. Thanks for your reassurances regarding the mammogram..
Avatar m tn I have a hard lump behind my knee. It is the size of a dime and its painful. i get a lot of cramps especially at night. like muscle spasms and i had one the night before the bump appeared. the next day I noticed i had a lump that was hurting me and then two days later it turned into a huge bruise about half of my palm. The bump is still there and i dont know if its just a bruise or its something i should go check out. I would like to know what it could possibly be.
Avatar f tn Do you by chance have a swollen lump just below your knee cap? My 13 year old son has something called Osgood Schlatter Disease this is caused when the growth plate gets injured before you are done growing. It can cause a swelling just below your knee cap of the patellar tendon. It is irritated by activity of any kind, especially twisting or jumping. It can flare up and then go away only to come back again. There is no treatment but rest and ice an usually goes away once you stop growing.
Avatar n tn I am thinking there are two different (or more) conditions in this thread. There is the electrical shock on the top of the knee and the one behind the knee. Mine is behind the knee on the left side of my left leg. I have no knee injuries or any other kind of knee problems. I am not on any type of medications nor have never been pregnant. I have had a lower back injury, spells of sciatica and minor RLS.
Avatar f tn I am unable to kneel as it feels like a massive burst of pain behind the knee into my calf muscle as if i have severly sprained it. When standing, if i transfer any weight onto my right leg, i get pain from the back of the knee right down my calf. It is a constant pain when any weight is bearing on it but if i kneel or bend the leg with weight on it, the pain is like a muscle pull and extremely painful. When walking there is no pain at all.
Avatar n tn it hurt in that spot and the lump got bigger and bigger. Now it is about the size of my hand. it is very painful to lay on. It is like I'm laying on a ball and I also can't drink anymore w/out getting sick for a couple days. I have gone to the doc and got alot of tests and blood work done and they said it was nothing but inflamed fatty tissue.
Avatar n tn I have a huge cyst on my inner right thigh that is the size of a ping-pong ball. It is a soft lump on top of a hard lump and is soooooo painful that it is hard to walk. Currently, the area is red, with the top part purple. It is enlongated and rubs my other thigh when I walk. So far, I have been soaking in an Espon salt bath and/or holding a hot part water, part epsome salt compress to it. It is very painful.
Avatar m tn I found a lump on my left testicle, which didn't hurt at first, but lately it has become painful. Of course, I am not 100% certain that the lump is related to the pain, this is just something I have assumed. It also feels like the pain continues down my left leg to my knee (but again, I'm just assuming the two pains are related). I did go to see the doctor, but during the (very short) examination she did, she couldn't feel any lump.
Avatar f tn I notice I have a enlarged lump behind my knee. My doctor doesn't seem to know how to diagnose it. I have difficulty standing long in the last month or so due to this and ALSO my veins behind the knee are enlarged at the times the lump is larger causing a lot of pain on the whole back of leg. I don't know who to see= a orthopedist or a venous specialist or both?
Avatar f tn I now have no insurance and have already had an ultrasound done of the main arteries in my leg. But this was before the numbness. In the crook behind my left knee there is a painful lump. It has been there for two or three days, but the ultrasound confirmed that there wasnt any blood clots. I'm sure this has to be unrelated to the numbness in my hand and fingers isnt it? I need to know what to do because I am having to do odd jobs that are all construction related.
Avatar f tn Not only are the glands in my neck really sore but also now under my jaw, behind my head, under arms and groin. The pain can extend into my ears like an ear ache. I also have a come again, go again headache behind the right eye. Sometimes my eyes are itchy, sometimes my skin is itchy. I have joint pain that moves around, muscle pain and this wierd bone pain.
Avatar f tn I am only finished with treatment a few months, and have been having severe bone pain in my left arm on and off, (the mastectomy was on the right side), then in the shoulder, becoming worse and more constant, and last week from out of the blue the same thing crawled into my right leg. It is extremely painful and I cannot walk right, and limp, and my knee and behind the knee, but pretty much all of the leg. Dull, deep, constant pain. Could this be Bone metastasis?
Avatar m tn After playing a game after a very long time my knees had swelling in front and behind my knee cap. I have been visiting various doctors for the past 2 1/2 months out of stress and they say i am too stressed and anxious and it could not be HIV. I had my test done in Lab Corp,Quest Diagnostics and County Health Centers ( I do not know which generation). I am not circumsized will that be a problem.
Avatar f tn I also have bone marrow issues that has everyone baffled and a big lump behind my knee. I hope I'm on the right neurology sight because that is the kind of doctor I am seeing.
Avatar m tn After playing a game after a very long time my knees had swelling in front and behind my knee cap. I have been visiting various doctors for the past 2 1/2 months out of stress and they say i am too stressed and anxious and it could not be HIV. I had my test done in Lab Corp,Quest Diagnostics and County Health Centers ( I do not know which generation). I am not circumsized will that be a problem.
Avatar n tn But in the evening I felt some pain behind my left knee (lateral) and I think there is a lump. Same behind the right knee. Not sure if it's connected, but there seems to be something blue under the skin. Now I am pretty terrified that this might be swollen lymph nodes. I started to check my whole body and there might be also some swellings under my armpits though nothing very obvious. My questions: 1.
Avatar m tn Today, a week later, I have the pain in every joint, my entire jaw, have a big lump behind my right knee, which is the worst joint pain of them all... I have been having sudden and severe abdominal pain, some diarrhea, shoulder pain, Mussle pain in my back, as well as chest mussle pain, pain on my heels, etc. I have had a few migranes, nausea, and feelings of being disoriented, or choppy or slurred speech at times.. I described it to a friend as almost like I am coming out of annestetic.
293157 tn?1285877039 When I woke up the next day, I found that my right leg was so painful I couldn't stand on it. Turned out I had a blood clot behind the right knee. So here's my theory, and take it with a large lump of salt. I know that rapid heartrate can cause blood clots. I also know that I've tested positive for lupus antibody, which means that I might have anti-phospholipase syndrome. This causes unexpected clotting. I went through several months of warfarin, and now the clot is gone.
Avatar m tn Occasionally the bottom of my spine will twitch once, and slightly jolt my body up. And theres a small lump on the right side of my neck. Also have had temporary vision loss in my left eye for up to 5 minutes since 17. Has happend about 20 times. Also have had migraines from pressure behind my left eye recently. Waiting for a neurologist appointment but it's not for a month. Any ideas as to what it might be??