Lump in armpit not painful

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Avatar f tn Just a day ago I got a very painful lump in my underarm. It's not a pimple and it's very sore to the touch. I've had lymph nodes in my neck before but was told they were nothing to worry about. I don't know what to do as I'm on vacation in a foreign country...
Avatar f tn 2 Days ago I discovered a painful large lump in my armpit. I have not yet gone to see a doctor because I do not get insurance until January. I've looked up different articles in regards to lumps. They say if it's a painless lump that’s hard and fixed in place is more likely to be cancer than one that’s painful, softer, and moveable. Well mine is painful, but hard and fixed in place. From my armpit heading toward my elbow it's red. How worried should I be?
Avatar f tn hello. my boyfriend discovered a painful lump in his armpit last night that has me deeply concerned. he is 23 years old and has not been sick or ill for the past few months. the lump is solid but moveable; and approximately the size of a penny. also there is quite a bit of drainage. he wants me to help him drain it (which i don't mind) but i'm anxious to do so. i don't want to make it worse, or spread the infection.
Avatar m tn not to sure what it is but it started today and boy it hurts alot very sharp pain and a lump on my arm to that hurts.
Avatar n tn i've got a lump on my armpit right it not so pain fall but i can't see the lump i use Deodorant stick when i get in my room i have one and then after the bath i use different Deodorant stick and the spray it hurt's when i touch it i also have a cold my brother said it also can be a cold doing it
Avatar f tn I have a painful lump in my armpit..I had an ultrasound that was negative and my PMD is happy with that but I am not. I am still having pain and sometimes it feels like the pain goes down my arm...please ease my mind.
Avatar n tn Hi, Usually painful lumps are not indicative of breast cancer,but any lump in the armpit is concerning.It could be a swollen lymph node which can enlarged due to shaving, waxing, using a deodarant and other infectious causes. If this lump persists more than 2 weeks and does not decrease in size.It would be better to consult your doctor for evaluation.
Avatar n tn Hi, I am 35 years old and recently noticed a nodular-type lump in my my right armpit area. It is somewhat painful to touch and also in the area surrounding it. It has not changed in size over the past 3 days, nor have I found any other nodules/lumps in the general area. I have not been sick lately, nor on any medications. Could this be a serious problem, and would you recommend that I see my general practioner or an OBGYN? Thank you for your time.
925243 tn?1251483645 The other day, after my shirt had been digging in to my armpit in that same spot myself, the area began to feel a little bit tender. Upon further inspection yesterday, I noticed that it is indeed very tender to the touch, warm, swollen (mostly after I had been fussing with the little lump and the area), and that there is a very small lump in the fatty tissue and the area of skin above it is pink and raised.
Avatar n tn Hello, Doctor-- Within the past four weeks, I have engaged in protected sex with two women who have numerous sexual partners (escorts). I'm not writing to discuss the relative risk involved, but I have been worried about a lump under my right armpit that I found today. I found it accidentally when showering. I wanted to ask about "armpit lymph node swelling.
Avatar n tn It's about the size of a pea and painful. I also have a lump in the top of my arm which has been there for many months. That lump is a bit small and feels like it's lodged deeper into the skin. It does not hurt. Do I have reason for concern?
Avatar m tn My sister had a lump in her armpit too. She went to the doctor and they had to take a sample of the fluid in the lump to make sure it was not cancerous. The doctor told her most of the time it is not. You should definately go see your doctor. I am not trying to alarm you but I felt an obligation to reply to your post since my sister had a similar experience.
Avatar f tn I woke this morning with a painful lump under my right arm. I only realized there was a lump because It felt as if my bra was too tight or something. I have had swollen glands on both sides of my throat the past few days on and off. Pain in the back of the head/cervical area over about a weeks period of time with severe pain. Do I need to be concerned, should I seek medical treatment or wait a few days, weeks? How do you know if it is serious or not?
Avatar m tn it is not right under the armpit but it is right beside the area. it is noticeable but not painful, also it is not reddened but just the same as my skin colour. im in good health i believe and only fourteen at the moment, i'm not sure what to do, do you have an idea of what this lump may be and what should i do about it. Thank you.
Avatar n tn Also, a sudden painful lump in the armpit is more likely to be infection or some other type of inflammation. You do not state what type of x-ray is ordered. X-ray is useful for identifying some problems but not all. You may want to discuss the type of x-ray with your doctor to find out what he is looking for. If, in your doctor’s opinion, this is most likely infection, it may be reasonable to “watch” it for a week or so to see if it improves.
Avatar f tn Now i stopped taking valtrex and i get a mild pain in armpits after i shave a week ago and had a lump on my right arm almost sure it is lymph node from what im reading in the internet. The lump is 1cm not big at all but it hurts. This was last week thursday, i applied warm water and stopped shaving and took a valtrex and a keflex, the next day the bump went down and the right armpit is so much better.
Avatar f tn what could be the reason for an armpit lump at the age 14... sometimes it is a little painful i have consulted some doctors and they have given antibiotics for it.. is there something serious??
Avatar f tn I woke up this morning and my armpit was swollen and i have a lump there. This has happened before and i always goes away. It is sore. I am really scared and i am unsure of what to do. I work a demanding job as a police officer and it is impossible to get into a dr for a few days. It hurts into the right side of my neck. That is the same arm that is swollen.
Avatar f tn Hi: I have a lump under my left armpit. It started off as a small lump and has grown to about 2cm. It was a bit painful to touch but after a few days, when squeezed, it drained some pus. It has decreased in size but it is somewhat still there and seems more unmoveable and attached to the skin. It is no longer painful to the touch.
Avatar n tn I Have a lump in my left armpit, it just appeared overnight at first it was red painful but now I feel no pain should I give it a week or two to heal or should i be concerned
Avatar f tn My friend had a lump in her armpit once, it was a staph infection from a razor. It was very painful to her and got pretty huge. She had to hold her arms up it was so painful.
Avatar f tn I am 47 year old female and noticed a small lump in my armpit was sore and decided that it was a bug bit however I now have another one in almost the exact same area under my other armpit. Should I be concerned?
Avatar n tn We have a history of breast cancer in our family, most recently my mother last year, my sister has had a 4 mil. size lump in her armpit and she said it is really painful. She went to a doctor about 4 weeks ago who put her on a antibiotic saying he thought it was swollen lymph node. Not feeling satified with what he said and the lack of consern knowing the history of breast cancer in our family she went to get another opinion.
Avatar n tn Yesterday I noticed a small lump under my left armpit, lower down though where I can feel it when my arm is down if I check for it so it is not directly under my armpit. I noticed it when I had an itch. I checked the right side and again I have a lump in the same exact spot, mirror images of eachother. I do not have any clue how long these lumps have been there. Whenever I checked for lumps I only did it right in my breasts, not near the armpits.
Avatar f tn The first time i found it was months ago and that time it burst and kinda gone but sometimes it would appear again in my armpit (but not on the same spot), sometimes in my left armpit. I've been using ichthyol cream and doesn't seem to make it all gone. as for my breasts, I never felt any pain on my breast or find a lump. should i be worried? thankyou so much.
Avatar n tn i think i hgave the same thing, i noticed it when i was in the shower. it is not red or anything it is just a hard lump in my armpit. i had a physical (breast exam, pap etc.) a few days before i found this lump and everything was normal. I dont really know what i should do. I dont have breast cancer on either sides of my family that i know of (dont know ALOT of family or about their health). If ya wanna talk more about this i would be glad to talk with you.