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Avatar f tn Hi For about 3 months my neck hurts, especially when i try to tilt my head back or down to the left. The pain radiates to my ear and up the left side of my head. I cant sleep on my right side , the pain is so intense. Should i see someone for this?
Avatar m tn What I think and feel is that the pain initiates from eardrum or may be middle ear, the pain spreads and I feel it in right side of neck up to right upper head including right upper tooth and right eye. The pain sometime regularly 24/7. sometimes only for 6 or 7 hours every day. sometimes less pain present and later experienced to a severe or intense degree. The pain first started in 2008. I bear it for 8 years which gives me really a tough time during vocations to go outside, studies, job.
Avatar m tn I seem to only feel neck pain in the right side and only when laying down on my right side and only when swallowing. Have seen a ENT and was told throat looked fine. I am thinking it could be an artery.
Avatar f tn I have been experiencing pain and swelling in my right side for several years and have been unable to lay on that side . Sometimes the pain is more intense than others and when i mistakenly lie on that side the next day my side , back are in great amount of pain and swellingand. I will feel light headed . I also experience a great amount of swelling in my left leg and neck pain on my left side I do not know if any of these syymptoms are related but I need advice.
Avatar n tn precipitation of head pain by neck movement or awkward neck positions, head pain when external pressure is applied to the neck or occipital region, restricted range of motion of the neck, and neck, shoulder and arm pain. Treatment for cervicogenic headache includes physical therapy, medications, behavioral therapy, and other modalities. If you are older than the age of 55, one potential cause of head pain around the ear area is called giant cell arteritis or temporal arteritis.
Avatar f tn Have a hard lump behind my right ear.
Avatar m tn , my symptoms are still the same but now i have what seems like a blocked ear and underneath my right ear lobe it just feels solid it doesnt feel like a lump just flat and solid were as on my left side under my ear lobe there is a groove. and at the back of my right ear there is a bump where as on the left there is not. if i had some sort of infection of the muscle because my right shoulder tendent into my right side of my chest feel like there burning when i move them.
Avatar f tn I get pain right in the center of the lower part of the neck which spreads to the shoulder, it also gives me a headache, have had some funny sensation in both hands, not really numb or pins and needles. Any idea's Thank you.
Avatar f tn could the nodules be in any way related to ear neck shoulder pain????? I forgot to mention the nodules to the GP last week ...she looked at my ear bc of my complaint and said it looked fine. Today they will probably call to tell me my blood tests where normal...I guess I will mention to the receptionist about the neck and ear pain and nodules... My eye doc wanted me to call him about glucose test to make sure this wasn't the cause of the change. A1c was normal.
Avatar n tn I have extreme pains down my neck, (mainly on the right side). My neck constantly pops now. My ear pain is much more intense, and now, my right nostril is very sensitive and it is acually painful to breathe through my nose because of this. My entire right side of my face is terribly painful constantly, and I have not slept through a night in months. I am tired, and depressed. My doctors dont know what to make of it, and there are no medications able to help me right now.
Avatar m tn i am experiencing a slight feeling of pain in the lest side of head and left back side of neck, and in left satared with ear problem of ear opening and closing , my doctor told me that and ear ia working absolutely fine, and asked me to do steam and valsava....
Avatar f tn oh yes indeed it can and does cause ear pain in the earcanal and opening, I also expereience tremendous pain right behind my earloab on my neck, after all the study of the carnial nerve (trigminal nerver) i realized when not only my face hurt but parts of the side of my head,, crazzzzy pain,,,,, what di yiu take to help improve your life my blessings are
Avatar f tn A little over a week ago I woke up with what felt like a pulled muscle in my neck, which causes stiff neck and pain in my neck and shoulder on the right side. Two days later, it had radiated up to my jaw and ear (still right side only) and sometimes would cause me to feel pain behind my right eye-sort of like a migraine. A day after that I had pain at the base of my skull on the right side alone with an almost burning sensation in my neck and shoulder.
670877 tn?1225808525 It radiates around the right side of my head and at times causes excruciating pain and a numb like sensation in my right ear. My chiro adjusts my neck and mentions that there is heat and inflamation around the c-spine area, especially at the top where the atlas muscle is. His helper, does trigger point therapy on my neck and shoulders. This seems to help way more than the adjustments. My regular physician is very uncomfortable with the chiro adjusting my neck.
Avatar f tn For about 3 weeks now I have had severe pain in my right ear, my right side of my jaw, bad headaches, and chest pains. Nothing seems to ease the pain. I am just getting scared that it is leading to a serious issue. I am currently without medical too. Can this be something serious?
Avatar f tn HI, I have recently noticed that i have a lump behind my right ear, it hurts to touch and is giving me pain down my neck and in my wrist. I am also having ear pain. can anyone help? thank you.
1759188 tn?1324678308 the fluid comming out of my ear, i was told by the pain clinic was a spinal leak to have a nuerologist check it out, he said that that is about the only thing that would cause ear fluid, and the lab at my pcp said the dr could test the fluid with a petry dish, now here comes the ent diagnosis, once again if i could fill a vile to get it tested that would be great, but he is willing to bet that it is excema or fluid from tmj.
Avatar n tn Have had a pain starting in May on right side of neck just below my ear going upwards in my head sore to the touch, have had a catscan and two xrays, nothing showed up, I have this everyday I notice cold pack helps, advil somewhat, I really dont know wha to do. I do some excercises once a week turn my neck somwhat. Its better when I am walking and standing, sitting hurts more.
Avatar n tn I just had an abscessed tooth pulled -- my fourth in fact -- and I always felt pain in the area right below my ear when I had an abscessed tooth, whether on the top or bottom. I also had some pain in my neck (on the side) about that time and so I assume it was from an abscessed tooth as well.
677314 tn?1226288142 A caries or infected tooth too can produce right side headache that appears to be travelling up from neck. Similarly blocked ear, wax in ear or an infection of ear too can be the culprit. Spondylitis of cervical vertebra causing pressure on nerves too can cause one side headaches. It could be due to tumors in spine too. I think you may discuss these possibilities with your doctor. Then seek referral accordingly. It is difficult to comment beyond this without examining.
Avatar f tn My left lymph node is also a bit swollen compared to the right one. There is a slight pain where my neck is swollen. It is a little hard to swollow at times, but when I drink green tea it allows me to swollow a lot easier. I went to the Dr. a few days ago and was perscribed an antibiotic for an infection in the throat, which I have been taking for about 2 full days and the pain has subsided a little bit, but not the swelling.
Avatar n tn I start feeling this aching tightness in my outer ear, the neck right below my ear and the side of my face right in front of my ear. It starts out mild and gets bad really fast. If I touch my ear it hurts. If I accidentally bump my ear like if I am drying my hair or washing my face or neck and hit the ear when it is like this, I get this excruciating pain shoot right into my ear. It feels like a sharp object poked into my ear. It hurts so bad I can't cry or yell out.
504930 tn?1210512101 I have been reading about my symptoms and it sounds a lot like this, since the jaw and ear started hurting. (plugged feeling in the ear) Also right side neck pain for a few days a couple of weeks ago. (I just assumed I slept on it wrong or something).
Avatar f tn After a few days I was unable to turn my head or find a comfortable position due to neck pain (right side only). I was also having sharp shooting pains in the back of my head at the base of my skull. My family dr was out so I went to the ER clnic where labs were drawn and a cat scan of the neck was done. The labs were normal, T4 and TSH were normal, wbc normal. The cat scan showed bilat nodules in the thyroid and to the right side of the thryoid.
Avatar n tn Take a tube sock and fill it with dry rice and tie the sock off and then microwave it for 1 minute and 30 seconds and then apply it to your ear. It will ease the pain and draw out the infection. All the pain and numbness is from the infection being so bad. But i would call your family doc back and tell them.
Avatar f tn t lay down or sit for long time, this pain starts a cycle when it gets bad I then have to go to bed with horrible pain in all shoulder on one side up the neck, head and into my right ear drum which feels like it's going to burst, with dizzyness and vertigo, nausa, ringing in ears & loss of hearing, it then goes back over my head and into the other ear and neck, it will subside after a few days but never goes away I have had this for at least 3 years.
Avatar f tn I have been experiencing a dull but constant pain under my right ear for almost a year now. If I push or massage the hard lump ( cervical lymph ) under my ear and massage upward toward the ear lobe and slowly open my mouth at the same time, I can feel drainage down my throat and I hear a cracking noise ( not every time, just more often than not ). It also feels most of the time as if I am tightening the muscles around my ear as someone would to wiggle the ears but I am not tightening them.
Avatar m tn Sinus allergies also cause neck muscle tension and pain that spreads to the scalp, causes lymph nodes to swell and put pressure on nerves that cause ear and jaw pain. Allergies can trigger pain in the face, ear, neck, head/scalp and jaw/tmjd, as well as put pressure on the perotid glands and salivary glands. I've had some triggered by using prednisone to help treat sinus and lung infections.