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Avatar f tn From time to time I have unreal head, ear and neck pain. It usually starts with my neck getting really tense. Then its followed by either ringing or a wooshing sound in my ears and I can't hear as well (kind of like my head is in a box). My head also feels like it's going to explode. Its usually only lasts about 3 min. It happens while sitting, standing and laying down. I visit the massage therapist regularly and iv'e also had it happen right after a massage.
Avatar n tn For 2 days now I have had pain in the back of my neck & bleeding in the ear on the right side, what could be the problem?
Avatar f tn I can still feel hot and cold but I can not feel pain or touch. I have a slight difference in hearing in my right ear, and I am getting headaches. I would like to know if this is a serious problem, what's wrong and what I can do to regain the feeling in my scalp if possible.
Avatar m tn It is 3 years old injury when I turned my head right side forcefully to take some thing laying my back side. Suddenlly I experienced a severe pain in my lower neck for at least 20- 30 minutes. Since then I am feeling stifness in my neck muscles. Due to this a lymphnode has become enlarged (2cm) just below the right ear (in traingle area) and creating pressure and uncomfort to the sourrounding areas. Can any one help me to get rid of this?
Avatar n tn Injury behind your left ear could cause a hematoma (localized collection of blood), abscess (localized collection of pus), muscle pull, injury to internal or middle ear, contusion or nerve injury. Is there a swelling behind the ear? If there was a jerk to the neck because of the impact, it could also have caused injury to ligaments, muscles or intervertebral discs (discs between the vertebra). Hope this helps. I think you should discuss this with your doctor and get your self examined.
Avatar n tn Take a tube sock and fill it with dry rice and tie the sock off and then microwave it for 1 minute and 30 seconds and then apply it to your ear. It will ease the pain and draw out the infection. All the pain and numbness is from the infection being so bad. But i would call your family doc back and tell them.
Avatar m tn I had a few pressure tests done by the ENTs to test for excess fluid in my ear and did not notice anything, and was wondering if the fullness in my ear could be related to my neck? My main neck pain is on the right side, and the ear causing problems is on the right side, as well as the pressure in my right eye(that does not give me problems much anymore). After my ENT said my ears looked fine, and did not notice excess fluid in the pressure tests I have no idea what is causing the fullness.
Avatar n tn How long have your symptoms been present? Have you had injury to your neck recently or in the past? Are the symptoms constant or intermittent? If you have a headache with your symptoms, you may need to be evaluated more urgently to have an image performed looking at the vessels in your neck. If not, you should at least have your primary care physician interview and examine you. As you can see, the history will determine the treatment plan, if necessary.
Avatar m tn now a month later if i ben my neck in sertain positions i have pain in my right ear only kinda branching out like roots feeling tingling sensation tightening of a cord going down my neck.
Avatar f tn hi hope you can help me suffering neck pain across base of skull with left sided eye pain and arushing fluid sound in left ear been doc said muscle or anxiety due to mra had 2yrs bk no significant abnormalties not that owt to do with wat suffering now think im being labbelled due to past history know this isnt normal in anyway i can move my neck freely with only prob being somtimes tilting it bk would be greatfull on anyfeedbk u could give thankyou
Avatar n tn i had sever pain in my head neck and ear about 3 days later ,but doctor give me only the pain killer,
Avatar n tn I had a work related injury to my neck. I felt a pop and my neck stiffen up. This lasted about a week . I was told it was muscles. After repeated drs. visits I had an MRI done. I had several herniated and bulging discs. I get periods where all of a sudden it just stiffens up. Can barley move it at all. This like you lasts at least a week or 2. I also get severe pain down my left arm now that they say is nerve pain. That is horrible.
Avatar n tn The neurologist does not believe the neck injury is related. Recently I found out that my atlas is sheared forward, rotated to the right, tilted up on the right and stuck under my skull in front of the coracoid process rather than behind it. I believe this is probably the main cause of the off balance feeling, however, I was told by a cranial sacral worker that the out of position atlas could have caused some inflammation in the nerves in my neck.
Avatar f tn This could show better anatomical structures especially if there are problems in the x-ray readings. Injury to the head or neck usually leads to post traumatic headaches which may persists for months or even years after. Aside from headache, other symptoms observed are dizziness, insomnia, difficulties in concentration and mood and personality changes.
807778 tn?1238255589 i been having pain in back of my crown/head that goes all the way to my left ear? and i also have back pain. what do u belive causes my symptoms?
Avatar n tn I have had 2 cervical fushions and believe that my ear pain comes from my neck injury. I hurt in my ear behind my ear and in my face....I also have severe head aches that are one sided....Good luck to you...
Avatar n tn Have had a pain starting in May on right side of neck just below my ear going upwards in my head sore to the touch, have had a catscan and two xrays, nothing showed up, I have this everyday I notice cold pack helps, advil somewhat, I really dont know wha to do. I do some excercises once a week turn my neck somwhat. Its better when I am walking and standing, sitting hurts more.
Avatar f tn i get a sharp pain behind my left ear it can last days in spasms comes lasts a few seconds then goes i get a few mins rest then it happens again today nothing so far but i would like to know what is causing it
Avatar n tn She has experience neck pain, ear pain, face drooping and now migraines. Eyes ears doctor said it's not tmj-neck dr said it is...now what?
Avatar f tn My daughter had a baby about 3 years ago, she opted to have an epidural and every since then she has complained of back spams. In the last two weeks she has been seen in ER for neck pain on her left side, it has been swollen from her ear down her neck and left arm. The ER Dr advised us she has Torticollis not sure if it is acute, spasmodic, chronic, acquired or idiopathic, after an Xray the ER Dr advise she has some nerve damage and she need to see a Neurologist.
Avatar f tn hi i was jjust wondering if the pain runs down your neck after it hits the back of your ear and if you have had your hearing tested lately. this type of pain has happened to me on occassion and i try to have a hearing test as close as possible. they have found since getting a base point that each time this happens i lose a little bit of hearing. so far they haven't had a way of preventing the hearing loss but who knows?
Avatar m tn In each accident I had both a traumatic brain injury and 'soft tissue damage' to my neck and back. While getting physical therapy for the neck and back, I described developing difficulties I was having, which the physical therapist said were likely from an injured thyroid, stating that such thyroid damage was common with neck injuries. I had my TSH tested and - while just months before the accident it had been about 2.5 - by a few months after the accident it was 15.2.
Avatar f tn The next day it did go down but still felt pain. Since then I've been noticing that the back of my neck has been hurting like crazy, sometimes I blank out without, my left ear burns up, and sometimes my eyes feel like they are closing. Do I need to get it checked out?
Avatar f tn For the past fortnight I have been experiencing, ear popping, soreness in the neck (but no stiffness), a dull ache that runs up the back of the neck to the crown of my head, my head feels like it is very heavy, I have been having bouts of dizziness even sitting down. I also get very tired. Any suggestions what it could be?
Avatar f tn Hi, ive seen my doctor today,and he has referred me to see a neurologist, said it would be 3 to 4 weeks wait, I would like to add that i have been resting up, my Hubby as been doing all cooking and cleaning for a wee while until today ,i thought i ll try an hoover to see how i feel , well that was it i felt terribly sick and had pressure in my head and right side of neck.
Avatar n tn u had a siriouse head injury when i as 5 years old and i think injury is a reason of my odd states of mind recently.
Avatar n tn I certainly would not dismiss these symptoms as they could potentially get worse. Neurontin is a good drug for pain relief but not a cure-all. Talk to your surgeon and let them know what's going on. Good luck.
Avatar m tn then my whole body started to twitch altogether especially at night its terrible I cant fall asleep because different parts of my body jolt from ear to neck to legs stomach arms...this didnt start until about 5 months after the injury....
Avatar f tn On the other hand these symptoms could be associated with Cervical spondylosis or due to nerve irritation in the cervical (neck) spine because of injury/prolapse where contact between the edges of the vertebrae can cause neck pain. In few people, this pain may be referred and perceived as occurring in the back of head, shoulders, arms or chest, rather than just the neck. Please consult a neurologist for a detailed evaluation of your case. Hope it helps.
Avatar n tn This was last week and it has not subsided. It is sore in my neck to the touch, and the pain radiates into my ear and lower jaw. Neither the jaw or the ear are sore to the touch. My primary care dr. gave me Ceclor for a sinus infection after a few days because it sounded sinus related to her. Has not helped. I went to the ER yesterday because of the pain and they thought I had torn my carotid artery!