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807778 tn?1238255589 Yesterday someone tried pressure point massage and when they touched a spot under my right ear. I screamed in pain. Since that touch my neck is swollen and hot. I woke nausiated this morning and am able to keep food down. I feel less nausiated after eating. The pressure radiates up to the crown of the left sie of my head. this is not a back problem, but I could not decide where to ask what this could be.
Avatar f tn Sorry...I hate to sound dumb...but do you mean under your ear as in on your neck? Or like inside your head/ear area...does that make sense? I don't really know the cause but I know what you are talking about...I've had mine do that before on occassion.
Avatar n tn I am having some pain under my right ear and down my neck, I am also having pain in my chest and back on the right side. My doctor said I have costocondritis, he put me on celebrex for 2 weeks, it did not help. He then put me on a prednesone steroid pack, on the fourth day of my pred. pack I woke up sweating and had a very fast heart beat, went to the er and they kept me in the hospital for 4 days running test. my heart was in atrial fibrilation for a day then went back to sinus rythem.
Avatar f tn I get congested, cough up yellow yuk neck is sore, shoulders get very painful, can't lay down or sit for long time, this pain starts a cycle when it gets bad I then have to go to bed with horrible pain in all shoulder on one side up the neck, head and into my right ear drum which feels like it's going to burst, with dizzyness and vertigo, nausa, ringing in ears & loss of hearing, it then goes back over my head and into the other ear and neck, it will subside after a few days but never goes
Avatar n tn i have also experieinced a strange pain in my right ear in behind it under twards my neck all down the right side going into my shoulder also feel like my ear is itchy inside and also have slight stabbing headache i have recently had enlarged pappilae the large tastebuds in back scraping against my throat causing pain sometimes the pain in my ear and neck comes and goes sometimes it is painful enough for me to want to cry, also have pain behind my eye i have a dentist appointment soon so maybe h
Avatar f tn I have been experiencing a dull but constant pain under my right ear for almost a year now. If I push or massage the hard lump ( cervical lymph ) under my ear and massage upward toward the ear lobe and slowly open my mouth at the same time, I can feel drainage down my throat and I hear a cracking noise ( not every time, just more often than not ). It also feels most of the time as if I am tightening the muscles around my ear as someone would to wiggle the ears but I am not tightening them.
456101 tn?1206206873 Its not me in the photo LOL. But my left ear, just under my ear has some pain, started about a week ago. I notice that it gets worse when I eat like sweets, so i try not to. But lately for dinner it started to throb. Its not a ear ache or anything like that. But hurts to eat sometimes. I dont have any mouth infections or anything that I can physically feel. I asked my doctor and he said they are glands and muscles in that area.
Avatar f tn I woke up in excruciating pain all along my jaw, in my ear, and down my neck. It felt like I had been choked. It was painful to the touch and along my throat had a strange soft swelling. The pain also radiated up under my eye to my nose on that side. I was going to call the doctor but decided to just go to bed. I stayed there all day. Just touching the skin on my neck hurt. By Sunday, the pain was much lessened and on Monday felt nearly gone. Yesterday was not bad either.
Avatar n tn About a week ago it felt like a lymphnode under my chin was swollen and kind of sore. That worried me. Yesterday I started having ear pain on that same side. Today the ear pain is worse and my ear feels full, it's hard to describe. It hurts from my lymph node and into my jaw and ear. I am the type of person that always jumps to the worst conclusion. Could it be that I just have an ear infection and that the swollen lymph node was trying to fight it and lost?
Avatar n tn Right now my doctor doesnt know what to do about the pain so i am taking tylenol about every 3/4 hours a day in hopes that the pain in my ear/head/ and mostly neck now will go away. Any pointers? I have found that once i started actually watching my self this weekend with the teeth grinding from stress my headache in my temple has gone down significantly. But the huge pressure in my ear and neck pain have worsend and barely go away with tylenol. What do you think i should do now?
Avatar n tn hi im 27 years old and have terrible ear problems for the past 3 years i have been to 3 specialists been told so many different things and spent so much money have no insuarence its driving me insane it sound like i have a heartbeat in both of my ears constantly and frequent pain if any one can help i will truely appreciate it thank you
Avatar m tn The "sternocleidomastoid muscles" are most likely those which are giving you radiating pain from ear down to neck/shoulder/arm(Google for picture of this muscle if unfamiliar with its location). There are two of these muscles in the superficial layers of the anterior (front) portion of the neck that make the shape of a ā€œVā€, and they are primarily helpful in rotation, flexing and extension of the head.
Avatar f tn My left lymph node is also a bit swollen compared to the right one. There is a slight pain where my neck is swollen. It is a little hard to swollow at times, but when I drink green tea it allows me to swollow a lot easier. I went to the Dr. a few days ago and was perscribed an antibiotic for an infection in the throat, which I have been taking for about 2 full days and the pain has subsided a little bit, but not the swelling.
Avatar n tn I have a small lump maybe the sizeof a dime in tbe back of my neck on the left side under my ear. I also have this pulsing pain on the same side of my neck about every minute. don't know what to do .
Avatar m tn Has anyone else experienced ear pain like being constantly under water went to ent today they don't have a clue give me a script for Cleocin for a sore throat this has been going on three months now extremly unconfortable.
Avatar n tn I don't exactly have ear pain but my ears (especially my right ear) seems to stop up more since tx. Could be sinus related or tx related but I've just been living with it. I usually am more vigilant with the humidifier when my ears are stopped's very annoying. As for the headaches, mine would turn into mild migraines or at least last for several days at a time. My doc prescribed Imitrex and that has really worked for me.
Avatar m tn Now last nite I was in SO MUCH PAIN(the EXTREME stress Ive been under could be causing the pain 2b worse)I really should have gone 2 the hospital. It was like some took a knife & was stabbing me in the inner ear & the pressure was EXCRUIATING, stemming from my inner ear, up 2(right side)my head & temple, around my eye socket, down, the whole side of my face, jaw, & throat.
Avatar n tn Right under my jaw feels tender with some pain up around the left ear jaw area, maybe swollen under the jaw bone but I dont know how they were before. The doctor gave me some antibiotics for any residual infection of the sinus and combined with a few days rest in the sun the symptoms eased considerably. Within 2 days of flying home the whole lot was back with a vengeance and worse than ever.
Avatar f tn Now two months later the cold/flu symptoms have subsided and I now just feel dizzy all the time and my neck has become abnormally heavy, making it hard to hold my head up. The neck pain is the worst of it, I am waking up in the night having panic attacks of some sort. I find that when the pain gets worse I go numb, mainly my head and arms. I am currently under a lot of strain from my university workload and my part-time job.
Avatar n tn hi, i just had a mri of my neck and c-5 and c-7 are ruptured. I ve had 4 episode this year of server pain. and each time pain last for a good month. My appoint with a nuero sergeon is in september 4, 2002. What am i to expect with first office visit. How risky is it to have discs repaired. What options do you think I have.
1797743 tn?1389217285 I've also been referred to an ENT for some swollen lymph nodes which he doesn't seem to think are extreme (behind the ear and one small one under neck that has went away with meds). Just yesterday I called the doc because I'm having a foamy urine daily and my stool sometimes contains white seeds. They tested my urine and of course it came back normal. I forgot to also mention that the endo doctor tested my TSH level and said it was normal.
Avatar n tn A hard like a stone lump just under my left ear. When I got it checked it appeared an enlarged lymph node inside the muscle. It's been there for over 2 months but it doesn't grow. At the same time i've got a few other pea sized nodes. they don't go away.
Avatar n tn I was in an accident which caused a whiplash 28 yrs ago and I still have problems with pain (no ear problem) down my neck, back/under shoulder blade and sometimes down my arm. I also feel and hear neck crackling, so, I do neck exercises which seem to help. Synthroid is more stable than natural which comes from a pig and has way too much T-3 and too much for us humans, although some do well on it, if there is no heart issue(s) and you see doctor regularly to be monitored.
Avatar n tn I am having some pain under my right ear and down my neck, I am also having pain in my chest and back on the right side. My doctor said I have costocondritis, he put me on celebrex for 2 weeks, it did not help. He then put me on a prednesone steroid pack, on the fourth day of my pred. pack I woke up sweating and had a very fast heart beat, went to the er and they kept me in the hospital for 4 days running test. my heart was in atrial fibrilation for a day then went back to sinus rythem.
282936 tn?1301058757 Lately I've had sporadic sharp pains about an inch or so under my right ear. It feels like a combination of a spasm and and stabbing pain. I've had other symptoms, but I don't know if they are related: Low grade fever (99.5 degrees faharenheit), and a severe ringing in the ears once. I can't find any information on this. If you know something, please help!
Avatar n tn I have a pain in my ear - not like an ear ache. If I push on the back of my ear where it attaches to my head it is painful. It's more on the lower part of my ear. Sometimes I can feel the pain when I open and close my jaw. And I can feel it if I lay on that ear at night. My mother who is a nurse said it could be a swollen gland right behind my ear. It feels like it's close to the skin - not in my inner ear. I've had the pain a couple months. Any ideas?