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Avatar f tn I have had a dull/burning pain in my right shoulder for almost 3 years now. I woke one morning and felt like I had pulled a muscle. But after a few days the pain never went away. I went to the Chiropractor , he said I had a mis-alined rib, but the adjustment did not help. A week later I went to a regular MD, he said you have just pulled a muscle and put me on a bunch of medication. None of which helped.
Avatar f tn I have had right shoulder pain for a year and a half. the pain now radiates down my upper arm. I can not lift my arm above my head or out to the side. Rasing my arm out front of my body is ok unless my hand faces up. Night time is hard to sleep and i wake up when i move because i jolt my shoulder. The other thing that bothers me if i cough or sneeze i get sever pain. If i reach out or to the side the pain is so bad that i gasp for breath from the pain. How bad is the shoulder?
1414174 tn?1304680526 I am at work and have a whiplash like pain in my right side of my shoulder and neck that is limiting the movement of my head it hurts so bad?? I had a similar pain in the same place after my biopsy, so I associate that with my liver??
Avatar m tn I also had a right shoulder bursectomy that did not resolve the shoulder pain. The pain has spread across my head and become much worse in my neck and down the right side of my body the last three months. Every doctor I see has a different opinion and recommendation. I am searching for any insight into what may be causing this.
Avatar f tn I have pain up my arm to my shoulder and sometimes it gives me a headache. I have been to a neurologist and tested for carpal tunnel which was negative and am now in physical therapy to relax my neck and shoulder muscles. This is not working either. I am getting frustrated because the symptons and pain, tingling, numbness and cold are getting worse. I also have these symptons on my left arm, but not as severe, I figured because I am right handed they are worse on my right side.
Avatar n tn I'm not sure if I have a pinched nerve - I have pain in my right shoulder/shoulder blade and a numbness/tingling/burning sensation from my shoulder to mid between my elbow and wrist........ Your thoughts?
Avatar n tn I have had this happen in the past and it would be back to normal in a couple of days. Prior to this happening I had been experiencing pain in my right arm and in my neck. The arm pain started about 3 months ago or so. The neck has for many years not be very mobile. I have for the past year been playing a lot tennis. (Approximately 8 hour a week). I have always worked out 3 days a week doing both weight training and cardio. (45 Min. Cardio/45 Min Weights).
Avatar f tn I have had this for over a year. I am waiting for some nerve tests. Today the pain got worse and I feel a pulling pain in my shoulder, my hand keeps going cold and i keep getting pins and needles and numbness in my fingers. Also my arm feels very heavy. Anyone knows what can this be?
Avatar n tn I GOT SEVERE PAIN IN MY RIGHT ELBOW. This has started for month.The pain comes when i move my righthand to bend. very severe pain shoots in elbow and slides away very gradualy ,but stays for 30 to 40 minutes. I am 68,working as courier and drive 7hrs. I rarely do any phisycal exercise. PLEASE GIVE YOUR EXPERT ADVICE.
Avatar m tn i am having pain on my back neck leading towards to my right arm for last 3 days,
Avatar f tn I too experience neck pain and spasms on right and left side if I over exert my right side. I will also have numbness, tingling and shooting pain down right arm into hand especially thumb. I have pain down my spine and allover my shoulder and shoulder blade. I have fibromyalgia and had an MRI done was told that I have bone spurs on the c6 and c7 vertebrae.
Avatar f tn Went to emergency with severe pain in right shoulder, up into the neck and down the right arm (woke up with it). Have been on 500 mg. Naproxen , twice daily, for 3 weeks, and 10 mg. Pms-cyclobenzaprine every 8 hours. I'm still experiencing pain plus some new tingling down the arm. Should I be going back to my doctor? It seems this is taking an unusually long time to get better.
Avatar f tn I am experiencing extreme pain in my right elbow and shoulder, it is so bad that I can barely move it. I seen a Orthopaedic surgeon and had an mri on my upper back. He said that I didn't have any significant issues (whatever that meant! it's not his pain!) I have tried range of motion and it makes it even worse. I do have arthritis in the upper back, worse in my lower back and a slipped disc which is causing leg pain. I currently take neurotin for the lower back pain/ leg pain.
Avatar m tn Over an hour or so it intensified to my neck and the top of my right shoulder.When I breathe in, I feel a sharp pain in my shoulder - almost like a running stich. The pain was unbearable. Over the counter pain medicine didn't help. It lasted about 6 hours. I went to the doctor the next morning (the symptoms subsided by then), the Dr. ruled out pulling a muscle, it doesn't hurt to move my nexk/arm and my neck is not sore - i didn't lift any thing out of the norm.
867616 tn?1239486294 For one week now i have had severe pain under my right shoulder blade and down my arm the pain is so bad it makes me cry ,,,,my GP said it was plurecy in the lung,, the hospital said it was something to do with my muscles can anybody help thank you
Avatar n tn I would think your neck nodes were swollen. Since you are sick, you may be lying in bed with more pillows and bending your neck wrong. It's just not unusual to have neck pain when you are sick, although a very stiff neck can be a sign of meningitis, so be sure you keep that in mind.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am 22 and have lived with chronic right shoulder pain for over 3 years now. I have beed dx with brusitis, shoulder instability, snapping scapula, lax ligaments and winged scapula. I have had a surgery to shorten my right shoulder ligaments.I have seen many different ortho docs and been to pt. I was wondering if i should seek help from another kind of specialist. Just wondering your input thanks.
1401925 tn?1280867664 I am experiencing shoulder/ neck pain ( right side) after implantation- 4/5 days ago. Ovaries are still sore. It feels like I've painted a house Sore shoulders. No sharp pain just really sore and only tight side. Advice?
Avatar n tn Iam having the same pain back pain shoulder pain and neck pain all in the left side but it all started right after a breast biopsy and its been giong on for a yr.I have no idea what it could be if you find something out please post it THANKS....
Avatar m tn I've been having right shoulder/upper back pain that sometimes radiates to the neck. This started about a few years ago. I have lots of stress and have anxiety/depression but nothing that I didn't have prior to the pain. I'm a 26 y/o male RN and work on an intermediate cardio/thoracic unit an in innercity hospital in OH- so I unavoidably have to life patients often- but I have been in healthcare for over six years. I'm taking ibuprofen 800mg every eight hours.
Avatar f tn Thank you for your advise. I had a injection yesterday between C8 &T1. It went ok. Had a problem as soon as I was getting up, saw starburst everywhere. They had a very hard time getting any blood pressure, even thou I was talking to them the whole time. It took 45 minutes to get my blood pressure up to 103 over 73. I noticed last night around 5:30 I got a head ache (injection was at 2:30). Still have it, waiting on the nurse to call me back.
Avatar m tn I have extreme pain starting in my neck,shoulder back , and chest. (right side) When I say extreme I mean extreme! this all started 4 years ago when I sprained my shoulder. This hasn't gotten better its gotten extremely worst i can barely pick up my son.
Avatar m tn For three days now I have had pain in my right shoulder. It only hurts when I breathe in, sneeze, cough, and even burp. As soon as I do one of those things, it sends shooting pain down my neck,and through my right shoulder. Nothing else hurts. I don't know what this could be!
1732414 tn?1419736738 I have upper right arm pain for the last 6 months. Always in pain. I have trouble sleeping. Do not have insurance yet. Someone said taking Vitamin D3 2000IU a day should help....any suggestions?