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Avatar f tn What do you think I should do? After reading about Complex Ovarian Cysts in post-menopausal women, I am very concerned!. And I'm not so sure that I really trust this GYN after her misdiagnosis.
Avatar n tn Since it sounds like this dr is not very thorough, I would recommend getting another opinion, and since you are post-menopausal, removing the cysts is probably a good idea. 99% of cysts are benign so the odds are with you.
Avatar f tn So, it is important that you do get it removed. Cysts don't go away as easily in post-menopausal women. It sounds like you are already experiencing uncomfortable symptoms for this cyst.
Avatar n tn A post menopausal women who may have this form of OVCA will have symptoms of excessive hormone ie; estrogen = vaginal bleeding and + inhibin levels. Post menopausal women should have negligable inhibin levels. Please keep in mind if and only if you have a dx of these form of tumors there is a missconception that these tumors are always benign, which is completely false> They are just slow growing tumors as opposed to epitheal.
604168 tn?1222541386 These are the reasons that The American Cancer Society does not recommend the CA-125 as a screening tool. Some women who have ovarian cancer have a low CA-125 ... others who do NOT have cancer have a high result. So you can see, it can have false results at both ends. I'm also a little concerned that they are talking about a hysterectomy at this stage of the game. My advice is to get another opinion !! There is absolutely no way of knowing at this point whether you have cancer or not !!
Avatar n tn Thanks for the info. I think the question is about the menopause. I have had never had any menopausal symptoms - no hot flashes, etc. During the year I was not having my period, I was under EXTREME stress at work - working 80-90 hours per week without a break. I wasn't surprised when I got my period because I just got a new less stressful assignment and had just returned from a two week vacation. My dr is a women's health specialist, but not a gyn.
Avatar m tn Any idea on the percentage of complex cysts being cancerous in women that are pre-menopausal? I am 40. Based on family history, I would not hit menopause until early 50s. Is a dermoid a cancerous complex cyst? I am also going to ask for the blood test and it sounds like an MRI might also be a good idea.
Avatar n tn I haven't seen a question about ovarian cysts and menopause. I have cysts on both ovaries, but my main symptoms are extreme bloating (I look pregnant) and weight gain. All the weight is in my abdoman--I don't seem to be bigger anywhere else and it's making me really uncomfortable. I am really short and have went from 110 to 137 and still gaining. I have had a CT scan (which is how they found out I have the cysts) and have an ultrasound scheduled next week.
Avatar n tn Most cysts are benign. Endometriomas are common. Ovarian cancer is not common. Overall, women have a 1 in 80 lifetime risk of ovarian cancer which is one tenth the risk of breast cancer. Now that statistic is a lifetime risk. That is - when your take all 80 to 90 years old ladies and look back over their lives. The risk is much lower, the younger you are. So at age 20 the risk of ovarian cancer is very, very small. At age 40 to 50 the risk is probably 1 in 1000. By age 80 , it is 1 in 80.
356929 tn?1246393356 hypo thryoid symptoms normal tsh mulit goitor nodules with ovarian cyst, that is now suspicious it was a normal ca 125 /9 and now it has jagged edges so i am seeing a gyno onco soon soo havin hypo symptoms for YEARS and not treated i had ovarian cysts most of my life had hysterectomy at 30 rt salpingooph full of cyst and removed and now 43 i'm having left ovary acting up, functional cyst now changed in 3 mos so i am also growing polyps in my stomach and my gallbladder was removed 2007 so
Avatar n tn Welcome to the site! Just a reminder: 99% of ovarian cysts are benign. Not to be too nosey, but what is your age? I am 45 and had 2 softball sized dermoids along with my right ovary and 90% of my left ovary removed 12/21/05. Dr. just did blood tests a couple of weeks ago and I have menoopaused. Now, I am having recurring symptoms and have to go in for another us to see if the 10% ovary has created another cyst. It is quite possible to have cysts passed menopause.
Avatar n tn can ovarian cysts cause you to feel really sick? sorry its short but I'm really worried.
Avatar n tn Yes, cysts can cause nausea and my you've had your run of them! The nausea can be caused by the cyst pushing on your stomach and/or the hormones involved. For pain there is no rhyme or reason as some small cysts cause a lot of pain and some larger ones none. It really depends on the person and where the cyst is pushing on inside. Endometriosis can raise your CA-125. I am concerned that a complex cyst was allowed to burst and no follow up was done.
Avatar n tn I believe they recommend surgery for cysts over 3cm. Complex as you probalby know by now is both fluid and solid components. The symptoms come with both cysts and cancer. Since you are premenopausal, you could have a CA 125, however it is not very reliable in women who are still menstrating. Your OB is probably looking for increase in size, the mass could be benign, the majority of ovarian masses are.
Avatar f tn gov/cancertopics/wyntk/ovary/page5 Since many of the ovarian cyst symptoms are similar to the ovarian cancer symptoms, I am confused whether i should wait for 4 more weeks for repeat US. I already had left ovary removed due to a large dermoid and would like to not go to early menopause by loosing the right ovary; which i am afraid may happen when Dr goes to remove cyst. GYN says CA 125 is not useful for detection; but online resources say CA 125 + HE4 is great for early cancer detection.
Avatar n tn She may also do a blood test called a CA-125 for cancer, routine test and not always accurate in pre-menopausal women but somewhat better post-menopause. Keep in mind that most cysts are benign but for menopausal women it's best to get them taken out. She may also do a Cat scan to get a better picture of what kind of cyst there is and to make a comparison for the size with the TV/US.
Avatar n tn And they also can resolve themselves if they are funtional cysts. Also, ovarian cysts can mimic ovca symptoms so it is always a good idea to see your dr. and get the transvag us. Remember too that early detection and education are our best defense. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Avatar n tn Pain diminished as periods went away, but burning abdominal pains and some cramping, lower back pain and pain in left side have returned. Now, at 48, my transvaginal ultrasound shows several small ovarian cysts, a 2 1/2cm and a 4cm fibroid and uterine thickness approx twice what they'd like to see. Endometrial biopsy yesterday won't return results for 2 wks. Needless to say, I'm a bit worried, as they are looking for signs of cancer. What are causes of endometrial thickening?
Avatar f tn Am menopausal 57 yr old, have had complex ovarian cyst since 2008..... menopause started in 2010... ever since menopause, have had constant - always there lower abdominal bloating, constant peeing - doesnt' empty completely and sometimes need to go 2-3 times in 5-10 min period, have constant indigestion, and 6 weeks ago, lower back pain....(but am thinking lower back pain due to healthclub possibly) had vaginal ultrasound in 2008, 2012, 2013 in 2012, left hypoechoic lesion measured 2.6 x 2.
Avatar f tn They are experts in ovarian cancer. Since you have so many symptoms and a cyst and an elevated CA 125 it would probably be a good idea to see a specialist. Remember that less than 1% of all cysts are malignant but it is better to be safe than sorry. They did say that CA 125 is not reliable because there are other things that can cause an elevated level, but it is a cause to get it double checked. Good luck!
Avatar m tn • Complex ovarian cysts that don't go away • Cysts that are causing symptoms and do not go away • Simple ovarian cysts that are larger than 5 - 10 centimeters • Women who are menopausal or near menopause Since your ovarian cyst is greater than 5 cm, it should be got removed. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor.
Avatar f tn If you Goodle for images of ovarian cysts, some of them look like human organs themselves. The majority of them are benign and even the small ones can cause loads of symptoms (or none at all). Cysts CAN form rapidly especially the fluid filled ones. My own cyst was considerably larger on the day of surgery than on the day it was discovered (less than a month between events). We've heard of cysts as large as footballs and basketballs on this forum...
Avatar m tn AGE - 53 MENOPAUSAL - YES - 2 years back FAMILY HISTORY OF OVARIAN CYSTS/ BREAST CANCER/MALIGNANCY - YES SYMPTOMS: - acute lower abodminal pain for more than 4 months - walking difficulties - mild rise in temperature at nights EXAMINATION: - USG - OVARIAN CYSTS SIZING 3.8*3.6MM - CT SCAN - LEFT OVARY - 4.
Avatar n tn Now in my case, surgery was mostly optional, even though post menopausal, I didn't have symptoms of ovarian cancer (though it CAN be symptom-less) but my CA-125 was normal which is usually more accurate in post menopausal women and I am barely post menopausal leading me to think that perhaps we need to watch this thing vs. going in there.
Avatar m tn A friend of mine had a very high CA-125 level of 1000 but her ovarian cyst was benign (non-cancerous). Some women tend to develop ovarian cysts even if they do not have PCOS. It is thought that birth control helps prevent them and shrink them. However, it seems I read that there is no evidence of this. It is possible that some forms of birth control may make you more prone to developing them. Not sure what the medical literature says on that.
Avatar n tn Most cysts are benign and the CA-125 is used more as a marker for post-menopausal women, women who have ovarian cancer and those on chemo. The test is not accurate for women still menstruating as many factors can cause a false-positive or negative. All that information can't stop you from worrying, though. I pray it all goes well.