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Avatar f tn Does she menstruate yet? Young girls have a higher chance of having cysts resolve naturally through menstruation. A short run on BC pills is one remedy to cure a hormonal imbalance which is often the cause...if the problem needs a a bit more help. Surgery is the next step. If they say the cyst is complex, solid, irregular and/or dermoid...then surgery is a likely solution. Cysts that are mainly fluid filled are the best candidates for waiting/watching...or BC/hormone treatment.
384225 tn?1199996618 I have just found out after 2 and a half years of trying for a baby that i have several cysts or follicles on my right ovary and a 0.7cms follicle along with several more small cysts or follicles on my left ovary. I'm so worried that I might not be able to have children... can somebody help me please?!!
Avatar f tn What other symptoms does she have? I know of many younger girls with Endo and can ask them questions for you if you'd like. Some were surgically diagnosed at age 11 etc. That is also the only way to diagnose as it will not show up on an ultrasound unless there is an endometrioma (Blood filled cyst) I have a bunch of journals and there is one in particular called Endo and Migraines. That post speaks a lot about my symptoms before I was diagnosed.
Avatar n tn My doctors OBGYN and Medical Oncologist both say Tamoxifen does not cause cysts but I have read many articles saying there is a high percentage and correlation of ovarian cysts in premenpausal women. It appears to be recent studies in the last few years. Are my doctors just not keeping up with readings or are these journals on the internet not accurate? What is the Cleveland Clinics view on this topic. I am trying to decide whether I should stop taking Tamoxifen or not.
1427674 tn?1283111058 Some ovarian cysts are hormonally active and result in pseudopuberty (early physical signs of puberty) In girls with hormonally active cysts, the ovarian enlargement may be mistaken for an ovarian tumor, leading to unnecessary(surgery) . Girls presenting with premature vaginal bleeding and ovarian enlargement should be genetically evaluated An ovarian cyst in a toddler/young child is often discovered by a Dr.
Avatar m tn I went to my GYNO and they seemed unconcerned about my story, but they did make me get an abdominal ultrasound which did show me to have 2 ovarian cysts both 2cm in diameter. They said to watch and wait. I still have slimey discharge without blood now, but it has yellow/cloudy stuff mixed in. It doesn't smell foul, but almost sweet/salty? I also have no pain. Sometimes lower back aches but thats it. Is this typical for ovarian cysts? Or could I have an infected cut inside me?
Avatar n tn Annie, my best advice is to just wait and see. No amount of internet speculation will answer your question. Many ovarian cysts can cause identical symptoms as pregnancy. Everyone wants to know before they miss a period if they are pregnant, but the truth is, if you get a negative you will have to retest a few days later anyway. If you get a faint positive, you will drive yourself crazy wondering if you really saw the line or not.
Avatar n tn Welcome to the site. Let me first tell you that 99% of all ovarian cysts are BENIGN! Please try not to worry. You seem to have a good dr. You will find many women here who will be able to give you very good advice. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I take it by your name you like to cook?!?
Avatar n tn i asked her could this be ovarian ,she said ,well your catscan said you had cysts on ovaries but that is normal.this is the first dr.that has ever even told me this.how do they know it is normal?without a followup scan?i have all the symptoms of ovarian cancer but they act like oh well.i really don't like going to doctors ,but i have been because i know something is not right.is it normal to have cysts on ovaries?the only cysts the er doc told me about was liver cysts.
Avatar n tn I too am having all the symptoms as noted. My pap test came back normal but the doc did tell me that my uterus was very enlarged and took several biopsies he is also sending me for an ultrasound. Anybody know anything about enlarged uterus what are the common causes, I am very worried. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.
Avatar n tn I too had alot of ovarian cysts over the years. I started noticing the vague symptoms when I was about 36. They were a bloated stomach, weight gain, loss of appetite, loose bowel movements,feeling tired and not as energetic as usual, also my underarms were sore when I would reach for something. As time went on I had fluid in my lungs also, and around my heart as well as in my tummy, they drained 7 liters of fluid at the time of surgey. I went to the hospital weighing 160lbs.
434927 tn?1204238587 I have been dealing with ovarian cysts for 17 years. You are definitly going through the very common problem of cysts. I know it may not seem like it, but luckly it sounds as if you have a mind case of it. Let me tell you a trick that helped me in the very begining. When you start to feel the onset of these attacks (which could be anything from abdnominal pain to even feeling alot of pressure on your rectum) take 2-3 tylenol and try to take a nap.
Avatar n tn I have had to force myself every time ;( What is wrong with me? So you pregnant girls refresh my memory on the discharge? Isn't it usually very heavy right now (6-7 weeks of pg)? I am tired and my lower back hurts, but like I said that could ALL be the upcoming ovulation. HERE's The question: how many of you had a decent period and ended up being pregnant? How many days into your cycle did you take a pregnancy test? Could mine have been a false negative?
Avatar f tn For the past few weeks I have been experiencing, nausea, indigestion along with some back pain and urinary frequency- i am worried that these may be symptoms of ovarian cancer. I recently gave birth (6 months ago) and was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis 3 years ago which normally presents itself in my case with pain in pelvic area which i do not have at the moment. I hope you can give some advice.I am becoming increasingly worried as the symptoms persist.
Avatar n tn She sounds young for this but it may be a variant of polycystic ovarian syndrome, sometimes these girls have elevated insulin levels and this stimulates the ovaries to make excess male hormones and cycling is off, sometimes it may be an imbalance of her cycle in which the estrogen and progesterone are out of whack needing some help.
Avatar f tn Hello, There are specific types of ovarian cancer that are more often found in children and adolescents that are different from those found in older women. In children and young girls ovarian cancer usually presents as an ovarian mass and typically they only report pain if the ovary twists and its blood supply is cut off. So, ovarian cancer in young people is overall uncommon, but definitely occurs. Your symptoms would be atypical.
Avatar n tn i had womb and right tube removed due to cervical cancer when i was 25(22yrs ago,im now 47 as well),developed cysts on both ovaries with pain in jan 06. Had ovaries removed in nov 06. Both cysts benign. I worried as my mum died from ovc and also have maternal aunt and 2 cousins with breast cancer under the age of 5o.99% of cysts are benign,so try not to worry(i know its easy for me)and good luck.
Avatar f tn I have ovarian remnants on both sides. Also, the right side has developed ovarian cysts which is causing a great deal of pain and abdominal bloating. My concern is that none of my doctors have spoken with me about ovarian cancer. Is this normal that they are not worried? I was diagnosed with cervical cancer three years ago and had a hysterectomy, two years later they had to take my ovaries. I am having a great deal of pain on my right side.
1791094 tn?1315265968 It sounds more like Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, or PCOS. Some of the symptoms are multiple cysts, being overweight, glucose intolerance (diabetes), and facial hair. There is a PCOS forum here on MedHelp. Perhaps you could read some of the posts and see if it sounds familiar. If you haven't done so, you should also have your blood sugar tested. If its high, now is the time to get control of it. It could also help you lose some weight.
Avatar f tn Gyne did an U/S which showed a 5 cm septated cyst- and is concerned of ovarian cancer due to symptoms. I had a complex ovarian cyst on opposite ovary a year ago, but no symptoms. It resolved on its own within 5-6 months. I'm just worried. I have 2 little girls, and I am a worrier anyways. Any helpful info? They are going to do MRI and bloodwork, then I can either schedule to see a specialist for 2nd opinion/ more info, or have my R overt removed.
1667689 tn?1303341573 Hi Gail, first of all I think us girls know our bodies so well, so please don't think its all in your head because all of your symptoms sound just like someone who gets ovarian cysts. I guess you really have a few decisions to make here and get some more information when you find the free clinic. You have 4 children and are 47 so I'm assuming you won't be wanting more? So at least if the worst came to the worst you have your kids.
Avatar f tn I stopped taking it because it only made me feel worse. Eventually, my symptoms subsided. After my son was born (May 2013), I started to feel EXTREME pain on my right side. I got an app that predicated when I ovulate, and the pain coincided with when I ovulated. I looked it up, and some girls have pain when they ovulate. There's a name for it, but I can't think of what it is. The month of July I didn't have my period. I didn't feel any pain for June or July. August I had my period twice.
Avatar m tn hello, perhaps someone else has had the following: since about december i have been having pain in my lower right abdomen and pain during sex (feels like he was poking something in my lower stomach). i went to the obgyn and he said everything looked nromal and not to worry because "sometimes girls just get pain". at the very end of january i went back to a GP because the stomach pain still hasnt stopped and is now accompanied by an aching pain in my lower back.
Avatar n tn I have suffered with ovarian cysts for 20 years...I had several operations (laparoscopies) 2 remove cysts, scar tissue, leisons, endodometriosis etc....In 1995 1 hour after my baby boy was born, my uterus died..Don't remember the exact medical term but it happens in 1 in 2 million women, supposedly...Anyway they did an emergency hysterectomy and took everything but my ovaries....Because I was only 25...
Avatar n tn When surgery is performed for ovarian cysts or tumors you should have a gyn-onc either perform the surgery or be on call in case ovarian cancer is found. Pathology of a tumor or cyst is the only way they can determine if it's benign - they can't tell for certain from an ultrasound. Benign ovarian cysts are very common for women.
Avatar f tn Hi, My name is Katie and I have some questions about ovarian cancer. I am 25 years old and have been having persistent pelvic pain, bloating, trouble eating, weight loss, fatigue, and a variety of other symptoms over the last year. I have had some troubling experiences with health care providers and I don't have insurance, so I am looking for advice regarding questions to ask to insure that if I have ovarian cancer they find it.
Avatar n tn Blessing that you would write back! I saw your comments from awhile ago and I was looking to see what happened with you. We will survive no matter what the outcome. It appears that there are many women out there who have complex cysts and they are negative. Please keep me posted. I will be thinking of you!
Avatar m tn Someone here can verify this, I'm sure) of ovarian cysts are benign. My large one turned out to be a borderline ovarian tumor, which is non-cancerous. The surgeon did not find this out until it was sent to pathology after surgery. If he had known during surgery, he would have removed my appendix as these types of tumors often originate in the appendix and by removing it he would have reduced the chances of recurrence (which are between 6 and 12 percent).
Avatar f tn Was she diagnosed by an ultrasound? (This would be to rule out ovarian torsion.) I've had a lot of ovarian cysts in my life, of the simple fluid-filled variety. It can happen after ovulation, that the ovary does not release the fluids that come into the cavity left after the egg has popped out. Once they did open and the fluids drain, I always felt fine. No further complications. I assume that you know this indicates ovulation, and in a couple of weeks she should get her period?
Avatar f tn Hypervasularity may be a concern as that indicates an increased number or concentration of blood vessels enabling rapid growth (often of tumors (neoplasm)). Most cysts are benign, but that said, if your gyn suspects cancer based on the tvu report PLEASE INSIST on a referral to a gynecological/oncologist to do the biopsy. They are specifically trained to deal with gyn cancers and if the biopsy indicates cancer they can stage you, do any needed biopsies, etc.