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Avatar n tn i am 16 years old and have been having problems with my ovaries. i am constantly getting cysts that burst, and my count for thismonth has now reached 5. I have been to the doctor and have recently been put on birth control to try to help this but it just seems to be getting worse. I very rarely get my period now and when i do its very light.
Avatar f tn my daughter is 14 she got a ovarian cyst abouth 4cm ..... she i in so much pain been in hosiptal all weekend bhad scan but said she needs to go home an mange the pain with regular paracetomol an ibufon but its not working ...so can someone help me ...... This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/192634'>diagnosed with an ovarian cyst at 14 years old</a>.
Avatar f tn My daughter was diagnosed with ovsrisn cysts back in May. We were in the ER 3 days in a row - thinking it was her appendix, and then finding out she had 2 cysts and fluid in her abdomen that meant one had ruptured. She had not started her periods yet either. One month later, she had her first period. Every month since then she has had pain. Every other month she has SEVERE pain and misses school. She can only take ibuprophin and tylenol because of her age.
384225 tn?1199996618 I have just found out after 2 and a half years of trying for a baby that i have several cysts or follicles on my right ovary and a 0.7cms follicle along with several more small cysts or follicles on my left ovary. I'm so worried that I might not be able to have children... can somebody help me please?!!
Avatar n tn Hi My name is Tonya.I am 27.I have had ovarian cysts since I was 16.I had the first one removed then.I had more over the years.I had more removed at 19 through laproscopy.I had another one at 24 to remove them.I had the last one 12-23-05.I started hurting again 3 days after surgery.I ended up at the ER for pelvic pain on 01-11-06.They did test and found that I had a 4cm on the left ovary and a 2cm on hte right ovary.I have tried BC over the years.None of which have worked.
Avatar f tn Girls think of the emotional part to before takign such a big step! Ovarian cysts are no big deal! They can hurt if when they rupture but do not harm you in any way or a pregnancy. Have you thought about adoption? Don't worry about the cysts for surgery but be sure that is what you want. You said you ahve had an abortion before. Having another one can cause great health risks to you! It causes scar tissue and is not like a DNC!
Avatar n tn My doctors OBGYN and Medical Oncologist both say Tamoxifen does not cause cysts but I have read many articles saying there is a high percentage and correlation of ovarian cysts in premenpausal women. It appears to be recent studies in the last few years. Are my doctors just not keeping up with readings or are these journals on the internet not accurate? What is the Cleveland Clinics view on this topic. I am trying to decide whether I should stop taking Tamoxifen or not.
1427674 tn?1283111058 Physiologic cysts are uncommon between the neonatal period and puberty because hormone stimulation of the ovary decreases in infancy and early childhood and then increases as puberty is approached. Most simple ovarian cysts in toddler/child are physiologic and result from enlargement of a cystic follicle.
Avatar f tn My last period was very light and I'm tired of being in so much pain and in the er where they put medicine in me ell me I look a little better and send me home. I can barely walk every month on my period and I get very shqrp pains that last a few minutes weeks before it. I'm at the point where I want my ovary taken out. Its ridiculous whqt I go tjrough every month and I miss so much school because of it.
Avatar m tn I went to my GYNO and they seemed unconcerned about my story, but they did make me get an abdominal ultrasound which did show me to have 2 ovarian cysts both 2cm in diameter. They said to watch and wait. I still have slimey discharge without blood now, but it has yellow/cloudy stuff mixed in. It doesn't smell foul, but almost sweet/salty? I also have no pain. Sometimes lower back aches but thats it. Is this typical for ovarian cysts? Or could I have an infected cut inside me?
1035252 tn?1427231433 I looked online and there was only one site that said something about ovarian cysts and back pain being a symptom. If it's that bad that you're in tears, go in when DH gets home girl. If you're there for five hours and they figure out what it is and make the pain stop, then the five hours you're there will be worth it.
Avatar n tn Welcome to the site. Let me first tell you that 99% of all ovarian cysts are BENIGN! Please try not to worry. You seem to have a good dr. You will find many women here who will be able to give you very good advice. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I take it by your name you like to cook?!?
Avatar n tn Annie, my best advice is to just wait and see. No amount of internet speculation will answer your question. Many ovarian cysts can cause identical symptoms as pregnancy. Everyone wants to know before they miss a period if they are pregnant, but the truth is, if you get a negative you will have to retest a few days later anyway. If you get a faint positive, you will drive yourself crazy wondering if you really saw the line or not.
Avatar f tn I'm really surprised 'they' haven't found some sort of cure or prevention yet for Ovarian cysts. I was rushed into hospital in July with really bad abdominable pain and vomitting....the hospital finally found that i had a twisted right ovary caused by a 7cm cyst. They managed to remove most of the cyst (remanants of cyst still there as per my check-up in Sep) and they managed to save the ovary thankfully. I haven't experienced any Ovarian pain since that day it twisted up until now that is.
Avatar n tn I am trying to get pregnant for the past 1 year, to my dismay doctors fund out i have a dermoid cysts in my left ovary.Its 7.1,4.6,4.1in size.Could you please tell me wether the doctors need to remove my ovary? It is seen that i m not ovulating as well so my right ovary is not functioning as well. Please help and could you give me a doctors reference and what will be the cost for operating?
Avatar n tn i asked her could this be ovarian ,she said ,well your catscan said you had cysts on ovaries but that is normal.this is the first dr.that has ever even told me this.how do they know it is normal?without a followup scan?i have all the symptoms of ovarian cancer but they act like oh well.i really don't like going to doctors ,but i have been because i know something is not right.is it normal to have cysts on ovaries?the only cysts the er doc told me about was liver cysts.
Avatar n tn but nearly every month (except for when I was pregnant) I have had multiple cysts on both ovaries. I was just in the emergency room 2 days ago with severe abdominal pain that had started just above my pubic bone and went straight up to my sternum and then radiated accross both sides of my stomach and into my back.
Avatar f tn My daughter is 11yrs old with an ovarian cysts of 4.4cm... Her testosterone levels are high, her glucose levels are high.. her blood level has dropped to a 9... What should I do... The first doctor said she was ok.. moths after I took her back to the second doctor which sent her to do more test which came up with the results of the results I mentioned earlier... But she was not clear on how to treat her.. please what should I do....
Avatar n tn I didn't have a good one and my recurrent cysts ended up costing me both of my ovaries (last one out in January this year - with a hemorrhagic cyst the size of my hand surrounding it). She needs to get checked out for infection, polycystic ovarian disease, etc. It might be suggested that she go on birth control pills (ovulation involves cysts), Metforman, etc.
Avatar n tn When we got to the hospital, they performed ultrasounds on my abdomen for an hour. The baby was fine, but it turns out that an ovarian cyst had ruptured. Back in June I had my annual PAP. The Dr. found some abnormal cells and scheduled me for a colposcopy. Could these cysts be a result of the abnormal cells found? I am already scheduled for a colposcopy after I give birth with this child. Since August, I've had 3 of the same "attacks".
Avatar n tn i know this because in 93 I had an ovarian cyst removed, and the scars help in identifying. I had test done with my family doctor, he said he saw alot of white cells under the microscope. I had a normal pap smear. Syphilis, and HIV were both (-), and the Chlamydia test was (-) as well. In the culture, they found (genitaliac), which shows Gardnerella Vaginalis. My question(s) are... [] Can this be the cause of my pain? [] Is it contagious? [] Cause other future problems? HIV?
Avatar f tn And I went the birth control route, taking it normal 21 day and having period wasnt working, I had to take it 3 months in a row, have a period, etc. and that has kept cysts away on left ovary. Unfortunately I had to lose my R ovary back in Feb of this year cause the structure of the ovary was too far damaged. Thats another reason they dont want to mess around and wait too much either, that way if they can save the ovary(ies) they will.
1080530 tn?1257988962 Hello everyone well i just found out that i have an ovarian cyst on my right ovary that its a 9.6 almost 10 cm big...but the part that worries me the most is that I'm pregnant and expecting twin girls and my doctor told me that we need to remove it. They would have to remove it with a small abdominal surgery. Even though doctor tells me that everything its gonna be alright I'M SUPER SCARED to think that i can lose one of my baby's. What should I do?
Avatar n tn Oh it was the worse time in my life my pain in my ovaries increased so badly that sometimes i had to stop what i was doing and bend down, my face would go pale and i'll look quite sick.
Avatar n tn The confusion was with the types of cysts and it being caused by tubal ligation. I read in the forum about the tubal causing the dermoids. Just means I have a ton of questions for the gyn. About the hemorrhagic, I do know that the stabbing feeling that I felt at the time I was first made aware of the cyst was explained as bleeding into my abdomen from the ovary where my body had to reabsorb the cells.
Avatar f tn Hi girls- as many of you know DH and I are finally going for our 1st IVF in Jan. Just a quick Q- I am not PCOS but am prone to ovarian cysts (endometriomas) often large. Will this inhibit my OI or retrieval? I kinda think not since sooo many if patients have cysts I sure they deal with this issue all the time. Just wondering.... SSBD and CONGRATS to all those BFPs out there!!!!
Avatar n tn Hi name is Tammy, I was diagnosed with stage IIIc ovarian cancer in 2003, since then I have had surgery to remove ovarian tumor the size of a basketball, the omentum, appendix, and a couple of lymph nodes. From there I underwent 9 months of intense chemo of carboplatin, topotecan, and taxol. I had a severe reaction to the carboplatin at my last treatment.
434927 tn?1204238587 I have been dealing with ovarian cysts for 17 years. You are definitly going through the very common problem of cysts. I know it may not seem like it, but luckly it sounds as if you have a mind case of it. Let me tell you a trick that helped me in the very begining. When you start to feel the onset of these attacks (which could be anything from abdnominal pain to even feeling alot of pressure on your rectum) take 2-3 tylenol and try to take a nap.
Avatar f tn Ovarian cancer recurs often - so even if you do the 6 course treatment - you are not done - 3-6 month cat scans and blood tests to stay on top of it because ovarian is in the abdomen and can touch other organs. Good luck with your surgery.