Ovarian cysts symptoms and signs

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Avatar f tn what are the first signs of having ovarian cysts?? can tey cause you to not get pregnant??
Avatar f tn I haven't been diagnosed with an ultrasound yet but with my signs and symptoms I'm pretty sure I have one. I get stabbing pain in the same spot, near my right ovary a few times each day with certain movements and activities. 5 weeks tomorrow but I had the pain long before I was pregnant. From what I read they're fairly normal and insignificant?
Business woman2 I believe the cause is a ruptured ovarian cyst. What are some symptoms of a rupture, and are there any at-home remedies I can do to cope with/treat it? Also, are there any signs to look for that it could be something worse that would require a trip to a doctor/hospital?
Avatar n tn Another possibility to look at would be your appendix, unless you have already gotten it out. Fibroids and ovarian cysts can cause a lot of pain. I would talk to your doctor about your concerns, but it does sound like it is the fibroid and cysts.
Avatar m tn They should work you in sooner given your symptoms. Some types of cysts can grow more rapidly than others and the risk of rupture increases as the size increases. Do you know if it is complex? What type of surgeon are you seeing? Any complex cyst over 5cm has a slight possibility of being malignant. If your find your mass is complex, you need to see a gynecologic oncologist prior to your surgery.
1968398 tn?1325690686 Just remember though - symptoms don't really mean much at all, and don't determine whether you're pregnant or not. They can be signs of many other things.
Avatar n tn Its been about 1 year now and I have bloating (I look like Im 6 months pregnant), lower pelvic pain, spotting, painful urnination, constant urination, when I do get my period its all clots. Did this turn into something else? What's the difference between fibroids and ovarian cysts? how can you tell the difference? Please Help.
Avatar n tn Does anyone know about ovarian cysts and sex? I go back to the dr for my 8 week next Tuesday and I'll talk to him about it then, but until then... Does have any ifo to share about this?
94365 tn?1216090760 They are mostly an incidental finding. Sometimes cysts can cause symptoms like pain between ribs, back and side and even in blood in urine. They rarely enlarge and when they do they need to be monitored by regular CT scans and ultrasound. http://familydoctor.org/online/famdocen/home/common/kidney/653.html Do let me know if you need more information. Take care!
Avatar n tn Yes, a cyst can indeed cause these symptoms and pain, and any doctor who tells you otherwise must surely be either (1) a man, or (2) a woman who has never suffered a cyst herself! Yes, it is the sad truth - the symptoms of benign ovarian cysts and tumors are the same as the symptoms of malignant ovarian cyst and tumors. That is why when all the tests and all the images are done, the doctor still cannot say for certain whether a cyst is malignant of benign until surgery.
Avatar n tn Also be mindful of your diet, there is a link between insulin resistance and ovarian cysts. It is best to stay away from processed white flour products like bread and pasta, and the worst culprit is of course sugar.
Avatar m tn The good thing is that the doctors are being proactive. The growth spurt could be hormone related. All of your signs and symptoms could be related to the cyst. As a survivor, you know the drill....try not to panic until you know that there is something to worry about. Hang in there!!!!
Avatar n tn No, the symptoms don't make it more worrisome. Both benign and malignant cysts tend to cause the same symptoms. But, the fact that your ovary felt hard is a little more worrisome for malignancy. Any complex cyst has a chance of being malignant. There is no way to know for sure without removing it and completing a biopsy.
Avatar n tn I will be 48 in October and am scared that I might have ovarian cancer. Are there any signs I should look for. Also last year I a had D&C along with another prodedure called the ballon procedure and have not had my period since then. Could this have caused these cysts? Thanks for any answers.
Avatar f tn What are the normal symptoms after an ovarian cysts ruptures? My doctor said the pain should have been gone by this weekend..it is Tuesday and I still can't do normal activity without having my side and whole back hurt.. with a pinching sensation.. is that normal?
Avatar f tn Vomiting and nausea are signs of GERD but not pressure in the abdomen. I'm wondering how the doctors or even the nurses didn't pick anything else up. I certainly hope that your surgery goes well! I hope this never happens to anyone else.
Avatar f tn He said I had the textbook signs of a thyroid problem and he told me that the cysts were likely caused by the hormone problem. But since there showed no problem in my hormone levels what else could be causing them and the other problems I was having? Any suggestions for me to consider what the problem is?
Avatar n tn I have terrible bloating and pain in my right side and my doctor suggested i go to ultrasound... I got the ultrasound done yesterday and the person who is doing it asked me a few questions watching my vaginal ultrasound and said "that explains it" and i asked her what was wrong and she said that she is not supposed to reveal it to me and the doctor will call me... I am worried... And since that stupid vaginal ultrasound, I am bloated like i am 5months pregnant...
Avatar f tn when i asked how big was dermoid she said not big about the size of an orange ,i was told at hospital to ask her to check for pcos as i have all the signs ,she said you dont want to go down that road i am to young and would involve more suregry , so i said what will i do then she said loose weight even though i always had weight since a child ,i think all doctors if it isent weight its smoking they blame i dont understand it either .
Avatar f tn It is possible she could have Endometriosis and I would really keep and eye out for this and symptoms because it is often ignored by most regular GP's as well as specialists because she is young. I was misdiagnosed for 14 yrs finally operated on at 27 after a cyst had finally developed. I never had any cysts and that is why all tests were negative. My pain started after my first period and no pain meds helped.
Avatar f tn 2 years back I was told that I have ovarian cysts (the doctor say me once, and told me to go to a specialist, but w/o insurance I could not afford it) The cysts keep reoccurring (or are not going away), and are getting more and more painful. I I have varying amounts of pain day-to-day, ranging from my pelvis, abdomen, lower back, and then down my thighs (when it's really bad). It hurts to cough, sometimes pee, have sex, and walk (when it's really bad).
Avatar m tn Unfortunately, cysts are a common occurance with the menstrual cycle. Most come and go without any signs or symptoms. Some people have cysts and never even know they have them. They may be found inadvertantly during a routine pelvic exam. Others however have terrible pain and suffering from them. Most cysts resolve themselves and that is what probably happened to your girlfriend. If one was on the left, then gone and now there is one on the right.
Avatar f tn I am going in for my hundredth (LOL) U/S tomorrow, I have had this pain before with no signs of cysts as well as very small cysts. My gyno has mentioned removing my right ovary with a full hystorectomy. I am grasping at straws as to what to do.......... I feel my pain tolerance is normal but the pain I am having in my abdomen with these cysts ranging in sizes, is unbearable most of the time. I am very confused as to what the right decision is and if there is anything else I can do?
Avatar f tn Hi, so I have polycystic ovaries I think Ive had them for about 6 years now but chose to neglect its signs and symptoms (heavy & prolonged bleeding, no periods for months) because I didnt really know anything about it (I was 12) until about two years ago. Ive had ultrasounds, been on pills and metformin, had D&C. So, just this january, my ultrasound results turned normal (NO cysts on both ovaries), but I haven't had my period from January up til now.
Avatar n tn POTS, other cardiac rhythm dysfunction (inverted t-waves, slightly elevated troponin, which resolved in 12 hours, palpatations), I was ruled out for cardic problems-- (echo and stress test, only mitral valve prolapse on echo), shortness of breath, fatigue, dizzyness, blurred vision, urinary hesitancy, early satiety and 20 + lb weight loss, chills, brain fog, and the list goes on.
Avatar f tn I don't know what else to do, but I'm very worried. There is a family history of reproductive cancers and ovarian cysts requiring removal of an ovary or full hysterectomy. I would like to have children one day. Should I go back to the ER and demand immediate attention, or stick it out until 3/25 and hope it doesn't get worse before then?