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Avatar n tn It feels like a stiff neck, shooting pain and ache through L breast, down L side, behind collar bone, up neck. Female age 61, history of Type II diabetes in control, osteoarthritis in cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine, also feet, knees, hands. Dx of fibromyalgia 1993. Double mastectomies and reconstruction 1997, massive infections with 2 gram neg bacteria, debrided 3x in OR till front of abdominal wall open 5 cm deep, pubic bone to ribs, side to side.
Avatar m tn L2/3 Mild posterior disc bulge and moderate bilateral facet joint osteoarthritis. These result in mild bilateral neural foraminal stenosis and mild central canal stenosis. 4. L3/4 Mild posterior disc bulge and mild bilateral faced osteoarthrities. These reult in mild bilateral neural foraminal stenosis and moderate central canal stenosis. 5. L4/5 Post surgical changes of right hemilamectomy are noted.
1715986 tn?1309369137 It would take pages to list every detail of my pain management journey, but to sum it up, I started in Indiana at a pain management clinic. Mike was transferred to New York through his company in 2007, so after graduating with my LPN and 5 months away from my RN I left nursing school to support my then boyfriends career and we moved to New York. I struggled to find a doctor who would treat me. My primary care physician would not treat pain patients.
Avatar n tn Hello everyone, I was not sure where to post this, but I could use some help, advice, suggestions, etc....please! I'm a newly practicing pain management doctor. Like many pain management Dr's I prescribe narcotics and am concerned with the growing problem of patients becoming addicted. Problem: I prescribe a few narcotics to a patient over a period of 2 years. I find out later on, that the patient claims to have become addicted to these narcotics.
Avatar n tn Therefore, Robaxin should not be used in women who are or may become pregnant and particularly during early pregnancy unless in the judgment of the physician the potential benefits outweigh the possible hazards. NURSING MOTHERS: Methocarbamol and/or its metabolites are excreted in the milk of dogs; however, it is not known whether methocarbamol or its metabolites are excreted in human milk.
Avatar f tn I previously had some back injuries from many years of nursing and a car accident so I have degenerative spinal disease now as well. I have osteoarthritis and have had to have 2 total knee replacements over the past 2 years due to years of dislocating my knees since childhood and previous to my spinal injury I was on PRN panadeine forte when I needed it. I now live in constant and at times unbearable pain.
Avatar f tn Hello all!!! I'm going to start with a list of my diagnosed health problems and then move on to the more recent issues, just in case they may be related. I have: multiple herniated/bulging discs...
Avatar f tn I have multiple herniated/bulging discs in cervical, thoracic, and lumbar regions. Degenerative disc in cervical and thoracic area. Straighting and osteoarthritis in my cervical region. Bone spurs pretty much throughout, one is pressing on a nerve in my neck. The herniated disc in my lumbar spine is pressing on my sciatica. Scoliosis, fibromyalgia, and migraines that lasts for weeks on end. So here is what has happened recently. I changed pain management doctors approximately 3 months ago.
Avatar n tn Assuming absolutely no other risk factors, your LDL would still place you within NCEP ATP III guidelines for medical management. Your physician may have other reasons to recommend therapy, however. I would discuss your concerns with him/her.
Avatar f tn org/posts/Pain-Management/Anyone-Have-Good-Results-with-RF-Rhizotomy/show/1197220 I don't beleive a rhizotomy is a very painful experience for most ppl, at least from what I have read and noted on this forum. However we are all different and respond differently to procedures. It may be a good alternative to a fusion at this time. It may ease your discomfort for three to nine months....and for others it has been effective even longer.
3197167 tn?1348972206 1) Music heals Effective therapy for pain Overall, music does have positive effects on pain management. Music can help reduce both the sensation and distress of both chronic pain and postoperative pain. Listening to music can reduce chronic pain from a range of painful conditions, including osteoarthritis, disc problems and rheumatoid arthritis, by up to 21% and depression by up to 25%, according to a paper in the latest UK-based Journal of Advanced Nursing.
Avatar m tn The second MRI came back (mind you, it has only been 18 months) as degenerative changes that are advanced for the patients age. I also began seeing a pain management doctor who has assessed me with cervical spondylarthritis, generalized arthritis and muscle pain. He has referred me to a rheumatologist. I do not want narcotics and he said they dont work on my kinda pain anyway.
Avatar n tn At 20 years of age ,back in the 1990's. i suffered from a compression of the spine due to a work related injury (posted on my journal).to make a long story short i was diagnosed by a wcb doctor who told me i have degenerative disk desease......at 20 years old?......Anyways im 44 now and the condition has worsened.i to ,have to use the grocery carts to get around the stores and have not been able to work full time to support my family for far to long.as a result, standing is a painful experience.
389063 tn?1203930415 If there is a way to private chat I would be happy to tell you how I did it, but I think you will need help at the end. I was in my second year of nursing school when i had my car accident four years ago. So I am not a doctor, but I have gone through it and understand what your going through. Last but not least, pray to whatever deity you believe in. Without faith in His healing powers I would not have survived on my journey.
Avatar n tn My mother had what we believe to have been a massive hemmoraghic stroke to the left side of her brain on November 12, 2011. We think that she had the stroke during the early morning hours right before waking, and when she was finally taken to the hospital, the staff was reluctant to administer a type of medication that would only be helpful to stroke patients who received this within a few hours of the stroke.
Avatar f tn my Director of Nursing had to rush me to the ER). I have been to 3 GI docs...3! My main concern, of course, is to treat the source and the pain will eventually fade. All 3 specialists that i have seen have accused me of being a drug seeker because of the frequent trips to the ER (trust me that that is always the last option) when it should have been prevented by them in the first place. I already have feelings of shame, and embaressment. I am scared and anxious all the time.
Avatar f tn what do i need to ask my doctor to do for me? im thinking the only thing left is pain management is this the only thing left for me to try?
Avatar n tn Be careful with the patches. I have chronic lower back pain and have been treated by pain management doctors for 10 + years. I was on 3 of the 100s of Duragesic for over 2 years. It didn't relieve all the pain, but when I was tapering off I found out how much in control of my brain it had been. Try anything else first. It was really nice to get my head back. The nausea was very bad and I lost 40 pounds.
Avatar f tn But my right leg is a little bit shorter than the left leg, and the muscles in my right thigh are smaller and somewhat atrophied compared to the muscles in m left leg. My x-rays show some early osteoarthritis in my right hip, and my right hip is pretty deformed and flattened out on top. I struggle to remain active. I too enjoy working out - weight lifting, hiking, cycling, etc - but it can be pretty difficult to do on some days.
Avatar n tn After many doctors and procedures, I finally sat at the pain management place and cried, refusing to leave until they recommended an MRI...needless to say, I was schedule for surgery the next week when I met the neurosurgeon. The surgery went fine, I guess, and I had a really hard time moving afterwards but figured it was normal.
Avatar n tn Hi, How are you feeling after Total Knee Replacement? There are two important things in post-operative management of surgery. First is the management of pain with help of pain killer. Your analgesics should be 2 to 3 in number, each a different class of drugs. These drugs should be spaced out over 24 hour’s period so that there should be sufficient coverage at any point of time during day. Physiotherapy is must to acquire strength and ROM around the joint. Bye.
Avatar n tn My x-rays and MRI both show everything is healing, my Dr. is now sending me to a pain management center for some kind of shots in my neck. I am very concerned about this and worried. I thought once i had the surgery done I'd be on my way to getting my life back to normal. I don't get a full nights rest everytime i roll over i wake up. Will i ever be pain free what about my ROM? this has been a very upsetting time for me.
Avatar n tn I am a chronic painer and do not get drugs like this while under pain management. Well, you asked for an opinion but I think you already know in your heart that he has an addiction problem. All the earmarks of addiction are right up there on the wall for you to see. How you are to handle this situation is tickelish at best. Perhaps a confrontation is best. Tell him you are aware of things and are willing to help him if he is willing to help himself.
975514 tn?1325001538 I was 17 when I first was diagnosed with sciatica and it wasn't until I was 31 when my foot was completely numb that I was able to convince a doctor to take an X-Ray of my lower back, which started a domino effect of MRIs and testing. I learned that I have degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis in my spine, minor scoliosis and nerve damage- I even had a shoulder surgery on a bone spur because I kept getting tendinitis and the doctors couldn't cure my arm pain.
Avatar n tn I also have Fibromyalgia and I know that the muscle spasm is over/under a known trigger point. I spent a month in pain management a few years ago which helped a lot and I still employ the techniques I learned to manage my Fibro pain almost daily. My Pain Management Techniques (PMTs) are not doing much for this current pain issue on a consistent basis.
Avatar n tn I actually have found a wonderful pain management doctor who has done radio frequency and cauterized the nerve endings in my neck. For a while, I had no pain at all but it has returned and I plan to have this procedure done again. You may want to check this out. It may not work for everyone but has been a lifesaver for me.
Avatar n tn prescribed them for my osteoarthritis in my knee's, and Wow! It sure took the pain way! However, had I known the addictive nature and how hard it is to come off these, I would have never started taking them. During those 7 months there were times when I'd have to wait a day to pick up a new prescription and there go a day without them. Those were rough days.. I'd have zero energy, could barely make it to the kitchen from the livingroom and got the restless legs at night.
Avatar n tn I am interested in the thoughts that it could be ibuprophen related. I have started taking it every day for osteoarthritis. This last flare up has gone on for awhile... maybe since I started the Advil. I will try to go off of it. I also have numbness at night along with pain in my hands. Not sure if it is related, but that is what I have. My sisters have the itchy hand thing too... wonder if it is genetic.....my uncle also has it.