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Avatar m tn / I knew my condition was bad b/c of the amount of pain I am in but wasn't expecting that especially @ 32 with a 4 yr old and 7 month old!! Anyways, he adviced pain meds and synvisc-one injections until we couldn't control the pain enough. I tried the injections. I won't lie the are a bit painful. My right one was just uncomfortable. The left one hurt way worse. I have no idea why but it even swelled up and I had to stay off it about 24 hours b/c of all the fluid on it.
Avatar m tn Hi there! Osteoarthritis refers to degenerative arthritis (inflammation) of the joint. Management is largely dependent on the joint involved and the severity and may range from conservative to surgical/ joint replacement. You could read more about the condition online. Hope this information is helpful. Take care!
1175033 tn?1492204828 I am 26 and have had joint degeneration in the facets of my cervical spine that has been visible on x-ray since I was 19. I just recently found out about this when I got another x-ray done, and the findings stated it was compared to an x-ray from 2002 which showed degeneration. Why didnt any one tell me? My doctors just said my x-rays were normal, but how can this be normal for someone that was 19 at the time?
Avatar f tn I am a female 70 years old with a severe osteoarthritic changes of the right knee joint and to a lesser extent in the left knee joint . I am still walking on both knees without any aids but I experience pain in both knees especially the right one . My doctor prescribed me dolophen tablets for one month because the gelatinous material in right knee is nearly absent and he is saying that after that period he will inject orthovisc injection if there was no response to oral medication.
Avatar m tn I'm 32 and I've never had any sort of leg, knee, or joint problem. Lately I've noticed that when I plant my left foot and pivot on it to turn my body to the right, my left knee makes a popping sound. For a few days I could feel something move in the same knee when I would walk down stairs. It felt like it was located to the left (outside) of the center of the knee. That went away. The right knee doesn't have any issues. There is no pain, tenderness, or swelling involved at all.
Avatar m tn The band begins at the hip and comes down to the outer side of the shin bone called the tibia that is just below the knee joint. The band works together with several of the thigh muscles to provide stability to the outside of the knee joint. Bone spurs are little bones that grow out of the normal bone, this why they are called bone spurs. These then press on nerves and cause aggravation and pain. This is typical of osteoarthritis.
Avatar f tn HELLO DOCTOR, IAM 65 YRS OLD IAM SUFFERING FROM PAIN MY LATEST X-RAY REPOR IS- left knee ap/lat mild lipping is shown in lt patella.joint space is insreased.osteoarthritis with synovititis &x ray L-S SPINE AP/LAT osteophytic lipping is shown in all the lumber vertebra.disc space are dimini shed in between L4/L5&S1 VERTEBRA.MILD SUBLUXATION OF THE interface al joint of L4 over L5 vertebra.lumber spondylosis with subluxation of interfacetal joint of L4 over L5 vertebra.PLEASE ADVICE.
1378884 tn?1315509445 In a nutshell, osteoarthritis is wear-and-tear on the joint. It can happen at any age, not just to "old people". It can be brought on by an injury, a congenital deformity, overuse in a sport or job. RA is a malfunction of the immune system in which it mistakes joint tissue, mainly the cartilage, as something that must be attacked and eliminated. This causes the typical swelling, redness, heat, and over time, damage that causes pain and disability.
7486852 tn?1410355784 When I was around 18 I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in my left knee, but now I'm almost 25 and I am having a lot more bone pain but the most extreme is my knees but now I have the same pain, popping, cracking in my hips, ankles, wrists, lower ribcages with a bump on the right, shoulder blades, neck, spine, and my tailbone hurts pretty bad as well, oh and the bone in the side of my foot.. i haven't been back to a specialists since the diagnosis and I have no insurance.
1459410 tn?1285698605 I did cortisone shots, medication and ended up doing a joint replacement in my left hand (at the thumb joint), which failed. Nine surgeries have followed along with getting RSD, probably from so many surgeries. I've been in PT, OT and now pain management. I also get different procedures done and am on a ton of pain medication. I can no longer work and my quality of life has really changed. I'm still processing it and still trying to learn new ways to do things.
1069378 tn?1255218732 , but my knee never healed and in fact the pain has spread to other parts of my knee and my knee swells very easily when I do anything (upright, sitting, sleeping). The MRI shows that my lateral meniscus is torn again and x-rays show I have osteoarthritis. One of the orthopedic surgeons I saw suggested trying Synvisc injections before resorting to surgery, especially since the surgery will involve removing the rest of my lateral meniscus which will in turn worsen the osteoarthritis.
1176578 tn?1263756689 I am a 48 year old female who was diagnosed with osteoarthritis (left knee) nearly 10 years ago. After multiple tries on NSAIDS which made me ill, my orthopaedic surgeon settled on pain management (narcotic) which I have been taking for the past six years. While not an ideal situation, I follow my prescription to the letter, never taking more than prescribed. Over the past year I began to experience joint stiffness in the mornings.
Avatar m tn Started in the joint at the base of my thumbs, but now I'm noticing it in my finger joints and thumb joint. I mentioned this to my MD at my annual physical and she felt that it was probably osteoarthritis (mainly due to the fact that there was no redness around the joints). She didn't order any kind of tests to confirm this diagnosis.
Avatar n tn recently i had pain in both knees joint 3 month back i visited doctor and was asked to carry out the folowing tests CBC with Vit D3 level and Radiography of both knee joint reports are as folows haemoglobin 13.6, total wbc 5400, esr 254x1000 16mm/hr test 25 hydroxy cholecalciferol (Vita D3), serum by RIA observed value 10.
Avatar m tn Grade 2 degenerative change lateral meniscus. 3. Large joint effusion. 4. Osteoarthritis medial joint space and to a lesser extent patello femoral joint. 5. Mild bone bruising medial femoral condyle.
Avatar m tn By this time, my mom became very weak. Her knee pain started to worry her and not able to stand and walk as knee is hurting her a lot. It started at left leg and passed to right leg. Both legs swelled a lot.... We took her to hospital for check up and admitted in hospital. Doctor conducted tests such as 1. Liver Function test 2. complete Blood Picture 3. Endoscopy 4. Potassium/Sodium 5. Hepatitis A,B,and C-- result negative 6. AntiNuclear Antibody (ANA)-- result negative 7.
398377 tn?1201537925 Can you give your dog that joint medicine that's for people as long as you get the dosage/weight right?
1797277 tn?1315632507 i hv joint pain in hands and feet joints in wrist and ankled i m v worry after treatment it increase its start 4rm one year ago but from last 3 month it z v painfull nd nw it unbearable
3060903 tn?1398568723 What are the symptoms of a flare-up? Osteoarthritis pain in knee, flare-up with person holding knee. Joint pain may characterize osteoarthritis flare-ups. An OA flare-up leads to a sudden increase in symptoms. These may include: joint pain swelling stiffness in the morning a reduced range of motion in the joint fatigue difficulty sleeping due to pain Triggers The exact cause of OA flare-ups is unknown. This makes them difficult to avoid completely.
Avatar f tn Hi there :) have flare-up of osteoarthritis in knee after being diagnosed formally when I had an arthroscopy a few months ago. Just wondered how long pain and subsequently being out of action may last for? Any thoughts or ideas would be helpful. Thank you so much.
Avatar f tn It started with one knee, then went to my hip, then my wrist and fingers, etc. It started with 1 joint at a time but now is at least 2 and can be up to 3 or 4 at a time. It has been constant for the past 3 weeks. With the joint pain, comes swelling, some heat, and redness. I have even had the pain in my jaws! This is so crazy! I eat healthy, I am not over weight, I am active, and have never had any health problems. I don't have health insurance but I am working on it right now.
Avatar f tn 14 Months ago I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in both knees and Buritis in my hips. It came on suddenly and it is very painful. I have seen 2 specialists and have had 2 lots of steroid injections in both knees and one steroid injection in my right hip. I have been taking Meloxicam and painkillers. Today I have been to see a specialist with the view to having knee replacement surgery. After looking at my recent x rays he has informed me that I have Avascular Necrosis in both knees.
Avatar f tn i have been suffering from joint pain for over a year now. i get that in my whole arms and legs, its like a constant throbing pain and it never goes away unless i take pain relief. i have seen an rheumatologist and she said she could not find anything, i also have had a bone scan and nothing has come up. the rheumatologist said that my vitamin D was low and i need vitamin D injection an that might help. apart from that they dont know what is causing it.
Avatar f tn I had x-rays done and was told that my knee looked beautiful (structure-wise I guess) and that I probably had something called Femoral Pain Syndrome or Runner’s Knee. He recommended physical therapy, a knee brace, and said I should be fine in a few weeks. He also prescribed me a six-day dose down anti-inflammatory pack, even though I told him no swelling had ever occurred. I took my meds, went to physical therapy as instructed, and did my exercises religiously.
Avatar n tn A middle age women with osteo in her knee joint and patella. Treated with arthrotec. Pt has pain while walking but it is bearable. Most severe pain is when off weight bearing and interfers with sleep. Any treatment options aside from more meds???
Avatar n tn It's not unusual, at age 59, to start to develop a little wear-and-tear in some of your joints. This is called osteoarthritis and nearly everyone experiences it in at least one joint as they get older. The pain in your buttock could be a pinched or irritated sciatic nerve, which could be related to the joint paint/cracking. For example, if you have knee pain it changes the way you walk, stand, sit, etc., which can translate to pain elsewhere in the body.
Avatar n tn There will be severe pain and numbness in the knee joint in these conditions. Osteoarthritis, gout, inflammatory arthritis may present with knee pain and swelling in the absence of a knee injury. A proper examination of the knee joint will help in determining the source of pain. That will further help in deciding what tests may be needed in diagnosis. X ray knee joint, RA factor, CRP, ESR are the few basic investigations that may be done. Consult an orthopedician. Good luck!
1242017 tn?1268324302 You have medial and lateral mensicus in your knee joint. Menisci are ligaments to stabilize your knee joint. Lateral meniscus has degeneration due to past or recent injury. With wear and tear and weight bearing your articular cartilage has thinned and these are changes of osteoarthritis. I would suggest you to follow up with an orthopedician and take necessary steps for avoiding further damage. Take care!
Avatar n tn With osteoarthritis due to wear and tear and also due to past ligament injuries and unstable joint the best treatment is total knee replacement. You can try various NSAIDs to fight the pain. You can also try viscosupplementation or steroid injections. Talk with an orthopedician and explore various options before you consider total knee replacement. Take care!