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Avatar f tn The test came back negative. He wanted to start me on doxycycline to see if this helped my condition. Prior to seeing the lyme specialist I started having more pain in my hands and feet. I also have terrible muscle pain I think because of inflammation in the body. The doxycycline has helped take away the terrible pain in my hands and feet. It has also helped with my reactive hypoglycemia.
Avatar n tn I have a host of medical problems - most significant are bilateral hip arthroplasty, knee trauma (ligaments and meniscus), a recently broken femur, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, and a chronic infection in my body that started with my first hip replacement 20 years ago. I take daily oral anitbiotics (Doryx/doxycycline) and have IV antibiotics once or twice a year when it gets out of control. I recently had a TB test and I started having severe pain in my joints and arm.
Avatar f tn Finally about 4 or 5 yrs ago I moved to Reston, VA and my knees were swollen and I could barely walk, I was probably 48 years old, too young for osteoarthritis. Finally went to the right rheumatologist and told him I had been tested for Lyme twice. He asked if my joint fluid had ever been tested and I said no. He tested it and sure enough it came back positive.
1450453 tn?1293764571 Two main symptoms are painfull exessive swelling of multiple joints to the point of immobility, knee, big toes, ankles. Intestinal issues are loose stools, diarrhea, anal fissures(past), abdominal pain, gerd, mouth ulcers. As well i have fatigue, and experience very bad unexplained muscle pain in the arm, legs, and back. calf muscles extending to achiles tendon being the worst. I have been told that i DO NOT HAVE: crohns, lyme, lupus, celiac, behcets.
Avatar n tn I also have involuntary muscle twitches but I believe its from my adderall (i take for adhd) My father has been diagnosed with rheumatoid and osteoarthirits...im 33. Had knee surgery at 26, now other knee is going. I crack constantly. Google degenerative autoimmune diseases...
Avatar n tn I am 24 and have been having these vibrations above my left knee. It started on a Sunday while I was at the grocery store! I have been having knee/shin soreness in the same leg. The vibrations don't hurt, they are just weird. It is surprising that no one has any answers! Too bad there is not a DR. on this site!
Avatar n tn I have had this happen in my fingers for years, but in the past few months I have had vessels pop on my leg (side of calf just below knee) and on the inside of my right wrist. This one was prettly painful and I kept pressure on it until the burning subsided. Has anyone else had this happen in these areas?
Avatar f tn yes, burning hot knife pain in several areas of the feet and a hot knife a couple inches above right knee... really the bottom of the right quadricep. Also, general achiness in my legs which I have never had before and extreme fatigue that can last 3 to 7 days and then I'll be okay for awhile, even though I feel as if something is wrong. Its chronic, but not in intensity. A bit of a roller coaster but I dread the mornings. Absolutely dread having to take those first steps...
551343 tn?1506834118 I am two weeks into Doxycycline treatment that will last a month and will follow-up from there. It's a scary yet positive prognosis as with the right doctors I can most likely be treated aggressively and reduce the symptoms I feel on a daily basis. Thank you for reading my story.