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Avatar n tn Despite this the symptoms have now spread to my right hip, right shoulder and slight symptoms in my right knee. I get some relief from taking 400mg of Ibuprofen at night so I can sleep. Is there anything else I can do to try to halt the progression of the disease? Or are there any better meds I can take. I am 54yrs old,female and not over weight and physically active.
Avatar f tn My pain is mostly on the side of my knee cap and it swells just by standing, i tried mentioning it to my doctor but he keeps making me wait to see if it gets better, he also recently put my in a patella j brace, to keep my knee in place, but it seems to be making my pain worst.
Avatar n tn I have spoken to many people who have had this problem. I get many diffierent responses to my questions even my doctor. What happens to my knee years down the road if I do not have the reconstruction?, I am at around 90% now. I have a few issues, but I think I can live with them. Will I do more damage to myself down the road if I don't have surgery? Help please.
Avatar m tn At 56 I’m too young for a new knee. I believe my natural knee can be saved. I keep hearing the presence of arthritis is contra-indicative of ACL reconstruction or anything less than TKR. My legs are strong. My left knee slides around, pops, makes me fall a couple times per month, and hurts a lot now.
Avatar f tn I do not experience any grinding, locking, catching or giving way of the knee. There are no positions that make my knee uncomfortable other then putting my weight on it while kneeling. It feels totally normal otherwise. The pain is as if I knelt on a sharp rock or tack or even as if my bone is splintered. It began a couple of weeks ago while kneeling. I have not tried anything to help the pain other then not kneeling on it. Never had surgery. No hip pain or ankle pain.
Avatar n tn I have osteoarthritis in my knee which has limited my range of motion...lately I have been feeling better(warm weather helps) so I have been frequenting the gym riding the recumbent bike 4x week for 45 min or so with ease! Routinely getting out of my car 4 days ago( not after the gym or anything like that) I felt a pop and my knee locked...didn't hurt to touch knee, ok to bear weight, just not bendable...
Avatar n tn hi again Howard, i forgot to mention the second part (regarding synvisc) Synvisc is Hylan G-F20. It is a type of lubrication for the knee joint which is given when the natural lubrication of the joint has dried up (when patient has Osteoarthritis) . There is no harm in taking up this treatment but , what i feel , is that more this treatment, the doctor has to address the instability problem. MRI will definitely help you.
Avatar n tn I had the scope because of osteoarthritis of the knee with severe osteoarthritis of the patellofemoral joint and was hoping the surgery would buy me a few more years to work. This was a big mistake because I am in more pain now than before the surgery.
Avatar n tn Glucosamine supplements are widely used for osteoarthritis, particularly knee osteoarthritis. In osteoarthritis, cartilage -- the rubbery material that cushions joints -- becomes stiff and loses its elasticity. This makes the joint prone to damage and may lead to pain, swelling, loss of movement, and further deterioration.
Avatar m tn By this time, my mom became very weak. Her knee pain started to worry her and not able to stand and walk as knee is hurting her a lot. It started at left leg and passed to right leg. Both legs swelled a lot.... We took her to hospital for check up and admitted in hospital. Doctor conducted tests such as 1. Liver Function test 2. complete Blood Picture 3. Endoscopy 4. Potassium/Sodium 5. Hepatitis A,B,and C-- result negative 6. AntiNuclear Antibody (ANA)-- result negative 7.
Avatar n tn Hello; for the past few months I have been experiencing a pain in my knee, it is just to the outside of the patella. It is a very sharp pain, like an electrical shock. It happens totally at random. It can happen when I am walking, sitting, sleeping, etc. When the pain is not occurring, my knee feels completely normal. When it happens, it usually happens every few seconds or minutes, then stops for several hours. I am not aware of any injury or unusual stress to that area.
Avatar f tn I have been to countless docs. I know my knees have been/are damaged by my high weight. I had gastric bypass. Pain in R knee started after the weight loss. R knee is 3"+ larger than the left ALWAYS. There is always some pain. When extending my knee there is a popping crunching sound and when there is weight on the leg the sound is worse and hurts a bit. When sitting in a car/driving for long periods outside of R knee aches horribly.
Avatar m tn Sometimes it makes disable for anything. There are some natural pain reliefs to prevent knee pain without depending on the medications with side effects. 1. If you are facing knee problems regularly than use braces (if you are involved in regular activities which involves movement) 2. Exercises are good for knee problems but always warm up yourself or do some stretching before doing any exercises. 3.
Avatar n tn My husband who is 70 had a total knee replacement 6 weeks ago and the pain seems to be intensifying rather than diminishing. He had a childhood injury to this knee, then another operation 13 years ago but is crying with the pain most of the time and has gone from ordinary pain killers to needing morphine. He has physiotherapy 3 times per week, also hydrotherapy and acupuncture, they all say he is making some progress but very slowly and keep telling him exercising will relieve the pain.
Avatar m tn No it will not affect the X-ray and you still can see the amount of osteoarthritis you are suffering with. Orthovisc relieves knee pain by providing up to six months of relief, replaces natural joint fluid and works to restore your knee joint mobility. You can also try intermittent NSAIDs, steroid shots and the final option is surgery. Discuss with an orthopedician and also maintain a normal BMI of less than 25 with normal weight for your height. Take care!
Avatar f tn Hello fedupinpa SUPARTZ Joint Fluid Therapy is a non-surgical, non-pharmacological pain-relieving therapy for osteoarthritis of the knee. It is made of highly purified, sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronan or HA). Hyaluronan is a natural chemical found in joint tissues and in the fluid that fills the joints (synovial fluid). The body’s own hyaluronan acts like a lubricant and shock absorber in synovial fluid of a healthy joint.
Avatar n tn Hello! Hyalgan is used to relieve knee pain due to osteoarthritis. It is used for patients who do not get adequate relief from simple painkillers or from exercise or physical therapy. Hyalgan itself is not a pain killer it is a solution of sodium hyaluronate. Hyaluronate is a natural chemical found in the body. Hyalgan is one of the hyaluronates used in viscosupplementation.
1083310 tn?1260110882 I also have had them for pain in my hip and in my knee for osteoarthritis. All have worked very well. I had Synvisc in my knee twice. The first time it was like the difference between night and day. It helped with the pain (I have osteoarthritis in knee) and made movement tons easier. It worked well for over 6 months.
Avatar n tn Hello Dear, Hyperextension of knee refers to an injury of knee forcing it to extend beyond its normal straightened position. The lower leg is forced excessively forward in relation to the upper leg.It may lead to ligament injury. Current research demonstrates that the natural history of untreated complete injuries of the ACL consists of progression of symptomatic instability to recurrent injuries.
387767 tn?1345875627 I tried Plaquenil, and not only did it not help, it did such a number on my stomach. My rheumy said to try this Sulfazine EC500, twice a day, building up to two twice a day. The side effects say nausea, stomach pain. To be honest, I'm scared to go through that again. I have enough suffering. Also, it won't help my back or knee pain, as that is from osteoarthritis. I don't know if it's worth a try.
Avatar n tn The pooping knee may be due to Discoid meniscus - an abnormally shaped meniscus in the knee joint. The discoid meniscus can cause problems, usually a popping sensation with pain over the outside part of the knee joint. Conservative treatment consisting of exercises and stretching is recommended.. As there are no pathological changed diagnosed it could be a mild trauma ,do not worry you can consult a physiotherapist if your physician suggests. (Refer: http://www.emedicine.com/pmr/topic3.
1508881 tn?1313118501 Like I just walked miles or something. I went to a Rhuemy who told me that I just had osteoarthritis, runners knee and she had no idea why my hands hurt. She didn't do blood work and I was in the office for probably 10 minutes. I'm currently seeing a pain doctor who is treating me for my spine problems. I also have really bad fatigue. I sleep 8 hours a night every night but I wake up feeling just as tired as I did when I went to sleep. I've tried adjusting the hours I sleep to no avail.
Avatar m tn Drinking wine can ward off early symptoms of knee osteoarthritis, according to recent research from the UK. Drinkers who sipped 4 to 6 glasses of vino a week were 45 percent less likely to develop knee osteoarthritis than those who abstained from alcohol. But it's not alcohol that contains the antidote for better health; it's the specific ingredients found in wine that keep your creaks from becoming more serious. (Beer drinkers actually increased their risk of arthritis!
Avatar m tn Drinking wine can ward off early symptoms of knee osteoarthritis, according to recent research from the UK. Drinkers who sipped 4 to 6 glasses of vino a week were 45 percent less likely to develop knee osteoarthritis than those who abstained from alcohol. But it's not alcohol that contains the antidote for better health; it's the specific ingredients found in wine that keep your creaks from becoming more serious. (Beer drinkers actually increased their risk of arthritis!
Avatar n tn Hi Dear Synvisc is used to relieve knee pain due to osteoarthritis (OA). It is approved for those patients who do not get adequate relief from painkillers such as acetaminophen, or from exercise and physical therapy. Synvisc is injected directly into the joint to restore the lubricating properties of normal joint fluid. The therapy is generally well tolerated. However, it may not work for everyone.
Avatar n tn hi = margiemay, i to was deling with arthritis for some time now ,and some good old fashion home remideas can help allso , couse if your blood work must state that you are tierd all the time and you find it hard to move around is couse you have low vitamin [ d ] in your sestem and an old remidy that might help if your not diabetic yet , is cinamin and honey in a cup of honey three times a day will help put your natural cycel back in order , sometimes a natural remady will do wanders to some one
572823 tn?1217212689 After several reports that MSM helped arthritis in animal models, a double-blind, placebo-controlled study suggested that 1500 mg per day MSM (alone or in combination with glucosamine sulfate) was helpful in relieving symptoms of knee osteoarthritis (Usha and Naidu 2004). Kim et al. then conducted a double-blind clinical trial of MSM for treatment of patients with osteoarthritis of the knee. Twenty-five patients took 6 g/day MSM and 25 patients took a placebo for 12 weeks.
199177 tn?1490502134 Nutritional Supplements There is solid evidence indicating that glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate are effective for knee osteoarthritis. These natural compounds were found to decrease pain and increase mobility of the knee and were well tolerated and safe. Other dietary supplements, such as fish oils, also show some evidence of benefit, although more research is needed. Herbal Remedies It has been difficult to draw conclusions about the effectiveness of herbs.
Avatar f tn At first I thought it was from crying but it wasn't. My gained weight literally over night. I had abdominal pain along with knee pain and swelling of face. They did scope and colonoscopy and scans. They couldn't tell me what caused it. It went away on its own but since then I've had issues with my knee. About a month ago it happened again. I went to bed looking "normal" and woke up with my face swollen. My knee is worse my ankles swell. Along with everything else I hurt all over.
Avatar f tn It has been so sever in my arm that I couldn't move it, had to take cortisone. Has been in my neck, foot, knee, eyes and finger so far. The finger was the only spot that showed obvious inflammation. I am 63 and I do have arthritis. Any ideas?